"You will wish you were never born..." Raider IV to Rescue, and War Machine during the Ultra Civil war storyline
Raider IV, also known as the Dark God, Death God, Grim Reaper, and Ultra Raider. Is a Male anti-hero, and former villain. He is a clone of the first Raider who was killed by Headshot several years back. He escaped the facility as a young child with aid of the Redeemed Raider who was killed by Flachette, and Napalm. He was adopted by two Japanese-American scientist who worked for Stark Industries.

Raider IV is a anti-Hero, and a member of the Avengers Black Ops. He was also a Assassin for a time, and aided Captain America battled Iron-Man and the pro-regulation forces during the civil war. He killed Rescue and War Machine. He is also unique compared to the other clones and the original Raider, as his abilities are different from the rest of the clone.

Weapon-X during his development used DNA from Wolverine, Hulk, and Deadpool, they also used strands of DNA from Sentry. The extent of his powers are unknown, which makes him a dangerous opponent. As War machine and Rescue underestimated his powers, he killed them easily. Raider wears a specialized suit made form his blood which expands and increase his powers. He also has a ultra mode in which his personality changes he becomes irrational, violent, easily enraged, and becomes stronger, he also becomes brash.


Early days

"I don't remember my childhood. I grew up in a lab, tested, treated like a slave and used as a weapon.Then burst, flashes of light, and then I had a happy family, then it was taken from my hands....I'm the Grim Reaper..." Raider to Peter Parker during the Civil war'
Raider was born X-1.067 in a Weapons X advanced Biological weapons facility. In Northern Utah, he is a clone of the first Raider X-1.001 who was killed by Headhunter. He is the first successful clone as he can control his powers and doesn't suffer from molecular cellular destruction.

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