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Real Name
Tyson Rios
Current Alias

Hyperion, Crimson Avenger; formerly: Death, The Lone Horseman



New Defenders, Ally of the Asgardians, Member of Daily Globe Staff; Former member of the Horsemen of Apocalypse, the Avengers, the United States Marine Corps

Juan Rios (father, deceased), Eva Rios (mother, deceased), Victor Rios (Guardian, brother), Naomi Collins-Rios (wife, deceased), Ricardo Rios (Misery, son), Elliot Rios (Arsenal, son), Douglas Rios (Captain X, nephew), Onslaught (clone)


Base Of Operations





Unusual Features


Marital Status

Adventurer, reporter for the Daily Globe; former soldier

College graduate

Mutated from a chemical explosion

Place of Birth

J. C. White and I. Bradley

First appearance



Early Life

After completing high school early, Tyson Rios enlisted in the United States Marine Corps when he was only sixteen. He lied about his age because he was eager to prove himself to his parents. Six years later, while on a mission, he was caught in a chemical explosion that gave him amazing powers.

Gaining powers

Tyson emerging from the explosion that gave him his powers.

When Tyson left the military, he learned that his family had been killed by a mercenary named Ocelot. Tyson dedicated his life to finding Ocelot so he became the adventurer Crimson Shadow. During his time looking for Ocelot, Tyson managed to achieve an early graduation from college.

Early Career

While doing some detective work, Crimson Shadow found files on Ocelot; he had been experimenting with his blood in a secret lab. Crimson Shadow found and defeated the mutated Ocelot. It was here that he stumbled across old files from Department K, finding that his brother was still alive, given the code name Warlord. Tyson tried to reconcile with Victor as soon as he found him, but he was mad with power. That day they became enemies.

Tyson met Naomi Collins when he saved her from an explosion in her lab. They fell in love and months later they got married. Over the years Naomi had been targeted by Shadowhawk, but he was soon defeated by Crimson Shadow. Tyson and Naomi had two sons named, Ricardo and Elliot. Tyson wanted to protect his kids and he knew that he had to finally take down Warlord. Before he could get to him though, a paradox occurred on Earth and Crimson Shadow's former enemies had been made into Warlord's slaves. When he managed to defeat them, a battered Crimson Shadow tried to end the paradox by confronting their leader. Warlord seemingly killed Crimson Shadow by casting a spell to keep him in limbo. In less then a year Warlord created an army to take over the world.

The Return

While Tyson was trapped in Warlord's realm, a new Crimson Shadow appeared on Earth to take on the villain. In the process he managed to defeat Warlord and his army at the cost of his own life. Warlord's "death" released Tyson from limbo. He learned that his wife and children survived the events that followed his entrapment.

One year past since the paradox and Warlord had returned more powerful than before. Fearing for his family's safety, Tyson had Naomi leave with their kids to someplace safe. Before he entered the battle with Warlord, Crimson Shadow recruited some of his fellow heroes as allies to confront Warlord and his reborn followers. Crimson Shadow and his team defeated Warlord and his forces. When Tyson tried to make contact with his family, he could not reach them. The kidnapper, Shadowhawk, used Naomi's phone to call Tyson and he told them where he would find his family's dead bodies. When he got to the area, Shadowhawk was own the floor, seemingly dead and Tyson's family was safe. Ricardo's power finally emerged and he accidentally lobotomized the kidnapper to save his mother. Naomi had told Tyson that the kidnapper had killed Elliot. A private funeral for Elliot was held shortly after.

One day, Naomi was analyzing Tyson's blood and saw that his cells were mutating rapidly. His powers would soon overwhelm him. Naomi told him that anything he touched would disintegrate. When Tyson saw signs of his mutation he left his family for their own safety. When Tyson was fully mutated he was captured by Warlord. Warlord made an evil clone of Tyson. He made the clone battle Tyson. When they fought, Warlord wanted to see the clone's abilities, so he made the clone blow himself up. The blast absorbed Tyson's excess power, curing him of his mutation, allowing him to flee to safety. The energy reformulated causing the clone to be recreated in perfect condition.

