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The Zoologist

Real Name
Dr. Alan Douglas
Current Alias
The Zoologist

Faunos, the Animal, King Animalia, The Highest Authority of All Things Animal, the Walking Animal Kingdom, Animalis Rex, the Animal Man, the Animal Master, the Creature, the Crimson Creature, the Chimera, the Crimson Chimera, Menagerie Man, Menagerie Master, Zoomaster



The Kingdom Animalia, The Pack (leader), partnership with Specia, Chimera, and Kid Creature, & the Maximums; former member of the Zoologists of the World

Chelsea Fauna Rose-Douglas (Specia, wife), Rose Chimera Douglas (Chimera, biological daughter), Thomas "Tommy" James-Douglas (Kid Creature, adopted son), Austin and Andrea Douglas (biological parents, deceased), Gaia (Mother Nature, "creator"), Faunos ("ancestor"), the PseudoZoologist (clone), the Veterinarian's Animal Men (Fang, Claw, Talon, Gill, Horn, Stinger, clones)

[[Earth-11190 (The Maximum Universe)]]

Base Of Operations
The Zoo, the planet Animalia; the Hero Hood, Queens, New York City, NY, mobile



Yellow, (with blue irises)

Unusual Features
The Zoologist possesses long dirty blonde sideburns on both sides of his face; yellow eyes with vertically-slit blue irises/pupils; long, razor-sharp, elongated canine teeth; enlarged hands and feet; claws in place of fingernails and toenails; webbed hands and feet; pointed ears; feathers, scales, fins, and fur on both arms and legs; closeable gills on both sides of neck; and a pair of insectoid forewings and hindwings on back. However, this is only for his original, unchanged/altered form and can alter any of these features when he changes form at will.


Marital Status

Ruler of the kingdom Animalia (the animal kingdom in general, as well as the planet he himself created, called Animalia), universally-renowned and respected member of the zoological community (zoologist), animal rights activist, adventurer, explorer; Former member of the Zoologists of the World

Doctorates in all fields of zoology, animal biology, veterinary sciences, and all other fields related to animals

When Dr. Alan Douglas became separated from his friends in the Amazon rainforest, he stumbled upon an ancient temple that held a mystical gem which contained the power and life force of the entire animal kingdom within it. When he touched the gem, he was endowed with all the power , life, and knowledge of the animal kingdom at his disposal and soon became the Zoologist, defender of the animal kingdom!

Bradley A. Dotson

First appearance

The Zoologist, King of the Animals #1


The heroic amalgamation of Dr. Alan Douglas, one of the most renowned zoologists of his time, and the animal god, Faunos, the Zoologist is the Highest Authority of All Things Animal, and thus is the complete and total master of the entire animal kingdom, possessing an animal-like physiology, the ability to transform into any animal imaginable, mimic the powers of any animal, communicate with and control any animal, etc. He is a heroic defender for, not only humanity, but for all living things and the natural world. He seeks to bring harmony between humanity and the animal kingdom and natural world and will do nearly anything to achieve it. He fights against those who wish to harm the natural world, especially the animal kingdom, while struggling to tame the kingdom within him. He is leader of the Pack, a team consisting of his family, friends, and acquaintances whom have been given the powers of the animal kingdom by him, as well as a devoted member of the universe's greatest defenders, the Maximums.

Beginning of the Animal Kingdom

Exactly 3.7 billion years ago, when the Earth was still very young, its creator Gaia, also known as Mother Nature, gave birth to two sons, who became the first two actual living organisms. She named the two Floros and Faunos. They were granted incredible power and made gods, creators, and protectors of the universe’s life. While Floros would create, protect, and rule over the plants, fungi, and algae of the universe, Faunos created, protected, and ruled over the animals, bacteria, and protozoa of the universe. As millions of years passed, the two watched as their creations evolved from single-celled organisms to wondrous, incredible organisms of complexity and beauty. However, the plant god, Floros, soon began to tire of Mother Nature constantly telling the two brothers how she wanted their creations to be and soon began plotting to rebel against the goddess.

However, when he asked his brother to join him in his rebellion, Faunos refused and told Mother Nature. Outraged by this, Mother Nature exiled him to the nearby Moon. Filled with rage and hatred, especially at Faunos, Floros secretly returned to the planet and soon began manipulating his plants to attack Faunos' creatures. As they did as he commanded, many animals were killed, eventually causing the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs. Faunos, outraged in return by this affront, commanded all animals to attack the plants in retaliation. Eventually, a bloody war began between the two sons and the two kingdoms, ending only when Mother Nature appeared, who quelled the fighting and destroyed both her sons' physical bodies. Encasing the two gods' spirits in two separate, impenetrable gems, green for Floros, red for Faunos, she placed the gems into two separate caves, one mile opposite from one another, in what would become South America, leaving them there for all of eternity while she continued to let the two kingdoms evolve.

Dr. Alan Douglas, the Highest Authority on All Things Animal

Many millennia later, however, the human known as Alan Douglas was born to famed biologists Austin and Andrea Douglas towards the end of the Great Depression when the couple was on a scientific expedition through the Amazon. Mother Nature knew this and chose Alan to be the new king of the animal kingdom. Alan grew up with a love for all animal life, becoming a brilliant individual and child prodigy who excelled in his studies on all things animal, quickly earning doctorates in all fields of zoology, animal biology, and veterinary sciences. By the 1950s, he became one of the most respected, and youngest, members of the zoological community.

A very wealthy individual, Alan’s love for animals was matched only by his love for his middle and high school sweetheart Allison Dawson, who also held a great love for animals, having obtained doctorates in veterinary sciences. While at college, he was taught by Dr. Alexander von Zolos, who held great pride in the young lad. Alan graduated from the Zoological Society Community College in Illinois with honors and went on to become invited to the esteemed scientific community Zoologists of the World as their youngest member ever. Even more wonderful than that, Dr. Douglas proposed to Allison and she unhesitantly accepted. Things seemed well however, until, little did Alan know, that his whole life would come crashing down because of one person: Professor Phineas P. Pines, his longtime classmate and archrival who held a deeply insane jealousy towards Douglas.

Pines, a formerly-renowned botanist who had lost the respect and admiration of his peers after killing 3 civilians when an insane experiment in plant animation went awry, happened to of had a crush on Alan’s fiancé Allison since they went to middle school together. He grew so enraged at Alan and his successful life that he literally snapped, especially when Alan was asked to fill Phineas' teaching job at the college he taught at. He would soon devise a sinister plot to destroy Douglas and ruin his life once and for all.

