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Torunn Thorsdóttir
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Goddess of Thunder, Daughter of Thor, Storm-God, Thunderer, Herald of Thunder, Princess, Beautiful, Tor, Asgard's Princess, The God



Odin (grandfather, deceased); Thor (Father); Lady Sif (Mother);


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Cap10America, DarKnight77

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Quote1.png Earth needs our help, and of course we are going to give it. Because that's what warriors do. They fight for those that can't fight for themselves. I am a warrior, and for as long as I live Earth will be under my protection. Quote2.png
-- Torunn Thorsdottir

Torunn Thorsdóttir is the daughter of King Thor and Lady Sif of Asgard. She like the other Avenger's children are considered to have been born during the superhero baby boom when the Avengers had retired. When Ultron struck Thor had been in his Thorsleep, however when he awoke instead of coming to Earth and trying to defeat Ultron, he let them suffer. Partially because of his anger at Tony for creating the robot, and because he wanted Torunn to experience humility on Earth, like he once did.

Early Years

A New Royal Family.

Torunn Thorsdottir, was born in Asgard in the year 1994. Thor and Sif had tied the knot late in 1991 finally bringing their longstanding on and off relationship into a marriage. In 1992 Odin finally passed away leaving Thor to become King of Asgard. Thor and Sif ruled Asgard happily not exactly looking for a child but still worried that all their "efforts" hadn't amounted to anything. When 94' did finally come and Sif was pregnant the birth was high anticipated for many reasons.

Months prior Thor and Sif had received a prophecy about Torunn and her powers. And what she would mean to the realm of Asgard. But this also meant many enemies would try and end her life before it would even begin. Thor in preparation for Torunn's birth had Arnbjorg crafted just for her, the wisdom gained from being the All-Father allowed him to get the dwarves to create an Blade capable of killing celestials. Thor and Sif thwarted enemies all throughout her pregnancy, up until the day Torunn was born and only on that day did Thor understand the power his daughter would possess one day.

At that moment Thor swore to himself that Torunn would be better than he was, and that meant whenever there would be a moment for him to teach her humility he would take it. That way she would never go through the struggles that he did. This was also a reason Torunn was on earth for a lot of her life prior to Ultron. Thor and even Sif agreed that it would be better if Torunn never thought she was too special, that way she would never be too cocky.

Still it was obvious to Thor and Sif that Torunn was special. This was because of the way she reacted to thunder and lightning. There were times where Thor questioned if Baby Torunn was unconsciously hold his own abilities back, something that shouldn't have been possible. [1]

Ultron Revolution

In the year of 1998 right before Ultron's takeover, Thor entered his Thorsleep. At the time he and Sif had dropped Torunn off at Earth in the care of some friends Thor made during his time on earth, friends different from the Avengers. At the time of Ultron however Sif was one of those who couldn't leave Thor's side, partially because she was also in charge of the Bifrost. This unfortunate combination led to neither Asgardian being able to help Midgard during Ultron's sudden reign of terror. Tony had been the one to get Torunn from Thor's friends who had been gravelly injured due to the attacks of Ultron.

At the time Torunn was only 4 and didn't seem to understand what exactly was going on. It wasn't really until she was taken to the plane and saw the other kids she routinely played with looking sad, that she understood the situation. As one of the oldest Torunn did her best to comfort Azari and Pym with James who, at the time seemed to understand everything that was going on perfectly.

When they got to the Biodome and waited for the broken and bruised Iron Man, the first thing Torunn did was ask if her parents were going to come save them. Tony told her that he hoped so.

1999. The group started training, James and Torunn were very close even at such a young age, they constantly did there best to take care of the rest. By this point nearly a year had passed and Torunn was sorely confused. When she called out to her parents they answered. Her father never ignored this long before, and he was always there to save the day.

