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Real Name
Current Alias

Kiryu; formerly Spider-Man II, Spidey, Spider-Centurion, the Sensational Spider-Man (editorial name, Earth-9022), the Amazing Spider-Man (editorial name, Earth-982), Godzilla III, Gojira, the Missing Link.



Exiles (Tim II); formerly Avengers, the Knightwatch Avengers of Battleworld, Warriors of the Great Web, ally of the Fantastic Five, X-People, and New Warriors, Spider-Army.

Timothy Parker Sr. (father, deceased), Diana Johnson/Parker (mother, deceased), Peter Parker (uncle, deceased), Mary Jane Watson/Parker (aunt), Mayday Parker (cousin), Benjamin Parker (cousin), May Parker (great aunt, deceased), Ben Parker (great uncle, deceased), Ben Reilly (technical uncle, deceased), Richard Parker (uncle, deceased), Mary Parker (aunt, deceased), Xenilla Parker (clone, "brother"), Erika Parker (clone, "sister"), Kaine Parker (technical uncle), Mattie Franklin (spouse), Peter Parker Jr. (son).


Base Of Operations
Forest Hills, Queens, Avengers Compound, Loomworld (Earth-001), formerly Earth-3148, Earth-982.


5' 1" (human form), 4 meters (Godzilla form)

160 lbs (73 kg) (human form), 12 tons (Godzilla form)

Yellow, ish-gold

Red, Dark

Unusual Features
Tim has yellow eyes, something he has had since birth. As a result of his battle with Galactus, Tim has a large, red, spider-looking scar on his chest.


Marital Status

Student, adventurer, vigilante

High School


Max Carroll

First appearance

The Call for Order, or Destruction (2016)


Quote1 ...I'll hold onto the wings of the eagles, watch as we all fly away! Quote2
-- Timothy Parker

=Early Life

Timothy Parker Jr. was born to Timothy Parker Sr. and Diana Johnson/Parker in 1988. In 1991, when Tim was 3, he was sent to go live with his uncle, Peter Parker, his aunt, Mary Jane Parker, and 2-year old cousin, May Parker, in Forest Hills, Queens while his parents went to Japan to attend to work business for a week. However, they never came back after that, as they had allegedly died in a plane crash off of the coast of Tokyo. Tim would live with his aunt, uncle, and cousin for the next 13 years.

Becoming Spider-Man

By the time Tim was 16, he and May were already in high school, and Peter and Mary Jane had given birth to a son, Benny. Tim's powers began to manifest during school, and he eventually discovered his uncle's secret past as Spider-Man. Tim realized that he had a great gift bestowed upon him, and so he created brand new web-shooters (modeled after his uncle's), a new costume (also modeled after his uncle's), and set out to be a costumed vigilante. After stopping a mugging, Tim adopted and accepted the name and life of Spider-Man, officially starting the next generation of super heroes. Over the course of the next week, he would stop several muggings as Spider-Man and garner a reputation.

Old Friends, New Enemies

When Normie Osborn, as the new Green Goblin, attacked the Parkers on the Brooklyn Bridge, Tim suited up as Spider-Man and fought, defeated, and unmasked the new Goblin. Despite his victory, Peter was not amused, and routinely slandered the antics of the new Spider-Man, which frustrated Tim, although May was on his side, due to the fact that he had saved her life. Tim also began to feel tired when he went to school, and his normally ace grades were slipping, and he had even gotten suspended when he injured Midtown High school bully Gene Thompson. His super-hero activities were also complicated when he encountered two brand new super heroes; Darkdevil, a demonic version of Daredevil who routinely doubted the new Spider-Man's abilities, as well as testing the new web-spinner against Hogan Cruller in their first battle, and Spider-Girl, a young lady, revealed to be May Parker, who had discovered Tim's secret identity, wearing a costume almost identical to Ben Reilly's, but in the color palette of Tim's costume. While Spider-Man initially had conflicts with Darkdevil regarding his use of his predecessor's name, he eventually came to peace with him. After that, Spider-Man II was established as being one of the prime starter heroes of the next generation.

Joining the New Avengers

Spider-Man was one of the seven heroes who investigated Avengers Compound when the Asgardian God of Mischief and Trickery, Loki, seized the Compound, looking for the late Avenger Thunderstrike's mace. Tim, along with American Dream, Mainframe, Stinger, J2, Spider-Girl, and civilian Kevin Masterson were eventually captured by Loki, but Tim and Kevin secretly worked out a plan to free the other heroes and defeat Loki. However, the plan went somewhat awry, but Kevin Masterson was transformed into the new Thunderstrike in the end, and the heroes forced Loki and his trolls away from New York. Mainframe then offered the other heroes a chance to remain together, a role which they accepted. And thus, American Dream, Mainframe, J2, Stinger, Thunderstrike, Spider-Man, and Spider-Girl remained together as the New Avengers.

