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Real Name
Theodore "Theodorrek" Altmen (chosen name)
Current Alias

King Dorrek VIII (Skrull name), Th'E-Vell (Kree name), Theodore Rufus "Teddy" Altman (Earth name), Hulkling, Ted, Teen-Hulk, Skrulling, Great Unifier, King Marvel, King of Space, Dorrek Excelsus, Lord Hulk, King Dorrek, Dorrek Supreme, ThE-Dora, Child Emperor, Marvel Paladin


Young Avengers(founder), Young X-Men, Avengers, Knights of the Infinite, Cadre K

Dorrek Supreme (ancestral relative, deceased);

Emperor Dorrek VII (maternal grandfather, deceased); R'Klll (maternal grandmother, deceased); Talos (maternal great grand uncle); Dezan (maternal grand uncle); Mrs. Altman (foster mother, deceased), Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) (father, deceased); Princess Anelle (mother, deceased); Photon (Genis-Vell) (paternal half-brother, deceased); Martyr (Phyla-Vell) (paternal half-sister, deceased); Skrull Cows (relative); Xavin (distant Skrull relative);

Billy Kaplan (fiancé)


Base Of Operations
Nexus of Possibility, Multiverse, New York City





Unusual Features
Odd physiological shape due to both kree/skrull inheritance.


Marital Status

Adventurer, diplomat, archaeologist, student, teacher, assistant, king, military commander

Xavier's School for the Future Studies, Kree battle training Academy of Hala, Skrull halls of the encyclopedic Archivus, Advanced Quantum & Theoretical physics degree at Sotomayor University, political sciences master degree of the Kree Diplomatic Gestalt Acadamia of Earth-200080, Multi-racial military training

Kree Eternal/Mutant Skrull / Inhuman hybrid, descends of royalty and divinity as the son of Kree hero Captain Marvel and his royal consort Princess Anelle.

Place of Birth
Salem Center, Westchester County, New York

First appearance

Modern Comics:
Civil War Vol 1 5


Quote1.png People signify me as some great unifier. Truth is? I'm simply me. Just a humble guy with a not so humble upbringing looking to angle peoples, all peoples of all cultures closer together. Quote2.png
-- Captain Marvel

Prince Dorrek VIII was born to the Kree Hero and galactic protector known as Captain Mar-Vell. Who, while on his many travels across the stars, met and fell in love with the Skrull principality belonging to the house of Dorrek; Princess Anelle. The two grew close for a time and eventually entered a passionate relationship which would begat the heir to a unified coalition brought about by their union. During the fateful Infinity Gauntlet, Anelle was one of many casualties when the Mad Titan's sycophantic outbursts with the Infinity Gauntlet led to the destruction of Tarnax IV. With the royal line cut down in it's infancy, the Skrull Empire was doomed to crumble and fall.


But the seed born of both races legacy from their union would live on in the form of a young child. One who is of both and neither cultures whom would come of age while on Earth.

Powers and Abilities


Techorg Augmented Kree/Skrull Hybrid Physiology: Due to a very colorful gene pool derived from his familial background. Being the offspring of a decorated, vastly augmented war hero and empirical royalty with noble blood carrying the latent X-Gene. Theodore possesses vast power potential greater than all of the Captain Marvel's who proceeded him thus far. On top of having his natural abilities born of both races, King Dorrek has undergone extensive Technical and Biological upgrades throughout his career as a superhero and a leader of a vast interstellar front.

