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Thomas Fireheart, better known as Puma, is an ex navy seal who was hired as an assassin by The Kingpin to kill Spider-Man. He was injected with a special serum that transformed him into a puma humanoid with super strength, speed, and agility, along with razor claws and sharp fangs.
Thomas Fireheart (Earth-890)
Basic Information

Human, but becomes a Puma humanoid when injected with serum




200 lbs


Brown (in Human form)

Yellow (as Puma)


Black (in Human form)

Orange (as Puma)


Super Strength, Speed, agility, sharp claws, razor fangs



Additional Data
Secret Identity Occupation:




Language Spoken:

English, Spanish


Thomas Fireheart was born to parents of Native American descent, from the Kisani tribe.  His parents were immigrants from Mexico, who lived in New York City.  Thomas was born in New York City, a few months after his parents immigrated.

After graduating from high school, he went into the military, and years later, was a navy seal.  At the age of 38, he left the military, and was hired by The Kingpin as an assassin to kill Spider-Man.  He put up a good fight, but failed.  Afterwards, he was found trapped in webbing by a mysterious man in a black trenchcoat and hat, who freed him.  He was taken to the Kingpin and injected with a serum which was combined with Spider-Man's DNA, a puma's DNA, and a super soldier serum created by HYDRA.  He was transformed into a super powered puma humanoid and called himself "Puma". 

Puma fought Spider-Man a second time and Spider-Man, almost defeated and injured by Puma, luckily tazed Puma and did a pressure point on him, knocking him out.  Puma reverted to his Human form and was found tied up by webbing, unconcious, by police officers.  He was incarcerated. 

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