Enter the Gasmaster

While investigating an Avengers case, Spider-Man encountered a crook going by the name of the Gasmaster, a young teenager who sought revenge on mankind (really his parents) for disregarding his theories on the origins of gasses. After a brief scuffle, the Gasmaster managed to knock out Tim with a sleeping element. However, Spidey was soon saved before long by his allies in the Avengers and the Gasmaster arrested.

Cold Feet

While investigating a bank robbery, Spider-Man encountered world renowned cryogeneticist Daniel Arctica, who had been mutated into a living iceberg and had dubbed himself the Ice King. In the midst of their battle, however, the Ice King managed to freeze Spider-Man's foot to a mailbox and escape. A few days later, however, Spider-Man witnessed the Ice King threatening Spider-Girl in a battle and viciously bested him and rescued his cousin.


After defeating a brand new Ultron in Sokovia alongside the Avengers, the Spider-Twins returned home. Peter confronted May about her activities as Spider-Girl and forbade her from continuing the role, oblivious to the fact that his nephew was indeed the new Spider-Man. However, as time passed, Peter grew more willing and accepting of his daughter being a crime fighter and opted to train her. However, he still resented the new Spider-Man and occasionally pressed his daughter with questions about him.

The Emperor Scorpion

While patrolling the streets of the city, Spider-Man witnessed a bank robbery in progress and investigated. However, he was met with a tail to the face sending him flying into the streets. He then came face to face with a new Scorpion, in fact Jim Gargan, son of Mac Gargan, the original Scorpion. The new Scorpion, dubbed "the Emperor Scorpion", showed a primal rage and vengeance towards Spider-Man for ruining his father's legacy. The two arachnid titans battled across the city until Spider-Man managed to shove the Emperor Scorpion's tail into a telephone wire, short-circuiting his armor and knocking him out.

The Final Act

When primetime actor Samuel Williams lost his job after his spry looks deteriorate, he accidentally fell into a vat of clay-like chemicals and mutated into a gigantic blob monster. Seeking revenge on the one who ruined his life, Williams set out as the Living Sculpture, only to be met by Spider-Man, who tried to calm down the living blob. However, this only created conflict between the two. Eventually, Spider-Man managed to defeat the super menace when he sent an electric shock into his body, freezing and hardening him.

The Cabal

When an unidentified individual recorded the recent failure of the villain Funny Face's Savage Six to destroy Spider-Girl, he got together a group of some of the new Spider-Man's greatest enemies, such as Hogan, the Living Sculpture, the Emperor Scorpion, the Ice King, and the Gasmaster, in order to finally defeat and exploit Spider-Man. Sending them to attack Avengers Compound, the Cabal, as they were called, easily defeated the Avengers and took them hostage in order to lure out Spider-Man, who had been elsewhere. However, Spider-Man managed to get some aid from the Fantastic Five and they took back the mansion. Afterwards, the individual began to develop weaponry similar to the Green Goblin's.

Power Couple

When Flash Thompson's daughter, Felicity, enrolled at Midtown High, all notions of Tim's crush on May were shattered. He had fallen for Felicity, and when she realized this, she fell back for him. Eventually, he revealed his identity to her, creating a strain on their relationship. However, Felicity soon found a way to resolve this when her mother, Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat, gave her some old clothes and a hoodie as a birthday gift. Felicity then modified this equipment into an outfit highly resembling the Scarlet Spider's costume. Shen then set out to assist her boyfriend in his crimefighting endeavors. However, he didn't approve of her activities and demanded she stop. However, Felicity soon redeemed herself in Spider-Man's eyes when she stopped an armored bank robbery single-handedly. They eventually became uneasy partners, fighting crime all over Forest Hills. However, it would not last, as a new super-menace was ready to hit the scene, and he had his sights on Spider-Man's head...