Because of this Torunn got the idea that she herself had to save the day at that this was indeed a test from her father and mother to do what they did, and that was to become a warrior. And so even at a very young age Torunn became enamored with becoming the perfect warrior, in the hopes that she could impress her parents.

By 2003. Torunn's powers had developed nicely, putting her a cut above the rest physically. She was clearly the strongest and the fastest, especially with her newfound flight ability. It also led her to become very brash. Many times she wanted to leave the Biodome and 'smite' Ultron, and Tony had to do his best to stop her from doing anything unfixable. After all these years however Torunn was getting restless, and her faith in her parents started to waver.

Torunn praying

By the year 2005, Torunn's faith in her Father coming to save them was all but gone. James had told her on many occasions that Thor was never coming to save them, and that she needed to be smarter, They couldn't go out and save the world. One day however when Torunn was all alone praying to her father for what was the first time in a long time, a large strike of thunder and lightning hit the ground and in a flash her sword appeared. This gave Torunn a newfound confidence to fuel her for years to come. It reinforced her idea that her parents wanted her to save the day.

Torunn realizes she's not unbeatable

By 2008, Torunn was mostly the same girl. She was hard headed and brash but she whole heartedly believed her father would come and save them. Torunn's brashness would nearly cost the Heroes of Tomorrow when they first encountered Ultra City, but her unwavering faith ultimately payed off when she was saved by her father and given a power boost to help save the day, rewarded for her eventual humility.

The Rebuild: 2008-2009

Post Ultron's defeat the Heroes of Tomorrow went all across America and eventually Europe saving the world. Torunn had a choice to go to Asgard immediately but instead decided to wait and help the team out on their "tour" During this time Torunn transitioned and moved further away from James and instead found comfort in the older Francis Barton who had saved her once already in the battle against Ultron.

The two lovestruck heroes struck up a fast relationship that quickly proved to be more trouble than either of them were anticipating. Yet still for their entire duration of 08-09 the two continued to date on again and off again, to the annoyance of every single member of the team. Particularly James who at one point told them to either cut it off or get off the team, as their fights were not worth what they were bringing to the battlefield. This is what many believed caused them to break up for the final time, and also what cause Torunn to take her first trip back to Asgard.

On Asgard many were excited to see the Princess for what felt like the first time in forever. Though she was worried about being an outsider at first Torunn quickly found that she loved being in Asgard, and they loved her. Her mother in particular wanted her to come back to Asgard. And at the time if not for the state of the Earth. She was planning on going.

As the only female member of the group Torunn's popularity was naturally high. couple that with her being from Asgard the people really found her an intriguing member of the team. For this reason Torunn was very popular on tours and many of the people would ask to see her whenever meeting the Avengers. Torunn was always okay with this, hoping that her presence could make the people happy.

The Modern Age: 2010-

By this point in time life has slowed significantly for the Heroes of Tomorrow and Torunn found herself spending more and more time on Asgard. She had planned that she would stay with her Mother and Father longer, but some information she learned on Asgard made her run back to Earth hastily. Though it's unclear what this knowledge could have been.

When Torunn made it back to Earth she found the team discussing the details of the Savage Lands missions. After being briefed on that mission she along with the rest of the Heroes of Tomorrow learned of the news that Madripoor wanted to take over the country. She was furious, calling whoever was planning it cowards, in the end though she had managed to calm fury enough to help calm James down as well. [2]


Quote1.pngLet those who worship at the altar of evil tremble and despair! The mighty Torunn shall fight for Earth, Asgard, and any of the other nine realms! And by Arnbjorg's hilt I promise you do not want to quarrel with me...Quote2.png
--Torunn Thorsdottir

Torunn is a warrior with Asgardian pride. She takes the art of fighting and battle very serious as most Asgardians do. She also believes herself to be the protector of the Nine Realms, a job that her father Thor took very seriously as well. if you pick a fight with the helpless and defenseless and she finds out, she will stop you, not caring at all for semantics.

