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Real Name
Troy Lucas O'Connor
Current Alias

Trojan Horse, Iron Fist, Electro, Electric Man, Not A Magical Negro



Redeemers (founder)

Jeffrey O'Connor (father; presumed deceased), Danielle Lucas (mother)


Base Of Operations
Franklintown, New Babylon; Rocket Central; Squadron City






Marital Status

Adventurer, vigilante; formerly part-time waiter

High school student

Human mutate

Place of Birth

First appearance

Modern Comics: Squadron Supreme Special Vol 1 2


Quote1 I'm all powered up, and ready to zap on your crap! Quote2
-- Power Man

Early Years

Troy O'Connor was born and raised in the crime-ridden city of Franklintown, New Babylon. He is the son of the morally-righteous and protective, the former paramedic Danielle Lucas, and the just and soft-hearted superhuman hooded vigilante Jeffrey O'Connor. Sadly, his father disappeared and was presumed deceased when Troy was very young after the hero sacrificed himself rescuing civilians during the sudden destruction of the Advanced Idea Mechanics Hospital, which O'Connor also failed to prevent from collapsing. It wasn't until later on when Troy's mother told Troy that his father was involved in dealing with a conspiracy, but sadly, he never got to discover the mastermind behind it and completely stop it. Being only raised by his mother, Troy was often bullied in school and sometimes outside his neighborhood, blatantly assuming that his father had left them. As a result of being victimized by his schoolmates, Troy would often be abused and sometimes even be robbed by strangers who were aware of his tragic background, knowing how helpless and emotionally-vulnerable he usually was.

Powered Up!

Troy O'Connor Powered debut 61712

Troy publicly debuts as the heroic Power Man, for the first time

Unfortunate for his bullies and abusers, Troy never gave up in living despite his situation since all he ever strive for was to keep his mother and peers safe and make themselves feel comfortable within this hometown that is usually overrun with the likes of gangsters and professional syndicates. Having enough of his town's state of unlawfulness, Troy snapped as he protected some of his friends from the clutches of muggers one day after his first day of high school, almost costing his life in the process. Not that Troy would expect, that day would be the moment his courage, nobility, and impulse to save an innocent soul had somehow triggered a surge of energy within him, releasing amount of electricity at the muggers, incapacitating them. Astonished yet also afraid of knowing he had inherited his father's power, Troy anonymously immediately called the police on the downed muggers before running home to seek his mother's help.

Shortly after returning home, Troy would be encouraged by her own mother on learning how to fight and defend himself after getting the chance to train on how to properly use his powers under her tutelage, who also learned it from Troy's father when he was still around. Throughout his training which lasted for months, his mother would tell him what his father was like as a heroic vigilante every time Troy has improved his fighting skills, motivating him more to do whatever it takes to take up his father's mantle one day. Surprisingly enough, Troy couldn't care less about reaching the same level of fame and popularity as the superheroes in Squadron City, such as Hyperion and Warrior Woman, and has never dreamt of joining any league or team of superheroes, most notably the Squadron Supreme. All he wanted was to protect his neighborhood and city from its festering crime, something not even its authorities couldn't fully handle.

Each and every night, Troy would often wonder whether his father could still be alive, and even if he isn't, he still sought to find out what his last mission might be about in order to fulfill his final task and honor his memory. Seeing crime exponentially spiked up in his neighborhood due to criminals revolving around the a city-wide conspiracy, Victor fashionably chose the masked costumed identity of Power Man, based on how he and most people have remembered his father as a hero, in selflessly protecting his neighbors, and extensively, the rest of New Babylon itself when his people ended up in worse perils than circumstances that he would usually face in a day-to-day basis.

While his mother was initially against his young son going out and pro-actively facing danger, Troy thanked and reassured her that she has thought her enough to handle criminals on his own, thus making her grant him his father's powered gloves which helped him regulate his powers, albeit she was still slightly concerned something horrific may end up happening to him if he wasn't careful enough in the streets of Franklintown. Debuting as Power Man on a chaotic night, Troy intervened the clash of the criminally-influential Serpent Cartel and the extremist vigilante group, the Punishers of the Powerful, but not Troy had save all those who were stranded in their fiery crossfire. Initially being instinctively labeled by the police at the scene as an accomplice of either sides, they eventually stopped seeing him as a target and more rather as an ally after seeing Power Man take down both members of the clashing parties, bringing them into the righteous hands of justice.


But as Troy's allies and admirers grew from time to time, so did his enemies and opposers across the city, especially after he encountered the vengeful and hunter-like vigilante known as the Black Archer, whom he would end up becoming allies along with Squadron City's angelic and charismatic Lady Lark. Both of these heroes became Troy's heroic mentors, and in return, he and Lady Lark would slowly inspire the Black Archer into lessening his murderous methods and focus more on saving lives by preventing day-to-day crime. In response to the growing threat of overwhelming crime and corruption across New Babylon and its neighboring states, Troy and his heroic allies founded a secret network organization of vigilantes dubbed the Redeemers, in which their formation caught the respectful attentions and eventually the support of more publicized heroes, such as Louisiana's speedster Blur and New Troy's mostly-nocturnal vigilante Nighthawk, who were both members of the more mainstream team that is the Squadron Supreme.

Powers and Abilities


O'Connor Civilian 61712

Troy in his civilian persona

Bioelectrogenesis: After discovering his father's regulating power gloves along with his lineage as a non-mutant superhuman, Troy followed his manual and trained until he can successfully harness the internal energy along with the ability to absorb any cultural energy from his environment, enhancing his body and converting it into raw strength and power. He can demonstrate superhuman strength, speed, agility, durability, generation of personal force fields and accelerated healing; Victor glows when empowered in the same way when Prime Earth's Iron Fist powers up his chi fist punch.

  • Electrokinesis
    • Electromagnetic Force Bolts
    • Electrical Transformation
  • Electromagnetism
    • Electromagnetic Fields
    • Technopathy
    • Electromagnetic Levitation
    • Wavelength Tuning
  • Mental Resistance
  • Chi Manipulation
    • Healing Factor
  • Power Augmentation
  • Enhanced Vision
  • Energy Absorption
  • Skill Mimicry
  • Memory Condition
  • Size Manipulation
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Heightened strength when absorbing and harnessing different energy


  • Trained Acrobat
  • Trained Archer
  • Skilled Tactician
  • Martial Artist Practitioner

Strength level

Class 15+


  • Power Absorption
  • Bioelectric Jamming Devices



  • Power Armor
  • Power Gloves

Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


  • No special notes.
  1. Modern Comics: Squadron Supreme Special Vol 1 1


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