Tony Masters, code-named Taskmaster and also briefly known as Daredevil, was an agent of HYDRA with expert fighting skills. Because of this, he became one of their go-to assassins. After realizing he could paid better money if he became an assassin for the mob, he soon quit HYDRA and began using his talents to become a full-on mercenary. He was soon hired to take down the Avengers, but failed. Later on, Franklin Hall recruited him for the Dark Avengers. Because of his fighting skills and martial arts expertise, he was chosen to pose as Daredevil. He is currently locked up in SHIELD custody.

Powers & Abilities

  • Martial Arts - Tony has been trained in the martial arts by professional HYDRA assassins.
  • Weapons Expert - Tony has been trained with several weapons, from firearms to blades (and many more).
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