• Hey guys! Been a while since I've really done anything promoting or given an update. And instead of a blog this seems more appropriate, so here it goes!

    So, I've been working on my first project for....a while, I've lost count but I know it's since I've been here. And though I have two other projects in the works I've been getting some ideas for this and while they are still in my mind I've been laying out some characters that'll come in the near future and will play some minor roles in the coming short stories. I do have a general idea of where I want to take this series and hope so far you guys like it. :)

    Also, in case if you guys notice edits from previous chapters I've already done it's because if the chance arises I'm going back and redoing some chapters I feel need a bit more work or changing in some way, while others will remain. So, to better get this out here's a basic list of what's coming:

    • Characters being added or edited for updates
    • Chapter editing
    • New prequel is planned before this current story and giving a bit more about the Young X-men and The Brotherhood creations
    • And some minor canon character appearances not counting Tempus and Transonic

    As a final note, as always I am opinion for second opinions and suggestions, especially for characters since there may be things I haven't taken into account or a possible idea that never occurred to me. ^^

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