Tyson returned to his wife and son, but he didn't tell them about the clone. Crimson Shadow, Spider-Man, Captain America and Iron Man went to Ricardo's high school to fight Warlord. Ricardo had been fighting him until they got there. They defeated Warlord but he grabbed Crimson Shadow and took him to the Negative Zone. The two were fighting and Tyson realized that each of his punches got weaker. Warlord was able to inflict a lot more damage on Crimson Shadow. Crimson Shadow was near death when he saw Reed Richards. He called for him and Reed grabbed him and took him out of the zone. Once Crimson Shadow was out of the Negative Zone his powers started to return. When he was well enough, he went home to his family, only to find that his wife had been killed.

Naomi's funeral was private because Tyson didn't want the media there. A couple days later Tyson learned that Ricardo had become Captain Universe.

The Avengers

Crimson Shadow has joined the Avengers with Captain Universe. Crimson Shadow had helped the Avengers fight a lot of super villains during his time there. When he was on a mission, Crimson Shadow got a distress call from his son. When Crimson Shadow got there he attacked Mephisto. Tyson was able to beat Mephisto but Captain Universe was taken to the Underworld by Blackheart. Crimson Shadow decided to get help from his nephew, Captain X. Captain X came to Tyson to tell him that he got Captain Universe out of the Underworld. Crimson Shadow left so he could go see his son. Crimson Shadow was ambushed by Onslaught while he was flying to his son.

Onslaught was beating Crimson Shadow into the ground until Tyson blasted him away. The two fought and Crimson Shadow saw that Onslaught was losing. He was going to finish him off but he was pushed back by a tremendous force. Onslaught was powering up and he got bigger. Onslaught charged Tyson and attacked him with a flurry of punches. Crimson Shadow was losing the battle against the fully powered Onslaught. Crimson Shadow knew that there was only one way to beat Onslaught, so he flew into space. Onslaught followed and Crimson Shadow sacrificed himself to kill Onslaught.


Crimson Shadow reborn.

In the afterlife, Crimson Shadow spent most of his time looking for Onslaught. Unexpectedly, Crimson Shadow was brought back to life. When Tyson reunited with his son, he learned that the Sentry had brought him back to life. With a new chance at life, Tyson was determined to find Onslaught so that he could finally defeat him.

The Symbiote

While patrolling the city, Tyson noticed that it was being destroyed. When he saw who was doing it he attacked him. What got up wasn't human and it charged Tyson. He attacked back and in the middle of the fight, the creature stopped moving. So Tyson blasted it through a building. He went after it to see that it was impaled by steel rods. He got closer and the creature revealed itself. Tyson was in shock, it was Rick. He couldn't believe what he had done to his son. He pulled him off the steel and waited for his healing factor to take effect. It never did so Tyson rushed Ricardo to the hospital.

After a few minutes, Tyson walked into the surgery room. The doctors told him that they couldn't get the suit off of Rick. He then woke up and started thrashing violently. Tyson tried to restrain him but Rick threw him through a wall. When he came back Ricardo was gone. He left the hospital to look for him. Tyson found Misery and tried to talk to him, but he was attacked. Misery and Crimson Shadow traded punches until Misery stabbed Tyson in the ribs with his tendrils. Misery was going to finish him off until Weapon Omega came to Tyson's rescue. They both attacked Misery, and Weapon Omega shot him with an RPG. When Tyson and Weapon Omega got up, Misery was standing next to Warlord and a fully powered Onslaught. Then Captain X came to help Tyson. Warlord attacked Captain X, Onslaught ran towards Crimson Shadow, and Weapon Omega fought Misery. During the fight, Onslaught created a field of unstable energy which pulled everyone in. The field imploded and everybody was severely injured and unconscious. Then S.H.I.E.L.D. arrived and took everyone.

Tyson was taken to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s infirmary. Tyson was woken up by the sound of an alarm. Nick Fury told him that Weapon Omega took Misery and his symbiote and then he fled the helicarrier. Fury said that Tyson had to go apprehend them both. Crimson Shadow agreed and he left to begin his search.

