• You chose Iron Man. What normally happens is you spin the spinner in order to get someone you wouldn't normally pick. Regardless I want you to have fun, so if you really want to do Iron Man please go ahead, just try to make a re-hash of the first film (I know that might be hard but maybe try some unique stuff?).

    If you have decided upon something tell me here what you have spun/chosen, and any basic plot points you may have. There may be specific things you can/cant do, so we will go through the plot together. in the meantime, go to The Avengers (FMCU2) page and vote on how you think that film should play out, as well as who they should face. This stuff will be decided collabritively and will ultimately probably make some changes to your films (eg: if masters of evil your villain will have to survive.) 

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    • Actually having an iron man film would be really useful. Go ahead with it if you still want to!

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