  • Hybrid Facilities: Captain Th'E-Vell possesses physical attributes akin yet superior to either Kree or Skrull races; possessing resistance to poison, toxins and disease (systemic antidote), and a higher natural physicality level and more durable body than most any other races be it human or alien. A faculty of his birth which is further augmented by the unique blend of science-magitech armor chassis designed for him by Marvel Boy when he assumed the throne of both empires.
    • Superalien Strenght: Theodorrek has atypically phenomenal amounts of physical dynamism even amongst his fellow halfbreeds or their parent races. Having enough strength to life well over 50-95 tones at resting rate but no greater than over 100 tons with effort.
    • Superalien Speed: Teddy's physical speed is likewise enhanced. Being quicke and agile enough to dodge and outpace laser artillery at point blank range.
    • Superalien Endurance: Theodore's musculature structure produces less fatigue toxins than a typical human does. Enabling him to push himself harder and longer than most before succumbing to tiring born out of strenuous effort.
    • Superalien Stamina: As with the above, Theo can Extenuate his bodily exertion for weeks to months on end without falling due to exhaustion. Able to battle it out with whole armies for a year and a half long before he physically and mentally shuts down.
    • Superalien Agility: Th'E-Vell's agility, balance, and body coordination were enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of most species across the Marvel Genesisverse. Able to leap and move and bound with superior hand-to-eye coordination than the finest Earth specimen.
    • Superalien Durability: The skin, muscles, bone and other bodily tissues within Theo's anatomy is greatly enhanced beyond the norm even by xenoform standards. While in no way invulnerable; Lord Hulk can tank armor piercing bullet fire, concussion to disintegratory energy blasts and hyper-velocity ballistics with minor discomfort or injury.
    • Adaptive Shapeshifting: As with the typical Skrull, Teddy has the natural ability to change his physical shape and form at the drop of a hat. Due to the Skrull genome being in a constant state of flux, thereby allowing them to spontaneously change their bodies on a cellular level to assume the shape and form of whomever or whatever they need to in order to pass themselves off while moving amongst another species. Due to his special heritage, genetic deviance and myriad of body modifications; Th'E-Vell is much more adept at physiological metamorphosis than most other members of his mothers' species.
      • Physical Augmentation: Similar to the mutant villainess Mystique. Teddy can alternate his natural biomass in order to augment his physical prowess to greater than average degree's by morphing around his genetic tissue in such a way he can bolster his physical capacities beyond their regular norm.
        • Self-Sustenance: Through his shapeshifting, Teddy can adapt biophysical functions that enable him to survive in hostile environments that would normally be hazardous to his health. Like irradiated areas, toxic waste zones, the depths of space and the like.
      • Warskrull Nexus Mods: A perk of his commanding a nation of technically advanced shapeshifters was the inclusion of neurotechnological wetware, designs based on the Warskrulls techno-organic Nexus Amplifier apparatus, installed into his nervous system. Augmentations which enables the complete mimicry of other individuals not simply limited to copying their physiological appearance, but the mapping and replicating of their entire biophysical makeup down to the sub-molecular level. This enables Hulking to take on more than the fiscal shape of another person; but mimic the copied templates powers, mannerisms, intellect and personal ques at will.
      • Genetic Access: Through his mastery of self-supremacy coupled with the mystic mechanics of his battle suit. Theo can use his metamorphosis to reach back along his ancestral family tree in order to access and alternate his own body to ascertain the power and/or knowledge of prior kings, leaders and or associates connected to his familial line. Giving him an endless arsenal of powers, knowledge and intuitive insight with which to make the most of throughout his career as a leader of worlds.
      • Regenerative Healing Factor: Teddy's natural self-regenerative abilities are bosltered to incredible degrees. Initially only being able to heal minor to moderate injuries thanks to the natural ability to shapechange where he would subconsciously alternate the placing of his internal organs in order to avoid critical injury. Now his abilities to recover and rebuild damaged and destroyed bodily tissue has become so great he can potentially regenerate from a few scraps of D.N.A. even from complete and total atomic cancellation if need be due to his mastery over energy frequencies.
      • Amalgamophing: One of the unique qualities of Teddy's metamoprhosis is the capacity to physically, symbiotically merge with inanimate and or organic matter in order to assimilate it's size and mass into his own molecular biology. By doing so Captain Marvel can shift it's physical shape and structure into any given form he can conceive of alongside himself. Effectively speaking, he can work in tandem with other shapeshifters to fabricate working vehicular and arsenalized transportation. Even fuse into raw material like a building structure, an open field or agricultural forestation and manipulate every single iota of it's chemical nature in order to move and/or animate it as an extension of himself. This ability usually works better when working together with other changelings as the strain of seeding his own atomic structure into any form of matter let alone multiple items all at once can be strenuous.
        • Elemental Merging: Through his molecular bonding abilities, Teddy can phase-morph through most any given substance. Be it solid, liquid, gas or plasmoid in nature; enabling him to merge through any particular point in a given area and then come back out another way to entirely different areas. A form of matter relocation ability that allows him to get from place to place at expedient rates, similar to teleportation but through merging with various forms of matter as a transitions conductor. Support wise he can use this to shift himself, along with others, from place to place by merging they're molecular structure in and out of matter Solipsistically connected to different areas adjacent to it. Offensively he can fatally merge people into the surroundings without shifting them into another area, painfully fusing their genetics to the environment around them.
