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Real Name
Torunn Thorsdóttir
Daughter of Thor, Daughter of Sif, Queen of Asgard, Princess of Asgard, Thor Girl, Thena, Daughter of Thunder, Goddess of Thunder



Next Avengers; formerly
New Avengers (allies)

Asgardian Royal Family:
Odin Borson (grandfather; deceased), Thor Odinson (father; deceased), Sif (mother; deceased), Modi Thorson (half-brother), Heimdall (uncle), Loki Laufeyson (adoptive uncle; deceased)


Base Of Operations
Mobile; resides in New Asgard, Tønsberg; formerly Asgard






Marital Status

Adventurer, warrior

S.H.I.E.L.D. education and training; Asgardian education

Asgardian, daughter of Sif and Thor

Place of Birth

First appearance

Modern Comics:
Dark Age Vol 1 1


Quote1.png I am Torunn, Daughter of Sif and Thor... Beware my thunderous power, yee fascists... You will hear the the All-Fathers' wrathful roar! Quote2.png
-- Torunn

Early Years

Born around the mid to late 2000s, Torunn Thorsdóttir is the fierce yet compassionate daughter of Asgardian warriors hero Thor Odinson and Lady Sif, whom the former was crown as the King of Asgard. Torunn was also the slightly younger half-sister of Modi, whose mother was the Terran astrophysicist Jane Foster, who was previous romantically involved with Torunn's father. The family , and has kindly took him into the Royal Asgardian Family ever since as one of their own, giving Torunn the brother she never expected she'd get in her lifetime.

Escaping Ragnarök

Torunn witnessing her own father fall with his home from Ragnarök, as it is caused by the cosmic devourer Galactus

For the next fifteen months, Thor and Sif had been training both his son and daughter side by side, with him telling his children about the lessons, morals, and stories that his father Odin had once taught to him when he first grew up. Upon hearing those teaching from her father, Torunn was so inspired and even took all of it to her heart, since she wanted to become like her parents, a courageous and selfless hero risking her life to protect Asgard, and the entirety of the Nine Realms. On the other hand, however, Modi barely cared about his grandfather's moral ideologies, which made him develop a ruthless, ravenous, stubborn personality, turning him to a more bloodthirsty, barbaric, and competitive warrior whose only motivation was to become Asgard's next rightful heir and to have the Stormbreaker sooner, rather than a good-hearted, righteous, selfless defender. In doing so, Modi even almost killed his own sister in a sparring, all because he wanted to pass all the tests needed for him to become a publicly-recognized warrior of Asgard. Torunn was discouraged at first, but it never stopped her from dreaming of becoming a fierce and well-respected warrior just like her half-brother, changing her mindset to be motivated on improving her set of skills. Because of her improvement, Torunn was eventually given the Odinsword known as Ragnarök, by her father as a reward for her competence and perseverance, greatly delighting Torunn that she got her own weapon.

Days later, Torunn was present during Loki's invasion on Asgard wherein she helped fight her uncle and his undead army of Einherjar across the city. After the army was taken care of, Torunn was also tasked into taking charge of watching the Bifrost after Heimdall was wounded by Modi, whom the latter also escape through the Bifrost to Jotunheim after revealing his mischievous alliance with Loki himself. After critically-injured and exhausted Modi came back to Asgard, he warned his family to close the Bifrost immediately. Torunn tries to remove the Odinsword from the Bifrost, though the latter was already too late, and they could only watch in horror as the threat Modi was warning about comes out of the Bifrost, revealing to be the Devourer of Worlds himself, Galactus. Due to the enormous devourer's immeasurable size, the entirety of the Bifrost subsequently collapses as he recklessly enter the Asgardian realm, forcing Thor and his family to flee the area before warning all the citizens of Asgard to evacuate Asgard itself through the Asgardian spacecrafts, Skiffs.

Along with it, Galactus was able to enter the wormhole summoned by King Thor's daughter, Torunn, from the other side of Asgard's Bifrost, all to save Modi out of Jotunheim. After Modi's arrival on Asgard, immediately follows by Galactus, who unintentionally made the prophecy of Ragnarök come true. In the end, the realm of Asgard was destroyed, but half its people still survived as nomads in the cosmos, with King Thor actually being the one responsible for destroying the Asgard, preferring to destroy the realm itself at the hands of his own powers, rather than letting it be consumed by the cosmic entity.

At this very moment, Thor hauntingly realizes that his was on the verge of destruction, with his people threatened to be on the brink of extinction since Surtur's attack during his father Odin's reign. During the massive evacuation of Asgard, Thor and Sif temporarily remained on Asgard as they distract the Consumer of Worlds in a brief battle, while their children already entered one of the first Skiffs. After all the rest of the Skiffs were successful on launching out of the realm, Thor enters the last craft, reassuring the survival of the Asgardian people, or so everyone thought. When the King and the Queen thought they were going to be reunited with his children once again, Galactus accurately threw a large chunk of earth at his ship, along with several others, when it was already flying outside the atmosphere, critically damaging the whole ship and causing for it to crash land back to the realm before exploding in the process. After witnessing their parents' apparent demise, Modi and Torunn could only cry in pain and despair.

