• Hey guys! Bridgetterocks here! This was actually a great time to hold a FanonCon, since Marvel's Young Avengers is on its fifth episode already, and the Season 5 premiere of Assemble! is around the corner!

    Young Avengers will be 8 episodes long, with a two-part season finale (The Children's Crusade and You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet) on December 18th. On that same day, Season 5 of Assemble! is premiering, but it will not be your average premiere. It will be a crossover with Irockz707's Sensational Spider-Man. The first part of the crossover will be on Sensational Spider-Man, and the second part will be Assemble!'s Season 5 premiere, called The Initiative.

    104-The Initiative

    What else can you expect from Season 5? Well, it's a Season focused on Time... And therefore, there are a couple main storylines we cannot ignore. More specifically? Kang Dynasty and Days of Future Past. In Assemble!, those arcs will be called "Ghosts of the Past" and "Days of Future Past".

    However, that isn't all for this season. Some groups of people will be highlighted too! Symbiotes will constitute the first Arc of the season. We will see Agent Venom, Anti-Venom and Carnage, among others, getting the spotlight. We will also find out what happened to Jennifer Hathaway in the Roxxon facility.

    As a huge fan of teenage groups, just like the Young Avengers, I'm also focusing on mutants, which I think got very little attention until now. That means, naturally, the New Mutants. We saw the beginning of the group with Icarus on Alpha Flight. On that episode, there was also a mention of a Hellfire teenager, Husk, who will serve as the New Mutants' main rival, along the Hellions, led by Hellion himself.

    Finally, we will see another main Marvel arc, the "Dark Reign". We already saw the Dark Avengers getting established on Season 2, but now we will see their roster changing, with some new members like Daken and Trickshot. Furthermore, we will meet Sin, the Red Skull's daughter, who will aid the Dark Avengers against their heroic counterparts. However, the Avengers won't be alone, since the Red Hulk is working on something that will be fundamental against both the Dark Avengers and HYDRA itself, who will wreak havoc with key assets like Absorbing Man, Crossbones, Grant Ward, Grim Reaper and Spider-Woman.

    To sum up, I will officially release Season 5's poster, which summarize what this Season is all about!

    I hope you like the rest of Young Avengers' Season 1 and Assemble!'s Season 5, this is far from over yet. Season 5 is just the tip of the iceberg! Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!

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