The Mark of Kaine

Enter the Goblin Master

After an explosion at Ravencroft resulted in the disappearance of Normie Osborn, Spider-Man and Spider-Girl investigated. However, they soon found that Osborn was still under therapy at the institution and refused to leave. Nights later, Spider-Man was swinging around when all of a sudden, a fiery pumpkin bomb came flying at him. Spidey moved out of the way just as the pumpkin exploded into a fiery ball of electricity. Spider-Man then came face to face with what appeared to be a horrifyingly grotesque version of the Green Goblin. The new "Goblin" then identified himself as the Goblin Master and proceeded to battle Spider-Man all across the city. However, the Goblin was soon forced to flee when Spider-Man damaged his glider, but vowed that they would meet again.

No Greater Loss

After discovering the relationship Tim shared with Felicity, Goblin Master returned to shatter the new Spider-Man's spirit. He kidnapped Felicity while she was out as the Scarlet Spider and brought her to the Brooklyn Bridge, the same location where the Green Goblin had murdered Gwen Stacy years earlier in order to break the original Spider-Man. When Tim got word of this, thanks to his connections in the Avengers, he went to the bridge as Spider-Man in order to rescue his girlfriend. However, the Goblin knocked her off the bridge and sent her pummeling into the river below. As if history were repeating itself, Spider-Man shot down a webline in order to catch the Scarlet Spider. He succeeded in catching her, but the sudden jolt from being caught snapped Felicity's neck, killing her instantly. As Tim mourned the death of his girlfriend, he became enraged and chased the Goblin across New York's skyline, eventually causing the glider to crash into the same warehouse where Peter Parker cornered the man who killed Ben Parker years ago. In an epic final confrontation, the Goblin revealed his own identity, revealed to be Oscorp's Head of Affairs Maximus Yeager, before remote controlling his own glider into attempting to impale Spider-Man from behind. However, Tim's Spider-Sense warned him of this danger and saved the teenager from certain death, allowing the glider to impale Maximus instead. in his dying breaths, Maximus stated that he had done his part and succeeded before saying to Tim "see you... in Hell" just as he died from loss of blood. Spider-Man then buried the Goblin on the harbor and destroyed his equipment. He then returned Felicity's body to her home before leaving, telling himself that it was all his fault.

Spider-Man No More

After the funeral for Felicity, Tim grew more and more depressed and saddened by his failure to save his girlfriend. Overcome by grief and guilt, Tim threw his Spider-Man costume into a trash can behind an alley and walked away, proclaiming that he was "Spider-Man No More". A trash man later on collected the costume and delivered it to an ecstatic J. Jonah Jameson.

Depression and Attempted Suicide

After giving up his responsibilities as Spider-Man, which only doubled the amount of criminals May had to account for as Spider-Girl, Tim refused to talk to anyone, even his own family. Eventually, Tim felt so alone without Felicity that he brought a knife to school one day. He went into the fire exit and proceeded to slit his wrists in an attempt to kill himself, but was soon horrified when he saw his wounds regenerating right in front of his very eyes. Unfortunately, Tim was caught by May when she went to go change into Spider-Girl. Tim was then sent to a doctor for psychiatric evaluation by his family, but found that Tim wasn't plagued by insanity but rather depression. He was then ordered to take some time off of school, deeming that Tim's behavior was unsafe to be around other kids. From there, Tim simply sat in his room every day, not talking to anyone.

Return of the Sensational Spider-Man

Around three months after the disappearance of Spider-Man, the Soldiers of the Serpent, led by Seth, trapped nearly all of the city's currently active super heroes inside of Avengers Compound, and Seth himself engaged in combat with Spider-Girl. In Forest Hills, Peter, Mary Jane, little Benjy, and Tim saw what was going on the TV. Tim then realized that he would be responsible if May died in battle, just like Felicity, and thus, went to change into Spider-Man, which, unfortunately, also revealed his secret identity to his parental guardians, and swung off in what he believed to truly be his final battle. As he arrived, however, he found himself to by physically and mentally outmatched by the god-like abilities of Seth. However, this seemingly awakened a dormant aspect in Tim's DNA, granting him new powers which resembled those of the legendary monster Godzilla. Engaging in a brutal final fight with Seth, Spider-Man attacked with such vicious force that caused Seth to collapse from one thing he hadn't felt in millennia; fear. Spider-Man then collapsed from exhaustion, accompanied by his cousin, who was also tired from the fight, and the two were rushed to the Avengers Compound medical bay.

Reaffirming Responsibilities

After the fight with Seth, Tim was confronted by Peter over his secret identity as Spider-Man. However, Tim retaliated that Peter did the same exact thing for years. Peter, after taking the time to overlook Tim's career as a costumed hero, allowed his nephew to continue on as Spider-Man. However, Tim was hesitant, still recovering over the death of Felicity, but he was finally brought out of his depression when he saw May change into Spider-Girl. Reaffirming his responsibilities, Tim resumed his identity as Spider-Man and returned to crime-fighting.

