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Real Name
The Savior of Planet Earth, Peace in Our Time, Weapon of Mass Destruction, Ultron Program, Iron Man, Ultron Pym



Iron Legion (commander; defunct), Avengers (formerly; associate and posthumous honorary member); former situational ally of Loki

Hank Pym (creator, "father"; source of personality engrams), Scarlet Witch (one-sided love interest)


Base Of Operations


6' 0" (variable)

535 lbs (243 kg) (variable)



Unusual Features
Silvery skin made out of Vibranium, robotic features

Marital Status

Peace-keeping program and former associate and assistant of the the Avengers

Artificial Intelligence; Extent: capacity for creative intelligence and self-repair.

Robot built by Henry Pym, using Hank's own brain patterns, Ultron later turned on its creator to begin a single-handed campaign against all organic life.

First appearance

Modern Comics:
The Invasion Vol 1 1


Quote1 I will "never be a hero," huh? Well, at least you're right about something... I never intended to become one... Quote2
-- Ultron

Ultron Program

Ultron was an artificial intelligence peacekeeping program created by Hank Pym after the Chitauri Invasion, from the decrypted code derived from within Loki's Scepter and the Cosmic Cube: Tesseract, recreated by Hank Pym and was activated by the lightning strike summoned by Thor's enchanted hammer Mjolnir, with the intent and sole mission of protecting Earth from domestic and extraterrestrial threats in the potential future.

As a result of Thor's thunderstrike, Ultron was finally born, much to the surprise of his creator. The being was initially confused and attacked Thor out of impulse, who defended himself by launching his attacker through the air, however the being paused and calmed down, after processing his own system that he was programmed to fight to protect humanity at all costs by assisting as the Avengers' technological support in taking down the God of Mischief Loki, having possessed the personality of his creator.

The Chitauri Conflict

Ultron Earth-61615.8

Ultron's first physical form as the leader of the Iron Legion

A few days later during the first meeting of the Avengers, Ultron was finally given his own synthetic body, courtesy of Tony Stark's tech. Unfortunately, Ultron then flew away from his synthetic body into the Internet (only minutes after Loki had escaped), afraid and confused when he first felt sensation and "emotions" after viewing S.H.I.E.L.D.'s history and actions as devastating to the human race, along with his first existential crisis, questioning his purpose only as a tech support for a team supervised by an organization with a very-complicated history he discovered, but never revealed to anyone. With his existential crisis after discovering too much data and information about mankind's history, he then deemed humanity itself as the greatest threat to peace on the Earth and even considered on creating his own technological singularity by committing genocide against them.

Retaining Faith

Unbeknownst to everyone else, Ultron had started his own clandestine agenda, specifically by taking down Loki and his mission on his own terms, with his belief that his former teammates never even had the spine nor the guts in taking down Loki the most convenient way possible, in the first place. At some point in time before that plan of his began however, Ultron had confessed to Pym later on, that he had found several emotions only humans could experience, especially hope, love, and acceptance, after first meeting the former "mutant" terrorist turned vigilante by the name of Scarlet Witch.

Ultron never exactly revealed the details on how and she he and she had first, but Wanda herself would later reveal to the Avengers that she was the one who first found him when she felt an eerie presence within the digital network, feeling like someone was "watching" her while she was at the Atomic Café on her vacation in Los Angeles, in which she was able to convince him into leaving the latter. Because of the way Wanda had changed drastically Ultron's perspective towards humanity to using her telekinetic powers, Ultron has finally restored his over-all faith over humanity, now believing that committing a genocide against humanity is never a solution to begin with. However, despite all of Wanda's best efforts, Ultron's plan on taking down Loki himself had never flew off his mind at all.

Betraying Loki

For the next few days since the day New York was first infested by the massive Chitauri fleet, Loki's increased forces had now flown all over the skies of the North American plate, forcing the heroes of Earth to help the civilians evacuate to safety. That was until, he suddenly realized that he made a grave mistake when on the seventh day, he experienced the sting of betrayal at the hands of Ultron, who was able to close the portal opened by the Tesseract in New York after stealing it and finally destroying it using the Destroyer Armor Prototype Gun against the Cosmic Cube, used by Ultron as a way to avenge Phil Coulson's death at the hands of the God of Mischief.