    • Xth Sense: A peculiar facility due in part to his latent mutation. Theodorrek possess a couple of unique qualities which are normally reserved for altered Kree and their uncastrated females.
      • Hyper-Cosmic Awareness: Another feature inherent in most Captain Marvel's is the capacity for "Cosmic Awareness". Having inherited this ability from his father, it allows him to know exactly what he needed to know at any given moment; ranging from knowing what his current location was to discovering an opponent´s weakness. WHen he awakened to this special power, Teddy demonstrated a profound understanding of the technomaterial composition of the Kree Battle Suit his Nega Bands fabricated for him, not only realizing the certain details of the special qualities his new uniform which the Supreme Intelligence of Noh-Varr's universe had helped craft for him in honor of his familial line. But also in what it was, how it was made and quickly coming to grips on how it works along with all of its most basic and advanced functions; similar to the mutant Forge and his intuitive mechanical genius. This power also makes Teddy a force to be reckoned with, be it in battle when it comes to adapting and incorporating combat tactics and fighting styles of an adversary. Which enables him to accel in hand to hand training or doing battle with multiple adversary's, either understanding their technique and targeting their weaknesses to; when utilizing the tachyon computers in his Battle suit, having accelerated probability analytic abilities which enable him to calculate a million different tactics and stratagems of how best a situational event would play itself out. All in order for him to act accordingly on the most likely positive outcome he can take for his own benefit. Or sense danger on the horizon and acting/reacting to the problem at hand either by dodge or counter of the oncoming attack; somewhat which is considered comparable to Spider-Man's "spider-sense" and Mantis's awareness of psychic "vibrations." But far greater in viewing scope than either of they're ESP abilities. His clairvoyance eclipsed even those of his father's for not only could King Hulk glean knowledge about the universe at large even from galaxies away. He also could sense changes and alternations within reality itself, being able to see and sense things affecting time & space alongside reality as well. Thus giving Theodorrek a sort of omnipresent consciousness that enables him to perceive objects, individuals, and cosmic threats or anything of significance to him anywhere, even if they were cloaked by invisibility or illusion. Able to perceive possible & definite past, present and futures, alternate timelines and branching realities and could even project and share his awareness of such things with others. His sense of such things was such that Theo could even communicate with the dead and peer into the spirit world, enabling him to create open conversation with the spirits of the deceased. This also allows him to sense when there have been refabrications of reality created by powerful reality warpers the likes of which being a Nexus Being like the Scarlet Witch or her son The Demiurge. Such changes in the subquantum fabric reveal themselves to him as a distortion in the nature of the universe.
      • Psychic Pheromone Manipulation: Through the properties of his Kree genetics, Theodore can emit and control a biopsychic chemical emission which enables him a natural neruopsychic intuition of another person, place or things synesthetic imprint. Enabling him to subconsciously influence the hearts and minds of others be they physical or even ethereal in semblance. He can induce a profound sense of love in adoration in others for himself or each other as easily as he can turn and make them hate one another, this works by creating a form of social polarity between those touched by his powers. Creating a social magnetic charge causes individuals to become attracted to teddy and creating a repelling charge causes them to reject, rebuke and otherwise become reviled at his mere presence. Through this aspect he can also set up a cognitive or empathic maske which shields his personal presence from the view of others. Creating a sort of static disruption effect which causes both organic and electronic observational functions to ignore his presence, making Theodore seem like a hazy afterthought in the eyes and minds of others and blurred images to appear on security systems.
        • Electrochemical Disruption: As stated previously Captain Marvel's psychic pheromones can disrupt technological functionality. Effectively scrambling technological/electronic devices in order to shield himself from security detection. It's so effective he can even use it to disrupt a cyborgs multi-sensory bionics, even the ones that are programmed for mental or technological tampering.
        • Transformative Psychochemical Influence: Working his pheromones in conjunction with his malleable form. Teddy can cause someone to like him and trust him alsmot instantly, this chemical influence allows others to feel good, smoothed, calm, pleasant, and relaxed. A skill he was taught by the mutant metamoprh Benjamin Deeds a.k.a Morph of the X-Men. As stated by Billy Caplain, his betrothed, this new part of "Theadore's charm" is what makes it so easy for him to be loved amongst the interstellar community because he makes people relax and become more light hearted while in his presence. It's why people like him and why he smells so good.
      • Psychometry: Another facet of his Xth power is the ability to gain a psychic read on most anything Theodore comes in contact with, while normally a tactile power (requiring him to touch something in order to ping its memories). Theo's mastery of energy enables him to remotely pick up and scan event imprints left upon the surrounding environs and glean information of past, present and possible future events.
