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Much like Spiderman Shattered Dimensions, the agents of SHIELD discover an alternate reality, the world known as 2099. When they make contact with the 2099 agents of SHIELD, the worlds suddenly start merging into a new world, and its up to heroes and villains alike to stop the crisis, however, new world versions of people who claim to be from the year 2180 are coming out of nowhere due to the merging of worlds. The new world characters dont want the merge to be stopped, claiming its destiny, and unleash there ultimate weapon: G.A.L.A.C.T.U.S., a giant destroyer robot programmed to kill anyone who wants to stop the merge!

Playable Characters (in order)

  • Nick Fury - Playable in Chapter 1: Face To Face, World To World
  • Iron Man - Second playable in Chapter 1
  • Black Widow - Playable in Chapter 2: The Mission
  • Taskmaster - Second playable in Chapter 2
  • Spider-Man - Playable in Chapter 3: Cause and Effect
  • Hulk 2099 - Second playable in Chapter 3
  • Captain America - Chapter 4: Me, Myself, and I
  • Captain America 2099 - Second in Chapter 4
  • Deadpool - Chapter 5: A Tale of Two 'Pools
  • Deadpool 2099 - 2nd in Chapter 5
  • Captain Britain - Chapter 6: Wavelength
  • Nightcrawler - 2nd in Chapter 6
  • Avalanche
  • Blob
  • Vermin
  • Vermin 2099
  • Taskmaster 2099

Bosses (in order)

  • Magneto 2099 -


Chapter: Plot: Playable Characters: Bosses: Other Characters:
Face To Face, World To World SHIELD agents are picking up strange signals of energy. They check all satelites and machines and end up making communication with SHIELD from a different earth... the possible future of 2099! However, something isn't right as Magneto 2099 is beamed to Earth-616 somehow. Nick Fury fights him off while Maria Hill gets everybody ready and gets there back-up plan... Iron Man, who gets there just in time to finish of Magneto 2099. Nick Fury, Iron Man Magneto 2099 Maria Hill, Phil Coulson, Nick Fury Jr., Nicole Furous, Spider-Man 2099
The Mission Black Widow is sent to go check what Hydra has to do with the incident, but is ambushed when her cover is blown. She fights off several HYDRA agents but is captured by Baron Strucker. SHIELD sends there final hope... Taskmaster! Black Widow, Taskmaster Viper Baron Strucker, Grim Reaper, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Iron Man
Cause and Effect In 2099, strange vortexes and waves of cosmic energy are destroying the city of New York, and Spider-Man 2099 and Hulk 2099 are trying to find out just whats going on, but are attacked by a strange person who calls themself the Taskmaster of 2180. Spider-Man 2099, Hulk 2099 Taskmaster 2180 Jackson L. Liebros, Nicole Furous
Me, Myself, and I Captain America is being heavily effected by the incident, and hears voices in his head that isn't his conscious. Suddenly, a portal opens up and the speaker of those voices, Captain America 2099, ends up in Earth-616. He is also being heavily effected, hearing 616 Cap's thougts in his head just like 616 Cap is hearing his thoughts. The two suddenly fall to the ground in pain, radioactive clouds of energy coming from there yes, mouth, nose, and ears. The cloud builds up around them and they disappear. They wake up in a strange world and are surrounded by a group of people calling themselves Avengers 2180. They explain how the fact that worlds are merging is the reason that all the chaos is happening. The worlds are merging into a new world, thus Earth-616 and the futuristic world of 2099 are being destroyed, forming a "perfect" world. They also say that in order for 2180 versions of both realities' inhabitants to exist, the alternate versions must be killed. The two Caps wont stand for them to die and battle the Avengers 2180, and there leader, Captain Canada, presumably Captain America 2180. Captain America, Captain America 2099 Captain Canada (Captain America 2180) The Avengers 2180 (Scarlet Spider 2180, Iron Man 2180, Black Widow 2180, The Thing 2180)
A Tale of Two 'Pools Deadpool and Bob, Agent of HYDRA, witness the crisis and decide to join in on the "fun". Suddenly, Bob lures Deadpool to a trap and reveals himself to be Bob 2180, who was sent by HYDRA (actually the 2180 versions in disguise) to do the task of killing Deadpool. Bob is about to kill Deadpool, but is attacked by Deadpool 2099, who wants to get revenge on Bob, who apparently tried to kill him earlier. Deadpool battles Bob, but is killed when Bob uses his secret weapon. Deadpool 2099 vanishes from existence, and so Deadpool gets loose and tries to avenge his 2099 counterpart. Deadpool 2099, Deadpool Bob 2180 N/A
Wavelength Excalibur is on a boat returning to America from an epic adventure, and are attacked by a group of pirates who say there the actual Excalibur. It turns out that the pirates are actually Excalibur 2180. Captain Britain, Nightcrawler Captain England (Captain Britain 2180), Nightcrawler 2180 Phoinex, Shadowcat, Lockheed, Griffin (Phoinex 2180), Shadowcat 2180, Lilockheedius (Lockheed 2180)
When Worlds Fall Apart With all reality at stake, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants lead an underground voyage with several other briefly-reformed 616 villains to find a way into 2180 to help the Captain Americas. However, they run into trouble when an Earth-2180 team called the "Quartet of Lethal Brethren" attacks them. Blob, Avalanche The Quartet of Lethal Brethren: Core, Shift, Molten Man 2180, Sonik Pyro, Quicksilver, Magneto, Domino, Mystique, Chemistro, Crimson Dynamo, Abomination
Rodents Vermin is brought to a safe-spot along with several other patients of the mental hospital, but when Vermin 2099 comes searching for his predecessor, Vermin realizes he mustt use his abilities to help, but is stuck with Vermin 2099 in the safe spot when Doom 2180 attacks. Vermin, Vermin 2099 Doom 2180 Cletus Kassidy
The Plot Thickens Iron Man invades HYDRA, destroying most of there base, and finds out there actually the 2180 versions using technology to disguise themselves. They capture Iron Man, and put him in there prison with Black Widow, who they also are going to kill later. Iron Man manages to send a call for help using the technology on his armor, and Hawkeye goes to the rsecue. However, another prisoner, Taskmaster 2099, has managed to escape and is freeing all other prisoners so they can defeat HYDRA. Taskmaster lets everybody else escape, and fights Baron Strucker 2180, but is defeated, so when Hawkeye gets there, he finishes the job. Taskmaster 2099, Hawkeye Baron Strucker 2180 Iron Man, Black Widow, Grim Reaper, Nick Fury
Superior All the heroes meet in the city near a giant vortex in the ground that is sucking in matter and mass. Suddenly, the Superior Six, a 2180 team of hit-men, come out and attack all the super-heroes. Spider-Man and Punisher 2099 let the other heroes go in the portal to 2180, while they stay back and deal with the Superior Six. Spider-Man, Punisher 2099 Superior Six: Electro 2180, Lizard 2180, Mad Thinker 2180, Enchantress 2180, Black Bolt 2180, Madame Masque 2180 The Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Midnight Sons, Marvel Knights, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Sinister Six, Masters of Evil, plus all there 2099 counterparts.
It Gets Worse The heroes all split up into groups all based on there powers: air attackers, powerhouses, geniuses, etc. The geniuses (Mr. Fantastic, Ant-Man 2099, Iron Man, The Leader 2099, Mad Thinker, and Modok 2099) are all confronted by Jackal 2180. Modok 2099 and Mr. Fantastic battle Jackal while the other geniuses run. Modok 2099, Mr. Fantastic Jackal 2180 Iron Man, Ant-Man 2099, The Leader 2099, Mad Thinker
Hidden Agenda The powerhouses (Hercules 2099, Hulk, Wolverine 2099, Ghost Rider, Abomination 2099, The Thing) find the Avengers 2180, and go after them. However, the Avengers 2180 get away via portal to there space headquarters. The powerhouses follow them into the portal, and fight there way through several 2180 Avengers. Ghost Rider, Wolverine 2099 Avengers 2180 (Iron Man 2180, Red Hulk 2180, War Machine 2099, Whirlwind 2180, Ghost Rider 2180, Moon Knight 2180) Hercules 2099, Hulk, Abomination 2099, The Thing
A.X.E. Ghost Rider and Wolverine 2099 are captured and brought to a satellite base near the Moon called the A.X.E. they escape and steal some info, then go to the portal but are caught and knocked out by Blackheart 2180. The other powerhouses go to save there team-mates, and have to fight Blackheart. The Thing, Hercules 2099 Blackheart 2180 Ghost Rider, Wolverine 2099, Hulk, Abomination 2099
The Coming of G.A.L.A.CT.U.S.

