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Spidey, Spider-Man III, Big-Time Super Hero, Fire-breathing Spider-Man




Timothy Parker Sr. (father, deceased), Diana Parker (mother, deceased), Peter Parker (uncle), Mary Jane Parker (aunt), Mayday Parker (cousin), Benjamin Parker (cousin), Xenilla Parker (clone).


Base Of Operations
Forest Hills, Stark Tower






Marital Status

Student, adventurer, vigilante

High school

After discovering his uncle Peter Parker's past as Spider-Man, 16-year old Timothy Parker discovered that he had the wall-crawler's powers, and thus decided to take on the mantle and responsibility of Spider-Man himself.

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Quote1 When my parents died, I sort of felt like it was my fault, because I didn't have the power to stop it. Now I do have the power, and sure I've saved lives, countless lives, but why is it that I can't keep the ones I care for most out of harm's way? Why is the safety of my loved ones the price I pay when I put on this costume, when I become Spider-Man? Quote2
-- Spider-Man.

Early life

Tim was born to young OsCorp geneticist Timothy Parker Sr. and his wife Diana. When Tim was 3, he was sent off to go live with his Peter and Mary Jane Parker, his uncle and aunt respectively, and Mayday Parker, his younger cousin, while his parents attended to a "business run" overseas. However, the real reason was due to the fact that Sr. had been receiving death threat letters at home from a mysterious individual.

Sometime between Tim's early years in life and his high school years, he suffered injuries from a fire and needed a blood transfusion. Peter, sharing his blood type, donated his blood to his nephew, saving the boy's life

High School Years and Becoming Spider-Man

By the time Tim was 16, he and May had entered high school. They were exceptionally unpopular, and kept getting pushed away from everyone else, except one student; Draco Yeager, a wealthy child. The three often hung out with each other after school.

One day, while walking home from school, Tim felt a buzzing going off in his head, directing him towards a group of thugs on the far side of a nearby alley. Tim raced home and locked himself in his room. He then began to ponder what his headache was all about, although he was second-guessing it being a headache as it didn't hurt him.

Later on that evening, Tim went up to the attic in order to find a picture of his father to show for a school project on ancestry. However, while looking, he noticed a large chest towards the back of the room, shrouded in darkness. Getting suspicious about the chest, Tim opened it, only to discover a shocking surprise; the original Spider-Man's costume and web-shooters. He then noticed that the chest had the name "Peter Parker" engraved on it. Putting two and two together, the teenager realized that Peter Parker was Spider-Man.

Taking an extra pair of Peter's web-shooters and painting them red, Tim proceeded to create a whole new costume and design, modeled after the original Spider-Man's look. After stopping a mugging, Tim was christened as the new Spider-Man, making him the third after Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

Paging the Doctor

The Goblin Master

New Ultimates

Sins Past

When Mary Jane's abusive father, Craig Watson, resurfaced in Forest Hills, she was very defensive over it, warning her estranged father to stay away from her and her family. Upon arguing about the situation, Tim became suspicious over his distant uncle's sudden reemergence. Investigating, Spider-Man confronted Craig over his return into the world, only to get sucker punched in the face. Craig then transformed his arms into hammers, then shifted his body into a protoplasm-like substance, proceeding to battle Spider-Man. Spider-Man then managed to force Craig to flee by dropping a lamppost onto him, shocking his body.

Days later, Craig approached Tim at school in an attempt to bully his nephew into forking over Mary Jane. Tim refused, and informed Craig that if he didn't leave, Tim would call the police. Craig left, but stated that this wasn't over.

That night, Craig did show up at the Parker residence again in order to take back his daughter. Fed up with her father's harassment, Mary Jane tried to claw her estranged father's face, only to be horrified when her nails melded themselves inside of his face. Tim, his spider-sense having gone off, changed into Spider-Man in order to fight off Craig, who then revealed his shape-shifting powers to the rest of the Parker family during the altercation. Taking on the name of "Living Sculpture" after being christened that as a joke from Spider-Man, Craig presumed to take their fight into downtown New York, all while devolving into a clay-like monster.

Cold War

Return of the Goblin Master


Big Time Super Hero

Return to the Zombieverse

When Xenilla, now a member of the S.H.I.E.L.D. strike force team known as the Thunderbolts, a group of super-villains seeking redemption for their past sins, picked up an unidentified, inter-dimensional signal attempting to breach their reality, he proceeded to warn Director Hill, the Fantastic Five, and the Ultimates about what was coming. Spidey, a part of the super-hero gathering at the Baxter Building, where the signal was coming from, was forced into battle when a portal opened and a horde of zombified super-villains charged through the hole in order to feast on the flesh of inter-dimensional beings. Spider-Man was attacked by a zombified Scorpion, who mistook him for the original Spider-Man, who was trying to feast on a little girl and her family. Realizing that the Scorpion wasn't actually alive and therefore lifeless, Spider-Man managed to kill the Scorpion without remorse when he did end up murdering and devouring an old man and his dog.

He later returned to the Baxter Building, where the heroes and S.H.I.E.L.D. had already detained a large portion of the zombified villains. With the portal still open, Spider-Man, along Mainframe, American Dream, Psi-Lord, Stinger, and Thing, volunteered to go through the portal in order to counteract and finally end the threat to their world which the Zombieverse held to their world. Spider-Girl begged Spider-Man not to go, but the latter countered and said that her parents would be even more heartbroken if their daughter was ripped to pieces and eaten alive in a parallel universe and that at least this way, he could lift some of the burden which Peter carried about Tim's father's death off of him. With no argument, Spider-Girl backed-off and allowed Spider-Man to accompany his allies into the Zombieverse in order to finally finish what Reed Richards started all those years ago.

Upon arriving in the Zombieverse

Secret Wars

To be added...

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of his Earth-9022 counterpart.


Seemingly those of his Earth-9022 counterpart.

Strength level

Tim can lift up to 40 metric tons.


Seemingly those of his Earth-9022 counterpart.


Equipment: Web-shooters, Spider-Man costume
Transportation: Ultimates Quinjet
Weapons: None known.


  • By technicality, Tim is classified as a mutant, due to the fact that his eye color, yellow, at birth was a result of his mutation. However, Tim's atomic powers were also mutated as a result of Peter Parker giving him a sample of his DNA during a blood transfusion.
    • On that same note, it is widely believed that the reason for Tim's atomic breath color being red was a result of his childhood blood transfusion, and that Peter Parker's spider-enhanced blood somehow caused a genetic change in his bloodstream, causing it to turn out red in color. It is also speculated that had Tim not received his blood transfusion, the color of his atomic breath may have been blue instead.


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