• Hey guys - As I work on the next arc of Starlight I wanted to take a moment to ask people to read what I have so far! Starlight is an experimental faux-comic part of the maybe-returning Paragon Comics. It follows a boy who wakes up with strange powers and no memories and the friends he makes along the way. Honestly, it's mostly a writing warmup for me, so the quality isn't exactly my peak, but I still have a ton of fun with it and would appreciate more thoughts on it!

    You can start reading Starlight either with individual issues (beginning with Starlight Vol 1 1) or with trade paperbacks (the first arc is collected at Starlight (Volume One) and the second is still in individual issues).

    Anyway, tldr, I'm really excited for Starlight's third arc, Not of Blood, and would love if some of you would take the time to enter Cadmus' world.

    Best, BtV

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