      • Ionic Transference: The Kree female's natural ability to siphon life energy from their male counterpart lingers within Teddy as well. Due to his unique background however, it is greatly amplified compared to those of an unaltered woman of the empire. Like certain Ionic beings Theodore can physically siphon the ionic energy from other beings around him in order to disperse their particle structure into nothingness, on a massive scale if need be ranging from thousands to millions of people at a time. He can just as simply do the same with the stars and planets by splicing into EM Wave Fields and siphoning their electrical plasma, said material energy being a lesser form of Ionic Rays to start with. This eventually causes planets to crumble and die as their particles steadily dissipate until they collapse from the inside out.
  • Eternal Genemodding: When inaugurated into the highest echelons of leadership, Teddy underwent genetic augmentative surgery using the blood of one of the two Empire's greatest legends. Genestock belonging to one of the bravest and brightest heroes of Starcorps; Ard-Con the eternal god of the Kree people. As well as the willful lending by the Skrull peoples own godlike eternal pantheon. Through an infusion of these biophysical templates, Dorrek VIII received his godlike genealogical attributes, awakening and augmenting the boy kings latent capacity to channel, harness and discharge ambient celestial energies for his own unique purposes.
    • Godlike Conditioning: ThE-Dora's physical and mental prowess are vastly augmented through the genetic supplementation by his subjects and their various technologies. Making him far stronger, faster, tougher, smarter and infinitely more capable as a warrior, leader, protector, scholar and universal guardian.
    • Absorption and Manipulation of Matter/Energy: Prof. Bennegine of the Skrull radiologics studies division underwent arduous studies of Th'E-Vell's genetic structure before conducting the transfusion process. He'd discovered that the liegelord could harness raw power in such a way, that not only could Theo absorb energy from outside sources; e.i. sunlight, photonic, electrical, etc. But also convert and manipulate it for various purposes. Deducing that young Mr. Altmen would eventually learn to utilize various sources of power to fuel his abilities given time and practice.
      • Nega-Band Assimilation: Having undergone the Warskrull reconstructive surgery, Theo had absorbed and internalize the functionality of his Nega Bands even when they were separated from his being or rendered inactive. Giving him remote access to their powers and functions on top of the ability to utilize their application without need of their adorning his person. Easily able to drawn copious amounts of energy from the Nega-Bands into himself for neumerous uses without harm.
        • Interspatial Manipulation: After having merged with his Nega-Bands Theodore realized he is nolonger bound by the reality level restrictions that come with each dimensional plane. He learned he can create, shape and manipulate the Interspace, the natural spatial medium that fills, separates, and is between all spaces, dimensions, time-frames and realities. This allows him to collapse the space between realities to erase things from existence, change the distance between locations, expand the space between multiple points, and likely much more he has yet to discover. Because of the unique and fundamental nature of Interspace, Theo could eventually manipulate either the fundamental fabric of reality and/or even the original realities (it's Alpha and Omega point) that all the other realities are formed from.
        • Core Source Empowerment: The various elements which went into the housing of his Nega Bands now act to further bolster and empower Theodore and his symbiotic technologies. From the Primagen, M'Kraan, Mandalay, Lifestone, Bifrost and Cosmic Egg casing's added to the bands bestows their wearer with special abilities unique to each and every user who ever wielded them. Thanks to his Nega Bands he now has the combined power of these cosmological artifacts and to further supplement himself. To the point he can act as a planetary energy grid powerful enough to supercharge whole galactic systems by his lonesome.
        • Adaptive Enhancement: With the Nega Bands now an extension of his own physical being. Theodore can consciously adapt and empower himself to any known physical degree he can conceive of, adjusting both himself and his superhuman abilities pertaining to how powerful then enemy and/or how dangerous the current event present in order to overcome it. Adjusting and augmenting himself with new abilities or variable customization's to pre-existing ones for the purpose of outfighting, out-thinking or generally outclassing most any form of adversarial situations Theo comes across. Sometimes the augments to his own abilities will be permanent while other times it only remains so effective until the danger he's up against passes. But with each and every modification he receives against a superior opponent, Captain Marvel gains new experiences and can grow progressively stronger and smarter internally at a faster pace than most other warriors.
      • Exotic Energy Metabolics: Like the rest of his family before him, Hulkling possessed their innate capacity to metabolize a voluminous array of energies. Converting it into greater strength and power he could use for a variety of effects, including conversion of the light of the sun and stars into different forms of energy or using those energies to further augment himself if need be.
        • FTL Flight: With or without metamorphic's Theodore can utilize his energy to propel himself through the air at will. Easily able to fly from subsonic to faster than lightspeed velocities as easily as he can blink & breath.
        • Exotic Force Blasts: Captain Marvel can project concussive charges pertaining either to expulsions of matter or blasts of pure energy. Channeling each and every one of these discharges into planet to galaxy destroying raw force.
          • Energy Enhanced Strike: He can also withhold whatever elements he's channeling on hand in order to strengthen his physical melee.