The geniuses, though without Modok 2099 and Mr. Fantastic, make it to an underground lair of the Avengers 2180 and overhear them talking about there secret weapon: G.A.L.A.C.T.U.S. They go to find and wran there fellow heroes but are knocked out and captured by Boomerang 2180. The Revengers decide to unleash the X-Men, a group of cyborgs created to guard the Revengers' base, to kill the heroes.

Daredevil 2099, Phantom Rider 2099, Iron Fist, Namor The Sub-Mariner (from this level to the very last you are able to switch from character to character) The X-Men 2180 (a group of cyborg assassins)
Free-Fallin' Spider-Man 2099 and Hulk 2099 meet up in an empty elevator shaft, and have to safetly get down without getting killed by the H.E.R.B.I.E.s, flying murder-bots, or falling to death while going to the 74th floor. Hulk 2099, Spider-Man 2099 The H.E.R.B.I.E.s
Lockdown Hulk 2099 and Spider-Man 2099 get to the 74th floor, but are locked in and being hunted down by Blizzard 2180 as they try to escape. Spider-Man 2099, Hulk 2099 Blizzard 2180
The Power Cosmic Thor 2099 and Earth-616 Thor find Thanos, who has been imprisoned in a cosmic chamber that removes his power. They make a deal that they will free Thanos if he helps stop the end of the world. Thanos agrees and they end up stumbling upon Silver Surfer 2099, who was looking for them, and brings them into an air-lock to go to the ship where they have both Captain Americas. There they are attacked by Adam Warlock, who has already merged with the 2099 counterpart of him and turned into a dark creature called Infinity. Silver Surfer 2099, Thor 2099, Thor, Thanos Infinity (Adam Warlock combined with Adam Warlock 2099)
Edge of Time After defeating Infinity, he regains sanity and helps by using his power for good. They all decide to split up and search for Cap, so S.S. goes with Infinity and Thanos goes with the two Thors. They find Magneto 2099 who has been teaming with the merged "heroes" so he can survive the merging. Infinity (Adam Warlock/Adam Warlock 2099), Silver Surfer 2099 Magneto 2099
Sudden Death
Merging Worlds
The New World
One Will Die
Galactus Rising
Final Hope


You can earn special bonus contents when you beat levels and complete tasks.


Much like the newspapers in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

  1. (616) Reed Richards and Hank Pym Lead Scientific Breakthrough, (2099) Alchemax Scientists Lead Scientific Breakthrough, (2180) Reed Richards and Hank Pym Lead Prison Breakout
  2. (616) Avengers Prevent Alien Invasion, (2099) A-International Prevents Terrorist Attack On Alchemax, (2180) Avengers Lead Terrorist Invasion