The Rise of Death

Soon after Tyson left S.H.I.E.L.D.'s helicarrier, he saw someone being attacked. Once he got there the person was gone and he knew it was just a diversion. A fist then impaled Tyson in the chest. He was smashed into a building and then pummeled into a car. Tyson blasted his attacker away hoping to get distance between them. Out of the smoke came Apocalypse. Crimson Shadow attacked him with everything he had, but Apocalypse grabbed his leg and then his neck. He snapped Tyson's spine in half. Then Apocalypse stepped on Crimson Shadow's head. With Crimson Shadow in his possession, Apocalypse created his new horseman out of him. Crimson Shadow was no more, all that was left was Death.

Death 5

Crimson Shadow as Death.

Apocalypse had ordered Death to recruit the rest of his Horsemen, so he followed his orders. After causing massive amounts of damage to different places around the world, Death returned with three perfect candidates for Apocalypse's Horsemen. Apocalypse was ready to convert them to his minions, but Tyson killed them all. He told his master that he was already superior and he didn't need a team to slow him down. Apocalypse decided to put Death's words to the test, so he set him lose on the city. While decimating a city, Death was confronted by his two sons.

Misery held Death down while Weapon Omega shot him point blank in the face. Death was unaffected and he smashed Misery into the floor and grabbed Weapon Omega's head. Misery impaled Death allowing Weapon Omega to escape, but without his mask. Death grabbed Misery by his head and legs and was ready to rip him in half until Weapon Omega stabbed him in the head. Death caused his energy to explode sending Rick and Eli flying. Death picked them both up and saw their faces, he realized that these were his kids. He put them down and turned his attention towards Apocalypse.

He viciously attacked him, but they both were evenly matched. Tyson managed to grab his former master's throat and he squeezed it, causing blood to spill out. With tears rolling down his face, Tyson forced all of the energy throughout his body to the hand around Apocalypse's throat. This caused Tyson's flesh to heal back, but the act was causing his body to be torn apart. So Tyson released the energy, causing a massive explosion. Apocalypse and Tyson were both presumably incinerated.

The Invasion

Apocalypse was injured by the explosion, but he managed to absorb the energy from it and he left to allow his injuries to heal. The explosion launched a mangled Tyson two miles away from the battlefield. A hole was blown threw his chest, his entire right arm was missing, and part of his right leg was gone. Tyson knew he was going to die because he knew that Apocalypse took his healing factor away. Moments away from death, Tyson saw his nephew by his side and he restored Tyson's healing factor. While he was regenerating Captain X flew Tyson away. They arrived in Asgard and Doug informed Tyson of the war. Once they arrived, Doug clothed Tyson in some armor and the two flew off ready to defend Asgard.

The battle was an intense fight and no matter how hard the Asgardians fought the Kronans kept coming. Tyson and Captain X managed to break the Kronans' line of defense but to no avail as Tyson was captured and the Asgardians were pushed back. The Kronans took Tyson, but he managed to break free. He easily dispatched the group that took him and he spotted a few ships nearby. Tyson went closer and discovered a Kronan leader inside. He knew this was his one chance to end the war. So he tore through the ship's side and grabbed the leader by his throat. All of the Kronans were watching and Tyson told them to end the invasion or else he would kill their leader. Not all of them understood, but his message came across. The Kronan leader called his troops back and Tyson let him go free. He watched as the ships left, but there were still some soldiers who wanted to fight. Tyson rounded them up and brought them to the Asgardians. They thanked Tyson for his heroic deeds and Captain X took him back to New York City.

Onslaught's Revenge

Main article: The Onslaught

As Tyson was brought home he noticed that the sky was an unusually dark color. So, he just walked through the city until something happened. Nothing did and he thought that it was so dark because it was so bright on Asgard, and he just wasn't used to it. So Tyson, ignored the sky and kept walking. All of a sudden, the ground started to shake and crack open. In the distance, Tyson could see a building falling over. He flew to it and brought it back up, but while on the building he could see everything more clearly. It was dark because something was blocking the sun. Then something fell away from it and cratered into the Earth. With no time to suit up, Tyson went to investigate it.

The crater was glowing and people were standing around it. Tyson moved in closer as well. He looked into the crater to see what looked like a receiver for a machine. Suddenly more began to fall from the "asteroid" and they seemed to be landing all over the country. Nothing had happened after that, but Tyson put on his uniform to be prepared. He flew as close to the asteroid as he could get, and realized that it was not moving. It looked like it was another planet. However he didn't know what it was.