        • Exotic Transmogrification: Much like the earth born superhero Monica Rambeau, Theodore can push his energy powers to an undefined limit. Being able to transmute his physical body into sentient energy/matter which he can change and alternate into any given shape or form at will.
          • Energy Soul: Lord Hulk can project his astral form as material energy which he can remotely manipulate at will. Through which he can possess multiple people, connect more directly with energy flow, adaptively change energy and merge with it, etc.
          • Adaptive Mimicry: Not only can Captain Marvel convert himself into raw material energy which can take any shape or form deemed by his will. He can physically change his particle structure around in order to emulate any kind of energy signature he can think of, any form of matter known and unknown to man. Even combing both aspects to create entirely new substances completely alien to the natural laws of nature and even physics.
        • Virtual Invulnerability
        • Energy/Matterlock Manipulation: With bolstering by his Mutant/Inhuman genes, Theodore can reach out and tap the foreignness of existential materia sitting just outside of regular space/time and reality. Effectively allowing him to manipulate reality and it's adjacent substances on a sub-quantum level for the purpose of empowering himself or rearranging matter and/or energy on a particle level.
          • Remote Energy Manipulation: Unlike most energy manipulators. Theodore's true potential enables him to reach out and tack into the numerous differential energy frequencies across a broad wave of ergokinetic spectrum's. This allows him to deliberate power output from plant and energy facilities from a world away, dilate the neuroelectricity in cognizant minds to cause effects ranging from loss of consciousness and/or memories to bending and twisting other energy manipulators powers to any degree he wishes.
        • Quantum Surgery: Through his mastery of interactive physics. Theo can psychointuitively understand the physiological, psychological, paranatural, even omniphysical affliction poisoning a person place or thing. From simply understanding a sickness within a living body to ascertaining a cancer ailing the universe. Effectively making him a living, breathing cross section with the ability to structurally disassemble anything from objects to people into their base composite parts from the particle structure outwards.
          • Healing/Restoration: Teddy has vast healing and biophysical alternation abilities thanks to his power over matter and energy. Through this understanding of the physiological anatomy alongside an innate understanding of particle structural composition thanks to his cosmic awareness. Healing the sick or dying his as easy for King Hulk, with proper modulation of his energy fields it is also possible for the God Emperor to resurrect the dead. Even bringing them back different than before.
      • Evolving Absorbing Replication: Atop of his understanding of particle/electron bonding physics,
    • Total Conversion: With the godly genes coursing in his system backed by the Alpha and Omega Stones on his Nega bands, Theodore inherent Eternal ability to change and transmute matter; his own included, on a molecular level were bolstered to new extremes. Due to his Prime Skrull mutant gene enhancing his natural attributes, Hulklings matter shifting abilities are a lot more pronounced than most other Eternals or Deviants. Giving him the ability to alienate matter & energy on a subatomic to particle scale.
    • Quantum Port: In his Captain Marvel guise while using the natural energy channeling properties of his Armor and Nega Bands. Theodorrek can attune his energy signature to the quantum flow which permeates the Omniverse and beyond in order to intiate a host of spontaneous telelocal transportation and bilocation effect phenomena. Relatively speaking he can create matter jumps which reach from intercontinental to extra-dimensional expanses and beyond.
      • Quantum Entanglement:
      • Quantum Folding:
      • Quantum Translocationalism:
  • Inhomo/Primus Superbia Because of his unprecedented genetic inheritance Dorrek Supreme has a virtually limitless array of power and capability. A practical wealth of it in fact. Due to his father being a kree; Teddy inherited his races latent inhuman genetic code, while his mother hailing from Prime Skrull ancestry. A strict sociological secret which she and the rest of the royal court took to the grave when Tarnax IV died screaming. Makes him a an extreme case of Proto-Mutandis to the Skrull Species. Thus making Theo a tangent mix of Inhuman, Mutant, cyber-augment and mutate genetic stock, giving him a plethora of superhuman capabilities outside of his natural Kree/Skrull birthright. After having been administered an alchemic cocktail of the Skrull Adrenaline Compound cut with the fabled Primagen; the precursor of the Terrigen Crystals fabricated by the Kree and utilized by the Inhumans, as well as MGH (Mutant Growth Hormone) extracted from various mutant cultural strains across the universe. Th'E-Vell's latent abilities were awakened and supercharged beyond their norm.
    • Beyond Imperative: As the penultimate hybrid being to ever exist, while also being one of the most empathetic people person's anyone in any existence will ever meet. Teddy's power as an Inhuman Mutant is a similar mix of Beyond Omega Level and Inhuman Kings ability tier. His unique power as befits his status as a King of all Space, is the direct understanding and utilization of the phenomena wherein individuals come to possess extraordinary properties that are unique in and of themselves. Whether it is a power, ability, proclivity, station or otherwise; whatever they have he will embody it. Meaning Theo can instinctively understand and directly control, alternate, renege anything and everything about an entity and their special skills on a philosophical level. Be they natural or cosmic in nature. He is not simply controlling whatever power or status exists out there, Theodorrek is the power, status and a mirror reflection of the entity in question. Giving him absolute access to whomever or whatever exists and/or doesn't exist along with whatever resources they may posses on hand.
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter
Higher levels due to Battle Armor and various enhancements


