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Third Operator

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The Operator






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Regenerated after the Third Operator

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Quote1 "She comes Doctor!"
"Wait, who's coming?"
"The Operator!"
-- Delos to the Doctor


After being badly wounded by the Black Widow in the reality of Earth-616. He was teleported back to the Citadel with the Healing Dankebot Units doing everything to heal him, however it was too late as he started to glow golden of Regeneration Energy, and soon morphed into a rather small girl child with blonde hair and green eyes. At first, the Operator was confused, then changed to that of regret. Regretting what she has done. To make up for those mistakes, she orders all Operation's Units to return to the Citadel so they can depart Earth-616, and enter the reality of Earth-160 during the Magic Era where would stay on a island. She would then stay at a Magic Guild with "two parents parents" she created she was able to join the guild.


Mavis world work for the Atomic Vatican magic guild where she would clean the guild's floor, clothing, dishes, and other things the guild members wouldn't do. But when the two parents required money, and borrowed from the guild. They treated her much more harshly, but not much as the parents did pay some of the debt in a fortnight. However, one day the parents died by S-Class wizards during a quest. Due to this, the guild then treated her much more harshly to do work to pay off the debt. Despite always been mistreated, and pushed around, she was happy. Because she's not alone like she always was on the Citadel. And hopes she could last before returning.

===Atomic Vatican Attack===

Powers and Abilities


  • Magic: After the destruction of the Atomic Vatican guild, she read all the books in their library, which contained magic spells, allowing her to learn on the arcane arts of Earth-160.
    • Cosmic Law: A immensely powerful magic that allows the user to cause immense destruction of a cosmic scale. Only those the user sees as a true foe will be affected.
  • Low-Tier Chronokinesis: When the Third Operator became the Time God, she now has access to limited manipulation over time and space on a local-scale.
    • Time Acceleration: The Operator possess limited control to accelerate time on inanimate objects (including robots).
    • Time Deceleration: The Operator has limited control of decelerating time on inanimate objects (including robots).
  • Telekinesis: The Operator is able to lift matter with touching it physically.
  • Low-Tier Telepathy: The Operator is able to communicate via mind in a short radius.
  • Regeneration Reconstruction: The Operator can regenerated into a new body and get a new personality. But that can only happen if the Operator is fatally wounded, or taken too much bodily damage.
  • Radiation Absorption: The Operator is able to absorb limited amount of quantities for some time before needing to stop.
  • Decelerated Aging: As a Time Lord, the Operator ages very slowly. Currently, the age of the Operator is 10,000 years.


  • Transcendental Genius: One of the most notable of the Operator's ability is unrivaled intelligence. The Operator is shown to possess a mind of to create advance inventions.
    • Technological Aptitude: The Operator as innate understanding with advance technologies with little to no study
      • Superior Technology: The Operator is able to make even more advance technological constructs then his father can. Some of the people even say could create a object with the power to destroy a reality.
      • Enhanced Crafting: The Operator is able to craft weapons, armor, items, artifacts, statues etc with nigh-flawlessness.
        • Hyper-Inventing: The Operator is able to invent scientifically complex machinery, eletronics, devices, gadgetry and weaponry.
      • Mechanical Intuition: The Operator has a innate understanding of mechanics with little to no study.
      • Nanite Construction: The Operator is able to create tiny, microscopic robotics to infiltrate anything.
        • Nanite Constructs: The Operator can morph the Nanite into virtually anything.
      • High-Tech Exoskeleton: The Operator is able to create and utilize a very advance technologically powerful suit of armor.
      • Mecha Creation: The Operator is able to make advance mecha's with ease.
      • Robotic Creation: The Operator is made to create robots.
        • Advance AI Creation: The Operator is capable of making fully self-aware, sentient AI who literally has the emotions and feelings of humans.
      • Satellite Generation: The Operator is able to make advance satellites and satellite dishes that can transmit information between planets, and possible between realities.
      • Vehicle Creation: The Operator is able to make advance technological vehicles, including starships of great sizes.
    • Concept Understanding: The Operator's mind is so intelligent, he is able to understand many concepts and aspects in a short time. The Operator was actually able to fully understand space-time continuum, which unlocked the Key to create the Space-Time Core.
    • Accelerated Thought Process: The Operator can process information at great speeds.
    • Details Intuition: The Operator can notice, process and understand details of almost any situation no matter how small.
    • Parallel Processing: The Operator is able to carry out multiple thought process at once. Making the Operator stay ahead of enemies by 4 steps.
    • Tactical Analyse: The Operator is able to make very complex, complicated strategies only the robotic creations can only understand, and was able to protect the Citadel from even that of Thanos. She was also known as the Wizard Tactician during the First Wizardry War.
    • Omnilingualism: The Operator has studied every known language in the Multiverse, and has been able to speak them as if it was the first language he was taught.

Strength level

5x stronger th


  • Saying Goodbye: The Operator despises saying goodbye to those she cares for. But she knows it will happen one day.
  • Can be taken advantage: Her love, kindness and compassion can be taken advantage of.
  • Women: Despite regenerating into a girl, it seems she is still attracted to other girls. This is shown with Emma Parker who she instantly fell in love with, and actually kissed her once. Due to this weakness, she is hesitant to attack other girls, including villains.



  • Citadel: Despite being an planetary mega-structure, and used to travel across space, time, and perform dimensional travel. The Citadel is also an device that allows the Operator to gain Meta Space-Time Manipulation, allowing the Operator to control the very space-time continuum across the Multiverse.
    • Nexus: The Operator uses the Nexus to destroy an Reality during the Reality wars. Now they are planetary mega-structures to hold life of creatures.


  • Temporial Vehicle: An multipurpose vehicle designed to be able to travel through space, atmospheric re-entry, and the leaving of planets, and submerged in water.




  • Fallen Angels: one of the most deadliest of creatures that roams planet Earth, feeding of radiation and energy. The angels has taken a great liking to the Operator due to her body being that of time energy, one of the nigh-purest cosmic-universal energies that makes up the Omniverseal makeup throughout creation. If the angels gets their hands on the Operator, they will have the power to rival even that of Yahweh, and even surpassing Time itself, transcending and existing outside basically everything.

Weapons: None known.


  • The Operator is known all throughout the Multiverse by Super-Vaillains, and those who travel among the stars and can also do dimension travel is searching for her, with her Citadel so they can use for themselves. Especially Thanos.


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