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    ...and welcome to the Marvel Renaissance Panel! My name is [REDACTED], sorry, some technical difficulties. I'm Uncanny X-Factor, and welcome! I'm glad you all could make it despite my postponing due to physical issues. You want to learn about my work on Earth-166? I'm your guy. You want to get some tips on gardening or sculpting? SO not your guy. Anyways, let's dive right in, shall we?


    I think we can all agree, just by the fact that we're here, that Marvel has given us some amazing characters and is an overall amazing company. I think we can also all agree that this past year has not been one of their finest. Between the effects of Secret Wars spreading out and their less than stellar relaunch(es), it's time for the fans to take the reigns. I've been an adamant (pun intended, and she will appear) believer that the fans could do just as good with Marvel if not better than those currently in charge. This year I'm basically demanding it. So here are my humble presentations for what Marvel should do with 616 (or should I say, now rebranded 166).


    There's gonna be a lot that's different about this universe before we touch a single character. Here's a brief list:

    • Marvel and DC have signed a contract so that they are the comics in each others' universes, ex. the comics Spider-Man read growing up included Captain America, but also golden age Superman and Firestorm, among others.
    • Marvel (sorta) owns Spawn. Basically, the matter that led to them getting Angela also bought them all of Spawn in the 1970's, but MacFarlane (the original creator of Spawn) got the Micronauts and Spaceknights as a result. As such, you won't see the Micronauts, or Spawn (there were issues later), but you will see Angela, Nightwatch, and the rest.
    • Due to the trade mentioned above, Marvel was never in threat of bankruptcy, so they never sold their movie rights, so there is a fully united cinematic universe under Marvel Studios.
    • My Multiverse will be shaken up to co-exist with 166. Since 616 had every universe (with the exception of like, three) stem from itself, so will Multiverse X and 166. For example, Earth-613 is now my version of the Age of Ultron (it WILL be better than canon, I PROMISE) and What If? differences are based on 166, NOT 616. This won't affect all of them, but some of them.

    Hell, you didn't come here for my Multiverse or 613, you came for 166! So, let's proceed!


    I'll be honest with you, I like the concept of the Avengers but not so much the result. That's why they won't exist.


    Now put down your pitchforks and torches, they do exist. But I'm breaking them up. A lot. And they keep coming back together, in true Avengers fashion. They will meet their worst point (post-Avengers Disassembled) around now (July of 2016). That's when half their members abandon them to form the Squadron Supreme, essentially an Avengers do-over. But, to start off, does everyone remember a little show called Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes? I hope we all agree that that show is the best Marvel show literally in existance. So I'm basing their formation on that. Graviton attacks, so Iron Man, Thor, Wasp, Black Goliath...

    ...wait, what? Yeah, since Pym and Hulk were both WWII-era characters, Pym is already shamed because he's already made Ultron and he's the reason the heroes were done in the first time around. So Wasp and Black Goliath are his agents. Anyways, those 4, plus Hulk and Whizzer (shot into this era by the Cosmic Cube) form the Avengers. Fom there, I will try to follow the comics run as best I can, with my traditional changes.

    Fantastic Four

    I'm mimicking the 2015 reboot. NO, PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! I said MIMICKING, not COPYING! Ben Grimm is the black one, Sue is an undercover SHIELD agent, Reed is dying, and Johnny's harboring a secret...named Ghost Rider. So they teleport theirselves into space, get exposed to cosmic radiation, and come back to Earth to subdue their powers and face other cosmicky characters (like Red Ghost, Doom, Annihilus, and Galactus!)

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    What happens when you flunk out of the Nova Corps? You join the Guardians!


    No. Well, yes. By coincidence. Peter Quill, Gamora, and Groot were all Novas and flunked out for various reasons. Quill was insubordinate by just doing what he wanted, Groot was too willing to jeopardize orders to do what he thought was right (which usually was), and Gamora was too bloodthirsty. But when Gamora's ex-cronies come calling, they need help. And only one man is willing: Nova Prime, Richard Rider. He leads them to bust out a prisoner (Drax) and ambush the Collector's archives (Rocket), and they later meet two bands of space-farers: the Starjammers (Cyclops and the Silver Surfer) and...well, to be honest, I can't confirm those last few will be founders. But they will all be members! And in the modern day, they do get Thing and Shadowcat, among others. Yay, Guardians!


    What Marvel fans need are the O5. Not the "All-New X-Men," the O5. So we're starting with the same old goodness, except Angel was an assassin and didn't know it, Bobby's gay right from the get-go and has to deal with that, Beast is concerned by his mutation, and Jean is just plain afraid of hers too. As time goes on, we see some more differences, like Magik being pretty much evil, Storm starting out that way, and Cyclops going into space, causing them to forget things like the fact that Beast's dad is the Radioactive Man, Sinister really was Cyclops' dad, and Iceman's adopted brother was Pyro. (WHAT IS THIS GUY DOING?!) And my answer is, I just get idea spurts, OK?! So anyways, the Xavier Institute starts out with a class of like 16, and just expands from there! Yay 616! I'll stay as twistedly true to you as possible!


    So that's the main stuff. Other random ideas?

    Dazzler is huge. Like, HUGE. A superstar. Punisher's wife survived, and he doesn't know it. Beast is a player. So is Iceman. Characters get amalgamated with each other all the time (as in two 616 characters become one character in 166). The Yellowjacket wife-beating thing (I know you all love Pym), well, that ain't Pym. You're welcome. There's a multiversal issue, I've got my own Civil War, Secret Invasion plays out a lot differently, the White Gorilla tribe is bigger, Vision becomes more Tony Stark than Simon Williams, Kang II is a hero, and Kang I is another villain also in addition to being Kang.

    I think that about does it for one year, now, any questions from my loving public?

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