Theodore Winchester's history mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart, up until his death at the hands of Domino. However, in this universe, he survived the gunshot to the head upon manifesting a secondary mutation: hyper-accelerated healing. He woke up after being buried, but due to the guilt of his actions under the brainwashing of Genesis, he remained in self-imposed exile, allowing his friends to believe he was dead.

Because Grizzly was one of the few mutants to retain his powers after M-Day, he felt obligated to aid X-Force in combat against Bastion, in order to save the mutant messiah. Afterwards, he was invited to join the team by Wolverine in place of Warpath, and he accepted as a way to compensate for what he had done under the effects of Genesis' brainwashing. He currently remains on the team.

Recently, his skeleton was clad in Adamantium by John Sublime, but before he received mental implants and false memories, he was rescued by his X-Force teammates.

Powers and Abilities

Grizzly has vast super-strength on the same level as Warpath, Colossus, and Rockslide, among others. He also has vast stamina and endurance omega level mutant. He is not "invulnerable," but recently discovered that he possesses a regenerative healing factor very similar to Wolverine, Sabretooth, and others of the like. In addition, his body has the ability to enter a state of suspension similar to hibernation, in which all its non-core tasks are turned off while regenerating tremendously serious wounds. He has super senses animals hyper accurate such as sight, smell, taste and hearing. He has hyper-sharp claws and fangs coated in Adamantium. His body is also covered with a scarlet coat of fur, like a bear.

He is also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, and highly trained in the use of heavy military weaponry and fighting techniques of the Marines.


  • Grizzly kept his promise to not tell Cable about his son's villainy, even after the latter's demise.
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