• After three years of waiting, FanonCon has returned! I remember when I was younger and less understanding years ago. When I first came to Marvel Comics Fanon wiki, I didn't really know much about how to do pages and adding much detail. Thankfully, some of you kind fellows who still remain up to this point helped me out and allowed me to develop fan-works semi-regularly (in the loosest term) to express my ideas.

    When 2016's FanonCon rolled in, I mindlessly entered it just to present my bizarre ideas which I literally had no future plans with. This time? Oh boy. Despite how Rom, the Spaceknight only served as a little page with a cool-looking banner, the name Romverse actually sticks to my brain and I like it as the editorial name for Earth-5000

    Anyways, it's been a while since I've done stuffs like this and Romverse hasn't exactly been in the best of states. Luckily, a random idea that appeared in my mind months back actually got stuck in there and that's when I decided to start the television series you people now know as Iron Avengers.

    Pretty sick, huh? Ain't the best picture editor around the internet, but this one satisfies me a lot. Thank God I cleared out that brain fog of mine that has hindered me for a century.

    So, the Iron Avengers. What's it about? There's the Wolverine, the Hulk, Thor, and Spider-Man. Am I making a replacement Fantastic Four just like the great Mike Wieringo did? As much as how these guys will be referred to as the 'Frightful Four' as a nickname once I finish the first episode, these guys are not F4 substitutes. 

    I know that not everyone has seen the bland-looking page or its simple team page, so I'm going to explain who they are here. The name 'Avengers' simply acts as a callback to how each of the robot heroes' templates are or were members of the Avengers. 'Iron' definitely reflects on the original members' robotic nature, but as I have always intended, these guys will face more than mechanical threats and have other non-mechanical beings join them. The name 'Clone Avengers' would apply well to them once the latter happens, but it sounds freaking ridiculous, frankly. Oh, and don't mistake them for these guys

    Their founding members consist of Albert, Ragnarok, Cosmic Hulk, and Timespinner. How do these guys refer to each other while their real counterparts are around, particularly Cosmic Hulk? They simply use their designated nicknames. Timespinner may not know who the heck is Venom and Cosmic Hulk may not know why Albert hates him, but these robots are still smart enough to be aware of what SHIELD designates them after diving deep into their past records after what happened in Mombasa.

    What's up with Mombasa you asked? Well, the first episode may not be finished as I promised due to time constraints, but I have completed the series' first act with a flashback to what is the 'origin' story of the Iron Avengers. Together They Stand still has the TBA mark, but its epic showdown scene between Stark's buddies and Stane's cronies which included the future Iron Avengers is indeed what I am of to advertise here. So... why don't you go check it out and tell me what you think of it? In the meantime, I'm still constructing the Iron Avengers' official venture into heroism, which indeed, will be taking place in Hawaii and involve Deviants and some iconic Marvel Monsters.

    This panel's not gonna be a thing if I don't show off what's in store for the future, though, right? Don't worry, here's a little trailer I've made for you. The series remains in a state of heavy work-in-progress and the trailer represents what I have in mind for its future. I hope you enjoy the trailer, and peace out.

    Iron Avengers Trailer 1: Live and Let Die

    The trailer begins the shot of darkness. A multitude of lights illuminate the place, eventually exposing a cell where Thor, wearing his classic garments, is seen restrained. An unknown man is heard taunting Thor for his supposed 'might' and 'godhood', as well as how much of an anathema his presence is in this prison that not even Carnage wants to take a glance at him. After stating that he's not even a god to begin with, the trailer reveals that this 'Thor' is in fact Ragnarok, and the person speaking to him is Dirk Anger.

    (Marvel Studios logo appears)

    In an ancient South American temple, 'Spider-Man', 'Thor', 'Hulk', and 'Wolverine' are gathered in a meeting to discuss how the world hasn't reacted well to their presence. Despite their reservations, the Cosmic Hulk comments that no matter what everybody thinks of them and how they are all painted targets, they can't remove themselves from the spotlight and suggests to continue their heroism. Albert responds in cynicism as he disbelieves the 'green junk', nearly inciting a conflict between them if it's not for Ragnarok's intervention, saying that they don't have much of a choice now.

    The scene switches to a burning city whose destructor, Fin Fang Foom, is seen rampaging in a fiery fury. 'Thor' enters the scene by throwing his hammer to Foom and engages in a brief battle with him. After 'Thor' saves a group of people from a collapsing building, Foom blasts him with a blazing inferno that soon exposes his true nature as a robot to the on-looking civilians, much to their horror of realizing who he really is.

    While Timespinner speaks his thoughts about having to keep a low profile, a scene of 'Spider-Man' (himself) appears, swinging across the skyline of a city at night, landing on top of a construction site. Before he can take three seconds to enjoy the view, his 'Spider-Sense' suddenly kicks in and he unnaturally dodges an incoming attack just as he punches back the attacker, landing on a steel beam to find out who attacked him... a hideous Spider-Man duplicate the Timespinner can only 'marvel' at.

