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Real Name
Tyson Rios
Current Alias

Shadow, Experiment-245




Victor Rios (Warlord, creator), Tyson Rios (Crimson Shadow, genetic template)


Base Of Operations


6' 2" (normal); 7'1" (fully powered)

200 lbs (91 kg) (normal); 500 lbs (fully powered)



Unusual Features
Onslaught is pure energy


Marital Status


College graduate

Created from Tyson Rios' DNA by Warlord

Place of Birth

J. C. White

First appearance



Onslaught was created from the DNA of Tyson Rios by Warlord. Onslaught is the only clone of Crimson Shadow. He was cloned from the mutated Crimson Shadow, so he became pure energy. Once he was brought to life he fought Tyson. Warlord ordered Onslaught to blow himself up and he did, killing himself and Tyson. They both came back to life and Tyson was normal again. Tyson fled leaving Onslaught and Warlord alone. Warlord commanded Onslaught to go after Tyson but Onslaught refused. Onslaught left Warlord to find out the extent of his power. When Onslaught learned the extent of his power he went to look for Crimson Shadow. Instead he found his son Ricardo. Onslaught ambushed him and overpowered him. Onslaught blew himself up but he missed Ricardo. Onslaught found Ricardo unconscious and he decided not to kill him, but his mother. He went to Ricardo's house but he was blasted away from it by Ricardo. Onslaught followed Ricardo into the basement and he blew Ricardo's arm off. Onslaught started to attack Naomi but he was attacked by Ricardo. Onslaught grabbed Ricardo by the throat and threw him threw the roof. Onslaught turned to Naomi and attacked her again. After one shot to the face Naomi was killed instantly. Onslaught left the house to find Crimson Shadow. Onslaught was in a warehouse and he was attacked by Captain Universe. Onslaught was killed by Captain Universe but he came back to life and fled.

Newfound Power

Onslaught has recently learned that he can make himself even more powerful due to the mutation. Onslaught has to charge his energy so that he can power himself up. When Onslaught tried it he was stronger and bigger than before. When he changed back he became stunned. Onslaught didn't care about this flaw because he knew that with his newfound power he couldn't be stopped. He wanted to use this power on someone so he looked for Crimson Shadow. Onslaught saw Crimson Shadow, so he ambushed him. Onslaught plowed Crimson Shadow into the ground. Onslaught kept beating him into the ground until Crimson Shadow blasted him away. They continued to fight but Onslaught was losing, so he decided to power up. The tremendous force pushed Crimson Shadow back. The fully powered Onslaught charged Crimson Shadow with a flurry of punches. Crimson Shadow flew into space and Onslaught followed. Crimson Shadow blew himself up killing Onslaught in the process. Onslaught came back and he looked for Crimson Shadow but he never reappeared. Onslaught knew that Crimson Shadow had finally died. Onslaught wanted to become the most powerful being in the universe, so he decided to go after Warlord first.

Brief Reunion

Onslaught finally found Warlord, who gave him a proposition, either kill him or kill Crimson Shadow and his family. Onslaught decided to put aside his differences with Warlord, so he could get his revenge on Crimson Shadow. A fully charged Onslaught and Warlord found Misery and came to their aid. Then Captain X showed up to help Tyson and Weapon Omega. Onslaught immediately charged Crimson Shadow, Warlord went after his son, and Misery lunged at Weapon Omega. While fighting Tyson, Onslaught knew that this was his chance to kill his two enemies. Onslaught created a ball of energy, but it was unstable and it started to pull him in. Others were pulled in to and the ball imploded. Everyone was severely injured and unconscious. Soon afterward, S.H.I.E.L.D. arrived on the scene and took the villains and the heroes away. Onslaught was put in a cell in the Negative Zone.

While in his cell Onslaught heard a commotion outside. The next thing he saw was his cell door being ripped off. Warlord had released him and told him that it was time to get their revenge. Once free, Onslaught ignored Warlord and attempted to leave the facility on his own. He nearly tore down the building and was attacked by many guards. They did not survive and Onslaught continued through. After escaping the Zone, Onslaught hid himself, so he could complete his master plan that would annihilate the Earth.


Main article: The Onslaught

Onslaught had been tracking an object that was coming towards Earth. It was a small living planet and he knew what it was capable of. He would ally himself with the planet and use it to destroy Earth. Onslaught went into space and waited for it to come close. The planet was metallic and Onslaught landed on it. The planet absorbed him, as Onslaught intended it to. The planet had no one controlling it, so it started moving like an asteroid. The controller of the planet could create copies of themself out of the planet, with equal power levels. In order to kepp in contact with the copies, he had to release signal beacons where he was going to send them. Onslaught released the beacons all over the Earth. Then he created a copy of himself and sent it down to New York City.

He saw it fight Crimson Shadow and it was destroyed. Onslaught decided to make them more powerful, so he powered up and then copied himself. He sent this new copy towards Crimson Shadow. Then he made two more to make sure Tyson died. When it looked like the copies were going to win, Crimson Shadow tricked them into one of his powerful blasts, and they were destroyed. Onslaught knew that Crimson Shadow had used alot of his energy and that he would be weaker. So he sent two more copies to New York to finish him off.

While his copies were killing Crimson Shadow, Onslaught decided to make more and send them throughout the country to see what would happen. He also saw this as the perfect opportunity to kill Warlord, so he sent two copies of himself to track Warlord down and kill him.

After his loss in the war, a weakened and dying Onslaught resides in custody within the Negative Zone.

Powers and Abilities


  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Onslaught possesses a superhuman healing factor that allows him to regenerate damaged or destroyed bodily tissue with far greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human. Onslaught is able to heal injuries such as slashes, puncture wounds, bullet wounds, and severe burns within moments. His healing factor is developed to the point that he can regrow missing limbs and organs.
  • Photon Energy Blasts: These blasts are shot from Onslaught's hands and when formed into a ball it explodes on impact
  • Flight: Onslaught is capable of flying at 750 mph
  • Superhuman Strength: Onslaught possesses vast superhuman strength, granting him the ability to lift (press) far in excess of 100 tons.
  • Immortality


  • Onslaught is an extraordinary hand-to-hand combatant, he is a highly skilled marksman and detective

Strength level

  • Onslaught possesses vast superhuman strength enabling him to lift (press) far in excess of 100 tons


  • Powering up causes Onslaught to drain his powers
  • Like Crimson Shadow, Onslaught is at his weakest in the Negative Zone. It may also be possible to kill him in the Zone, but this has not been proved.



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