A wealthy individual as well, Phineas offered Alan and Allison an all-expense paid trip to South America, where Phineas would attempt to murder Alan or lose him in the wild, where he hoped Alan would die of lack of shelter or food. After giving them a fake tour for a couple of hours, he began to unleash his plan when he saw Alan completely focused on observing some beautiful birds of the jungle. Driving Allison away from Alan, Phineas and Allison returned to their campsite, with Phineas hoping Alan would become lost. Indeed, after deciding to return to the campsite, Alan was caught in the midst of a tropical storm and nightfall slowly arriving.

A Beast is Born

Alan attempts to find the campsite were in vain as he began to grow sick by the bitter cold and battering rains. He almost collapsed, when he was suddenly lifted and carried to a strange temple by a beautiful black panther. This temple was created by the Incans many centuries ago as a shrine to the animals. Alan was slowly dying and delirious. He did not believe a panther was rescuing him and almost went unconscious. The panther had brought some herbs and surprisingly fed them to Alan, and within seconds, he felt much better.

Alan thanked the panther, but the panther paid no attention, instead glimpsing at a gigantic ruby gem, the Gem of Faunos. Alan realized this and was astonished at the mystical artifact. As Alan approached the gem, he could see the animal kingdom within. Entranced by the beauty he saw, he was enticed to touch it, and was reborn. The artifact released a strange red form of mystical radiation that bombarded Alan and slowly began to transform him. His body, mind, and spirit became connected with every animal in existence, and soon the transformation was complete. He arose, and began to feel a power he had never felt before. He had become bonded to the animal kingdom and was now king of the animals.

He then noticed the panther transforming into the goddess Mother Nature and telling him that she had planned for his arrival since the day he was born. Alan, bewildered by this information, saw what he had become. His body rippled with muscle and power, his teeth now razor-sharp fangs, his fingers tipped with razor-sharp claws, his arms and legs were covered in feathers, fur, fins, and scales, wild hair and sideburns, and gleaming yellow eyes. He also possessed sealable gills on both sides of his neck, as well as two pairs of insectoid wings on his back. Mother Nature explained the power he possessed and why he was chosen to become bonded with the power of the red gem: the natural world, the universe, was in danger, in the form of Professor Phineas P. Pines.

A Weed is Planted

Phineas, who was relishing in his glory, continued his tour for Allison, not expecting Alan to return any time soon. However, they soon came upon ruins that were on the opposite side of the ruins that Alan had just left from. Phineas entered the ruins, telling Allison to stay outside in case of any dangers. Phineas found an artifact inside the ruins just like the one Alan found, although this one was green. Just like Alan, Phineas saw the plant kingdom before him, entranced by the power it held. Seemingly forced to touch it, he was bombarded by a strange green radiation and began to transform. His body became green, and his mind became one with the plants and he began to realize that he was to be king of the plants, and the king of the world. He also obtained the memories of the god Floros and remembered Mother Nature and his “brother” Faunos and how they betrayed and humiliated him. Insanity filled his every thought.

Allison came to see what happened and was shocked to see Phineas transformed. He immediately realized what he could do, albeit insane, and transformed into a cactus humanoid to attack Allison, believing now that humans (being animals) were unfit to live in the new world he was going to create. Alan heard Allison scream and saw the other temple across the valley. He hurried over and found Allison being attacked by Phineas, and Alan slowly began to realize what has happened. Phineas, who was shocked and angry to see Alan alive, attacked him. Alan and Phineas fought a savage battle which ended when Alan transformed into an amoeba and entered Phineas's body, and then becoming a blue whale.

After the fight was over, Alan looked for Allison. He found her, lying on the ground, dead. Alan was confused and tried to wake her up but no use. She was found to have a poisonous barb lodged in her throat. Phineas had killed her. Alan’s mind could not comprehend what had happened, losing both her and his former life. Now an animal, a creature, a feral beast, Alan left the temple and ran off into the wild, vowing never to return to humanity again. Alan traveled around the world, exploring the world as a free... animal. He eventually realized that this was what he always wanted... Freedom.

A Hero For All Animal-Kind

As he traveled from continent to continent, however, he constantly stumbled upon humans harming and killing his “loyal subjects”. Eventually, he saw the cruelest act of animal abuse he’d ever seen when a poacher and his friends killed a mother martial eagle right out of the sky for simple pleasure, and then run right over the dead corpse like garbage. Enraged, Alan attacked the man’s partners and viciously killed them. However, he left the leader alive but severely wounded as a warning to others against abusing animals. From that day on, Alan dedicated himself to the task Mother Nature bestowed upon him. He would fight those who would harm his precious subjects and seek justice for their misfortunes. He would fight hunters, animal testing labs, animal abusers, corrupt corporations, polluting industries, anyone who would dare to harm another animal or the environment.

During his travels throughout Asia, Alan stumbled upon an ancient Shaolin temple that was under attack by an army of shadow-warriors secretly sent by the god of darkness, Dark Overlord. Watching the martial artists defend their home with great interest, Alan soon jumped in and helped defend the school from the evil ones. Realizing he needed discipline if he was going to be a true hero, Douglas asked the Shaolin master if he would train him in learning to control his instincts and powers and redirecting them in a more positive light. The master, Shauo Lei, was delighted by the prospects of training an ancient god, as he perceived him, and quickly began teaching Alan martial arts. Alan learned much quicker than most, possibly due to his inadvertent mimicking of the master, and over a decade later, he was a master of the Shaolin arts and set off to become a hero for the animal kingdom. As the years went by, he became a legend throughout the world. Stories of bizarre animal attacks on poachers, animal testing labs, abusers, and other related people and facilities, as well as tales of an “Animal Man” began popping up over the globe, but were, of course, considered to be simply coincidental or unfortunate accidents and urban myths.

The Love of His Life

Many decades later, while traveling through the wilderness of Canada, Douglas stumbled upon a young woman who was taking photographs of nature. Immediately entranced by her beauty, reminding him of Allison, he secretly followed her for several hours and watched as she began taking photos of a young Kodiak bear cub. However, he was forced into action when she was attacked by the mother. He defended her and simply mentally demanded the bear to leave with her cub. The young woman, frightened to death, fainted. Bringing her to a cave, he kept her warm while she recovered. Soon enough, the young woman awoke, only to panic at the sight of Alan and quickly ran away. Alan attempted to follow her and tried to calm her down but soon decided to let her leave.

The young woman, however, was more interested in Alan than he realized, as he soon stumbled upon her secretly watching him fight a gang of illegal fur traders. When one of the fur traders attempted to fire a bullet at Alan, he dodged the bullet as it ricocheted off a wall and into the young lady's shoulder, severely injuring her and angering Alan to the brink of insanity. Killing the gunman, Alan took the woman back to his cave and attempted to heal her. When she woke up, she was startled at first but was soon relieved to see her again. The woman, named Chelsea Rose, told Alan she was a nature photographer, as well as a part-time biological scientist and that she wanted to know more about him.