Armed and Dangerous

My Enemy, Myself

When Tim's hybrid clone, Xenilla, awakened from suspended animation at Oscorp and went missing, he investigated as Spider-Man, only to get more than what he bargained for when Xenilla attacked him, now having an similar appearance to Eddie Brock, the original Venom. The two fought all across the city skyline until Xenilla was forced into retreat.

Taste of the Multiverse

When Xenilla gained hold of schematics for Reed Richard's inter-dimensional portal generator, Spider-Man tried to stop him. However, in the midst of the battle, the two were pulled into the portal and transported to Earth-6489, an alternate reality version of Earth-616's past. Upon regaining consciousness, Spider-Man heard a cry for help, only to see this world's Peter Parker protecting Mattie Franklin, the third Spider-Woman, from Charlotte Witter, an evil Spider-Woman in an alley. Upon Peter Parker's departure to get Mattie to safety, Tim attacked Charlotte from behind, forcing her to retreat. Afterwards, Tim got out of costume and headed for Peter Parker's apartment after getting the address. Arriving, Tim christened himself as Timothy Johnson, taking on the maiden name of his mother in order to hide the truth of his being Spider-Man. Peter Parker allowed Tim to stay at the apartment until the teenager could "get back on his feet".



Great Power, Great Responsibility

After returning to his family, Tim returned to school and focused more on his studies and social time. His rivalry with April grew to the point where they would argue over the pettiest of things. This was fueled by the fact that April often flirted with Tim at home and school. However, this soon changed when Fury the Goblin Queen, one of Spider-Girl's enemies, attacked Midtown High and overpowered Spider-Girl when she intervened. Tim was forced to don his Spider-Man costume once more in order to battle Fury. Their aerial battle in Queens eventually ended with Fury being driven off.

The Death of the Black Cat

After Tim's sudden return to the world, he decided that the time had come to tell Felicity's mother, Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat, the truth about her daughter's death. He finally told her, along with the rest of his family, the truth about what happened. Felicia, in turn, blamed the Goblin Master for what had happened, but Tim told her that Goblin was dead and there was nothing that could be done about it. The Parkers then departed from Felicia's house, leaving her to contemplate revenge on the one who practically destroyed her life.

However, Tim's statement about the Goblin Master being dead was soon to be proven false when Maximus Yeager, having coded his brain patterns into Norman Osborn's computer systems, created a new body for himself, implanting all of his memories up until his battle against Spider-Man within the psyche of Peter Parker weeks ago. Taking on the Goblin guise once more, Yeager took to the skies in order to draw out Spider-Man. Tim responded to the Goblin's lure-out. They fought, but their battle was intervened by Felicia, having returned to her Black Cat persona and wanting revenge against the Goblin. During their battle, however, the Goblin was about to impale Tim on his glider in an attempt to kill him, but Felicia, not wanting the death of another child at the hands of the Goblin, jumped in the way and sacrificed herself to save Tim by letting the Goblin impale her. The Goblin escaped, and Tim laid beside the Black Cat. Her final words were not to tell her ex-husband, Flash Thompson, about Felicity's death. Tim then returned her body to Flash's house and left. Tim then remained very distraught over the fact that not only could he not save his girlfriend from his enemy, he couldn't save his girlfriend's mother.

Sibling Rivalry


When the Inheritors began their persecution of the Spider-Totems from across the Multiverse, Earth-9022 was one of the many that were struck. The power-hungry Inheritor Maddox attacked the Parkers at their home in Forest Hills while searching for food. In the midst of their attack, Tim was told to leave by Mary Jane when Peter was killed, with May soon following. Tim ran out of the house in order to get aid from the Avengers. However, a portal opened up and he was recruited by the Spider-Men of Earth-125715 and Earth-38723 into the Spider-Army. Vowing vengeance on Maddox, Spider-Man accepted their offer and hopped through the portal with the other Totems.

Spider-Man arrived on Earth-13, which was the central safe zone of many of the Spider-Totems. There, he managed to find solace within the Mayday Parker of Earth-982, whose family was killed by the Inheritor Daemos. However, during a mission to find help, Spider-Man was kidnapped by Solus, the father of the Inheritors and taken to Loomworld. Maddox then sensed that this Spider-Man was a forbidden part of the ritual that would end all Spider-Men, and that, along with the Other, the Bride, and the Scion, he was known as "the Missing Link". Spider-Man was then placed in a cryogenic stasis chamber where he could be stored. However, during the final battle between the Spider-Army and the Inheritors, Spider-Man was awoken by the battle and escaped his imprisonment and began hunting for Maddox.

