Thor Odinson is Odin's second born (Hela was his first). He is the most powerful of the Avengers, but not the strongest. He first appeared is his series, Thor: The Animated Series. His final episode Ragnarok: Part 2, leads directly to Ragnarok Part 3 from The Avengers: The Animated Series


Early Life

Similar to that of Thor of Earth-199999.


Similar to that of Thor of Earth-199999.

Joining The Avengers

After uniting against a common threat Thor and the Avengers (Iron Man, Hulk, Vision, and Scarlet Witch) banded together and went on many missions. Until Odin went into his Odinsleep and it was revealed he most likely wouldn't wake up from it, making Thor the king of Asgard and Jane Foster the new Thor. Finding out about the Infinity Stones and Ragnarok, Thor tried to prevent it, but not before asking permission from his awakened father (who was actually Loki in disguise) to search for it.

Thor: The Animated Series

Rejoining The Avengers

Thinking Surtur is defeated, Thor returns to join the Avengers (now consisting of Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Scarlet Witch). They meet a new member named Monica Rambeau, who joins the team as Spectrum.


Thor is considered to be the most mightiest and most powerful out of all of the Avengers able to counter all of their powers and abilities.

Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* *Higher Durability and Energy Projection when accessing the Odinforce

Respect Thread


    • THOR [Strike] One-shots Abomination
    • THOR [Strike] One-shots Namor, in the rain, on accident
    • THOR [Strike] Breaks Silver Surfer’s force-fields
    • THOR [Strike] Puts a guy straight through the Earth
    • THOR [Strike Aftermath] His blows shake all Asgard
    • THOR [Strike Aftermath] His blows turn the countryside to lava
    • THOR [Assisted Strike] Him and Hercules close a wormhole
    • THOR [Grip] Tears the Earth open
    • THOR [Grip] Breaks out of adamantium chords
    • THOR [Wrestle] Wrestles with the living incarnation of the Odinforce
    • THOR [Wrestle, Aftermath] He and Hercules generate enough force to throw the planet out of orbit
    • THOR [Push] Reverses the World-Engine, which was moving Yggdrasil, the great tree that connects the nine worlds
    • THOR [Pull] easily tears through chains designed to hold ten giants - giants apparently posses the strength of ten gods each. So that's pretty high above Asgardian average
    • THOR [Lift] Wrestles the Midgard Serpent off Earth which ahs been calced
    • THOR [Headbutt] dents Surfer’s head with his own 
    • THOR [Throw] Throws the Odinsword with sufficient force to impale and floor Arishem
    • MJOLNIR [Strike] Atomizes a tank
    • MJOLNIR [Strike] Can smash planets like pebbles
    • MJOLNIR [Strike] Knocks out Phoenix Force 
    • MJOLNIR [Strike] Throws his hammer through an amped Thing 
    • MJOLNIR [Strike] Silver Surfer Stops holding back and Thor still Whacks him out
    • MJOLNIR [Strike] Knocks Galactus over
    • MJOLNIR [Strike] Again
    • MJOLNIR [Strike, Aftermath] Shockwaves destroy mountains and cities, while the blows break the armor of a celestial, as well as rocking the planet under them. For reference, Celestials can No-sell planet-busting attacks
    • MJOLNIR [Strike Aftermath] Shockwaves can shatter chains
    • MJOLNIR [Strike Aftermath] Makes Mountains shake and heavens quiver, would allegedly have shattered the very towers of Asgard
    • MJOLNIR [Strike Aftermath] Hits Beta Ray Bill so hard the planets under him shatters, for reference, The planet
    • MJOLNIR [Strike Aftermath] Hits Gorr hard enough to shatter nearby worlds (credit to /u/jhartigan)
    • MJOLNIR [Assisted Strike] Thor and Beta ray Bill destroy a portal larger than the nearby stars
    • MJOLNIR [Throw] A normal throw can hurt Galactus


