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Real Name
Current Alias

Ti, Titan of Energy, Living Psionic



Orollan Tribe

Unknown parents, Titan (Twin brother)


Base Of Operations


5' 7" Varies





Unusual Features
Completely made of psionic energy


Marital Status

City Guard; Junior Geologist

Taught by Orollan elders

Inhuman powered by the Antigen nectar

Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 Many people say energy can be found in almost infinite amounts. Even the mind can manipulate an energy few can see and manipulate, now I am the living embodiment of psionic energy. Quote2
-- Tila

Early Life

Tila is the oldest of twins, being a few minutes older then her twin brother, Titan. Born to a father who works as a builder for the city and their mother who serves as a historian and record keeper, the two have had a decent life. Both Tila and Titan have spent their younger years being rather carefree and enjoying the time with Inhumans their age. But of the two, Tila has always proven to be extremely adventurous and usually getting herself, her brother, and their group of friends into some rather troubling situations. More then once Tila has been known to venture out of the village borders,play pranks, and cause mischief.

During her child and pre-teen years not much changed for Tila other then her trying to create a path separate of her parents' expectations. It was mainly during her pre-teen years that between the twins she proved the most vocal, aggressive, and rebellious, forcing her brother to be something of her conscience. His calmer attitude did help to keep her in line but not always. She tended to skip lessons, not listen to the elders or her parents, and tended to continue to do her own thing much of the time.

Eventually though, Tila was able to find an outlet for her constant trouble making in the form of combat training. Almost immediately drawn to a warrior lifestyle, the young Inhuman female found herself right at home in the lessons and it served to be her primary discipline. But, as expected her preferred fighting style became evident in "offense being the best defense" belief and her fighting style proved to be extremely aggressive, quick, and brutal. With cleaning up her act though, Tila did finally become more serious in seeking a real role in life, coming across the subject of geology which captured her interest. Following this, she became a junior geologist training under some of the veterans when she was thirteen.

During those three years, she also began trying to convince her brother to get into training which failed until he finally conceded a year later. Not much to her surprise, Titan proved a quick study in combat but showed reluctance to learn anything above defense maneuvers which Tila respected and did not press for her brother to beyond what he was comfortable with. Likewise, Tila continued down her own path in becoming a geologist while eventually also being given the task of being a city guard following passing the final test in her warrior training.

Another Change

Upon turning sixteen, Tila and Titan were tested like many others in their generation to be able to undergo their genetic change. After a few weeks of processing, both were found capable of reaching their genetic potential much to the delight of both. Being the handful that could the two were eventually taken away from Orollan's main city to a special chamber in which they were given the Antigen Nectar that allowed them to undergo the necessary process that would unlock that potential.

Unfortunately, there was an irony in the change as Tila didn't receive a rock-based form like she had hoped, instead this particular change going to her brother. But she got an energy-based form of raw psionic energy, causing Orollan scientists to classify her as potentially being a particularly powerful Inhuman.

Powers and Abilities


  • Psionic Energy Body:Upon exposure to the Antigen Nectar, Tila was turned into a being completely composed of psionic energy. Her body has shown to be solid enough she can maintain the shape her original human form once had while her hair has become free flowing psionic energy that goes from solid to transparent. She also can sometimes visibly be seen giving off plumes of psionic energy from her body.
    • Superhuman Stamina:Due to lacking a real physical body, Tila can go for hours in in physical and mental activities before she begins to feel a drain on her body, resulting in tiredness and fatigue.
    • Superhuman Speed:Since Tila is not affected by most effects of gravity with being able to make her form rather weightless, she is able to run or fly at speeds of 50 mph, allowing her to be unaffected by the wind or being torn apart.
    • Superhuman Strength:Being able to solidify her form, Tila can do this to being able to lift three times that of Inhuman of her age, size, and height with relatively little strain. Though she can also increase her strength based on increasing her size, so far of which she has shown to lift 25 tons at the most.
    • Superhuman Agility:Tila's bodily coordination, reflexes, and agility are far above the human or Inhuman athletes, allowing her to be far more agile and react quicker then most.
    • Near-Invulnerability:Tila's ability can allow her to make her body solid and weightless, allowing her to go relatively unharmed by physical means and allowing objects to pass harmlessly through her. She can simply reform her body in the places where objects strike.
    • Self-sustenance:Tila does not need food or water to survive nor does she need oxygen to survive. This also allows her to go for long periods of time without needing to rest and stay alert mentally and physically.
    • Concussive Blasts:Tila can create concentrated forms of blasts from her psionic form, being something that is harmless to something that can easily dent steel when concentrated enough. These attacks can come from any part of her body, including her eyes.
    • Force fields:By projecting her energy outward or molding it, Tila is able to create various kinds of force fields, controlling the shape, thickness, and density of each one. She can project it to be a half dome, single wall, or various shaped domes while adding them up in layers or making them thin or thick. She can also have these as big enough to be the size of an Earth skyscraper to being able to expand half a city block. These, however, are incredibly draining for the likes of Tila to use.
    • Volatile Constructs:Tila can create small to hand sized spheres of concentrated psionic energy which can be attached to objects or people or thrown to be set off like explosives. Though, they are limited to her own mental control and desire for their timing to go off.
    • Energy Sight:Tila has some limited energy sight in being able to see the energy spectrum, in particular those related to the astral plane and psionic energy.
    • Psionic Constructs:Tila is also able to create constructs from raw psionic energy such as weapons, shields, and tools or something like stairs, platforms, animals, etc. These are limited to her own imagination and are one of her more draining abilities.
    • Flight:She can fly on her own power without risking of being torn apart by the speeds she goes at. So far, she has been clocked at flying at 50 mph.


  • Among her tribe, Tila is seen as the second best female fighter, being just under Violet Fiora. She has great knowledge in her tribe's fighting techniques and is considered a master level.
  • Before gaining her powers, Tila has been known as an excellent climber, having climbed even some of the most steepest of cliffs.
  • Tila also has some knowledge in geological topics such as rock formations, types, etc. and has become a junior Geologist in the science department.
  • Tila is also well versed in different weapons, many considering her a weapon expert of sorts.

Strength level



  • Despite being made of pure psionic energy, Tila can still be affected by other forms of energy-based powers and her mind is still vulnerable.
  • The continued use of her own body's psionic energy form can tend to become exhausting and overexerting herself can result in unconsciousness.
  • Even if Tila is made of psionic energy, she herself has no psionic powers aside from being able to manipulate psionic energy itself.


Equipment: Sometimes equipment for when she is helping Orollan scientists in the field or in the labs.
Transportation: Her own power
Weapons: Her own powers, varies


  • No special notes.


  • Due to her form, Tila has been considered by some as one of the strongest beings in Earth-69112 thus far along with Jaden of the Attilian tribe.
  • Tila once hoped the nectar from the Antigen Tree would give her Earth-based powers, but got the opposite.

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