• Hi there,

    Since you're an active user, I figured I'd message you instead of add the tags, but the page for Angels needs to be a bit longer to stick around. Also, I'd found that Earth-626 had already been claimed. I figure it's easier for him to change that one page than for you to change yours, just thought you should know. Also also, that's quite a user page you've got there!

    Sorry, this ended up being a mishmash of topics.

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    • Longer? Alright.

      As for the Earth, I always type in the Earth realities in search, and if they do not exist (including the official), I make it. But, if that be the case, the user should had the Earth reality as soon he made the character to no cause such things happening. If they did not make the reality, I claim it since he did not make it. Also, the character article was lasted edited since 2015, and if he done nothing since then, he must of either left, or abandoned it.

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    • Well, the fact of the matter is, ElectricMayhem doesn't make reality pages unless he focuses a lot of effort directly on said reality. And since this was just the reality of his version of Cable, he didn't make a reality page for it. However, a search for 626 does in fact count his page as a result. I'm just, again, presenting the information to be noted for the future.

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    • So, do I need to change the reality number once again? ( and when I change, high possibility of it being taken, and changing again once again).

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    • No, like I said, you're fine.

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    • A FANDOM user
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