  • THOR [Blunt Force] Tanks punches from Maxam and Power Gem Drax
    • THOR [Blunt Force] takes a blow from Surtur
    • THOR [Weight] breaks out of a gravitational pull akin to a neutron star
    • THOR [Pressure] survives allegedly twenty planets worth of pressure
    • THOR [Piercing] Wolverine’s claws barely leave marks
    • THOR [Gunfire] Is bulletproof 
    • THOR [Explosion] Survives a collision with a world-killing missile
    • THOR [Explosion] Tanks a bomb that blew up a ship the size of a small solar system
    • THOR [Electricity] Tanks Zeus’s lightning bolts
    • THOR [Electricity] All the Electricity of a celestial mothership only feeds him
    • THOR [Energy] Tanks Thanos’s planet-busting blast
    • THOR [Energy] Survives a scream from Black Bolt
    • THOR [Energy] Not that hurt from a blast from Starbrand 
    • THOR [Energy] Blasted by 3 Celestials, he keeps going
    • THOR [Energy] Takes Celestial Energy that skeletonizes Abomination
    • THOR [Energy, Chaos Magic] At full Power, Scarlet WItch can only BFR
    • THOR [Heat] Resists the Flames of Odin's eye
    • THOR [Heat] Tanks Firelord's Fire
    • THOR [Special Heat] No-Sells Hellfire
    • THOR [Star] Has a conversation in The core of the sun
    • THOR [Star] Fights Gorr inside a star 
    • THOR [Matter Manipulation] Has unusual molecules
    • THOR [Decay] takes the rotting powers of Rot
    • THOR [Age] Immune to aging rays
    • THOR [Anti-God] Goes inside a bomb made to kill every God in the universe 
    • THOR [Anti-God/Digestion] eaten by Demogorge, along with a bunch of other Gods, but was the only one whomanaged to damage the beats from the inside
      • THOR [Odinforce]Tanks attacks from Gardner
      • THOR [Odinforce] Withstands Desak empowered Destroyer's Disintegration beam
      • THOR [Odinforce] Survives a beating from Amped Perrikus
      • THOR [Odinforce] Withstands a beating from Loki empowered Destroyer
      • THOR [Odinforce] Walks through the Full Divine power of Bor
      • THOR [Odinforce] Tanks an attack from Desak that "no other god would have survived"


    • THOR [Acceleration] Moves in a few microseconds
    • THOR [Throw] Can throw his hammer across the galaxy in under a minute
    • THOR [Throw] Can swing his hammer twice the speed of light
    • THOR [Spacecraft] Hits incoming meteors in his ship, that was earlier seen leaving Asgard and has traveled Ten thousand lightyears in maybe a month


  • THOR [Melee] Catches the foot of Hermes
    • THOR [Melee] Smacks a speeding Hyperion
    • THOR [Melee] Knocks Silver Surfer out of the air
    • THOR [Gunfire] Blocking bullets
    • THOR [Cannonfire] Catching an artillery shell
    • THOR [Projectile] Catching Adam Warlock's staff
    • THOR [Projectile] Gorr goes Lightyears away in moments, and as Thor and OKT catch up, they can still Smash his stones he’s throwing at them
    • THOR [Energy] Blocks a mental bolt from Phoenix. Its worth noting that, in Marvel, mental bolts are quite FTL (Faster than Light)
    • THOR [Energy] Dodges a blast from Silver Surfer
    • THOR [Energy] rolls away from a blast from Bi-Beast
    • THOR [Energy, Surprise] Dodges Gladiator’s Laser-eyes (as he did not yet know Kallark’s powers, it seems unlikely he could aimdodge


    • THOR [Stamina] Matches strength with Hulk for nearly an hour
    • THOR [Stamina] Fights for hours on end
    • THOR [Stamina] Fights for many Days in Hel 
    • THOR [Stamina] can arm-wrestle for millennia
    • THOR [Flayed] Powers through total skin-loss 
    • THOR [Organ Loss] Asgardians do pretty well without organs 
    • THOR [Torture] Takes seventeen days of Torture from Gorr

Mental Fortitude

    • THOR [Telepath] Red Skull with Professor X’s powers needs permission to get in
    • THOR [Telepath] Resists the Mind Control of a Rigellian
    • THOR [Telepath] Resist's Loki's telepathy
    • THOR [Telepath] resists the Skyfather Horus
    • THOR [Telepath] Resists the Cosmic Being known as The Stranger, who no-sold the mental attacks of Overmind’s Billion psychic brainpowers
    • THOR [Telepath] Resists The Goddess Moondragon

THOR [Telepath] Resists Man-Beast, a guy who could tear apart the mind of High evolutionary, a guy who easily resisted moondragon

    • THOR [Telepath] No sells a mental blast from Mind-gem Moondragon
    • THOR [Telepath] Resists guy who easily tore the mind of 3 Eternals
    • THOR [Telepath, Counterattack] Regular telepathy might go mad by entering his mind 
    • THOR [Telepath, Counterattack] Emma frost with the phoenix Force greatly regrets even trying to break in 
    • THOR [Handicapped, Telepath] Even catatonic, can resist Mind-gem Moondragon
    • THOR [Chemical] Hallucinogenic mists have no effect

Spiritual Fortitude

    • THOR [Soul] Has a very powerful soul
    • THOR [Soul] Adam Warlock's Soul Gem won't hurt him
    • THOR [Sirens] Is immune to siren songs
    • THOR [Courage] Feels no fear
    • THOR [Goodness] His Pure Good hurts Mephisto