Torunn can at times be brash and stubborn in situations, but it's only because when she cares she cares deeply for things. She can't stand see friends and family hurt, and can be prone to raging when it happens.

Torunn is a person who knows when it's time to fight, and knows when it's time to relax. She has no problem indulging in Earth's or Asgard's gifts. She loves laughs and spending time with her family. The one on Asgard and the one on Earth.

Most of the Asgard Royalty stuff doesn't bother Torunn one bit. One day she will be Queen of Asgard, but unlike Azari she knows that day will be a long, long, long time away. Torunn at times feels guilty knowing that she has parents to go to, and the others don't. This at times leads her to act like a mother to Pym and Azari, and for her to try her best to be a confidant for James and Francis




Thor and Lady Sif: Torunn has established a steady going relationship with both of her parents. Her admiration of her father has still not dwindled, and now that she knows her mother more, she has a newfound respect and admiration for her as well. She really loves her family.


Tony Stark: Tony is still a large looming father figure in Torunn's life. She simply considers him her earth Dad and Thor her Asgardian dad. Many of things she knows were instilled by Tony and that's never going to change, and for that she will always love and respect the man for what he's done for her and the others.


James Rogers (Earth-3116).jpg

James Rogers: James was Torunn's original bestfriend and vice versa. Originally in the Biodome they were the oldest and they took on the task on helping the younger ones. It was obvious to everyone else at the time that they liked each other, but it seemed neither knew how to act on that. And when Francis entered the picture this changed there relationship from the more free flowing one they had prior, to the tenser one they have now. Still even before it was noted that James and Torunn were prone to fights, but that was mostly because they were kids.


Henry Pym Jr: the youngest hero, to Torunn Pym will always be like a baby to her. It uncanny because Torunn is so young but it's almost like she is a mother for Pym. Torunn had taken it upon herself to be a big influence in Pym's life, and because of it she's basically the only motherly figure he's ever known. They have a great brother-sister relationship.


Francis Barton: Francis is one of Torunn's best friends and romantic love interest. Though Torunn and Francis had many on again, off again days it didn't stop them from being close with one another. No matter how many times they've broken up they still respect each other, and clearly still had romantic feelings for one another as recently they got together.[3] Whether they will ever last is the question.


Azari Munroe: Azari is also like Torunn's other little brother, and they love each other dearly. Azari goes to Torunn in confidence with many situations, and she provides him with the wisdom or the confidence he needs to keep trekking through. They have a great relationship.

Powers and Abilities


Asgardian/Elder God Hybrid Physiology: Biologically Torunn is partially Asgardian, and part Elder God due to Thor's heritage. Torunn possesses a number of superhuman attributes common among Asgardians and other gods. However, due to being of Thor's bloodline, some of her powers are considerably more developed than other Asgardians her age. Still due to Asgardians aging very slowly, Torunn is nowhere near her physical prime, and it's very possible she hasn't accessed all her abilities yet.