Delighted by the fact that he finally had someone to talk to, Alan gladly told Chelsea his story, and eventually told her how much she reminded him of his former fiancé. When she had finished healing from her wound, she asked Alan if he could bring her back to civilization. Alan, however, wished to keep to his oath, and never return to civilization again. Chelsea, understanding, left to return by herself. Alan then realized he could not stand for her being out in the wilderness by herself and decided to escort her to the nearest civilization.

As they journeyed through the wilderness, Chelsea saw something in Alan that made her fall in love with him... compassion, for all life. Eventually, her feelings were returned, as Alan saw how kind and compassionate she too was to the nature surrounding them, and to him as well. During their trip, Chelsea kept thinking of other names she could call Alan, instead of “the Animal Man”, believing the name sounded too brutish. Alan didn’t believe he required a different name but Chelsea believed he should. Then she thought about how he was once one of the most renowned zoologists in history and soon labeled Alan the Zoologist. Enthusiastic, Alan happily agreed with the name and felt that the name reminded him of the old crime novels he had read as a boy.

The Revenge of Professor Phineas P. Pines

However, things were to take a turn for the worst for the two when, back in South America, the Professor had just finished regenerating after many decades and quickly sought revenge. Sending a telepathic message to the entire Earth’s vegetation, he utilized them in searching for the Zoologist, and easily found him, along with Chelsea. Devising yet another terrible plot, he telepathically animated the vegetation in the surrounding area of the couple and commanded them to kidnap Chelsea in the dead of night and bring her to him. The Zoologist then received a telepathic message from Phineas, who had decided to call himself the Botanist in response to reading Alan’s mind and learning of his new persona. Challenging him to one final showdown in New York City, the Botanist revealed that he had kidnapped Chelsea and planned to kill her and make Alan suffer for all the years wasted because of him. The Zoologist, devastated and enraged, traveled to New York City, contemplating how to fight him. When he arrived, he was startled when he saw the city was no longer a city but a literal urban jungle, devastated with trees and vines engulfing skyscrapers and monuments.

Locating the Botanist, who was delightfully working on his “garden”, the Zoologist savagely assaulted him, knocking him off guard. However, the Botanist soon regained himself and revealed that he had Chelsea inside of his body, ready to use her as a human shield or impale her with thorns at any second. The Zoologist was then knocked a mile through skyscrapers as the Botanist escaped into the sewer system. Regaining himself, the Zoologist tracked down the Botanist to Central Park. Upon his arrival, he was devastated to find that the Botanist had transformed Chelsea into a plant-human hybrid. Even more so, the transformation was killing her. After finally dying from the drastic changes, the Zoologist, enraged to the brink of insanity, unleashed devastating power.

Unfortunately, even in a incredibly powerful superform, the Zoologist could not harm the Botanist. The Botanist easily dodged the Zoologist’s blows and eventually incapacitated him with an immense onslaught of incredibly powerful vines that entangled him. Beginning to impale him with thorns, the Zoologist desperately thought of how to stop this monster. Fortunately, he soon realized that the sun was right above them, energizing the Botanist to immeasurable levels. Quickly, the Zoologist summoned the entire Earth’s insect populations to engulf the skies and blot out the sun. With the Botanist’s powers swiftly draining, the Zoologist brutally beat the Botanist to near death before regaining enough control to stop, instead placing him within a sewer pipe.

A Family is Born

The Zoologist returned to where Chelsea laid, crying for the loss of another loved one at the hands of his enemy. Mother Nature, however, had other plans, appearing before Alan. As thanks for protecting the planet and saving the entire world from almost certain destruction, Mother Nature allowed Chelsea to live by granting Alan the ability to bring her back to life through a kiss. Kissing her remains, she immediately returned from certain death, as well as restoring her humanity. However, the kiss not only returned her to normal, but also granted her a fraction of Alan's power. Happily reunited, Alan finally decided to propose to Chelsea, and were immediately wed by Mother Nature. The Zoologist and Chelsea then set off into the wilds to become the protectors of the animal kingdom, with Chelsea taking the name Specia.

After their encounter with the megalomaniacal Veterinarian and his superhuman lackey the Poacher, Specia learned she was in labor and, strangely enough, laid an egg. After several hours caring for the precious egg, their daughter, Rose Chimaera Douglas, was hatched. Little did the parents realize that Rose would grow up much faster than expected and soon afterwards, during a battle with the Veterinarian's failed experiment, the PsuedoZoologist, who was rampaging through Manhattan, Alan absorbed some of the PseudoZoologist's mental radiation and turned feral and accidentally killed a young child's parents. The child, ten-year old Thomas James, experienced a mutation due to the radiation emitted from the Zoologist, enabling him to communicate with and control animals. After Chelsea, Thomas, and Rose, who was now about the same age as Thomas, were able to bring the Zoologist back to his senses and returned him to normal, Alan and Chelsea adopted the young Thomas and dubbed him Kid Creature, hoping Thomas would find it in his heart to forgive Alan. The couple then decided, for the sake of the children, to take human identities and stay in New York City for a while.

The Maximums' Newest Recruits

The Zoologist, Specia, Chimaera, and Kid Creature later witnessed a massive invasion on Manhattan by the monstrous Tyrant King and his allies Blackmoon and Negnator, collectively known as the Treacherous Trio, who were resurrecting all of the extinct dinosaurs on Earth to make an army and take over the world. The recently-formed superhero team the Maximums were attempting to defeat the dinosaur army with less than spectacular results. The Zoologist and Specia then intervened and helped the Maximums fend off the prehistoric beasts and infiltrate the Treacherous Trio's HQ. However, they were captured by the Trio, who revealed their true intentions to utilize a monstrous being known as Extinction to devolve all of humanity into nothing. Thanks to the arrival of superhuman secret agent Cheetari, they managed to escape their confines and defeat the Trio's mad ambitions and save the world. The Zoologist and Specia were both eventually accepted into the team and then gifted with official membership into the Maximums. They even moved into the Hero Hood for a period of time with their children.

Over the course of several adventures with the Maximums, he developed a strong bond between himself and several members, including Michael Wolfman, known to the world at large as Bluemoon. Learning of Mike's struggle to tame the beast inside of him, Alan dedicated himself to training Mike in controlling his primal urges. He also formed, albeit reluctantly at first, a bond with technopath boy genius Lego Lad, who taught him how vastly human civilization has changed since he abandoned his former life many decades before and that not all technology is bad. The hydrokinetic Atlantean king Tidal Wave also developed a strong bond with the Zoologist, seeing him as a kindred spirit in their quests to protect their kingdoms. Another couple Chelsea and Alan became friends with were the pyrokinetic martial artist Heatstroke and his newlywed wife Cheetari. One major battle with the Maximums against the Abnormals caused Alan to explode into an immense form of radiation that transformed every human on the planet into animals, including the Maximums and their enemies. They eventually found the Zoologist in a hibernation state, and, after being awaken, restored the Maximums and the human race to normal.