Fighting Skill

    • THOR [General] Best combatant seen by man or mutate
    • THOR [General] [As an adolescent, Shows some basic wrestling moves against a giant
    • THOR [Outnumbered, Hammer] Beats a bunch of undead warriors depowered
    • THOR [Outnumbered, Hammer] beats up a bunch of thugs depowered 
    • THOR [Outnumbered, Hammer] Beats up a bunch of swordsmen depowered
    • THOR [Outnumbered, Shield] Fights with Captain America's shield depowered
    • THOR [Beast, unarmed] In the mortal form of Siegfried, beats a bear with his bare hands
    • THOR [Monster, armed] As the Mortal Siegfried, kills a dragon 
    • THOR [Outnumbered, Sword+Shield] As the mortal Siegfried, kills hordes of opposing warriors 
    • THOR [Outnumbered, Hand to Hand]  Thor was depowered and managed to beat 2 armed hyborians with his bare hands, as well as disarming and throwing Conan of Cimmeria
    • THOR [Sword] Nearly as deadly with a sword
    • THOR [Throw] Depowered Thor takes down an attack helicopter

Weather Manipulation

  • THOR [Lightning] Breaks Hercules’s hold on him 
  • THOR [Lightning] Lightning from his fists 
  • THOR [Lightning] better than Storm
  • THOR [Handicap, Lightning] Summons a bolt powerful enough to hurt Gorr, even after being impaled. 
  • THOR [Rain, Fire] Can summon flaming rain 
  • MJOLNIR [Storm] Creates a worldwide storm 
  • MJOLNIR [Wind] Summons the winds of a thousand worlds 
  • THOR [Space] Can control Cosmic Storms
  • THOR [Time] Can control temporal storms


  • MJOLNIR [Focused] Hurt Void
  • MJOLNIR [Focused] hurts Amatsu Mikaboshi 
  • MJOLNIR [Focused] KO Hulk, who has tanked billionzz of megavoltzz
  • MJOLNIR [Focused] Can KO Juggernaut (The Avengers: The Animated Series: Episode 1-Once an Avenger)
  • MJOLNIR [Focused] Kills Fenrir
  • MJOLNIR [Focused] Break the Crimson bands of Cytorrak 
  • MJOLNIR [Area] Can be sent in many directions 
  • MJOLNIR [Area] Can explode it outwards 
  • MJOLNIR [Area] Splits Jotunheim 
  • MJOLNIR [Area, Space] Takes out a space armada
  • MJOLNIR [Accuracy] Can be precise
  • MJOLNIR [Sound] Thunder is heard from worlds away
  • MJOLNIR [Interdimensional] Can hurt people who exist on different dimensional planes
  • MJOLNIR [Intangibility Interaction] Can hurt the intangible (The Avengers: The Animated Series-Episode 5-No Strings on Me)

Energy Absorption

  • MJOLNIR [Scale] Do you know what they call energy attacks in Asgard? Mjolnir snacks
  • MJOLNIR [General] Absorbs Silver Surfer's bolt
  • MJOLNIR [General] confident he can contain a planet-busting explosion
  • MJOLNIR [Fire] Absorbs the fires of Hades
  • MJOLNIR [Radiation] Absorbs Hyperion's atomic vision
  • MJOLNIR [Radiation] Absorbs Radiation from Kang (The Avengers: The Animated Series-Episode 23: Come the Conqueror)
  • MJOLNIR [Life Energy] Removes life energy
  • MJOLNIR [Life Energy] More life energy
  • MJOLNIR [Counterattack] Kills Glory by channeling his energy back at him, twice
  • MJOLNIR [Counterattack] Absorbs energy from a Null Bomb and re-ignites a sun
  • MJOLNIR [Counterattack] Returns energy tenfold
  • MJOLNIR [Counterattack] Returns energy a hundred fold
  • MJOLNIR [Manipulation] Fires an energy being into the sun

Matter Manipulation

  • MJOLNIR [Elemental Transmutation] Turns absorbing Man to Helium
  • MJOLNIR [Molecular Transmutation] Turns a pyramid to orchards
  • MJOLNIR [Destruction] Separates himself from concrete
  • MJOLNIR [Construction] Makes himself a new costume


  • THOR [Capability] Without his hammer 
  • THOR [Space] Can go into space
  • MJOLNIR [Speed] FTL
  • MJOLNIR [Speed] Escapes an FTL Planet
  • MJOLNIR [Speed] Overpasses an MFTL Ego 4 times
  • MJOLNIR [Load] Saves Rulk (Red Hulk) from a black hole 