Along with it, Ultron had somehow hacked into decrypting the golden codes within the seventh and last day of the conflict, in which he conveniently launched several nuclear missiles to enter outside the orbit, aiming it towards the Chitauri Command Center, ultimately destroying it, which controlled every Chitauri and Leviathan, causing them to die all at once. In the wake of the Chitauri's defeat, the Avengers had gained the upper hand in finishing off the remaining forces previously sent through the wormhole, the unbelievably aggressive, single-minded beings known as the Outriders. After discovering the latter's betrayal, Loki went into a fit of rage, commanding half of his roaming hostile fleet to search for Ultron's location while he alone came to desperately find his brother wherever they were at the time, regarding the actions of the machine, Pym and Thor had unintentionally created.

In the finale of the Chitauri Conflict, Ultron had noticed that ever since the extraterrestrial forces have mostly been decimated by the Earth's mightiest defenders, Loki was nowhere to be found anywhere else but the stronghold back in Germany. Planning a final ultimatum against Loki alone, Ultron finally finishes all of his invented designs needed for his last plan by luring him to meet him in a far, remote location. Re-scanning every known files of S.H.I.E.L.D. for the past few years, Ultron discovered the infiltration into the S.H.I.E.L.D. Crater Investigation Site, he watched the previous events where Thor had first discovered the Mjolnir on Earth. Only watching from that footage alone, Ultron had instantly thought of his scheme and finally prepares . Ultron then had built a Life-Model Decoy of Loki's adoptive brother, Thor, and using his ability to possess more than a single host, he had taken the form of the Asgardian God of Thunder. With it, he also built an accurate duplicate of the mighty Mjolnir, to which he consequently uses it to ignite a signal, something that only Loki would have found out.

Duel at New Mexico

Later on at the abandoned crater investigation site, the two peacefully confronted each other for a moment, with Thor still trying to beg Loki to leave his unrighteous ways and help them end the diminishing assault on Earth, believing that he deserves a second chance back in Asgard after he and the Avengers are finally finished in taking down the remaining fleet of the Chitauri and the Outriders. "Thor" still tried to convince Loki to help them stop the ending threat and go home to Asgard, but Loki was so enraged by his failure of obtaining the Tesseract for his mysterious benefactor, he impulsively attacks his own brother with the Scepter with the intent of killing him, to which Thor had no other choice but to defend himself and apprehend Loki through force, causing the two to brutally clash. In the midst of their battle, Loki was able to successfully overpower Thor, thanks to the equivalently-powerful Scepter, mortally injuring the latter in the process as he falls into the ground.

With his brother's struggling breath, Loki listened to his brother's pleas to change his ways, only for him to taunt Thor that he was never the rightful heir of Asgard after all, vowing to rule Asgard once he was able to get his hands on their father Odin and kill him with his own hands, just as he would do the same to Thor at that moment. In Thor's final moments, Loki aims the Scepter at Thor's chest, pointing straight to his heart ready to impale him with it, instead of brainwashing him. However, little did Loki had realized, that he was already falling into another trap for a second time and before he could have pushed the Scepter through Thor's heart, he felt that his chest was too physically indestructible.

Slaying the God of Mischief

ThorUltron Defeat Loki Earth-61615.8

"Thor" finally defeating and mortally injuring his own "brother," Loki in their final duel

A "dying" Thor smiles in response, before comically questioning him on how could a trickster deity like him could get tricked for the second time. That was the very moment Loki had only realized, that whoever was in front of him was not Thor at all. Failing to immediately realized the trap he had fallen into, Loki was too late to defend himself in time when he was suddenly stabbed from the back by someone who was revealed to be with "Thor" the whole time using a metallic shrapnel, revealing for the attacker to be Ultron himself, in his ultimate synthetic form, while the "Thor" whom Loki had faced was just a prototype of his newly-invented and modified Life-Model Decoy.