The Pack vs. the Anti-Animal Alliance

When the Botanist returned with a grand scheme of allying himself with several of the Zoologist's former foes and kidnapping Alan and Chelsea's children, Alan summoned several former colleagues and friends from past decades whom he endowed with animal powers, including Paul Velstein, a former poacher who changed his ways after his gang betrayed him and nearly killed him before a leopard saved him, Prof. Armando Sheldon, a former colleague of his who specialized in defense mechanisms of animals, Virginia Grace, an avid animal rights activist, Dr. Cassandra Appel, a specialist in evolutionary biology and a veterinarian, and Prof. Richard "Rick" Lear, another former colleague and specialist in biomechanics. Calling themselves the Pack, they journeyed to the Greenhouse, the Botanist's secret base deep within the earth and faced the Anti-Animal Alliance in the Zoologist's greatest fight yet.

When the Pack learned of the Botanist's true intention of destroying all of the animal kingdom with the monstrous Extinction, whom the Tyrant King had used not long before, the Pack attacked the monster, trying to destroy it before it could be activated. However, it was soon released from its chamber and was shown as able to fight for itself. The two teams fought, with neither side truly winning over the other, until the children managed to escape and the PsuedoZoologist and Bluemoon joined the fight and destroyed Extinction while the Veterinarian and his Animal Men switched sides and Dr. Zolos sacrificed himself to finally defeat the Anti-Animal Alliance. Rescuing the children after defeating the Alliance, the team decided to stay together as an extended family, as a pack. The Veterinarian's Animal Men and the PseudoZoologist also joined the Pack, vowing to do whatever the Pack commanded in the cause of justice.

Settling Down and Stepping Up

After years of fighting crime, the Zoologist realized it was time to settle down for a while. The Zoologist and the Pack retreated to a dimension outside of time and space where he used his incredible power to create an entire planet, which he proclaimed Animalia. He created an enormous fortress called the Zoo and proceeded to collect one specimen of every species of animal in existence, past, present, and future. The Zoologist, being a respected member of the scientific community, has also made contributions to mankind, mostly revolving around the animal kingdom, having helped Lego Lad develop and discover a special formula of unknown atomic nuclei and electrons that “evolve” and “adapt” to the environment around them, developing it into a fabric that superhuman beings can wear to conform to the wearer’s body (he utilizes them in his costume and everyday attire).

The Zoologist has now become one of the world’s most legendary heroes, becoming one of the most leading animal rights activists, freeing animals from laboratories, capturing animal abusers, and hunting down illegal hunters. He has also garnered the respect of the world’s entire zoological communities as well as the superhero community and even the general public and is constantly approached by those who require his insight on the animals of the universe, including the superhero community in general. He resides at the Zoo, waiting for his next adventure, all the while learning more and more about his role as the king of the animals. He continues to help the Maximums, especially on missions involving the animal kingdom, as well as spending time with his queen Specia & his children, observing and relaxing in nature, and calling on his associates, the Pack when he needs their assistance in protecting his precious kingdom.

The Pack (Family/Allies/Supporting Cast)

