Thor Unleashed is a Thor comic taking place on Earth-606. Thor is magically transported to Earth along with his hammer, Mjolnir, with amnesia and no powers. He uses the fake name Donald Blake, and falls in love with a human named Jane Foster. When "Donald Blake" finds Mjolnir, he gets his powers and memories back.


Vol. 1 - The Kurse

Issues: #1-6

Plot: Thor, god of thunder, is battling the evil frost giant warrior, Ymir, and Ymir's henchman, Algrim. Thor is winning until Algrim uses his dark magic to transport Thor's life-force to Earth, erasing his memory and leaving him at his weakest. He starts a new life as Donald Blake, and then falls in love with his new coe-worker, Jane Foster. On a hike with his new friend, Eric Masterson, he finds a mystical hammer. When he picks it up, his memory comes back along with his power. He returns to Asgard, saves it from Ymir and Algrim, and returns to Earth to protect it, using the fake name Donald Blake as his alter ego.

Introduced: Thor, Donald Blake, Ymir, Algrim, Jane Foster, Eric Masterson, Odin, Sif, Balder, Tyr, The Warriors Three, Frost Giants

Villains: Ymir, Algrim, Frost Giants

Major Locations: Brooklyn, Bravesoul Hospital, Asgard

Vol. 2 - The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill

Issues: #7-11

Plot: When Asgard is invaded by evil aliens known as the Korbinites, one of the Korbinite soldiers, Beta Ray Bill, falls in love with Sif. Sif tries to convince Bill to call off the invasion, but Bill says he can't do anything, since he's just a pawn in a bigger intergalactic plan. When Thor is seemingly killed during battle with the Korbinite soldiers, Bill is shocked, and actually does try to tell them to stop. No one listens to him, so Bill picks up Mjolnir, and it turns out he is worthy enough. Gaining the powers of Thor, Bill is now super-powerful, and able to defeat his fellow Korbinites. Along with Sif, Bill goes to the Korbinite planet, where it turns out that the leader of the Korbinites is actually an intergalactic villain known as Mercurio who gained power among the Korbinites by killing their old leader. Bill and Sif battle and kill Mercurio, and they discover that Thor wasn't killed, but just teleported into a Korbinite prison cell. Bill becomes the new leader of the Korbinites, and he says farewell to Thor and Sif as they head back to Asgard.

Introduced: Beta Ray Bill, Mercurio, Korbinites

Villains: Mercurio, Korbinites

Deaths: Mercurio

Vol. 3 - Enchanted

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