  • Master Combatant
  • Super-genius Intelligence
  • Accomplished Politician
  • Psychological Intuit
  • Weapon Proficiency

Strength level

Class 100


None known.


Kree Battle Uniform: A specially made battle armor crafted for the liegelord of the Kree-Skrull empire by his friend, young avenger teammate and all around trusted military commander Noh-Varr. Normally held in resverve within his superior iteration Nega Bands. Theo's suit was designed using technological implements comprising of multiple cultures gleaned across the multiverse, Noh's reality included, Theodore's high-tech exomantel operates much like a klyntar does both in semblance and abilities. While incorporating the advanced biotechnology of the Kree and the science mysticism of the Skrull's to make it's wielder all the more powerful as well as imposing.

  • We-Plex Intelligence: Foremost of his armors impressive modifications, was the installation of Noh's most prolific aid throughout his journey as a young hero. The seedling gestalt of the various diplomatic envoys, the Plex-Intelligence is a mind hived transorganic syntellect capable of linking to and communicating or controlling the minds and motor function of most any/all sentient beings. Having a shared roster of collective minds purposed for an endless array of tasks and personal applications. Through it Theo can bolster the natural psionic talents of his Xth sense, opening up vast telempathic channels which enables him to tithe and bind multitudinous minds across planets to star systems and even whole galaxies together in one massive Hive Intellectual union.
  • Technomagical Symbiotic Exoskeleton: Teddy's armor functions and morphs similarly to how he does, his suit provides the young leader with an endless array of symbio-technical appellation's that he can use to capitalize on his much enhanced physiology. Not to mention the endless technological resources he has on hand from across realities as well as his home reality. His powered armor is polymorphic to match his own near-limitless shapeshifting abilities; able to morph weaponry, armor, equipment and advanced aviary apparati to bolster his natural flight or fight capabilities. The technology in his costume has vast adaptive augmentative abilities which both further bolster the protective qualities it has for its wearer as well as the hosts physiological powers and/or abilities.
  • Symbiont CasteNode Production: ThE-Dora's symbio-tech can asexually procreate technmagical spores which harvest the ambient particle materia around them in order to grow and spread into full grown klyntar like mass with which Teddy can fabricate larger and more prolific symbiotic constructs he can control to better augment his powered armor with. Each and every individual component bred and spawned by his exo-armor is an identical functional replica of his original T-O armor, but many of which serving different purposes other than attribute enhancement and wireless technomechanical interfacing. The Modules act as a separate extension of the armor wearer themselves, with every piece of which serving as additional function programming to further enhance his suits weaponry, armor, equipment and overall functionality while taking differing shapes and/or forms.
  • Mecha: The modules can conglomerate over his own armor carapace to build a giant mecha around it with a vast arsenal of superweapons capable of sterilizing whole planets or realities.
  • Vessel: He can reformat his extra-chassis into a trans-reality warp ship with which to traverse the timestream and the multiverse with.
  • Basepoint: Teddy can even create massive megastructures which can simulate faux environments equivalent to inhabitable worlds or entire realities which can be piloted and manned as a mobile fortress.
  • Modular Exo-Frame: Technology from an endless depot of worlds, both from his home dimension and across scores of alternate universes. Some of it's most prolific pieces of upgrade equipment include technology from the Celestials and the Proginators on top of the Raptor Android technologies of the Shi'ar combined with the meta-adaptable Planetary Operational Defense System armor created by Ex-Nhila. This coupled with the self augmentative technology of the Super-Adaptoid makes Theodore's armor chassis one of the most powerful cyber armors ever conceived.
  • Datasong: Through the Raptors unique form of radio-telepathy; Theo's armor can absorb, process, project and share knowledge and information withheld on it's system and project it directly into the minds of others along a radio wave readout transmitted along the EM Spectrum. Enabling its use as a multi-way radio receptor to communicate with other parts of his armor as well as with multiple peoples across multiple worlds all at once, through it Teddy can also access the memories of others and store them within the billions to trillions of microscopic orgamite data storage units within his armor. Each and every individual cell of which shoring up information from countless worlds across his universe and the multiverse as well, this also enables him to streamline his Hyper-Cosmic Awareness in order to keep it from overwhelming his mental state. Combining his natural accelerated probability reading with the suits onboard Tachyon Transmitters & Probability Generators to aid in his divining multiple possible future outcomes for every given coarse of action undertaken. This feature can also double as a omniversal translation device for the wielder, for while the Raptors regularly use this feature in order to subvert the conscious minds of Amulet hosts thus enabling the natural A.I. to overtake the body of the holder. Which acts as a battery for the android itself, Theodore can interlink the brainwaves and thought patterns of other beings. To compartmentalize their thoughts for the purpose of perpetuating a universal gestalt through which the wearer and countless other races can commingle their hearts and minds. This also enables a form of cyberpathy that allows him to interface with any/all forms of technology on a mental level, giving both Teddy as the king of space as well as the people who make a profitable venture off an Extremis derived iteration of the datasong for day to day life in his reality; from operating common utilities like tv, vehicular transport and telecommunications to physically upgrading and augmenting themselves with transorganic bioware with a simple data realization download.
  • The Perch: There is a special pocket dimension within Teddy's armor that acts like a cloud store for all important forms of information, which acts as a cloistered memory zone held within the hive mind created by the Datasong. All known digital minds whom share & pool their experiences and mental engrams of themselves can store any and every bit of personal and experiential information within this secluded zone for later use. New information is encoded there bit by bit most every day even when the good king is outside of the universe, meaning he carries a little bit of his peoples personalities within his being everywhere he goes.
  • Adaptive Appearance:

Transportation: Flight under his own power.
The Supreme: His personalized reality hopping warp ship, crafted from the Symbiont Mod's of his kree warwear and powered by a Bifrost Bridge fragment fused to an M'Kraan Crystal shard taken from the Tallus of the Exiles and a Cosmic Egg Shell obtained over Captain Marvel's many travels. Supreme is a sentient barge that can adjust it's interior or exterior according to Theodore's wishes, from extrapolating mechanics of Noh-Varr's Pocket Battle Field onto his powered armor nodes. Dorrek VIII can utilize the physics bending properties of which for Spatial Modulation Zoning, making the interior bigger on the inside than on the out. As well as Chronal Dilation Bubbles which can accelerate, slow or even decouple sections of the ship from the regular passage of time. Systematically run by the Empirical Xenophage Transitional Reality Exploratory Manifest Interactive Transport Argonaut System; otherwise known as E.X.T.R.E.M.I.T.A.S; a subsidiary of the of the We-Plex Intelligence operating software of King Marvel's exo-suit.

  • Plex E.X.T.R.E.M.I.T.A.S: The core consciousness of the living vessel begotten from the A.I of King Marvel's own symbiotic suit. E.X.T.R.E.M.I.T.A.S is the primary system computer of the mobile fuax world of Supreme which sits in the Omnicron Reality; the middle point where the alpha and omega realities tend to intercede with the rest of the multiverse.

Star Sword Excelsior: The sacred sword belonging to the first founder of the Knights of the Infinite. A magical blade comprising from two infamous war heroes belonging to the once warring galactic super powers. The mighty sword of Dorrek Supreme boasts powerful quantum magic in it's own right. It's edge further modified with Kree technology enabling it to channel and harness cosmic, quantum and totallic force from across realities and back in order to strengthen it's users might and natural powers.

