Hi Vision. How are you doing? I came to do a second pitch for Paragon. Considering I already have a series, which I personally think is going prety well, a decline to this offer is pretty much expected but at least I can try. It´s not really a series. More like a mini series with 2 or 3 issues or so so it will be done pretty easily and fast. 

Long Sins, Old Shadows
The story is told in retrospective from a past and a present perspective. In  the present, we have an old man who has been receiving threats for no apparent reason. In the past, 38 years earlier, we have a young police man who strives for recognition and a new hero in town who is getting it. Both time frames will develop into an eventual showdown between the two characters, which will, well, end the series. Basically it´s a story about the recognition superheroes get while we ignore the ordinary heroes who save our lives everyday and the abyss that an uncontrolled ambition and lust will get us in.

Appreciate your time. Feel free to give feedback :)

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