Sadly enough, not all those onboard the ship survived the deadly crash, especially when Queen Sif herself was flushed out of the craft into the vacuum of space, when the ship collided with the debris Galactus had thrown, much to Thor's painful misery, seeing him lose his beloved before his very own eyes. Torunn's tears never stopped flowing, seeing that she lost has both her parents. Things couldn't get any worse when Modi tried to rescue their mother by flying with the Mjolnir, as he was also lost in the void, nowhere to be found. Only Heimdall and her people could comfort the Princess of Asgard as they were just as painfully devastated to lose their King, Queen, and Prince at the same day. The remaining ships were filled with silence of the mourning as their course is headed to the planet Midgard, otherwise known as Earth.

Raised on Earth

Torunn and her some of her people, now led by Heimdall, found themselves landing on a hellish Earth through the Bifrost summoned by Heimdall during the first years of the event known as the "Ultron Revolution," specifically the early 2010s, when he had no other choice but to live in an underground city in New York, developed by the Stark family. Before she and her fellow Asgardians could have met their fate at the deadly hands of Ultron and his deadly forces across the planet, they were taken to safety by his mother, father, Iron Man and other surviving heroes within the megacity primarily built under New York. Living on Earth or the rest of her life, Torunn was taken under the Terrans' care alongside with Hal Pym, Azari T'Challa, and James Rogers to keep them all safe from the hands of Ultron as they're mostly offsprings of super-powered individuals, especially Torunn since she's revered by her people as the last Asgardian goddess.

Torunn was the oldest among the group, and was respected the most by his teachers and trainers, due to the fact that Torunn bears so much resemblance to her father, both in appearance, personality, and characteristics. In his childhood, Hal along with his other adoptive siblings only knew of the Avengers and other superheroes through Tony's tales of their former glory days, especially the final days of the event, where his father's sacrifice and contribution was revealed to be the very last reason Tony was able to successfully defeat the megalomaniacal machine, once and for all, after ten years of his rule of terror on Earth. There, Torunn knew how fearless and persevere her father truly was when he was a noble defender of Earth, even in the midst of cataclysm.

Goddess of Thunder

Finally growing up out in the open of New York after the Ultron Revolution, Torunn and his several comrades since childhood as slightly grown up yet still developing teenagers voluntarily later joined the Resistance along with their newfound ally and friend Francis Barton and were trained by the previous and retired heroes so that then one day, they'll be prepared to help them against the tyrannical empire of Edward Stark and take back humanity's freedom once again. During the last days of the final war against the Empire, he was finally ready and was able took on the mantle of his father, joining the newest team of Heroes' Youngest and Mightiest Heroes known as the Next Avengers. With it, Torunn and her Asgardian people were able to settle a new land of their own somewhere the islands of Norway, as the town of Tønsberg strikingly reminded it of their old home.

Powers and Abilities


Asgardian Physiology: As an Asgardian who rooted from the Royal Family, Torunn possesses incredible supernatural powers and superhuman attributes far surpassing many other Asgardians. Much like her father, Torunn also has the ability to manipulate vast amounts of energy, using the Odinsword Ragnarok to creating rays channel the storm’s energy into blasts so powerful it could kill the strongest of immortals across the galaxy.

  • Flight
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Invulnerability
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Electrokinesis
  • Limited Self-Sustenance
  • Transcend Dimensions
    • Mediumship to Valhalla
  • Vast Energy Manipulation
    • Weather Control
    • Rain Generation
  • All-Tongue
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Heightened stats when empowered


  • Gifted Learner
  • Multilingual
  • Noble Warrior
  • Skill Combatant

Strength level

Class 55+


None known.



  • Megingjord
  • Asgardian Armor


  • Flight
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Quinjet
  • Odinship (formerly)
  • Asgardian Skiff (formerly)


  • Odinsword, Ragnarok
  • Training Sword (destroyed)
  • Mjolnir (formerly)


  • Ever since she was raised on Earth, Torunn discovered that she possesses the mystical power of mediumship, gaining limited access to Valhalla through her visions, and could frequently communicate with her parents and ancestors in her dreams.
    • Through this ability, Torunn also learned that her half-brother Modi is not yet dead, as Thor's spirit had told her with a slight dismay that Modi had grown "so much like both [his] younger self and [their] uncle [Loki]," revealing that Modi had become a mischievous warrior somewhere in the universe, which made Torunn set one of her new main priorities to find and bring him back to their new home.
  1. Marvelous Comics: Next Avengers Vol 1 1


  • Torunn wanted to be a Valkyrie when she was young, dedicating her childhood fighting in order to truly become one some day, only for this dream of her to be hopelessly shattered due to the events of Ragnarök.
  • Before Ragnarök came to end her homeworld, Torunn was revealed to be worthy of Mjolnir just as her half-brother Modi is worthy. Torunn first found this out when she was discouraged after being bested by a ravenous Modi in combat, which in her state of slight sorrow, she lifted the hammer in curiosity. Her mother Sif couldn't be prouder as she saw her daughter lift it in person.
  • Torunn have shown attraction to both Francis Barton (Hawkeye) and James Rogers (Captain America), which unintentionally formed a love triangle between the three as adolescents.

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