    Cosmic Hulk scoffs at the notion that he can blend in the crowd, saying that not even the real Hulk could evade capture in his human form. Albert reluctantly agrees with this and tells that it's not hard for 'special people' to tell that something's off with him if they happen to meet Wolverine in a grocery store. A scene where the Cosmic Hulk goes toe-to-toe with Tutinax, the Deviant is shown in the same city as the previous Thor scene. After getting smacked in the face by Tutinax, the Cosmic Hulk screams in rage with glowing eyes and flies up with him in-tow before blasting him with cosmic eye blasts.

    The next scene comes in the form of Albert in the Canadian wilderness, standing in front of the gate of a Weapon X facility, accompanied by his teammates who stand behind him. Albert guesses that it is locked but Timespinner asks if he has ever been to this place. He's unsure, but his memories inform him that this is the 'right place'. Ragnarok tells them to stand back and lets loose a torrent of lightning to take down the gate to no avail. The Cosmic Hulk steps in to solve the problem... by gently pushing the gate. He turns to Ragnarok with a grim expression, advising him to think first before he acts. Timespinner chuckles and Ragnarok looks down in disappointment.

    In an African city, War Machine, Black Panther, and Shuri are seen fighting hordes of Adaptoids while Ragnarok tells the team in the background that there's no point for them to hide. Even if the entire world is against them, this is still their world and they must make the most out of their new lives with good. A montage of scenes is showed while the speech continues, showing the speaker himself duking it out with Rhino in the Raft while wearing nothing but prison clothes, Iron Man getting stunned by an electric attack from Ezekiel Stane, the team confronting the Hydra Four in the Forbidden City during a thunderstorm with Hydra war machines flying in the background, Albert running and carrying Mister Sinister on his back in a dark complex while the Cosmic Hulk gets smashed through a wall by a group of Wendigos, a weakened Timespinner about to get his face torn apart by Hybrid , the team meeting Ultron on the coastline of a mechanical island-city, and the last scene: Albert opening the door to a bar to discover a Skrullian Captain America drinking alone in a place full of bodies. Upon noticing this, the Skrull smiles as Albert reveals his claws, telling him that this is going down in his memory logs.

    The trailer's last scene features the entire team standing on top of a rock overlooking the Avengers Hydrobase. A fifth person, the Phantom Reporter, appears to accompany them and stands beside Albert. He reminds them that they still haven't gotten the approval of many and the world hasn't forgiven them. Closing off the trailer and replying to him, Ragnarok says, "For how many sins we committed, we shall atone them one by one in our newfound freedom."

    (Trailer ends here)

    Yup... that's all for my panel, and I hope you enjoy this one! Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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      Nice trailer, man. A for originality, don't think I've ever seen an idea like this on a Marvel Fanon Wiki yet. Definitely feeling some Guardians of the Galaxy vibes from this trailer which is always a plus and I'm already liking the team's dynamic together.

      I'll have to start following your work, Jacky, you've obviously put a lot of thought into this and I think the Iron Avengers has a lot of potential to be something great.

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    • Wow, great panel. Defineltyl makes me excoted for Iron Avengers!

      Also i might steal that trialer thing if its ok.

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    • Benspider wrote:
      Wow, great panel. Defineltyl makes me excoted for Iron Avengers!

      Also i might steal that trialer thing if its ok.

      As a homage? Ain't a problem with that XD. For what purpose, though? 

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    • ZoomZolomonZoom wrote:

      Nice trailer, man. A for originality, don't think I've ever seen an idea like this on a Marvel Fanon Wiki yet. Definitely feeling some Guardians of the Galaxy vibes from this trailer which is always a plus and I'm already liking the team's dynamic together.

      I'll have to start following your work, Jacky, you've obviously put a lot of thought into this and I think the Iron Avengers has a lot of potential to be something great.

      Big thanks to you, my friend! I myself had to look at those recent trailers of yours to make this one since I don't exactly have a good idea in how to write them, and man, we do have many OG teams here so this one's not realy the first of its kind XD.

      Aye. This is the best of my brainchildren, and I appreciate your choice, mon ami. I know laziness is gonna be a hard thing to contend with, but I will do ma best!

      Thanks for your feedback, Zoom and Ben! If anyone else has their own opinions 'bout this one, don't be afraid to post it here. Oh and questions, too? Anyone has 'em? XD

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    • Wow, this trailer is AMAZING. All the characters and their dynamics sound really interesting, makes me excited to see more of them.

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    • Danke, matey. Y' know, I'd like to know what moment in the trailer that actually surprises y'all the most... if you don't mind.

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    • A FANDOM user
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