He eventually found Maddox brutally beating down the Benjy Parker from another universe. Enraged, Spider-Man attacked Maddox, using his full atomic might to weaken the Inheritor. Tim managed to beat Maddox into a coma, but didn't kill him, much to his displeasure. He then returned home upon the Spiders' victory over the Inheritors, where he found that Mary Jane and Benjy were alive and over at a neighbor's house, but learned that Peter and May didn't make it. Tim then redesigned his costume and dedicated himself to avenging his uncle's and cousin's deaths.

Self Doubt

Two weeks passed since Peter Parker and Mayday Parker were killed at the hands of Maddox. Timothy Parker, the current Spider-Man, now had to double and uphold his responsibilities at home, at school, and while operating as a costumed vigilante. While investigating a murder case in Harlem, his hometown, Spider-Man discovered the Revengers plotting to blow up Avengers Compound. He then rushed to the Compound to warn his friends, only to be attacked by American Dream, Stinger, and Freebooter. It was eventually revealed that the Avengers were under mind control, and Spider-Man was forced to call on the remnants of the New Warriors in order to free the Avengers. It was successful and the heroes rushed to Harlem in order to fight the Revengers. The Revengers were beaten and arrested. Tim, whose face was then revealed after the fight, realized that had he not gone to the aid of his friends, he would have failed. Realizing that he has succeeded, he looked onto the future with a renewed sense of hope.

Secret Wars

When the Incursions began to affect and destroy the various realities across the Multiverse, the Kaijuverse reality was destroyed. It would eventually be added to the patchwork planet known as Battleworld, ruled by God Emperor Doom, the Doctor Doom of Earth-616.

Tim was christened as the Baron of the Kaijuverse fragment of Battleworld, known as the Monster Isle. Tim ruled the Monster Isle from his home in Forest Hills, married to a now living Felicity Hardy. The rest of Tim's family was also alive, including his parents, Tim Sr. and Diana Parker. Tim often made trades with some of the neighboring reality fragments, such as the MC2 fragment, the Sigma fragment, and Spider-Island. However, in secret, Tim was also one of the leaders of a hidden rebellion, known as Knightwatch, of other realities who were plotting against Doom. The leaders of Knightwatch, consisting of himself, Baron Peter Parker of Spider-Island, and Baron Luke Cage of Mondo City formed a new Avengers group to operate outside of their separate fragment realities in order to gain secret information from Doom's men, as well as the increasing threat of the zombies from the Deadlands.

After a skirmish with Magneto, Sabretooth, and Bullseye from the Deadlands, Tim was questioned by a group of Thors under the command of Doom about any information involving Knightwatch.

Warrior of the Great Web

Sometime after the Multiverse, and the universe, was reconstructed, Tim was recruited into the Warriors of the Great Web, a task-force created by Spider-UK in order to protect the Multiverse from threats like the Inheritors. During a series of battles against an army of inter-dimensional Electros, Spider-Man found that he could supercharge his body with electricity and unleash it as a much stronger version of his already existing nuclear pulse.

Encounter With the Hobgoblin... From a Parallel Universe

One evening, Tim, as Spider-Man, was swinging across New York when a pumpkin bomb began to fly in his direction. After landing on a rooftop, Spider-Man became shocked and appalled when he came face to face with a new Hobgoblin, this one featuring a Vulture-esque wing harness as opposed to a traditional glider. Spider-Man and the Hobgoblin then proceeded to battle across the New York skyline, at least, until the Hobgoblin activated a portal device similar to the ones the Warriors of the Great Web used to get around dimensions.

Soon after, Spider-Man was ambushed again by the Hobgoblin, now transformed into a grotesque Demogoblin. After being forced to retreat, Spider-Man went to the services of Doc Magus, Earth-9022's standing Sorcerer Supreme, for aid. Spider-Man and Magus then combined their efforts and finally reverted the Demogoblin back to normal. Urich was then subsequently taken into custody by police. However, this shortcoming on the Hobgoblin's part would set a series of events in motion, with a certain individual puppeteering behind the scenes...

