Thrudda was a legendary Valkyrie who served eons ago to protect the throne of Asgard. She fought in many battles but she died before she could face off against Hela.


Early Life

Thruddah's birth date is unknown, but it is beleived to be in the 1480s. She was one of the chosen ones in her class who showed extreme caliber and strength amongst Asgard's academy warriors. Her parents were unknown to her, not even her extended family. She mostly stayed near school. But then applied to be in the Valkyries by the time she was biologically a teenager.

She served in the armies for three thousand years and retired by the time she met and married Teson.

Moving to Midgard

After having Ivon, she decided to move away from Asgard and all of its chaos. She chose Midgard, for its tropical beauties and modern life. Teson then had a mission back home in Titan but lost his connection with her, making her think he was dead. She then moved in with Dunn Bernadeschi. They lived in New York until the Battle of New York.


In the event of the Battle of New York, Ivon was shot by a Chitauri. Thruddah then proceeded to rush to the hospital. Reaching the hospital, she waited in the waiting room. There, a Chitauri entered the building and threw a grenade. There it blew up the room with her in it. Ivon felt something leaving him, so he rushed out and went to go check and found her mother dead on the rubble of the room.

Powers & Abilities

  • Asgardian Physiology: Thruddah possessed Asgardian biology, which comes with a dense muscular system, skeletal and neural system. Making her way stronger than an average human. She has prolonged longevity and could last for a while.
  • Natural Cosmic Power: Thruddah has natural powers including, communicating telepathically to any species. She can heal any forms of life.
  • Dragonfang: A sword provided to every Valkyrie who served.
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