  • The Pack: The Zoologist's surrogate family consisting of himself, his wife and children, and his former colleagues, friends, acquaintances, and even enemies turned into defenders of the Animal Kingdom. The team originally formed to defeat the Anti-Animal Alliance and rescue the Zoologist's kidnapped children. Now the team has banded together as a family, as the Pack.
  • Specia: A former nature photographer and biological scientist turned into the Queen of the Animal Kingdom, Chelsea Rose encountered the Zoologist after being rescued from a mother grizzly bear protecting her cub. After running away from him, she sought to learn more about the "Animal Man". After stumbling upon a fight between the "Animal Man" and a gang of illegal fur traders at a warehouse, Chelsea watched as the Zoologist dodged a bullet that ricocheted of an adjacent wall and shot her in the shoulder. After learning of her presence, the "Animal Man" killed the gunman and took her to his cave where she learned about the "Animal Man". After falling in love with Dr. Alan Douglas, she thought that he deserved a better name and called him the Zoologist. However, after the Zoologist began planning to propose to her, she was kidnapped and subsequently killed by the Botanist. However, Mother Nature, touched by Alan's love for her and as a reward for saving all of nature, granted Alan the power to bring her back to life. Revived, she then transformed into an animal goddess herself and now represents the beauty and grace of the animal kingdom, as well as the beauty of nature in general. The two then proposed to each other and were married by Mother Nature. Member of the Maximums, wife of the Zoologist, mother to both Chimaera and Kid Creature, and co-leader of the Pack.
  • Chimaera: The superhuman daughter of the Zoologist and Specia. Unlike most, Rose Chimera Douglas was born in, and hatched out of, an egg. Also, unlike most young children, Chimaera aged at a rapid rate after her birth, soon becoming a young adult in less than a few months. Of course, her aging process soon slowed to a halt after she had reached the age of 18. Possessing the combined power and grace of both her parents, Chimaera is destined to become the future goddess of the animal kingdom, as foretold by Father Time.
  • Kid Creature: The adopted son of the Zoologist and Specia, Thomas "Tommy" James encountered the Zoologist during the Zoologist's battle with the PsuedoZoologist, in which the Zoologist succumbs to the PsuedoZoologist's feral radiation and goes on a rampage, inadvertently killing young Tommy's parents and inadvertently activating a latent mutation within Tommy's genes, granting him a feral physiology and the power to communicate with and control any animals within his vicinity. After helping Specia and Chimaera stop the Zoologist from rampaging furthur, Thomas was adopted by the family of animal men. Thomas holds a strong sibling rivalry between himself and Chimaera, but both are also extremely loving and protective towards one another as well. He was later given shapeshifting abilities by Alan, who knew he would need them one day.
  • The Predator: A former poacher who reformed after being saved from his traitorous comrades by a black panther, Paul Velston, a.k.a. the Predator, was turned into a ferocious defender of the animal kingdom by the Zoologist after meeting him during a revenge assault on the team and vowing to permanently change his ways. The Predator possesses superhuman strength, stamina, durability, endurance, resistance, speed, and reflexes, razor-sharp claws, and the ability to gain the predatory adaptations, techniques, and preying mechanisms of any predatory animal in the animal kingdom. Member of the Pack. Fell in love with fellow member Pincer. Constantly at odds with the Shell.
  • The Shell: A former friend and colleague of the Zoologist who specialized in the defense mechanics of living organisms, Armando Sheldon was chosen by Dr. Douglas to become an avid defender of the animal kingdom. The Shell possesses superhuman durability, endurance, and resistance, and the ability to gain the defenses and defense mechanisms of any creature of the animal kingdom. Member of the Pack. Fell in love with fellow member Grace. Constantly at odds with the Predator.
  • Grace: An avid animal rights activist chosen by the Zoologist to become a defender of the animal kingdom, Virginia Grace possesses superhuman agility, reflexes, and equilibrium, the ability to control the emotions of any animal, and the ability to destroy any form of vegetation, no matter how dangerous, poisonous, or deadly it may be, and convert it into power, energy, or vitality. Member of the Pack. Fell in love with fellow member the Shell.
  • Pincer: A former veterinarian and evolutionary biologist turned avid defender of the animal kingdom, Dr. Cassandra Appel, a.k.a the Pincer, possesses superhuman strength, stamina, durability, endurance, and resistance, and the ability to gain the appendages and adaptations of any member of the animal kingdom. Member of the Pack. Fell in love with the Predator.
  • Legs: A former biomechanics expert, Dr. Richard "Rick" Lear, also known as Legs, possesses superhuman speed, agility, reflexes, dexterity, flexibility, and equilibrium, and the ability to gain the locomotion capabilities and adaptations of any member of the animal kingdom. Member of the Pack.
  • Mother Nature: Creator of all the natural world, Gaia, also known as Mother Nature, conceived two sons, Faunos and Floros, from the Earth itself and granted them the power to create life on her new world many millions of years ago. However, after a savage war between the two bitter brothers, Mother Nature destroyed both of them and placed their life forces within two separate gems and cast them into two separate locations in what would become South America. Many millions of years later, however, Mother Nature foresaw great evil on the horizon and knew she would need a protector. Learning of the birth of one Dr. Alan Douglas, who would an incredible love and interest for all animals, life, and nature, she allied with Father Time to set fate so that he would become the new god of the Animal Kingdom, and her protector. Is the constant target of the Botanist who wishes to take her place as master of all the natural world.
  • Father Time: Creator, master, and ruler of all time, the one and only Father Time helped Mother Nature with creating the universe under the guidance of the Impossible, creator of the universe. After the savage battle between Faunos and Floros, Father Time warned Mother Nature that Floros would someday return and continue his vendetta against Mother Nature. Helping her manipulate fate into finding an appropriate successor to the crown for the animal kingdom, Father Time showed her Dr. Alan Douglas and helped her manipulate events so that he would come across Faunos' gem. Father Time later enlisted the Zoologist and Bluemoon's aid when the Primordial began altering the future of life, and soon after began a working relationship with the two heroes, calling on their assistance when he required them. Foresaw Chimaera's future of becoming the new Goddess of the Animal Kingdom. Creator of Xenos the Chronological Man.
