Tyler Stone was a powerful, corrupt businessman and the head of Alchemax. After a freak accident, he was exposed to the Goblin formula, creating a split personality, and became the archenemy of Spider-Man 2099.


Tyler Stone was Nueva York City's most successful and powerful chief executive officer. Stone ran Viastone and was extremely distant with his son, Kron Stone, to the extent that he even backed out of a promise for a fishing trip. 

After finally succeeding in taking over Oscorp, he turned the merged company into Alchemax. Stone soon gained the reputation of a corporate shark for his strategies of downsizing and gobbling up smaller companies.

Under his leadership, Alchemax continued to grow, and entered into the research and manufacture of weapons. In addition, Stone's influence was such that he even had the Nueva York City Police Department in his pocket.

Miguel O'Hara worked for Alchemax as part of its genetic program. Stone intended for the program to create a new Spider-Man that would act as a corporate superhero. At one point, Stone recreated the Goblin formula and intended to sell it internationally. In order to test it, Stone infected one of his employees, making it look like an accidental leak due to not legally being able to directly experiment on human subjects.

When Miguel tried to leave Alchemax but Stone tricked him into taking a drug called Rapture. As only Alchemax is legally allowed distribute this drug, O'Hara has to remain with the corporation or Tyler will call the police to say he's getting the drug from the black market. To get out of the situation, Miguel used the gene alteration machine on himself, intending to use an older template of his pure genetic code that was entered into the machine's databanks during initial experiments to overwrite his current biology to free himself from the Rapture. Due to a miscalculation, Miguel's genetic code ends up being 50% spider, giving him spider abilities. 

When George O'Hara learned of the Goblin formula, Stone quickly tried to contain the leak, so he sent Aaron Delgado to kill him and frame a Green Goblin gang. After becoming Spider-Man, Miguel went after Stone and Delgado. Delgado was killed and Stone was exposed to the Goblin formula, making him stronger but also causing him to develop a split personality.

Stone would later hire Sandwoman and Shocker to kill Spider-Man. He also had the Lizard captured and recreated a new body for him, using Curt Connors' baseline DNA. The procedure was to see if Stone could solve his Goblin problem by transferring his mind into a new body. While the procedure was an apparent success, Connors later mutated into the Lizard again.

Stone's condition worsened until he decided he could not keep up public appearances anymore, he would retire behind the scenes. Tyler proposed to his son, Kron Stone, that he would appoint him acting chairman of Alchemax, though only as a figurehead. Shortly afterwards, Tyler was completely taken over by his Goblin persona.

Stone was forced to hide, stealing various Alchemax equipment to become the new Green Goblin. However Kron double-crossed Tyler, leaking his location to Spider-Man. Spider-Man fought the Green Goblin who died from complications in the Goblin formula.

Powers and Abilities

As the Goblin, Tyler Stone possesses enhanced strength greater than that of Spider-Man's. Once Tyler was completely taken by his Goblin persona, he started using an enhanced goblin glider and pumpkin bombs developed by Alchemax.


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