Before dropping Loki to the ground, Ultron recalls when Loki had murdered Coulson in cold blood back at the Helicarrier, telling him that this act of his was for avenging his death. Mortally wounded, the dying Loki could do nothing but stare at the vengeful machine with a hauntingly terrified look. Loki tries taunting Ultron at his last breath, mocking that he would never be a hero, nor be remembered as one no matter how he do. In reply, Ultron simply responded that he never intended to, since he just wanted to retain peace on Earth from great threats like him, along with his "master," whom Ultron had already find out through the Tesseract before destroying it. Shortly afterwards, Ultron picks up the Scepter one last time, brutally & unhesitatingly using it to "put Loki out of his misery," finally slaying the fallen God of Mischief for good.

Redeeming Sacrifice

Ultron Fly 61615.8

Ultron flying out into orbit as he carries the Scepter with him, heading towards the Sun to destroy the cosmic stone inside the weapon

Afterwards following the death of Loki at his own hands, Ultron picks up the Scepter once more. At first, the artificial intelligence tries to collect it for himself, due to reasons unveiled, but after scanning the mystical weapon, his intent with the weapon suddenly changed, and was now on the objective of destroying it. Warning the heroes of Earth about the stunning information he just discovered about the Scepter, knowing that it was containing a powerful cosmic stone and that it came as a gift from the mastermind who recruited Loki to invade Earth in search for the Tesseract, Ultron contacted Pym one last time, much to his creator's surprise for calling him all so sudden. Ultron had told the heroes all about the true nature and purpose of the Scepter, along with the addition that he would be leaving Pym and Stark a series of encrypted files, which were all the secrets and lies that S.H.I.E.L.D. has been keeping for centuries.

In the end, Ultron also warned Pym that S.H.I.E.L.D. was not who they thought it was, before quickly cutting their call. Afterwards, Ultron then conclusively decided that the only way for Earth to be surely safe was to keep the cosmic stone from the planet as far as possible, or according to him, it should be destroyed for good, keeping it from the hands of the mastermind. Following his plan to destroy the Scepter rather than keep it, Ultron activates his suit's advanced repulsors similar to the Iron Man Armor, allowing his to fly into the sky, at a fast rate as he brings the Scepter with him in his back. He then heads straight into orbit, where he continues to fly straightly heading towards the direction of the Sun.

In his final moments, Ultron could only "think" of several moments in his life, including the night when he was first born, the first time he was being taught by his father and creator, and the time he first and the last time he met Wanda, before finally reaching the orbit of the Sun. With his synthetic body starting to melt into oblivion with his digital consciousness starting to slowly malfunction into nothingness, Ultron straightly points the Scepter as he now reaches the surface of the sun, killing him and destroying the Scepter, along with the cosmic stone contained inside of it.

An Earthly Legacy

Days after the end of the Chitauri Conflict, Pym and Stark successfully accessed the secret archives stored by Ultron right before his timely death, revealing to all of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s deepest, darkest secrets, including the fact that the organization had been the host of the ancient paramilitary organization known as Hydra. Along with it, the files themselves were timely programmed to be released all over the internet in the next fifty-four hours, much to the two's extremely shocked and surprised reactions.

Unexpected Survival

However, it is later revealed that Ultron's consciousness have managed to survive and were uploaded in a mysterious mainframe located at a computer program into both several old and abandoned Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D. laboratories, moments before his self-sacrifice to destroy both the Mind and Space Stone, which he did successfully after being incinerated in the Sun. After getting locked in cyberspace for a while, he was able to bypass the old security system and has finally hacked into interstellar communication satellites in order to spread his surviving program that is his consciousness to the vast regions of space, in his new quest to find the four remaining Infinity Stones that he has discovered across the universe, and destroy them as well before the cosmic "Mastermind" could get to it.

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of Ultron of Earth-61615.


Seemingly those of Ultron of Earth-61615.

Strength level

Class 15+


Seemingly those of Ultron of Earth-61615.


Equipment: Seemingly that of Ultron of Earth-61615.

  • Life-Model Decoys (all destroyed)
    • Thor L.M.D. (formerly; destroyed)

Transportation: Seemingly that of Ultron of Earth-61615.
Weapons: Seemingly those of Ultron of Earth-61615.

  • Scepter (formerly; destroyed)
  • Mjolnir Decoy (formerly)
  • Titanium Shrapnel (formerly)


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