Clan of the Kravinoff Hunters

When an army of inter-dimensional versions of Kraven the Hunter began kidnapping the members of the Warriors of the Great Web, Earth-9022 was the last universe to be attacked. Tim was attacked by two versions of Kraven, who temporarily negated his regenerative factor and knocked him out. After being taken to Earth-8429, the Hunters' primary base of operations, Tim met up with the rest of his team. The leader of the Hunters, the Hunter King, then revealed himself and his plan for the Web Warriors; to execute them in the form of gladiatorial combat. Tim was the first to be forced into the chamber, where the rest of the clan was sitting and watching. Tim's first task was to avoid a squad of hunters. After barely succeeding, Tim was set upon by an army of banana spiders, the deadliest type of spider on Earth. Fortunately, the chemical which kept Tim's regenerative factor negated was beginning to wear off. He was then easily able to destroy the spiders' venom in his body with a nuclear pulse. Frustrated, the Hunter King sent his top-ranking bodyguards to fight the atomically-enhanced Spider-Man. After failing to defeat Tim, the Hunter King became so enraged that he leaped down into the ring and challenged Tim to hand to hand combat. They fought, and Tim easily gained the upper hand when he employed his nuclear pulse against the villain, weakening the King. Tim then paralyzed the Hunter by shattering his back using a large club. Tim, his "Godzilla" powers completely overtaking his mental process and now completely running on pure animal instinct, then killed the Hunter King by tearing out his jugular with his teeth, much to the horror of his fellow Web Warriors and the rest of the hunter clan. The hunters then proclaimed Tim to be their new leader and bowed before him and the rest of the Warriors. As his first command, Tim ordered the hunters to return to their home realities and never pursue Spider-Men or Women again. One of the aides then came over and informed Tim of a "prisoner" who they were keeping in suspended animation. Tim and the rest of the Warriors were then taken to the location of the prisoner, who was then revealed to be the Mattie Franklin of Earth-6489, Tim's second girlfriend. Shocked, Tim ordered the chamber to be opened, which it was. After waking up, Tim and Mattie reconciled with each other. It was then revealed that during the Incursions which destroyed the Mutliverse, Earth-6489 was destroyed, thus making Mattie the last surviving member of her entire universe. Tim then led the team and his girlfriend back to Loomworld, leaving the Hunter Clan's universe alone for the time being. Mattie then subsequently made her new home on Earth-9022, where she readopted the name of Spider-Woman and joined the Avengers alongside her boyfriend.

The Clone Conspiracy

Tim iv

Tim's Earth-982 costume.

When Xenilla teamed up with Ben Reilly, the current Jackal, of Earth-616 and a small band of it's super villains in order to manipulate the Spider-Man of Earth-616 using resurrected people in cloned bodies, the Warriors of the Great Web stepped in to help. When the Jackal was nearly defeated, however, Xenilla revealed himself to be the mastermind behind the ordeal and was secretly manipulating the Jackal. After revealing the resurrected Peter Parker of Earth-982, Xenilla then unleashed his newest and most formidable weapon yet; the Spider-Slayer Mark X0, a robot modeled directly after a basic Spider-Man. Managing to distract the Warriors, Xenilla sent the mainstream Spider-Man back to his universe before proceeding to swap the Warriors into each other's home universes. Tim, along with Mayday and Peter of this universe, was tossed onto Earth-982, along with Xenilla himself, who had personally joined to witness the downfall of his brother. Taking their battle all across New York, they both eventually ended up in Forest Hills where they engaged in a brutal confrontation in the streets. Eventually, Xenilla managed to use his "evolved" telekinetic powers to create physical constructs of several of Tim's old enemies, such as Doctor Octopus, the Emperor Scorpion, the Living Sculpture, and the Ice King. However, with the aid of the New Warriors, the constructs were dispelled and Xenilla defeated. However, Tim, both physically and mentally exhausted, collapsed into Spider-Woman's arms.

The next day, Tim awoke in a bed in the tower, his costume tattered and on the table next to him. He then went out and was greeted by the Parker family and the Fantastic Five and was taken back to the still-in-reconstruction Forest Hills, where he would be staying for the time being, as Xenilla's plot also caused a rift in the Multiverse, making it practically impossible for Tim to get home. After learning that Felicity Hardy was still alive on this world, Tim asked her out, and got a positive answer.

With the crime rate rising in the city due to Mayday's leg injury which she sustained in the battle against Xenilla temporarily disabling her ability to fight crime, Tim crafted himself a brand new costume and took to the streets battling crime once more as Spider-Man, even getting a place in the New Warriors.

Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus

When a series of lights began to appear inside of Earth-982's StarShire building, this one on the docks, Spider-Man investigated it, only to see this world's Carolyn Trainer, Earth-982's Doctor Octopus, making a deal of technology with someone inside of an inter-dimensional portal, he eventually discovered that she was dealing with the Doctor Octopus of Earth-9022, Howard Octavius. However, when Spider-Man intervened, the portal was shut down, not only stranding himself in another dimension, but Octavius as well. Barely escaping, Spider-Man called on the Avengers to aid him when Ock would strike again.

The next day, Tim, depressed over the fact that he foiled his own opportunity to return to his home reality, spends time at the Spider-Shoppe, the store owned by Mary Jane dedicated to all things Spider-Girl. He was talking with Felicity until his Spider-Sense began to go off, and he pushed his girlfriend out of the way just as a car smashed through the window. Tim and Felicity then came face to face with Doctor Octopus himself, who ordered the boy to find Spider-Man for him, stating that they had unfinished business with each other, and takes Felicity hostage. Tim, responding to the challenge, suited up as Spider-Man and confronts Doctor Octopus on a train. They fought, only for Ock to escape. Spider-Man followed suit. After chasing Ock back to the StarShire building, where Ock was setting up his new Atomic Cylotron, and where he was keeping Felicity Hostage, Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus fought, only to be interrupted when the Fantastic Five received word of the incident. However, even with Ock on the defensive, and Spider-Man's attempt to deactivate the Cylotron, the device became self-sustaining, and began to suck the entire city, and eventually the planet, into itself. However, Ock, upon learning who Spider-Man really was, sacrificed himself in order to destroy the Cylotron by destabilizing the support beam holding it up and taking it to the bottom of the river.

Invasion of the Spider-Slayers

When a Spider-Man impostor appeared in New York, wearing a replica of Tim's original red and black costume, and began to commit crimes in the name of the wall crawler, the real Spider-Man investigated the copycat. However, upon finding the crook, Spider-Man soon found the doppelganger to be a metallic Spider-Man robot wearing a costume. Armed with a massive arsenal of weapons, the doppelganger made short work of Spider-Man, forcing the inter-dimensional super-hero to flee.

Spider-Man vs. Wolverine


Fury, the Goblin Mistress

The New Clone Saga

After Earth-982's Reed Richards finally managed to disable the inter-dimensional jamming device created by Xenilla, Tim, after a heartfelt goodbye, returned home to Earth-9022. However, this event did not come without a few problems of it's own...


Upon arriving home, Tim had a tearful reunion with his worried sick family. Returning to school the next day, Tim was greeted by his friends and teachers. However, throughout the day, Tim's Spider-Sense would continue to blare. While out crime-fighting later that evening, Spider-Man would be attacked by a female assassin in a black and costume resembling Spider-Girl's costume. During the battle, the female assassin referred to herself as "Spidercide", the name of one of the first clones of Peter Parker created by the Jackal (during the original Clone Saga storyline). However, during the fight, Spidercide mortally wounded Spider-Man with one of her swords, which secretly had a chemical-induced agent laced onto the blade which would temporarily null his regenerative factor, forcing the hero to retreat to Avengers Compound.

Sins of the Fathers


The Return of Ben Reilly


Endgame: Attack on Reality

Full Circle


Tim II

Main article: Tim II


Many years after his death, Tim's skeleton was retrieved by the new Hobgoblin and used in the construction of a brand new Spider-Slayer, codenamed Kiryu. The Slayer would then be sent to battle against the new Avengers team. However, the bones which were embedded beneath the metal covering still retained DNA from the fallen Spider-Man, and thus, triggered many memories of the past. Angered, "Tim" would rampage across much of New York, ignoring the Avengers completely.