  • Anti-Physics: Due to the quantum physical energy source his sacred blade is powered by, Dorrek VIII's magitech sword can cut down and disrupt the omni-physical nature of both magic and science. Not only repelling and negating most forms of magic or negating ethereal beings with a swing of his sword, but it also has the quality of distorting the natural physics of reality for a number of unique effects.
  • Absolution Cut: The edge of his sword can cut through any thing even the very concepts of reality itself. This enables Excelsior to rip through matter on more than just the nanomolecular level, it's edge is so sharp it can cut light to make the weaponer invisible. Cleave space/time to open wormholes for offense, defense and supportive use (e.i. summoning black holes a micron wide by pricking a hole in reality with its tip). Using it as a possibility/probability weapon when combined with the universal energy core within it's hilt; this effectively takes any and every possible move Th'E-Vell can make with his sword, generating every every probable strike he can make with his sword in tandem with the swing most likely to be successful to land. Effectively the more likely blade attack to be effective will be made real while all other ineffective blows appearing as ghostly afterimages behind it. Buffeting the unlucky target caught in the swipe of his skein with infinite slash strokes all at once.
  • Circuit Transference: The swords natural science magical background gives it the capacity to channel and alternate various energies. More than simply negating or absorbing them when Excelsior's edge comes in contact with it but can just as simply strengthen, cancel, alternate and dilute differing energy frequencies in order to broaden the expanse of any known power source. Be it physical, spiritual or even mystical in nature; using this in conjunction with it's crafting abilities born of the Universal Core functionality, Captain Marvel can use this to strengthen it's natural fabrication capabilities
  • Infinity Rip: Similar to cosmic predators like Galactus or Hunger, the Star Sword Excelsior can channel the cosmic/quantum force of universes to drain the energy out of anything or anyone in an instant. This effect makes it powerful enough to drain planets, star systems, galaxies and even whole universes into itself in order to make Captain Marvel that much stronger. It's a feature which Teddy prefers not to make use of if he can help it, due to his natural love of life and existence as a whole.
  • Wothiness Enchantment: The Star Sword naturally will only work for Teddy or anyone of his particular familial line. It is keyed to his unique quantum flux wave frequencies to prevent shapechangers and/or alt. reality counterparts from gaining a hold of it.
  • Weapon Recall: Lord Hulk learned he could recall the blade from wherever or whenever Theo might misplace it. To that extent he can also control and manipulate it's trajectory of where and how it returns to him. Allowing Theo to control the flight path upon the swords return even when currently out of physical reach.
  • Universal Forge: The hilt and guard of Theodore's sword has been modified with a Universal Energy Core, the Kree technological apparatus known as the Psyche-Magnitron. A material energy reconstruction device with the ability to create most anything the user can imagine as well as bestow superpowers through it's wide arcing radiation frequencies. Refined by Universal Weapon Mods hosted to a Kree Grand Accuser's which enables them to channel and focus Cosmological Force to strengthen & empower themselves with. Through this recombinant technology Theo can use Excelsior to channel copious amounts of extraphysical elements in order to visualize whatever he desires and make them real, imprinting it into tangible 3-dimensional space within the physical plane of existence.
  • Weapon Transmutation: By focusing the core's energy through the blade. Captain Marvel can cause his sword to take any shape or form he wishes it too. Making the sword take the shape & form of a shield, axe, spear, wall, throwing glaive, energy gun, chainblade, spear, duel swords or the like by thinking it and making Excelsior mimic whats on his mind.
  • Command Module: Through the U-Weapons Tech upgrades added to his sword. Captain Marvel can psionically caste his consciousness into into any form of technology he focuses on using his weapon as a guiding baton. Through the Star Sword Excelsior, he can technoform and upgrade any mechanical energy function he uses it's power on. Giving him total control over just about any and all technological, biological, ergomechanical or otherwise machine-like functions to which he can broadcast his will and personality through.
  • Quantum Storm Manipulation: Through a mix of his quantum force channeled through his sword. Mr. Altmen can conjure up a quantum physical meteorological phenomena with which to bring down space-time rending energy effects simulated in a terrible storm front. The quantum storm works similarly to the cosmological storm that gave the FF their powers. Through guidence by the sword, Dorrek can ride these trans-reality super typhoons as an alternate means of transport. But due to their metaprobabilistic nature, they can be tumultuous to sail around from one universe to the next, utilizing them in such a manner is like sailing across mathematical winds blowing between the concept enrapturing edges of quantum windmills. The lightning produced can disrupt biological functions impairing even the most portent of healing factors, the rain shows emitted are reality sundering drizzles which rapidly exchange and transform the affected between infinite iterations of themselves strewn across infinity and beyond. Twister conjured up by such a power are quantum singularities which absorb, emit and eviscerate anything or everything they they come across. Summoning or banishing most anything from within the eye of the storm across the limitless dimensions, timelines, realities and more.

Nega Bands: Having received a pair of Nega Bands from the Plex Extreme Intelligence from Noh-Varr's native home reality as a gift. Theodore now has access to the virtually limitless level of ergo-tech at the fingertips of the alien Kree society. Combining the engineering of various sciences belonging to Kree, Skrull and Shi'ar among other bits of racial ingenuity. King Hulks new & improved Nega-Bands have been outfitted with vast cosmological ornamentation born of various godly entities as well. Elements which went into their creation include rare jewelry from the Lifestone Tree, mineral shavings cut from a piece of Celestial Tech known as the Mandalay Gem with the amorphous crystal metallic substance the bracers themselves are made of being sliced with Primagen. The very Prima-Meteria used by the Proginator's to create the Inhuman Race.