Soon afterwards, Onslaught appeared on the planet and he looked metallic. All of a sudden he lunged forward. Onslaught was engulfed in flames and he crashed into Crimson Shadow. They continued to fall and Onslaught punched Crimson Shadow causing him to crater in the Earth. Onslaught came forward and picked up Crimson Shadow, who punched him back. With Onslaught in midair, Crimson Shadow unleashed a flurry of punches on him. Onslaught's metal body was pierced by Crimson Shadow's fist. He blasted him in the wound and Onslaught exploded.

Thinking it was over, Crimson Shadow went to see the device that crashed landed again. He looked up and saw something falling towards him from the planet. It was Onslaught again but fully powered up. Crimson Shadow just barely got out of the way when Onslaught hit. He didn't understand how he was still alive. Then two more objects fell from the sky. They turned out to be two more fully powered, metallic Onslaughts. Crimson Shadow was outnumbered and by enemies that were overpowered. He tried to fend them off, but they were to strong and they all attacked at once. He couldn't protect himself from all the hits that he was taking, so he tried flying up in the air. They followed him and Crimson Shadow gathered a lot of his energy and released it in one energy blast. The three Onslaughts were incinerated and Tyson fell to the ground weakened. He looked at the sky and saw two more Onslaughts falling towards him.

New Beginnings

Following the events of the Onslaught War, Tyson became the leader of the Outsiders. He also ensured that the dying Onslaught was locked away in the N-Zone. Crimson Shadow led his team proudly and efficiently. The only issues came from within the team and they were caused by Phoenix. Tyson could tell that his son was different, and not for the better. Whatever turned him into the Phoenix, was corrupting him. He along with, Ricardo, tried to confront Elliot, but he always avoided them.

One day, Phoenix discovered that there was a cosmic being heading for Earth from another universe. This cosmic threat was named Proteus and he was driven by insanity. Proteus tore his way into this reality and he was immediately confronted by the Outsiders. They bravely fought him, but Proteus' power was too overwhelming. Crimson Shadow felt that he could at least knock out Proteus by charging his next attack. So, he prepared an energy blast and kept it in his fist. Then he attacked Proteus, who also was coming for Crimson Shadow. Once their fists collided, C.S. saw a blinding flash and he collided with a building.

The city was in ruins and C.S. searched for his team, but they were no where to be found. Then he saw Proteus and went after him. Crimson Shadow followed him to a tower in the sky. Proteus entered and Crimson Shadow followed shortly afterwards. He saw Proteus in the distance and he was ready to confront him. However, he was hit in the back by a powerful blast. Proteus took Crimson Shadow as his prisoner. He tore off Crimson Shadow's hood and mask and began to torture him. Proteus did this by rearranging Tyson's molecules or physically harming him on the outside.

Tyson challenged Proteus' alpha status by insulting him during the torture. He broke free of his restraints and landed a hit on Proteus face. Proteus then started to cause Tyson's bones to break in his arm. Then he repeated this feat on Tyson's ribs and one of his legs. Ty was immobile and unable to defend himself. Before Proteus could deliver the final blow, the tower started to shake violently. A fight was occurring outside and then the top off the tower was torn off. Proteus flew off to face his challengers.

Tyson began to fade in and out of consciousness and he saw that he was being saved. He could hear to men talking about how they didn't think he would survive the next few hours. Tyson decided to prove them wrong by talking. They thought that Tyson was a human, they didn't expect to find any other superhumans. Tyson was surprised when Quasar said this. He talked about his world and how it was dramatically different. Quasar said that Tyson must have been who he and Nova had sensed coming with Proteus. Nova told Tyson how Proteus and his team of killers, exterminated the heroes and villains. The only ones remaining were apart of the resistance.

Quasar created a wheelchair construct and put Tyson on it. He wheeled him throughout the base to show him how the Resistance operated. Tyson met a man named Hyperion, who bore a strong resemblance to him. He was the founder and leader of the Avengers.

Hyperion led a small group of fighters to take out one of Proteus' followers. They were ambushed by Proteus and his team, and were slaughtered. Hyperion managed to make his way back to the Resistance base and Tyson was the first to see him. Hyperion fell and Tyson grabbed onto him. He knew that Tyson was a version of himself from a different universe. Hyperion pleaded Tyson to take his place and continue the fight to protect his people, and become their new symbol of hope. He then died in Tyson's arms.