  • The Queen of Green: A brilliant and beautiful student, Allison Dawson fell in love with Alan Douglas during their middle school years. She, too, held a deep love and interest in animals and zoology. However, she also caught the eye of Alan's supposed friend, Phineas P. Pines, as well, who despised Alan even more after they began dating. After bringing them on their fateful trip to South America for a tour, Phineas found the Gem of Floros, transformed, and killed Allison. After losing her and everything else he ever knew, Alan abandoned his former life and took off into the wilderness. However, she was later resurrected by the Botanist and transformed into a plant goddess whom he named the Queen of Green in a bid to coerce her to join him in destroying the Zoologist by lying to her that Alan had killed her and left him for his current lover and wife Chelsea, thus harboring jealous rage and contempt for both. However, she later learned the truth from the couple and sacrificed herself during their battle between the Pack and the reformed Anti-Animal Alliance, thus Allison was finally able to rest in peace.
  • Master Shauo Lei: One of the oldest and greatest masters of Shaolin Kung Fu, Master Shauo Lei took Dr. Alan Douglas in and taught him how to control his powers after saving him and his village from a group of evil supernatural shadowninjas sent by the god of darkness, Dark Overlord. Asked by Douglas if he would train him in the ways of Shaolin, Master Lei delightfully agreed, believing the Animal Man to be a god reincarnated. After spending over ten years training Dr. Douglas, Master Lei wished him luck on his quest for harmony between the animal and human realms.
  • Maximums: The Earth's greatest defenders, the Maximums formed after the mysterious disappearances of famed superheroes such as Maximum Man, Savior, and the Eagle to help bring hope back to the despaired planet. The Zoologist and Specia joined the Maximums shortly after they helped the team defeat the Treacherous Trio's massive invasion of Manhattan. Famous members include ghostly leader Stryker, the mightiest man in the universe Macho Man, the lightning lupine Bluemoon and his vampiric wife Hearttaker, the pyrokinetic martial artist Heatstroke and his werecheetah wife Cheetari, teenage boy-turned-technology master Lego Lad, shapeshifting beauty Shapeshifter, terrakinetic elemental of earth Terrain, hydrokinetic king of Atlantea Tidal Wave, magnetic ferrokinetic exile of the planet Magnikaimos Magnator and his vitakinetic wife Vitalla, electrokinetic powerhouse Amp'd, uncanny marksman the Green Marksman and his sister of flight Flutter, psychokinetic and telepathic master Psychodude, size-and-mass-changing Macroscopic Man, and master of air and wind Windbreaker.
  • Bluemoon: The "Lightning Lupine" of the Maximums, Bluemoon is a superhumanly fast werewolf mutant with the ability to fly via angelic wings. Once the religious mutant winged superhero the Gatekeeper/Messenger, Michael Wolfman was forever transformed into a monster after being tricked by the villainous Tyrant King, in the guise of "the Avenger", into doing his dirty work for him. First fighting the Maximums after being told that the team's leader, Stryker, had killed Bluemoon's father, Bluemoon learned the truth and subsequently joined the Maximums after they helped him defeat his new archnemesis, Blackmoon. After the Zoologist joined the Maximums, Bluemoon and his wife Hearttaker befriended him and Specia, and was later taught by the Zoologist how to better control his bestial urges and feral attributes.
  • Lego Lad: The technological master of the Maximums, Lego Lad was a boy genius who was caught in an explosion that activated his mutant genes and transported his consciousness into a computer where he spent a few years melding the computer data around him to form himself a new body in the form of a powered suit of armor. Possesses complete and total mastery over all of technology, as well as a constantly evolving superhuman intellect. After joining the Maximums, Lego Lad helped create the team's headquarters, equipment, and even the team's own butler, Thomas the Living Locomotive Man. Befriended the Zoologist after he joined and showed him how much the civilized world has changed since he left his humanity behind, as well as the bright side of technology. The Zoologist and Lego Lad also hold mutually great respect for each other's vastly great intellects in their specific fields.
  • Stryker: Leader of the Maximums, Naoki "Nick" DeCosta was once the son and heir of the ninjutsu master Seeker's ninja clan. Bonded with mystical ectoplasmic energy while in his mother's womb by Seeker, Naoki would eventually inherit ghostly abilities, such as invisibility and intangibility, after being forced to fight his father after "betraying" their clan. Ran away from his home in Japan and traveled the world, using his powers to help others and even joining a band of noble pirates. Founded the Maximums shortly after his lover Phantomette was banished to another dimension by the Banisher and the Golden Age heroes such as Maximum Man and Savior mysteriously vanished. Met the Zoologist and Specia during the Treacherous Trio's invasion of Manhattan and unhesistently invited him to join the Maximums' ranks after seeing the power and nobility he possessed. Although initially unwilling to follow the orders of someone else, Douglas quickly learned to trust Stryker's judgement and decisions, as well as earn Stryker's friendship.
  • Macho Man: One of the founding members and leaders of the Maximums, Johnny Redmond is the Mightiest Man in the Universe. Possessing incalculable strength and durability, Macho Man is a force to be reckoned with. Joined the Maximums after gaining his abilities through a mystical armament known as the Arms of Hercules being bombarded with radiation and bombarding Redmond in said radiation. Met the Zoologist during the Treacherous Trio's invasion of Manhattan and tested in him in combat shortly after he joined. Although the Zoologist was eventually beaten, he quickly earned Macho Man's respect and friendship with his power and ferocity. Macho Man later asked the Zoologist and Specia to join his faction of the Maximums, which included the most physically powerful members of the Maximums and was used when specific missions required such factions.
  • Tidal Wave: Hydrokinetic mutant king of Atlantea, the noble Tidal Wave joined the Maximums after a massive alien invasion of the Kanielians. Quickly befriended the Zoologist and his family after they joined the team, seeing himself and the Zoologist as kindred spirits and kings of their respective kingdoms, and invites him and his family often to his undersea kingdom as guests, as well as asks for his help when his undersea kingdom is in danger, as does the Zoologist. Possesses an amphibious physiology, as well as mastery over all forms of moisture and water.
  • Heatstroke & Cheetari: A pyrokinetic mutant master of martial arts, Brad Donovan joined the Maximums after losing his sensei Father Fire to the murderous Tyrant King. Alayna Greenwood was the future princess of the werecheetahs before her family was wiped out by the Poacher's gang. The two met in high school after she moved from Africa and soon fell in love. However, after the incident that activated Brad's pyrokinetic abilities, Cheetari was kidnapped by S.T.R.U. officials and trained to use her powers for the government. The two were reunited after the Tyrant King and his allies invaded Manhattan. After the battle was over, the two married. The Zoologist and Specia joined the same time as Cheetari and quickly befriended the couple. The two were devastated when they found out that the Poacher, one of their most dreaded enemies, was responsible for Cheetari's family's murder.

