"For Asgard!" - Thor: A Valkyrie's Rise is a live action fantasy superhero film within the FMCU2 cinematic universe. This film is created by Actingoutlove with the assistance and approval of Jaga 321.


  • Jennifer Lawrence as Brunnhilde/Thor
  • Katie McGarth as Loki
  • Orlando Bloom as Sif
  • Andrew Garfield as John Foster
  • Julie Dench as Odin
  • Sean Bean as Frigga
  • Rosamund Pike as Fandral
  • Jamie Chung as Hogan
  • Christina Hendricks as Volstagg
  • Lenora Crichlow as Heimdall
  • Stan Lee as Man In Coffee Shop (Cameo)


After the death of her dear brother, Brunnhilde, once a Valkyrie, takes the mantle of Thor in her dead brother's honor. Many Asgardians are honored, some feel insulted to see a woman as their new Thor, but one person is angriest of all, Thor's sister Loki. She feels that the title should be hers and steals an important item belonging to Odin, their mother. Thor must hunt down her sister in order to find her and stop what evil she plans to commit with the artifact known as the aether.


  • Thor would go on to join SHIELD in the Avengers, where she became one of the seven members.
  • While Thor & Sif do have strong feelings for each other, their love is never fully explored before she leaves for Earth.
  • With Brunnhilde stepping down as Valkyrie, a new one was appointed, her name is Amora.
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