Thor Odinson is the Norse God of Thunder, and the defender of Asgard. He has a magical hammer known as Mjolnir which can summon thunder and strike down lightning. Only those worthy enough can lift Mjolnir, and Thor has proven himself worthy on countless occasions. He was originally banished to Earth while trying to stop Ymir, lord of the Frost Giants, and his henchman Algrim from taking over Asgard. On Earth, he got amnesia and started a new life as Donald Blake, until he eventually rediscovered Mjolnir and returned to Asgard, only to find it in total mayhem.

Powers & Abilities

  • Mjolnir - Thor wields a magical hammer that only those worthy enough can lift.
    • Lightning Blasts - Mjolnir allows Thor to summon bolts of lightning to strike his enemies with.
    • Control Over Weather - Mjolnir gives Thor total control over the weather, but he only ever seems to use this power to summon thunder storms.
    • Flight - Mjolnir allows Thor to fly above the ground.
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