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The Mega Soldier





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|200px|center|Toby Rogers (Earth-199999)]]
Real Name
Tobias Johann Rogers
Current Alias
The Mega Soldier

The Mini Soldier
Junior America
Little Cap
X-0003 (HYRDA cell number)




Steve Rogers (source of genetic material), Johann Shmidt (inspiration)


Base Of Operations
New York City




Unusual Features
HYRDA Tattoo (on neck)


Marital Status

Avenger Trainee (formerly)

Clone of Captain America
Property of HYRDA
Hired Assassin
Replacement Soldier

Place of Birth


First appearance

Avengers: Age of Ultron


Pre-Captain America: Civil War

SSS Civil War
In 1991, HYDRA operatives inside the Russian Armed Forces travel to their Siberian facility and revive the Winter Soldier from a cryogenic state. After using a set of conditioned trigger words to ensure the Winter Soldier's loyalty, Colonel Vasily Karpov orders him to intercept an automobile and execute its occupants.

Blue Prints

When the Winter Soldier Program fails, Colonel Karpov sends word to Daniel Whitehall to start brainstorming ideas. This leads to Project Destroyer of Worlds, accompanied by Wolfgang Von Strucker, to design a blue print for an ideal soldier created in the Particle Infusion Chamber. With all the volunteers having failed or died, they decide to start from scratch. HYRDA spies get a hold of Captain America's DNA via his first suit and, along with some Super Soldier Serum, infuses the formula into the chamber to make a clone.


Particle Infusion Chamber
The experiment succeeds as planned until the chamber opens, and reveals a child. Having now run out of Super Soldier Serum, Colonel Karpov decides to keep the child - who they named Johann after Red Skull - and place him in the hands of Dr. Strucker at HYRDA Research Base, who keeps him in a containment cell next to Wanda Maximoff's and Pietro Maximoff's, where the newborn clone builds a family-like connection with the twins.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Captivity and Rescue

At HYDRA Research Base, the scientists trained and brainwashed him into becoming a destructive, violent, killing soldier with one mission... to kill Captain America, who he blames for the years of abuse at the hands of Dr. Strucker. When the twins are removed from their cells, he tries to follow them, only to be captured and tasered by HYDRA guards. On Strucker's order, the guards take him to the engineering lab - where Ultron's software is - and, fearing that the Avengers would find it, connects it's brain to his brain as a last attempt to keep it from the Avengers. From there the boy was eventually found unconscious by Tony Stark when he broke into the facility in search of the scepter. He was taken back to Avengers Towers, unbeknownst to the other Avengers, and restored to health by Bruce Banner and Stark. However, they make a mistake by placing him in the same room as Ultron's software.

Awakening Ultron

While the Avengers party, the boy's unaware consciousness triggers Ultron's software, thus awakening him. As Ultron attacks J.A.R.V.I.S, the boy wakes up, hears their voices, ducks behind a table, and, upon witnessing the attack, flees. He stumbles into the Avengers' brawl with the Ultron Sentries and joins the fight. With Ultron gone, the boy, brainwashed by his HYRDA training, unmindfully attacks Steve Rogers and is tranquilized by Natasha Romanoff.

Meeting Cap

The young soldier wakes up strapped to a chair in an interrogation room. Then the door opens, and in walks Natasha. She offers him greetings, which he ignores, and takes her seat across the table from him.
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She begins to ask him questions about his origin: what's your name; where are you from; how old are you; and who are your guardians? Upon receiving no replies, Natasha faintly warns him that she was trying to go easy on him, and was eligible to go hard if necessary. He looks straight into her eyes and speaks profanity in Russian. Natasha simply smiles at him and leaves.

The next person to enter is none other than Captain America. He sits where Natasha formerly had and crosses his arms. He asks if he knew who he was, and the boy nodded, saying Steve's full name before calling him the enemy of HYDRA. Steve asks him how he knows about HYDRA, to which the boy looks down. Steve assures him that he doesn't have to worry about HYDRA anymore, and that he is safe. When Steve requests his name, the boy says X-0003. Seeing that the name is unfitting, Steve concludes to name him Toby, after his childhood dog.

Connected to Ultron

Shortly after Cap leaves, Toby has a vision about seeing a rusty ship full of a Vibranium in Ultron's Conscious, and begins to have a seizure. Tony and Natasha witness this from behind the one-way glass, alongside Steve, who rushes to Toby's side. They take him to Banner's lab and scan him. When Toby comes to, he explains to the Avengers what he just saw in the vision. With the given information, the team, now including Toby, soon head to Africa.