  • Superhuman Strength: In addition to being the Goddess of Thunder, Torunn is also gifted strength because of her royal heritage. Since Torunn is still young her full Asgardian strength has not kicked in. Still in recent years her powers have grown and she has been shown to be able to lift up to 15 tons.
  • Superhuman Speed: Torunn is capable of running and moving at speeds significantly greater than that of even the finest human athlete. So far she had also exhibited speed faster than most if not all Superhumans.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Torunn's advanced musculature is more beyond efficient than that of a human and most other Asgardians allowing her to sustaining herself almost indefinitely without any exhaustion.
  • Superhuman Durability: Torunn's body is much more resistant to physical harm than the body of a human being. She is capable of withstanding great impact forces, exposure to temperature and pressure extremes, powerful energy blasts, and high calibre bullets without sustaining injury. It was shown earlier that blasts from Ultron Robots could hurt her, now as she's older the hits tend to just bounce off.
  • Superhuman Agility & Reflexes: Torunn's reflexes, agility, balance, and bodily coordination are beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.
  • Vast Energy Manipulation: Torunn has the ability to manipulate vast amounts of energy, using Arnbjorg, or her own body she can channel the storm’s energy into blasts so powerful they single handedly destroyed Ultron's ships. She easily channeled Azari's own electrokinetic powers and used it to power herself.
    • Weather Control: Torunn has the ability to control the elements of storms, both with and without Arnbjorg.
  • Superhuman Longevity: It is a common misconception that Torunn and the other Gods of Asgard are truly immortal, they do age but at a rate so slow that to other beings they give the appearance of immortality. This is in turn enhanced by the Golden Apples of Idunn.
  • Invulnerability: Being a god whose heritage is both Three/Fourths-Asgardian and Quarter-Elder God affords Torunn virtual invulnerability and immunity to any such human ailments as diseases, toxins, poisons, and highly resistant to most conventional injuries. she has also shown immunity to lead and radiation poisoning, extreme heat and subzero temperatures.
  • Superhuman Dense Tissue: Like all Asgardians, Torunn's skin, muscles, and bones are about three times denser than similar human tissue, contributing to her superhuman strength and weight.
  • Superhuman Senses: Torunn's superhuman senses allow her to see objects as cities away, and allow her to track objects traveling the speed of sound, and hear cries from the other side of the world. As she grows older, it's expand her senses would be able to reach the far side of the galaxies.
  • Rapid Healing Factor: Torunn is not invulnerable to all harm and it is possible to injure her. But due to Torunn’s Asgardian physiology she is able to heal from most injuries much faster than a human being could.

Flight: Torunn has shown the ability to levitate without her sword.

Instant Teleportation: Torunn has, by birthright, the power to transverse time and space, and travel faster than the speed of thought by piercing the fabrics of Infinity and travel to any destination she choose. Torunn can also use her enchanted sword to teleport herself to Earth and Asgard. Since she is still young, she has trouble getting to any of the other nine realms, or other dimensions.

Chronokinesis: While she hasn't shown the ability, it's been inferred by talks with her Mother, that at some point in time she will be able to manipulate time to view past events. Just as Lady Sif does.

Allspeak: Thanks to the Allspeak Asgardians can communicate in all of the languages of the Nine Realms, Earth's dialects, and various alien languages.

Power Grid [4]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Speed is enhanced when using Instantaneous Teleportation


Expert Combatant: Trained in the arts of war, Torunn is a highly skilled warrior, proficient in unarmed combatant, and proficient with most Asgardian weaponry. Most of her early training was done by Tony Stark, but after defeating Ultron, Torunn went through rigorous training regimes with her Father on Asgard.

Strength level



None known.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: Quinjet
Weapons: The Asgardian blade Arnbjorg was crafted by the dwarves of Nidavellir and sanctioned to be used by Torunn before she was even born. It's not known what's its made of, but it's properties are durability, enchantment, and absorbing energies. Arnbjorg's hilt is extremely long, and it's blade is a little unconventional in shape as the blade goes from skinny to wider at the end. The sword is extremely durable, and combined with the enchantments placed by Thor it's considered indestructible. Thor once told Torunn that the sword could be used to kill Celestials. Something only Mjolnir, and Jarnbjorn could do.

  • Mystical Link: Arnbjorg obeys Torunn’s commands as though it were alive, and if Torunn’s will is strong enough, the sword can pass through nearly any barrier to reach her should she so chooses; This is thought to be more indictive of Torunn's teleportation ability, than the sword.
  • Weather Control: Wielding Arnbjorg grants Torunn the ability to control the base elements of a storm, i.e. rain, wind, thunder, ice, snow, and more.
  • Energy Absorption and Redirection: Torunn is able to use Arnbjorg to absorb energy blasts directed towards her as means of attack. Once the energy is absorbed, Torunn can redirect it back amplified towards the source.


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