The Anti-Animal Alliance (Enemies/Rogues Gallery)

  • The Botanist: The evil amalgamation of the jealous plant god Floros and the insane botanist Professor Phineas P. Pines, the Botanist is the Highest Prodigy on All Things Plant, master of all plants, fungi, and algae, and the Zoologist's greatest, baddest, and deadliest archnemesis. Possesses complete and total mastery over the entire plant, fungi, and algae kingdoms. Devoid of any morality towards humans or any animals, the Botanist stops at nothing in his attempts to destroy the Zoologist in any way, along with the entire animal kingdom. His ultimate goal is to destroy Mother Nature and take over all the natural world in order to make the universe a better place for all plants, fungi, and algae. He resides within the Greenhouse, an underground plant paradise with its own artificial sun and virtually every species of plant, fungi, and algae residing there. Leader and founder of the Anti-Animal Alliance, creator of the Animal Assassin, "father" of his "Seedlings", and member of the Dark Overlord's Minions of Malevolence.
  • Seed: The first of the Botanist's "seedlings", created by him to carry out his demands. Possesses complete control over all plants, flowers, and trees. The most competent of the three.
  • Pollen: The second of the Botanist's "seedlings", created by him to carry out his demands. Possesses complete control over algae. Feels pity for most of her actions and sometimes secretly helps the Zoologist.
  • Spore: The final of the Botanist's "seedlings", created by him to carry out his demands. Possesses complete control over fungi.
  • The Veterinarian: A former professor and teacher of both the Zoologist's and the Botanist's alter egos (Dr. Alan Douglas and Prof. Phineas P. Pines, respectfully), Dr. Alexander von Zolos turned to a life of attempting world domination after learning of his former pupil Alan's transformation into the Zoologist. Obsessed with creating an army of animal men from the Zoologist's DNA. After creating and losing his first clone, which would become the PsuedoZoologist, he continued his attempts to perfect the process and soon created six perfect specimens, whom he called his Animal Men. Later transformed into an Animal Man himself by the Botanist in a bid to coerce him into joining the Botanist's Anti-Animal Alliance. However, he rejected him after learning of his plans to destroy all animalkind. Sided with the Zoologist's Pack and subsequently sacrificed himself for the good of all life. Former member of the Botanist's Anti-Animal Alliance. Also creator of the PsuedoZoologist and the Animal Men, and former benefactor of the Poacher and his Trophy Hunters.
  • Fang: One of the Veterinarian's "perfect" specimens, possesses the attributes of several animals, most prominently his razor-sharp, indestructible teeth and jaws which possess the ability to gain the teeth and oral structure of any animal. Saw Dr. Zolos as a father and joined the Zoologist's Pack after the Vet's noble sacrifice in honor of him.
  • Claw: One of the Veterinarian's "perfect" specimens, possesses the attributes of several animals, most prominently her razor-sharp, indestructible fingernails which grant her the ability to transform them into any claws of any animal. Saw Dr. Zolos as a father and joined the Zoologist's Pack after the Vet's noble sacrifice in honor of him.
  • Talon: One of the Veterinarian's "perfect" specimens, possesses the attributes of several animals, most notably the wings, beak, talons, and other physiological attributes of birds. Possesses the flight capabilities of any flying/aerial animal. Saw Dr. Zolos as a father and joined the Zoologist's Pack after the Vet's noble sacrifice in honor of him.
  • Gill: One of the Veterinarian's "perfect" specimens, possesses the attributes of several animals, most notably the fins, scales, gills, and other physiological attributes of fishes. Possesses the swimming capabilities of any swimming/marine animal. Saw Dr. Zolos as a father and joined the Zoologist's Pack after the Vet's noble sacrifice in honor of him.
  • Horn: One of the Veterinarian's "perfect" specimens, possesses the attributes of several animals, most notably his monstrous visage and strength and the ability to produce the horns of any animal. Saw Dr. Zolos as a father and joined the Zoologist's Pack after the Vet's noble sacrifice in honor of him.
  • Stinger: One of the Veterinarian's "perfect" and most powerful specimens, as well as his most intelligent, possesses the attributes of several animals, most notably venomous, razor-sharp fangs, teeth, and a long, prehensile tail with a venomous stinger at the end. Able to utilize the venom of any animal, as well as produce and project venomous spines from any part of his body at will. Saw Dr. Zolos as a father and joined the Zoologist's Pack after the Vet's noble sacrifice in honor of him.
  • The PseudoZoologist: The first and most powerful of the Veterinarian's creations, engineered from a single strand of the Zoologist's hair. Originally perfectly cloned, the PseudoZoologist soon degenerated into a mindless beast of near-immeasurable power and ferocity after being forced to fight the Zoologist and subsequently being "killed". Gained the ability to inadvertently emit devolving mental radiation that caused animals to turn feral. Rampaged across the world, attacking cities, people, and animals alike. Soon fought the Zoologist several times, inadvertently devolving the Zoologist's mind to a similar feral state, and was nearly killed by the Veterinarian's newly-created Animal Men and the Poacher and his Trophy Hunters before being saved by a renewed Zoologist and subsequently returned to the wild. After an extended period in seclusion, the PseudoZoologist located the Zoologist and his Pack, who were battling the Anti-Animal Alliance, and losing. Helped the Zoologist and his Pack fight them, subsequently destroyed the Alliance's monstrosity Extinction, and later joined the Pack. Inadvertently responsible for causing Kid Creature's powers to activate.
  • The Animal Assassin: Using the Veterinarian's notes, the Botanist set forth to create a truly evil copy of the Zoologist to pit against him. Finding the sample the Vet used to create what would become the PsuedoZoologist, he used that sample and genetically re-engineered it so that he wouldn't succumb to clone degeneration or devolution of mind or intellect. The Animal Assassin possesses the exact same powers, intellect, and abilities as the Zoologist, but uses them for evil purposes. Unintent on working for the Botanist, the Animal Assassin defeated him viciously and went on a mass murder spree. However, he eventually faced and fought the Zoologist, but managed to escape. Now works as a mercenary/assassin-for-hire and sells his talents to the highest bidders, notably including businessman Timothy Cox, who hired him to frame the Zoologist for a series of assassinations. He later formed an alliance with the ferocious werewolf clone of Bluemoon, Blackmoon, and went on a massive crime spree in order to blame both the Zoologist and Bluemoon. Were later defeated and imprisoned.
  • The Poacher: A ruthless Australian trophy hunter known for his brutal hunting methods, Ryan McCatcher was the first to encounter the Zoologist and survive, albeit severely beaten to near death. Nearly died several decades after meeting the Zoologist before encountering the Veterinarian and being given a serum that transformed him into a superhuman hunter with immensely powerful senses. Responsible for the near-extinction of the werecheetahs of Nigeria. Leader of the Trophy Hunters, ally of the Veterinarian, member of the Botanist's Anti-Animal Alliance, and member of the Negaknights. Also the archnemesis of the Maximums member Cheetari.
  • Big-Game: The Poacher's closest friend and ally from the old hunting days, Percival Frankfurter was given the same serum as the Poacher and joined his Trophy Hunters. Possesses superhuman strength, stamina, durability, reflexes, superhuman senses of sight, smell, and hearing, and fighting skills.
  • The Gamesman: A master hunter from England that met the Poacher during his travels, Winston Campelton befriended him and joined his Trophy Hunters. A master marksman that almost never misses his target.
  • The Trapper: A master trapper from Canada that met the Poacher during his travels, Jacques le Cleur befriended him and joined his Trophy Hunters. Possesses an incredibly keen strategic mind, as well as immense skill with nets, bolos, traps, etc.
  • The Fisherman: A master fisherman and Olympic-level swimmer and diver from Japan that met the Poacher during his travels. Aoi befriended him and joined his Trophy Hunters shortly after he created his armored suit designed for capturing prey underwater, including animals as large as whales.
  • The Tamer: Yolanda Richards inherited the ability to control animals at a young age, using these gifts as a professional thief. She later joined the Trophy Hunters when the original Tamer attempted to "tame" the Zoologist, only to fail and die on his first mission with the Trophy Hunters.
  • The Industrializer: One of the wealthiest men on the planet, but a corrupt politician and businessman who has no concern for the environment, Timothy Cox runs several companies, all of which have severely negative impacts on the environment, including Coxcorp Industries, an oiling company, Coxcorp Lumber and Wood, and several other, more secret operation, including several animal-fighting rings, especially dogfights, fur-trading, ivory-trading, fishing, etc. He sees the animal kingdom as one big cash racket. Constantly at odds against the Zoologist, who cannot harm him physically since he has such wealth, but has provided evidence to the law of his past misdeeds, spurring hatred within him for the Zoologist. Has hired several villains to get rid of him, including the Poacher and his Trophy Hunters, the Lumberjack (whom was a former employee whom he outfitted), the Exterminators, and even the Animal Assassin has been hired to frame/kill him. He later hires the Glitch to construct a powered-armored suit that could utilize the natural environment as a means to power it and could be used by himself to fight the Zoologist. Calling himself the Industrializer, Cox went on a rampage before fighting the Zoologist to a standstill. However, after destroying half of the nearby wilderness, he earned the spurn of the Botanist, who attacked the industrialist and destroyed his suit.