Using the Shield

While the Avengers raid the ship, Toby stays behind with Banner and talks. They share their experiences with bad people and feeling like monsters. When Banner hears static in the transmitters and is unsure whether it is a Code Green, Toby volunteers to go investigate. This leaves Banner unguarded when Pietro and Wanda arrive, and brainwash him to turn into Hulk. Toby infiltrates the ship, sees Klaue's mercenary aiming at a mentally paralyzed Steve, and jumps in front of his father, blocking the gunshots with his shield. The young boy then throws the shield at the mercenary and assists Clint getting the paralytic Thor, Natasha, and Steve to safety.

Farmhouse Guests

Clint, Thor, Natasha, Bruce, Tony, Steve, and Toby board Tony's hovercraft and receive word from Maria Hill in Washington that Ultron has moved off the grid. Tony suggests that Toby uses his "visions" to find Ultron, but Toby informs him that he can't control when he has them. Hill proposes that they should lay low until they can pin a location on Ultron. Tony drops Hill's call, and offers to take the wheel from Clint. Clint declines, and proceeds to take them to "a safehouse".

Toby awakes when they arrive at the safehouse, a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. He accompanies the Avengers on their entry, and encounters Clint's family: a pregnant Laura, Lila, and Cooper. As the family and the Avengers get acquainted, he finds himself perpetually looking at his daughter, Lila. He then watches as Steve and Thor step outside. When his father doesn't return, Toby leaves to find him.

Toby searches the wheat field and spots Steve merely standing on a hill, hands on belt buckle, looking ahead at the remaining view of the farmland. He takes a place beside him and asks what he was doing. Steve responds that he just needed some air, and subsequently thanks Toby for saving his life in Africa. Toby says that he's sure that Steve would have survived the bullet wounds. Steve questions him as to why he did it, and Toby says doesn't know. Steve says he knows why, making Toby wonder how, adding that HYDRA trained him to hate Captain America. This explains why he attacked Steve earlier, which he then apologizes for.

Envisioning the Stones


Toby with sees the Infinity Stones

Quote1"That would effect the team..."
"That would help the team. Isn't that the mission? Didn't you used to understand that? Ever since Ultron came you've changed. For what, for the kid?"
--Steve and Tony, about Toby

Toby eats dinner with the Avengers, Barton's family, and Nick Fury, who compares his looks to Captain America's. Lila shows him a picture she drew of a butterfly, and Toby suddenly has a "vision" about six stones as well as Ultron in a lab with a woman named Helen Cho in Seoul. He alerts the Avengers about this by asking who the woman is.

Battle for the Cradle

The Avengers arrive in Seoul, and Toby and Steve find a wounded Helen Cho. She tells them about the Cradle, and Steve goes after it while Toby gets Helen to safety. Upon asking what to do next, Steve tells him to stay put and away from the fight. Toby, feeling useless, disobeys this order and goes to help the team. He jumps off the bridge onto a car and, seeing it laying on the road, picks up Cap's Shield. Next, Toby sees Ultron and Steve fighting on a U-GIN truck and throws Cap his shield. Then the car he's riding on crashes, so he quickly jumps onto the truck and joins the fight. At first the two super soldiers overpower Ultron, but then Ultron throws Toby into a passing train. Ultron follows Steve who follows Toby, and the remaining altercation takes place. Having seen Toby fighting Ultron on the news, the Maximoff Twins interfere with the fight, and Ultron disappears, taking Toby and then Natasha with him.