Dimensional Tearing and Portals

  • THOR [Capability] Worth noting he can do it with his bare hands 
  • MJOLNIR [Trap] Pushes a guy into the sun
  • MJOLNIR [Trap] Removes Ulik from the battlefield
  • MJOLNIR [Trap] Sends The Destroyer to another realm
  • MJOLNIR [Group Trap] Sends the Masters of Evil to another dimension
  • MJOLNIR [Group Trap] Sends Ymir and Surtur to the dimension of Death
  • MJOLNIR [Group Trap] Sends humans to limbo
  • MJOLNIR [Group Trap] Sends the Warriors 3 to Asgard
  • MJOLNIR [Trap, Scale] Sends a nuclear reactor to another planet
  • MJOLNIR [Portal] Opens a portal to a dimension of energy 
  • MJOLNIR [Portal] Opens a stable portal
  • MJOLNIR [Portal, Scale] Uses one to drop an ocean, can apparently do similar with stars 
  • MJOLNIR [Portal, Scale] Can open pocket dimensions to his armor
  • MJOLNIR [Travel] Sends Thor to the Dark Dimension
  • MJOLNIR [Travel] Opens a hole in space/time 
  • MJOLNIR [Group Travel] Takes a group of people to space
  • MJOLNIR [Summon] Summons his belt of strength


  • MJOLNIR [Accuracy] Tracks Him (Adam Warlock)
  • MJOLNIR [Accuracy] finds the Norn Stones
  • MJOLNIR [Interstellar] Tracks across realms 
  • MJOLNIR [Inter-Dimensional] Can track people across dimensions

Returning Enchantment

  • MJOLNIR [Power] Zeus himself cannot long hold it
  • MJOLNIR [Power] tears through Hell and Hel
  • MJOLNIR [Power] Thor's Hammer will tear itself out of Set to return to his hand
  • MJOLNIR [Power] Thor's Hammer will tear itself from the grip of the Destroyer and again
  • MJOLNIR [Speed] Comes back faster than Silver Surfer (Who moves at warp speed)
  • MJOLNIR [Speed, Range] Will return from the edge of the galaxy in under a minute
  • MJOLNIR [Pathing] Will go through peeps
  • MJOLNIR [Control] He can also move it around midair
  • MJOLNIR [Inter-dimensional] Breaks dimensional borders to return to him 


  • THOR [Capability] Can do a Godblast with his bare hands
  • MJOLNIR [Power] Gravely wounds Majeston Zelia after she had taken Odin’s power
  • MJOLNIR [Power] Can reverse Juggernaut
  • MJOLNIR [Power] A hungry Galactus is confident it would kill him
  • MJOLNIR [Power, Self-Damage] Not only breaks into the mind of a Celestial, but creates enough energy to nearly destroy Mjolnir

Holding Back

  • THOR [Character] Saying he does
  • THOR [Character] Repeating his point
  • THOR [Character] Saying so again
  • THOR [Narrator] Narration saying so
  • THOR [Narrator] Re-iterates
  • THOR [Example] Holding back vs Full force 


  • THOR [Dimensional Resistance] Immune to removal from the battlefield (BFR)?
  • MJOLNIR [Anti-Magic] Can generate anti-magic fields
  • MJOLNIR [Magnetism] Can channel magnetic fields into blasts
  • MJOLNIR [Illusion detection] Can detect the true Mephisto from many illusions

Power Output

  • THOR [Odinforce] Fights evenly with Surtur in physical strength and later knocks him out using a storm
  • THOR [Odinforce] Destroys Loki Empowered Destroyer
  • THOR [Odinforce] Blows a hole through Desak empowered Destroyer
  • THOR [Odinforce] Kills Bor with a blow that shatters Mjolnir
  • [Depowered] Defeats Thing and Hulk
  • THOR [Odinforce] Blows a hole through Captain America's shield
  • THOR [Odinforce] Melts Wolverine
  • THOR [Odinforce] Beats down Amped Perrikus
  • THOR [Odinforce]Destroys a Planet on Accident


  • THOR [Odinforce] Can grow to a size where he dwarfs Stars
  • THOR [Odinforce] Can Erase beings from Existence
  • THOR [Odinforce] Almost erases Desak until the God-Jewel saved him
  • THOR [Odinforce] BFR's Mangog on Earth to Limbo while Thor was at Asgard at the time
  • THOR [Odinforce] Merges the Soul of his Past Self and Olsen
  • THOR [Odinforce] Freezes Time
  • THOR [Odinforce] Reconstructs the Moon on a Molecular level
  • THOR [Odinforce] Brings Asgardians back to life
  • THOR [Odinforce] BFR's Multiple Nukes

The Avengers: The Animated Series: Season Three:

  • THOR [Odinforce] Blasts Gorr Light-years away
  • THOR [Odinforce] Matches Hungry Galactus
  • THOR [Odinforce] Causes Hungry Galactus to vomit the molten energies of a thousand worlds
  • THOR [Odinforce] Tanks hits from Hungry Galactus
  • THOR [Odinforce] His fight with Galactus is felt across Galaxies
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