Ultron A.I.

The Ultron Armor was created by Vodar Odinson for his use it was a Highly Advanced Indestructible Battle Suit that could fold up and become a wearable Watch. When it turns into a Watch it Shrinks the Infinity Stones so they fit into the Watch. Vodar Odinson had some help making the armor he needed the metal to be at its purest state so he searched for the god Hephaestus. The Ultron Armor has a Highly Advanced A.I. Called Ultron the Ultron A.I. is better than J.A.R.V.I.S. When the Suit was completed it was Indestructible.

The Suits Capabilities:Absolute Hacking, Absolute Durability, Flight (Top Speed:7 Miles Per Second), Concussion Beams, Power Cells, Technology Manipulation, Computer Interaction, Completely immune to different types of powerful attacks, namely sonic attacks and EMPs, with such efficacy its wearer might not even react to them.The suit resists powerful blasts of energy the suit is indestructible, The armor is also protected against intangibility, The suit possesses a Unique cloaking mode that renders it completely invisible while its user remains in sight or they can become invisible, The armor possessed a powerful breach cannon firing lasers that cut through any metal except for the armor’s Alloy Mix, the armor can copy and former tech and combine it's tech onto the armor ,The armor is improved with noise reduction, Does everything that Iron Man Armor Model 51 Does.(The Repulsors are stronger), Can read anybody vitals, If they are hurt or have any Viruses or diseases and shows all their basic information, Finds any enemy's weakness and adapted itself to exploit it. It was capable of emitting destructive energy blasts and could change its shape to conventional or esoteric weapons to fit whatever the situation required. It could also take over computers around it to gain information. Can Shrink down just like the Ant man suit, Can travel into space and has an unlimited supply of oxygen, Protects User from Telepathic Attacks, The Suit is powered by an Infinite Power Supply that was invented by Vodar Borson, Self-Contained Life Support & Environmental Protection, Onboard Computer, Omni-Sensor Array, The Suit is Completely Unhackable, Energy Shield, Repulsor Rays, Unibeam, Multibeam, Pentabeam, Omnibeam, Lasers, Pulse Bolts, Energy Blade, Pulse Barrage, Smart Missiles, Hypervelocity Impact, Plasma Discharge, Telepathic Microscopic Tasers, Telepathy Inhibitor, Anti-Magnetism and Negates Gravity Manipulation.

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