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Earth-22 Uncanny X-Men


The season begins with the introduction of the X-Men, led by Charles Xavier, and their battles against Xavier's former friend Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants. While Professor Xavier believes that mutants should work to integrate themselves with home sapiens, and therefore fight to protect them, Magneto and his Brotherhood see themselves as superior. The ongoing battle between the two, and the growing fear among homo sapiens of the mutant threat, sees the United States government form a specialized task force to research and act against mutants if needed.


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Main Cast

  • Professor Xavier
  • Cyclops / Scott Summers
  • Havok / Alex Summers
  • Jean Grey
  • Kitty Pryde
  • Angel / Warren Worthington III
  • Iceman / Bobby Drake
  • Beast / Hank McCoy
  • Magneto / Max Eisenhardt

Supporting Cast

  • Quicksilver / Pietro Maximoff
  • Scarlet Witch / Wanda Maximoff
  • Avalanche / Lance Alvers
  • Blob / Fred Dukes
  • Toad / Mortimer Toynbee
  • Bastion
  • William Stryker
  • Graydon Creed
  • Bolivar Trask

Guest Cast

  • Wolverine
  • Mystique
  • Destiny
  • Rogue
  • Juggernaut
  • Banshee
  • Siryn


Title Number
Children of the Atom 1x01
In Deerfield, Illinois, Kitty Pryde discovers she's a Mutant when her powers activate, causing her to phase through the floor of her bedroom. With anti-Mutants sentiments rife among Americans Kitty tries to keep her powers secret from her friends and family. At the same time presidential candidate Graydon Creed builds steam on an anti-Mutant platform. Kitty saves her best friend from being run over by a truck by using her powers, but it is caught on camera and the clip goes viral, drawing the attention of the Purifiers, a radical anti-Mutant hate group. The Purifiers attack Kitty's home in the middle of the night, Kitty having to reveal her powers to her parents to save them as their house burns. The X-Men arrive and run the Purifiers off. Professor Xavier offers Kitty and her parents the opportunity to move to the Xavier Mansion. Her parents turn down the offer but urge Kitty to go, not wanting her to live in fear of her new powers. Kitty goes with the X-Men, laying eyes on the mansion for the first time. Thoughout the episode flashbacks reveal the moment Xavier approached the X-Men.
Brotherhood 1x02
30 years ago a younger Charles Xavier meets Max Eisenhardt, the two forming a friendship over their shared Mutant powers. In the present day the X-Men watch in secret as an anti-Mutant protest takes place at the urging of Professor Xavier, who believes that Magneto's Brotherhood would use the demonstration to cause chaos. While waiting Cyclops voices his disgust at the protestors, believing that they should be punished for their xenophobia. Xavier's hunch proves to be correct as Magneto and his Brotherhood make a public demonstration of power against the protestors, forcing the X-Men to protect them. Recognising Cyclops' reluctance to protect the bigots Magneto offers him an opportunity to join the Brotherhood but Cyclops refuses and, alongside the X-Men, pushes the Brotherhood back long enough for the protestors to flee. Graydon Creed uses this incident to increase anti-Mutant sentiments across America and pledges to deal with the "Mutant menace" if he is elected to office. At the mansion Cyclops angrily watches Creed's press conference but is calmed by Jean, who Cyclops secretly harbors feelings for. Meanwhile Kitty Pryde explores the mansion while the X-Men are away and, thanks to her powers, discovers a secret sub-basement within the mansion. There she is shocked by the presence of an aritifical intelligence who introduces herself as MOIRA.
eXecution 1x03
A young Mutant with the power of pyrokinesis robs a convenience store, but is later attacked and killed by a masked man. The X-Men investigates the death as this is the latest in a spate of Mutant murders. They trace it back to a former FBI agent, Carl Denti, who has taken on the moniker of the X-Cutioner and is killing Mutants who have not been convicted of their crimes. The X-Cutioner turns his sights to the X-Men and takes them down one-on-one until just Cyclops and Jean Grey are left standing. Together they take Denti down just as the authorities arrive, drawn by the chaos. Back at the mansion Kitty sneaks down to the sub-basement again to continue speaking to MOIRA, who warns her that Xavier isn't everything he seems to be. Meanwhile the United States government bring in private contractor Bastion and his assistant William Styker to head up an Anti-Mutant Task Force.