The Resistance held a funeral for their fallen leader and it was here that Tyson repeated Hyperion's last words. They embraced Tyson as their leader. Nova was Hyperion's closest friend and he persuaded Tyson to adopt his uniform. It would hopefully instill hope in the people and fear in Proteus. Nova wanted Tyson to keep the memory of Hyperion alive. Tyson accepted Nova's request and took over, where his counter-part left off.

World's Collide

Main article: World's Collide

Tyson knew there would be an impending war against Proteus, and that most of the Avengers would be wiped out. Their only chance for survival and possibly winning, would be preparation. It would take months to get everyone ready, but time was running out. Quasar was well aware of this fact as he constantly reminded Tyson about it. After the loss of one son, Brian began to go rouge. He along with his remaining son and several other Avengers' members secretly set out to defeat Proteus on their own.

Powers and Abilities


Crimson Shadow is on par with an omega level mutant. As such he has displayed the following abilities:

Chemically Enhanced Physiology: Crimson Shadow’s exposure to radiated chemicals gave him superhuman abilities that have evolved over the years.

Energy Absorption: Crimson Shadow can absorb any type of energy and channel that energy through his blasts. He cannot absorb energy for various effects i.e. increase strength. His energy absorption ability and his ability to wield energy, although potentially infinite, have their limits.

  • Energy Blasts: He can generate light, heat, force, and other forms of energy as powerful blasts and explosions. These blasts are usually generated from his hands. The maximum power of these blasts is unknown.
  • Superhuman Strength: Crimson Shadow possesses great physical strength. At his peak, he possesses sufficient superhuman strength to lift approximately 100 tons.
  • Superhuman Speed: C.S. can run, move, and react at speeds that are far beyond the physical capabilities of even the finest human athlete and are theorized to be about 100 times greater.
  • Flight: Crimson Shadow has the ability to levitate himself and fly through the air at tremendous speeds by harnessing raw energy. At his peak, he is capable of achieving speeds sufficient to attain orbital velocity, roughly 25,000 miles per hour. Once in space, he is capable of reaching light speed.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Crimson Shadow's highly advanced musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of a human being. He can exert himself physically at peak capacity for several days before the build up of fatigue toxins in his blood begins to impair him. C.S. is also able to physically withstand the rigors of space without any special clothing. He can merely hold his breath for greatly extended periods of time.
  • Superhuman Durability: Crimson Shadow's body is far tougher and more resistant to physical injury than the body of a human. He can withstand high caliber gunfire, falls from tremendous heights, exposure to temperature and pressure extremes, and great impact forces.
  • Superhuman Agility: Crimson Shadow's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are far beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: His reflexes are similarly enhanced and are far superior to those of the finest human athlete and are roughly 100 times greater.

Former Powers:

During the Onslaught War, Crimson Shadow burnt out his healing factor.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite his great resilience, it is possible to injure Tyson. Crimson Shadow possessed a superhuman healing factor that allowed him to regenerate damaged or destroyed bodily tissue with far greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human. Crimson Shadow was able to heal injuries such as slashes, puncture wounds, bullet wounds, and severe burns within moments. His healing factor was developed to the point that he can regrow missing limbs and organs.


  • Crimson Shadow is an extraordinary hand-to-hand combatant, he is a highly skilled marksman and detective

Strength level

  • Crimson Shadow possesses vast superhuman strength enabling him to lift (press) about 100 tons


  • Crimson Shadow is at his weakest in the Negative Zone. He slowly loses his powers and will eventually die if he is in there for too long.
  • Extensive use of his powers over a long period of time could depletes his reserves though he does not need his reserves to manipulate energy.
  • He is highly susceptible to many energy-based attacks especially if his opponent can absorb any form of energy i.e. cosmic, solar, etc.



  • Crimson Shadow originally designed a special belt and wristbands to help him control and sustain his powers


  • Flight


  • None


  • Crimson Shadow's powers were unstable and unreliable in his early career
  • Apocalypse strengthened Tyson's photon powers past what his body could contain, so as Death, Tyson's photonic energy emitted from his body


  • Tyson was born to a Puerto Rican father and a Mexican mother

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