Powers and Abilities


  • Wall Crawling: Tim is able to bio-magnetize, or stick, to any surface. He is able to crawl up them with the utmost ease.
  • Spider-Sense: One of Tim's most important powers, his Spider-Sense is very sensitive and warns Tim of just about anything he perceives to be a dangerous threat. However, due to the fact that it is extremely sensitive, the sense will give of a painful reaction in the event of sudden or extreme danger.
  • Atomic Breath: Tim can breathe a highly concentrated, superheated stream of red, pure atomic energy from his mouth. This beam is often used to destroy hard surfaces and evaporate water. Additionally, the battle scar on Tim's chest is capable of absorbing electricity and channeling it into a much more powerful variation of this atomic breath, this time yellow-ish gold beam with a blue spiral wrapping around it.
  • Nuclear Pulse: This EMP-like attack allows Tim to push back and temporarily siphon the energies of his opponents. It can also be used to shut down electronics. Also, like with the atomic breath, Tim can increase the power of the pulse via super-charging himself with electricity.
  • Superhuman Strength: Thanks to his spider and Godzilla powers uniting, Tim can lift much more than Peter Parker (ten tons), and May Parker (five tons) combined, being able to lift a whopping 40 tons.
  • Superhuman Speed: Spider-Man is capable of running and moving at speeds that are far beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. Spider-Man has shown to be fast enough to catch up to an accelerating car while on foot, but prefers to travel by webs. Spider-Man moves faster than the eye can follow, he has even moved so fast he appears as a blur.
  • Supderhuman Agility: Spider-Man's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are all enhanced to levels that are far beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. Spider-Man is extraordinarily limber and his tendons and connective tissues are twice as elastic as the average human being's, despite their enhanced strength. He has the combined agility and acrobatic prowess of the most accomplished circus aerialists and acrobats. He can also perform any complicated sequence of gymnastic stunts such as flips, rolls, and springs. He can easily match or top any Olympic record at gymnastics apparatus such as flying rings, climbing ropes, horizontal bars, and trampolines.
  • Accelerated regeneration": Thanks to his Godzilla powers, Tim has a highly accelerated regenerative factor which can almost instantly heal more severe wounds than most people or even super heroes. This regenerative ability also makes Tim immune to the effects of alcohol or drugs (such as tobacco or cocaine).


  • Genius-Level Intelligence: Tim's IQ reaches somewhere around 175, making him much smarter than the majority of kids who go to Midtown High. This is the result of what Tim calls "living around Peter Parker for most of my life."
    • Expert Engineer: Along with his gifted intelligence, Tim has been able to construct some moderately complex machinery. This was shown when Tim managed to construct exact replicas of Peter Parker's web-shooters from the blueprints created for them in less than a few days.

Strength level

  • Can lift up to 40 tons.


  • Energy Siphoning: Enemies like the Goblin Master or Maddox are able to siphon Tim's energy for a temporary amount of time. This makes him vulnerable to attack.
  • "Overheating": If Tim utilizes his atomic powers, such as his Nuclear Pulse, for long periods of time, he will eventually become exhausted, or "overheated", and be unable to fight.


Equipment: Web-Shooters.
Transportation: Avengers Quinjet.
Weapons: Arachnia sword.

==*During Tim's childhood, specifically around the ages of 4-5 and 8-9, he would sneak away from his daycare and head into the nearby woods. There, he would eat several various animals, such as salamanders, frogs, and even small birds if he could catch them. These were the first signs of Tim's animalistic side nature.

  • Tim is a human/Godzilla hybrid. This was caused when his father's already mutated DNA was passed on to his son's genes at birth.
  • Tim is very protective of his family, even going as far as sacrificing himself to save them. This is not only due to the knowledge that Tim can heal from almost any wound, but of his sense of nobility and responsibility.==
  • While Tim was temporarily trapped on Earth-982, he created a new costume for himself after his current one had been damaged during his battle with Xenilla. This new costume was essentially his original costume, but had the bright blue restored into the color scheme as opposed to the blackish-blue of his first costume.
  • Tim is talented with a guitar. Before he left Earth-982, he performed the Nickelback song Hero to the entire school at a talent show.
  • The design of Tim's first costume was inspired by the 2002 Spider-Man movie costume and the original coloring and artwork of the Spider-Man costume by Steve Ditko (In the universe's continuity, however, this costume was created based on a dream Tim had in which he had before he became Spider-Man). His second one, the one he made after Spider-Verse, was modeled after the costume seen in Spider-Man Unlimited, with elements taken from the PS4 Spider-Man video game costume.


  • While Tim was temporarily trapped on Earth-982, he created a new costume for himself after his current one had been damaged during his battle with Xenilla. This new costume was essentially his original costume, but had the bright blue restored into the color scheme as opposed to the blackish-blue of his first costume.
  • Tim is talented with a guitar. Before he left Earth-982, he performed the Nickelback song Hero to the entire school at a talent show.
  • The design of Tim's first costume was inspired by the 2002 Spider-Man movie costume and the original coloring and artwork of the Spider-Man costume by Steve Ditko (In the universe's continuity, however, this costume was created based on a dream Tim had in which he had before he became Spider-Man). His second one, the one he made after Spider-Verse, was modeled after the costume seen in Spider-Man Unlimited, with elements taken from the PS4 Spider-Man video game costume.

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