Going Rogue 1x04
A young Mutant girl, Rogue, flees from Bastion's Anti-Mutant Task Force but is unable to escape. She is captured, her powers neutralised, and taken for containment as two other Mutants watch, hidden in the shadows. The X-Men, who have been tracking Rogue's Mutant signature through Cerebro, attempt a rescue but Cyclops ignores Jean's attempts to use non-violent methods by injuring several members of the Task Force. The X-Men take Rogue with them however Cyclops and Rogue are seperated while the rest of the X-Men are captured by the Task Force. They meet up with Rogue's adoptive mothers Mystique and Destiny. Mystique wants to leave the X-Men to their fates but, at Destiny's urging, helps Cyclops to break the X-Men free. Mystique refuses Jean's offer to come back to the mansion and tells Cyclops that he doesn't belong with Charles Xavier, revealing that she knows Charles all too well and that Cyclops sees the world more clearly than Xavier ever will. Destiny warns Beast of the devestation that his experiments will cause. In the aftermath Cyclops prepares to tell Jean how he feels but witnesses her and Havok sharing a romantic moment, crushing him. Meanwhile Bastion introduces his plan to neautralise the Mutant threat thanks to his partnership with the Trask Foundation and their newest inventions - the Sentinels.
Wolverine 1x05
Following up on a new Mutant signature, Cyclops and Havok travel to the Canadian wilderness. Tension builds between them as Cyclops knows about Havok and Jean's relationship. They encounter the Wendigo and are only saved thanks to the intervention of Wolverine, who has been hunting the Wendigo through the snowy woods. Cyclops and Havok discover that Logan has been hunting Wendigo due to him having some connection to his past, which Logan only has a vague recollection of. The brothers help Wolverine to take down the Wendigo, though Logan doesn't get the answers he wants, and refuses to join the X-Men in favour of tracking down information on his past alone. At the same time Kitty Pryde reveals the existence of MOIRA to Iceman and shares her doubts of Charles Xavier's past. Meanwhile Jean Grey, Angel and Beast observe a rally held by Graydon Creed, where he speaks out against Mutants to much support. Suddenly Creed is shot through the head, though Jean's powers let her see that it was in fact Quicksilver who pushed a bullet through Creed's head at supersonic speeds, having previously voiced his hatred of Creed to Magneto and the Scarlet Witch. Deaths: Graydon Creed.
The Fall of the X-Men 1x06
Kitty and Iceman's investigation into Charles Xavier's past lead them to the site of his greatest failure, and his darkest secret. After Creed is assassinated, the scales tip in favor of the Sentinel Project.
Project Sentinel 1x07
The launch of the first Sentinels send mutants even further into hiding, leading to a temporary alliance between Cyclops and Magneto's Brotherhood. Kitty and Iceman consider betraying Xavier. Angel discovers something devastating about his father.
MOIRA 1x08
With MOIRA freed from her bonds the rogue AI sets out out a violent rampage across the mansion. A brutal encounter with Bastion's troops leave the Brotherhood with no choice but to seek blood. Deaths: Blob.
Zero Tolerance 1x09
The X-Men are caught between the Brotherhood and Bastion's Anti-Mutant Task Force, but can they really bring themselves to stop Magneto's attack on the people who have been trying to kill them? Charles Xavier and Cyclops both make choices that will shake the X-Men to it's core. Deaths: Bolivar Trask.
Master Mold 1x10
Several months after the seeming end of the Sentinel Project, the X-Men discover a threat far greater than mad-made machines of destruction. Shadowcat takes on her first mission as a full fledged X-Man. A mysterious new player begins making moves.
Where Walks The Juggernaut 1x11
A face from Xavier's past rears his head, putting the X-Men's lives in jeopardy. Cyclops reemerges on a surprising side. On the run and having lost everything, William Stryker looks for revenge on the X-Men.
As Above, So Below 1x12
When Cerebro locates dozens of mutant signatures the X-Men discover a hidden mutant society living beneath New York. Meanwhile Cyclops reappears after months in hiding, but where has he been, and what are his intentions for the Brotherhood of Mutants?
God Loves, Man Kills 1x13
William Stryker and his Purifiers launch their end game against the X-Men, while Destiny has a final warning for Charles Xavier. Deaths: William Stryker, Destiny.
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