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Real Name
Tomi Shishido
Current Alias


The Hand, HYDRA; formerly Dawn of White Light


Base Of Operations
Madripoor, formerly Tokyo, Japan



Green, (no visible irises and glows)



Marital Status

Master Samurai Warrior, Crimelord, terrorist, Hand Regent


Place of Birth


First appearance


Early Life

At two weeks old, Tomi Shishido said his first sentence. At three months he could walk. On his first Birthday Tomi could read and write. At age four he was ranked among the top five artists in modern Japan. At the age of six Tomi tried to kill himself for the second time and had composed his first opera. Young Tomi also devised a mathematical formula that proved, without question, the existence of God. Tomi was thirteen when he noticed that he was a mutant. His eyes project energy that turns whatever they hit to stone. He called himself Gorgon.

The Hand & HYDRA

For years Gorgon was a member of the mutant death cult called The Dawn of White Light and subjected Japan to many terrorist attacks. By age 18, he killed his family and friends to became a member of The Hand. After finding the Hand sanctuary and slaying all of its guards while blindfolded, Gorgon went inside and pledged his allegiance to the Hand's Jōnin. When the master questioned his dedication, Gorgon impaled himself with his own sword, fatally injuring himself and told the master to resurrect him. The Jōnin were impressed and brought him into the fold. They brought him back from death and he worked as one of their best warriors.

The legendary Hydra agent known as the Kraken provided the Godkiller Sword blade to Tomi at his home in Kobe. Gorgon asked why he was given such a valuable thing and the Kraken replied "Who am I to deny a man his destiny?" and left.

It is revealed that Gorgon became connected to Hydra.

Powers and Abilities


Gorgon possesses a variety of superhuman abilities, some of which were due to natural genetic mutation and some of which were mystically bestowed upon him after his resurrection by the Hand.

  • Mutant Powers
    • Transmutation: Gorgon's primary mutant ability is the power to transform anyone that made direct eye contact with him into stone, similar to the Gorgon, Medusa, from ancient Greek Mythology.
    • Telepathy: Gorgon possesses a moderate form of telepathy, the limits of which are unknown. However, he is able to mentally communicate with individuals, as he did with Elektra. Gorgon used his telepathy to mentally "see" everything around him, even when he was blindfolded. He typically uses his telepathy during combat situations, enabling him to predict an opponent's offense and strategy.
    • Empathy: He has the ability to sense other people's emotions psionically.
    • Genius Level Intellect: Shishido is also a polymath super-genius, demonstrating extreme levels of advancement and expertise in a variety of fields throughout his life. He can process and analyze multiple information streams quickly, eidetic memory (meaning that he never forgets anything and has perfect recall), speed reads, and high deductive/reasoning skills.
  • Post-Resurrection Powers
    • Superhuman Strength: Physical strength was enhanced to low superhuman levels. At his peak, able to lift roughly 1 ton. He was stated to possess "Class-2 Superhuman Strength".
    • Superhuman Speed: Gorgon is capable of running and moving at speeds (possibly within the range of 111-115 mph) superior to that of the finest human athlete. He demonstrated bursts of speed that, at least over short distances, made him too fast for Wolverine to see, even with his heightened sense of sight and hearing.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Gorgon's advanced musculature produces less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human. The full limits of his stamina aren't known, but he can physically exert himself for at least 24 hours before the build up of fatigue toxins in his blood began to impair him.
    • Superhuman Durability Gorgon's skin, bone, and muscle tissues are augmented to levels that are considerably stronger and harder than human and the tissues are impervious to injury to an extraordinary extent.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Gorgon posses an accelerated healing factor that allows him to rapidly regenerate damaged or destroyed bodily tissues. The full extent of his healing powers are unknown. He has shown the ability to regenerate damaged/missing organs. He may be immune to all diseases, infections, poisons, nerve-toxins of any kind and completely resistant to diseases like anthrax, smallpox and HIV.
    • Superhuman Agility: Gorgon's ability, balance, and bodily coordination are all enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural limits of even the finest human athlete.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Gorgon's reflexes are similarly enhanced and are superior to those of the finest human athlete. Gorgon demonstrated sufficient reflexes to enable him to deflect oncoming bullets with his sword with surprising ease and casualness.


  • Genius Intelligence: Gorgon is a certified genius, possessing superhuman intellect in multiple artistic and scientific areas. His great intellect enables him to quickly learn and master multiple forms of martial arts. He is a formidable combatant, a master of multiple martial art techniques and is also a master swordsman, even before his resurrection.

Strength level



Gorgon is not immune to his own powers. Should he see his own eyes in a reflection he will turn to stone.


Equipment: Sunglasses: Gorgon always wears a pair of dark sunglasses that completely obscure his eyes, enabling people to look at him without being turned to stone as the glasses block this ability. Whether the sunglasses are composed of some special material or are simply a pair of ordinary sunglasses is unknown.
Transportation: Madripoor: Atop the brow of a centuries old Dragon Beast near the size of it's continental neighbor.
Weapons: Swords: Gorgon almost always carries and uses a Japanese katana in combat situations. While he has access to the advanced technology of the Hand, Hydra, and Dawn of the White Light, he prefers close quarter combat.

Godkiller Sword:Gorgon carries a powerful blade called Godkiller that can inflict mortal wounds even to mythical beings and gods. This powerful artifact was given to him by the Hydra commander Kraken.


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