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Real Name
Current Alias

Man of Living Stone, Rock Boy



Orollan Tribe

Unknown Parents, Tila (Twin sister)


Base Of Operations





Grey(dark and light)

Unusual Features
Body is made of a flexible, organic stone


Marital Status

Builder; Warrior

Taught by Orollan elders

Inhuman empowered by the Antigen nectar

Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 I stand stronger then stone. Quote2
-- Titan

Early Life

Tian is a young man born and raised in Orollan, being the second oldest of twins after his sister Tila. With Orollan having no distinct class in it's city Titan and his sister never truly had concerns of class issues seen in Attilian and Hallas and spent much of their days rather carefree and getting along with most in their village. But while growing up it was usually Titan who was the most cautious and quiet of the twins while his sister seemed the exact opposite, proving to be the most vocal and impulsive of the two causing them from a young age to have Titan be the one to control his sister's temper.

Still into their young years, Titan was more of the scholar among the twins as he seemed more interested in learning what he could and took his schooling seriously. But his sister usually seemed to be the slacker and more interested in climbing and learning fighting then actually academics much to the annoyance of their parents and the elders. Letting his sister continue her path Titan continued his own, knowing they weren't meant to follow the same path exactly. In fact, it wasn't until their pre-teen years that their choices in life truly began to diverge.

Where Tila focused on becoming a warrior-type among their tribe Titan showed greater interest in building. Thus, he was drawn to learning about architecture and seemed to follow in his father's footsteps. Always fascinated by how their smaller city was created and most unique of the three known cities, Titan began to dwell into how the buildings were created, their function, how to make the foundations better, etc. Tila though found this unusual and tried to encourage her brother to a much different path, the same as her own which Titan initially declined for sometime since he wasn't much for fighting. He saw it as a waste of time and only an excuse to cause unnecessary problems.

After several attempts, Tila finally convinced Titan to learn how to fight but mainly defense. With having a desire to make the city stronger and better as it was, the young Inhuman conceded and decided to take up fighting lessons. Titan seemed to have an aptitude for much like his sister during this time and eventually became good enough to be able to handle his own against a few opponents up until the time the twins were turning sixteen.

Foundation for Change

Being one of the handful of teenagers to be tested for Antigenesis and discovered he was genetically capable Titan and his sister recently started a new beginning in life. Being given the Antigen Nectar, Titan's deepest desire had a subconscious influence on his physical change to the rock-like hide he now has after undergoing the process.

By his own definition, Titan has literally had a new foundation in which he can change and better himself and his home in the coming future.

Powers and Abilities


  • Organic Stone Skin:Befitting his codename, Titan gained a rock-like appearance following his exposure to the Antigen Nectar. His rocky transformation goes down to a molecular level of his entire body, muscle, bone, and organs are entirely of a stone-like structure that is also flexible. All of these rocks vary in texture, from being smooth on the more inside of his body but are sharp and rough on the surface. They vary from light to dark gray and are incredibly durable though can still chip and wear down.
    • Superhuman Strength:Titan is capable of lifting 5-6 tons without strain due to his body's more reinforced rocky structure. But with strain, he can push to lifting 7 tons.
    • Superhuman Durability:As stated above, Titan's organic rocky skin is incredibly durable to the point he can survive falling from great heights, great amounts of impact force, and withstanding superhumanly strong individuals. Based on this universe's strongest characters, Jaden, he was able to withstand his friend and leader's strongest attack with only minor feeling of pain and small chipping on his body during their earliest training sessions.
    • Superhuman Stamina:Titan's rocky-like body allows him to go for long periods of time without needing to rest or sleep, allowing him to engage in physical activities for hours before fatigue toxins begin to impair him.
    • Self-sustenance:Titan does not need oxygen, food, or water to survive and can go without sleep for several days at a given time depending on what he is doing. He can also survive in places lacking oxygen.


  • Decent Hand-to-Hand Combatant:From a young age Titan has been taught different forms of combat. Though not exactly his first choice in skills to learn, Titan is skilled enough to hold his own in a fight.
  • Architect:Titan has taken up learning how to build and create various structures. Thus he has some extensive knowledge in how buildings are designed, their materials, etc.

Strength level

Titan is capable of lifting 5-6 tons without strain but can push to 7 tons.


  • Though Titan's form is incredibly durable, his form does chip and needs time to heal.
  • Titan's larger, bulkier form slows him down considerably,causing him to be slower and less agile then most Inhumans while his body was altered in favor of strength and durability.


Equipment: Sometimes various building tools

  • Bladed Wrist Bracers

Transportation: Orollan Vehicles
Weapons: His powers, His bracers


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  • Like his sister, Titan had hoped to have abilities that'd represent his belief of standing strong and firm, ironically subconsciously allowing him to take on a form similar to what his sister wanted.
  • Also by irony, Titan much prefers to avoid conflict and much prefers defense as a good offense in contrast to his sister's tendency to be one of the top fighters.

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