  • Armor Production: Dorrek's nega bands can fabricate potent technomagical armor which clad's and enhances his natural physical and ability performance beyond the regular norm. For details see Kree Battle Uniform above.
    • Utility Morph: Teddy's bracelets have a natural polymorphic capacity to them similar to the Kree technology used by his teammate and friend on the Young Avengers; Marvel Boy. Through which Hulkling is able to conjure up alien artillery potent enough to blow holes in Kree armored tanks or skrull battle ships with ease; morphing handheld ion cannon's, morter launchers with self-replicating xerox mines, shield/razor blades with energy refraction capability and technomechanical apparati for rapid constructive and operative fabrication capacity.
    • Holo-Tech Interfacing: Theo can fabricate tangible photonic projections as a means of advance technological applications. Fabricating incredibly advanced hard-light Ergomechatronic Artificial Intelligence guided digital and mechanical systems which he controls through the Warskrull cerebral implants within his CNS. The natural Nth bit intellectual sentience within his armor enables the projection and manipulation of this technology, as well as directly up-linking to and interfacing with any other forms of technology and machinery both he comes across. Simulating a technoformation capacity through a unique energized code of T.O. virulent infection that materializes, modifies and alternates just about any kind of cyber form it comes across via direct interaction with it's mechanical energy frequency.
  • Warp Manipulation: Through their natural capacity to control and/or deviate extra-dimensional forces to power their functionality, Th-E'Vell can harness the ouranochronal energies the Nega-Bands tap naturally for the application of instantaneous transportation stretching light years to across dimensions in an instant. Able to harness dimensional/teletranslocal energies in order to war himself or others remotely to any given point in the universe and beyond at will.
  • FTL Flight: While wearing the Nega Bands King Dorrek can achieve faster than light or simple aerial aviation propulsion via sheer force of will. Normally Teddy will keep his velocity below trans-light speed while soaring within a planetary atmosphere, but can easily break escape velocity in seconds to breach global orbit for space travel.
  • World Gem Seed: Gifted with an Yggdrasil tree seed by Allfather Thor and having fused it with that of the Lifestone Tree. Theodore had created a new and improved metaphysical energy core which supplies them and their wearer with virtually limitless power both in regards to mysticism and super science cultivated from an endless array of interstellar cultures. Because the bands now possess a seed from the Lifestone Tree, this vastly enhanced piece of Kree technology can incorporate the powers of the numerous Lifestone gems created in the past directly into Theodorrek's bracelets. Granting the wearer even greater physical powers and abilities than even the bands or every Lifestones does by themselves.
    • Alpha & Omega Gems: Both stones bestow they're own unique superhuman skills upon their handler. They grant Theodore augmented transformational abilities, giving him total control over particle-molecular bond formation. With the alpha stone his own shapeshifting capacity is magnified, allowing for him to physically and mentally augment himself to incredible degree's as well as control his own atomic semblance through sheer will. While the omega stone amplifies his transmutative abilities, giving him the power to reshape matter& energy bending both into whatever frame he wishes it to be. An effect he often channels as transformative energy through his hands & eyes.
    • Blue Diamond: The most recreational lifestone implanted within the Nega Bands. This gem makes it's user physically; and mentally, impregnable to harm and/or damage. Giving the users physiology the consistency of proto-neutronium, an all but indestructible mineral which can resist the core temperature of a star. He can also assume a complete crystaline form which enables for perfect energy channeling for transduction and modulation purposes. Enabling Captain Marvel to materialize weapons, gadgets, equipment and/or armor by converting ambient energy into quantifiable matter forms.
    • Moonstone
    • Bloodgem: The bloodstone grants it's wielder impressive biophysical vitality in the physiological recuperation capacity. Implementation of the gem grants Theo further augmented physical strength, speed, endurance, stamina, dexterity, balance and physical immortality. As the stone itself vastly bolsters his regenerative capabilities to the point he can regrow clones of himself from severed limbs or even heal from a but a couple of discarded atoms. This also makes his regeneration adaptive, mutative and transformational; for with every injury Theo suffers, he will not only recover most instantly. But his body will generate greater resilience to whatever it is which injured him, becoming not only immune to experienced damage but cause his body to generate new and more powerful anatomical extremities to increase his natural combat skills and physical ability. The gem also provides certain psionic abilities such as ESP, Psychokinesis and Intuitive Perception.
    • Godstone: The Godstone channels the powers of the Stargod, an extra-dimensional deity from an alternate reality whom had a therianthropic form with the ability to harness and channel copious amounts of Cosmic Energy for a number of purposes. Through it, the good captain can harness it's power to tap a similar anthropomorphic animal form equivocal to a lupine form more locally associated to the Kree and/or Skrull peoples. Beyond that Theodore too can enhance his already impressive physical and cosmic force manipulatory powers to unprecedented levels through the godstone, such as growing more powerful depending on the lunar cycle, remolding matter & energy into fashionable armor and battlements enhanced by his celestial energies, etc. A unique twist to Theodore's Man-Beast was the accumulation and assimilation of metabolic enhancement spores collected from Jupiter to increase his beast form's size, power and ferocity to new heights.
    • Ka stone
    • Power Prism
    • Lifestone: Possibly the most potent lifestone in the arsenal, with it Teddy has the ability to mutate and evolve other life-forms to more prominent forms. Augmenting them in various ways from boosting their cognizance and intellectual capacity to enlarging them to monstrous proportions. He can also give life to lifeless things causing them to animate and articulate; all while under the mental control of the gem holders will.
    • Star of Capistan


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