Powers and Abilities


  • Artificially Enhanced Physiology - As a Super Soldier, Toby Rogers possesses enhanced human abilities, such as formidable intelligence, strength, speed, senses, durability, agility, stamina, dexterity and reflexes, as well as an accelerated healing factor. The SSS is enhanced in his DNA because of Steve Rogers' physical and genetic perfections, giving him the body of a man in his physical prime. It also prevents him from having conceiving kids. The serum metabolizes and enhances all of Toby's natural anatomical abilities beyond the peak of human potential, pushing into the early levels of superhuman condition. Biologically and genetically, Toby is the "perfect" specimen of human development and conditioning.
    • Enhanced Mental Processing - Toby's mental performance has been greatly enhanced to the very peak of human potential and beyond, thus allowing his mind to operate in the most efficient and rapid manner possible.
    • Enhanced Strength - Toby's strength is immensely enhanced beyond the peak of human potential.
  • Enhanced Senses - Toby's five natural senses have been enhanced. He can see, hear, smell, feel, and taste things imperceptible to humans. This allows him to see further, hear with amazing clarity, detect specific persons, objects, substances with his smell, etc.
    • Enhanced Durability - Toby's bones and muscles are vastly denser and harder than a human's, above the highest level of human potential, which makes him much incredibly more durable than any human being, though he is not bulletproof.
    • Enhanced Speed - Toby can run and move at speeds beyond the peak of human potential, moving into the early levels of superhuman condition. His speed limit is demonstrated many times, but most effectively when he races with Steve in Infinity War.
    • Enhanced Stamina - Toby's musculature produces fewer fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human and his body eliminates the excessive build-up of fatigue-producing chemicals in his muscles, granting him exceptional endurance and lung capacity, greater than of normal humans. He can function at peak capacity for several hours before showing fatigue.
    • Enhanced Agility - His immensely enhanced agility is greater than that of an Olympic gold medalist and leagues above even the world's greatest acrobats. He can coordinate his body with perfect balance, equilibrium, flexibility, and dexterity.
    • Enhanced Reflexes - His reflexes are superior to those of the finest athlete. They are beyond the peak of human potential, which allows him to dodge rapid gunfire at close range.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor - The super-soldier serum along with Steve Rogers' DNA caused Toby's physiology to possess accelerated healing and regeneration. He is immune to all infections, diseases, and disorders.
    • Longevity - Toby's healing factor keeps him from aging beyond his physical prime, having remained virtually unchanged despite being almost two hundred years of age, potentially able to live forever. In addition to prolonging his life, his overall health, prowess, and condition remain at its peak.
    • Enhanced Vitality - Toby exhibits inexhaustible drive, willpower and stamina, able to continue fighting far longer than any normal human while showing no signs of exhaustion. He is highly accustomed to pain. While not immune to the sensation, he can withstand most levels of pain with it only slightly fazing him.


Taught by The Avengers

  • Advanced Acrobat - During his training with the Avengers, Black Widow taught him the art of acrobatics. He eventually caught on and became pretty advanced.

Toby's Vigilante Suit

  • Shield Mastery - Captain America teaches him how to master a shield.
  • Quick-Learner - A talent he picked up from his years at HYDRA. Dr. Strucker wouldn't allow him to eat unless he finished his training. As the years went on, this technique paid off and soon was no longer needed since he was already memorizing code and speaking foreign languages. This made it easier for Romanoff and his father to train him.

Taught by HYDRA

  • Master Tactician - HYDRA taught him how to handle complicated situations when his mission goes AWOL.
  • Multilingualism - HYDRA trained him to speak 30 languages.
  • Master Martial Artist
  • Expert Marksman
  • Master Spy

Strength level

Due to the enhancement of Super Soldier Serum flowing through him, at maximum effort his strength level is 1,600 pounds (a beluga whale), which is twice as much as Captain America.


  • Emotional Vulnerability - After years of emotional abuse from HYDRA, Toby is yet to find some emotional stability. He is prone likely to blow-up, storm-off, or get violent at any time. He can also be thrown into fits, tantrums, and meltdowns. During these times, it is important that he has an emotional anchor like his father, Captain Rogers, or his lover, Lila Barton.
  • Environmental/Weather Adaptation -Toby isn't able to survive and adapt to harsh environment or weather conditions without body shelter.



  • Vigilante Suit

    Toby's Shield


  • Motorcycle

    Toby's Motorcycle


  • Vibranium USO Shield - Formerly made of wood, Toby received a replica of the USO Shield as a gift from his father and Stark after joining the team.
  • Double Caliber Pistols
  • 6 inch Boot Knife


  • No special notes.


  • He is inspired off of James Rogers, Captain America's Comic son.
  • Cody Christian is his teen face claim, and Isaac Kragten is his young face claim.
  • His vigilante suit is from Green Arrow
  • His shield is the first to be used by Captain America in 1943.
  • His middle name is Johann, after Red Skull.
  • His favorite song is Superhero by Smashmouth.
  • He is not technically American, since he was created in Moscow, Russia. But he speaks and looks American. This is due to genetics from Steve Rogers.

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