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Wind Slicer

Tova Thorsdottir (Earth-7194)
Real Name
Tova Thorsdottir
Current Alias
Wind Slicer

Goddess of Wind, Tova Foster, Lady Tova, Princess Tova, Princess of the Winds



Young Avengers, New Avengers squad, Asgard

Odin (Grandfather, deceased), Gaea (Grandmother), Frigga (Step-grandmother, deceased), Thor (Father), Jane Foster (Mother), Randulfr (Best Friend/Betrothed)


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los Angeles, California; Formerly Asgard





Asgardian , American

Marital Status

Student, Princess, Warrior of Asgard

Tutored by scholars in Asgard; Possibly high school level


Place of Birth
New York


First appearance




Tova is the daughter of Thor Odinson and Jane Foster and is currently their only known child thus far. Though her father became the ruler of Asgard sometime before her birth, Tova was conceived and born on Midgard since her mother initially wanted to stay in her realm rather than Asgard. But feeling it was only fair that Tova should be able to be around her father, Jane agreed to move to Asgard under the condition she remain mortal despite Thor being able to grant her otherwise. Nevertheless, a compromise was reached and the family settled into the Asgardian palace that Tova would come to know as home.

By the time Tova reached the age of five, Thor deemed it time that she began learning more of the combat side of Asgardian culture, having thus far only been learning the basics for all Asgardians and by extension human subjects as well through her mother. Due to her half breed heritage however, it seemed a tedious task to find someone willing to train Tova as several that came to mind proved to be unsatisfactory for the new King of Asgard. Eventually, Thor settled on his long time friend and former lover Sif to serve as her instructor despite some lingering animosity Sif held towards Jane who won over the man she loved. Deciding that Tova was of no blame for what had happened in the past, Sif gladly took the girl under her wing, seeing some potential in the girl Thor held when they were young. Thus, for the majority of her life Sif privately tutored the young demi-goddess in the ways of combat, in particular swordsmanship and most other weapons.

By the time Tova reached her pre-teen years, she befriended Randulfr, the son of Hiemdall and Amora the Enchantress, and Valrulfur, a second offspring of Hrimhari and Rahne Sinclair. The trio were practically inseparable as playmates and later fellow warriors-in-arms, with many joking they would replace the Warriors Three someday. Of course none of the three would admit such a thing could happen and spent many of their days getting into mischief, going on their own adventures, and proving their worth to their fellow young and old Asgardians. Eventually though, the three would prove their might in a seemingly random attack by the Undead Army of Hela's, helping to keep the front lines until Thor could find their source and close the portal in which they came through.

The source of the incident was never discovered but the three were rewarded for their valor with being given specialized weapons Thor had forged years before much like Odin had done with Thor's own hammer. From that day, Tova earned her spear she named Dvalinn and was dubbed the "Goddess of Wind", a role she would have when the time truly came she proved her worth. Nevertheless, she bore the title and weapon proudly in the smaller exploits she would commit during her remaining time on Asgard.

Trip to Midgard

Sometime following her fifteenth birthday, Tova began to express a growing interest in her mother's home of Midgard, especially with the stories she heard from her parents and how fondly Thor spoke of it. After much thought Tova approached her parents of making a trip to the realm herself. Thor decided to consider the request and left Tova to await a few days while he spoke with Jane about it first. It was also at this time that Randulfr approached her with news he couldn't contain to himself any longer and told her excitedly of their betrothal that was made shortly after their helping with the Undead Army incident a few years before.

The news took Tova by surprise, secretly annoyed her father had made such arrangements, but outwardly feigned excitement for the news. A day later though, Tova was granted permission to travel to Midgard for a little while much to her excitement and relief but Randulfr's anger, especially when he harbored a secret dislike of Midgardians. Bidding her friends farewell and those she had come to view as family, Tova made her way to Midgard using the Bifrost, just in time to make a grand entrance onto the Avengers Academy grounds where she has been welcomed to join the student body.

Powers and Abilities


  • Demi-god Physiology:With Tova being half Asgardian she has displayed many of their attributes in their physiology. But this is to a lesser degree then most true Asgardians due to her human heritage and it is currently unknown if she inherited any of her father's Elder God lineage. As of right now much of her powers are peak human conditioning:
    • Peak Human Strength:Tova can lift the greatest amount any human could reach with enough training and time.As of right now she can lift the maximum weight of 800 lbs.
    • Peak Human Durability:Tova has peak human durability that allows her to withstand many impact forces that could be fatal to a human, enabling her to take much more force to harm.
    • Peak Human Endurance:She can go for longer periods of time without food or water and sleep then most humans, and sometimes to go without oxygen for a short period of time.
    • Peak Human Stamina:Tova can last for many hours before fatigue toxins build up in her body and begin to impair her.
    • Peak Human Reflexes:Tova has the maximum reaction time for any human, being able to dodge most blows and counteract on her own if she must with as fast as a human could ever be.
    • Peak Human Speed:Tova can run at speeds that rival the fastest human athlete, being on average of 9.48 seconds at any given sprint. This makes her faster then the fastest human by .10 seconds.
    • Peak Human Agility:Tova's balance, coordination, and reflexes are at the highest for any human, allowing her to perform most common and difficult feats with more ease then those who train for years to do the same.
    • Longevity:Thanks to her Asgardian heritage Tova has a much longer lifespan and would appear in her prime even after a few hundred years. It's been estimated she could live to be in her thousands.
    • Accelerated Healing:Though she cannot regenerate limbs Tova's healing is at higher levels then the normal human, being at it's peak of where her cells can regenerate. This allows minor wounds to heal within minutes and major wounds, depending on how bad, within hours or a few weeks.


  • Despite her mixed heritage Tova has shown herself to be a natural warrior, having been trained extensively in asgardian combat techniques.
  • Since she was young Tova has been trained to be an excellent swordswoman and spear-woman, having come to prefer the use of spears for slashing and stabbing on top of being a blunt weapon. She also has displayed some skill with archery.
  • Tova has some basic knowledge of herbal medicines at this moment, having learned from some of Asgard's finest doctors but is still training to be a full fledged healer.

Strength level

Despite her age and height Tova easily lifts the maximum weight for any human which is 800 lbs.


  • Tova's physiology makes her being able to still be susceptible to many weaknesses of a human in terms of powerful toxins, deadly diseases, and easily could be fatally wounded.
  • She much prefers to use spears over anything else, making her easily a target from a distance since she rarely uses distance weapons.
  • Despite also being human Tova knows little about Midgard, having been raised an Asgard for her safety until recently.



  • Dvalinn-Her spear crafted especially for her and named after one of the four stags of Yggdrasil. It grants her limited control of the wind, usually making blades and razor winds when she swings it in certain ways or can generate it around the spear to make it sharper.
  • Sometimes other types of blunt weapons, swords, or rarely distance weapons like a bow and arrow.

Transportation: Sometimes Dvalinn by concentrating the wind around her to grant her flight, SHIELD vehicles
Weapons: Dvalinn, her personal spear; various other swords, spears, and blunt weapons


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  • Tova is more of a "What if" for if Thor had married Jane Foster and had a child.
  • Despite not being on Midgard until recently Tova has displayed being a chocoholic, or a great love of chocolate of any kind.

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