  • The Lumberjack: A former timber mill worker for Coxcorp Lumber and Wood whose home was destroyed and his family killed by a family of bears, Jackson Lumberly, better known as the Lumberjack wields two mechanical axes given to him by Timothy Cox's weapons specialists and scientists, capable of disintegrating nearly any material in his quest to destroy the habitats of all animals. Fought the Zoologist several times and later joined both the Anti-Animal Alliance and the Poacher's Trophy Hunters.
  • The Zookeeper: An incredibly powerful extraterrestrial from another galaxy who collects animals to place on his "Master Menagerie" planetoid. Able to paralyze any animal through eye contact as well as superhuman strength and warping abilities. After learning of the Zoologist and his ability to transform into any animal imaginable, he became obsessed with him and sought to add him to his collection. Incapacitated him and kidnapped him, returning to his planetoid and placing him on display. He then forced the Zoologist to undergo a painful transformation cycle through the entire animal kingdom from A-Z in order to chronicle and learn about the entire animal kingdom. Specia asked both the Maximums and her Pack for help and they assisted her in getting to the Zookeeper's planetoid, defeating the Zookeeper, and rescuing the grateful Zoologist.
  • The Exterminator: A former down-on-his-luck pest controller who was getting rid of an infestation of cockroaches at an abandoned nuclear power plant, Quincy Xavier accidentally activated one of the reactors, was caught in the explosion, and was bombarded with radiation. The fumes within his backpack were genetically fused to his DNA and he gained the ability to transform all or any part of his body into any form of chemical, gas or vapor, as well as control any chemicals, gases, or vapors. However, he also became insane, especially after seeing the roaches he was sent to kill completely unharmed. Killing them, he set forth to bring the end of vermin everywhere, including humanity, whom he blamed for his plight. Hired by Timothy Cox to kill the Zoologist and failed. Joined the Anti-Animal Alliance in bid for vengeance. Later formed an alliance with the alien Princess Pollution, the mutant megalomaniac De Miser, and the mysterious monstrosity Creeping-Crawler, calling themselves the Exterminators. It is secretly believed he has feelings for Princess Pollution.
  • Princess Pollution: An extraterrestrial princess from the planet Contamina, a filthy toxic waste dump, possesses the power to poison, contaminate, and decay anything she touches, as well as possessing shapeshifting abilities and the power of flight. Journeyed across the universe, polluting clean, pristine planets, eventually landing on Earth via a telekinetically-controlled asteroid of waste. Beginning to decay the environment around her, she encountered, not the Zoologist, but the Botanist. Enraged at what she was doing, the Botanist viciously battled her, but began to wither the second he touched her. Retreating, the Botanist located the Zoologist and pleaded for his help. Reluctantly, the Zoologist and his family agreed and battled the Princess with the Botanist, eventually sending her back into orbit. She subsequently returned to Earth and formed an alliance with the Creeping-Crawler, De Miser, and the Exterminator, whom she fell in love with.
  • The Creeping-Crawler: Mysteriously created through unknown circumstances as a counterpoint for the Zoologist's queen, Specia, the Creeping-Crawler embodies all that Specia does not: the evil, ugliness, and cruelty of the animal kingdom. Able to mutate and devolve any animal, she will stop at nothing to destroy all of nature's beauty. Fought Specia and the Zoologist several times before forming an alliance with the Exterminator, Princess Pollution, and De Miser.
  • De Miser: A mutant megalomaniac with the superhuman ability to absorb the life force of any living being and turn it into raw power, bent on taking over the criminal underworld. Caught the attention of the Zoologist when he allied himself with the Exterminator, Princess Pollution, and the Creeping-Crawler. Learning of the Zoologist's incredibly powerful life force, De Miser made it his mission to absorb the Zoologist's life force and take over the world.
  • The Geologist: Created by the Botanist through experiments with radioactive soil with the intent of creating a partner to help him destroy the Zoologist. Possesses shape-shifting abilities and the ability to manipulate the earth around him. Was later accidentally destroyed after being shattered by a mimicked sonic blast of a pistol shrimp from the Zoologist.
  • The Erosionist: An evil Earth elemental who battles the superhero Terrain often for the title of Earth's elemental. Contacted by the Botanist as a replacement for his former creation the Geologist and joined his Anti-Animal Alliance in a bid to destroy all the animals who irritated his soil. Possesses terrakinetic abilities similar to the Geologist.
  • Catastrophe: A mad scientist who created a device that harnesses the power of natural disasters and uses them as weapons for him to control, Prof. Sam Sastoria created major natural disturbances throughout the world, literally holding the world hostage unless his demands were met. The Zoologist and Specia, sensing the disturbances, asked the Maximums for assistance and they defeated Catastrophe. He later formed a gang of minor supervillains to create minor disturbances while he proceeded to hold the President of the United States hostage. However, he was soon defeated by the Four of Nature.
  • The Primordial: A race of extraterrestrials that were sent back in time through a portal generated by the superhero Bluemoon. The journey through the portal combined with their alien physiology altered their minds and bodies and landing in the primordial ooze of the Earth as it was being created by Mother Nature, granted them incredible power, but also drove them mad. Began altering the timeline to the point that the very first creation Faunos and Floros made were made non-existant. Father Time called on Bluemoon to help him, who was immune to the alterations of time and asked him to save the Zoologist so he could help. The Zoologist and Bluemoon defeated the Primordial, who were locked up by Father Time.
  • Blackmoon: The supervillainous clone and archnemesis of the superhero Bluemoon, Blackmoon possesses all of the powers and abilities of Bluemoon, consumed in utter hatred. Joined the Animal Assassin in a bid to frame both Bluemoon and the Zoologist for a series of murders and crimes, succeeding in locking both heroes up in a maximum-security prison. Were later defeated by the two and the Maximums. Blackmoon later kidnapped Specia in a bid to kill the Zoologist, whom he wanted to get rid of, along with the rest of Bluemoon's closest friends, allies, and loved ones. Was subsequentally defeated single-handedly by Bluemoon. Member of the Treacherous Trio.
  • The Abnormal Man: A former vagrant turned into a megalomanical mutant monstrosity, Henry "Hank" Williams became appropriately named the Abnormal Man after a vat of toxic waste made him the master of mutation, able to "abnormalize" (mutate) others at will. Leader of the Abnormals, he fought the Maximums several times before, once blasting the Zoologist with a mutation ray that exploded him and transformed all of humanity into animals, the Maximums and their enemies included. Later attacked by the Exterminators, who saw the underground societies of New York as disgusting and attempted to kill the Abnormal Man and his Abnormals. Saved by the Zoologist, whom he reluctantly thanked for saving him and his team.
  • The Tyrant King: Possibly the most powerful supervillain in the Maximum Universe, the Tyrant King was once hostile young man Bruce Tyrannos who transformed by the Dark Overlord into a megalomaniacal tyrannosaur humanoid by devolutionary rays. Set about to devolve all of humanity into nonexistance with his partners Blackmoon, supervillainous clone of superhero Bluemoon, and Negnator, supervillainous clone of the superhero Magnator, and take over the world. Defeated by the Maximums and the intervening Zoologist and Specia. He later challenged the Zoologist to a "Survival Face-Off", consisting of the two being transported into the most extreme environments in an attempt to out-adapt one another. The Zoologist succeeded in defeating him, but nearly died in the process. Later obtained the legendary Reality Rings that grant the one who could find them all the power to control reality to their whim. Archnemesis of the Maximums, leader of the Treacherous Trio, and member of the Dark Overlord's Minions of Malevolence. Creator of the monstrous Extinction.
  • Extinction: A bio-engineered monstrosity created by the Tyrant King in a bid to destroy humanity by projecting rays of devolutionary energy through a satellite, Extinction was put out of commission by the Maximums before it could be activated. It was later found by the Botanist and upgraded so as to be able to move and fight itself. It was used in an attempt to destroy all of animalkind by linking him up to the same satellite the Tyrant King had used before and locking onto every animal, including the human race, on the planet. However, the Zoologist, Specia, and their newly-formed Pack broke the link and fought both the Anti-Animal Alliance and the newly-upgraded and mobile Extinction, who was subsequently destroyed by the intervening Bluemoon and PseudoZoologist.
  • The Dark Overlord: The omnipotent and omniscient God of Darkness and Evil, the Dark Overlord created the monstrous Tyrant King and several others. First learned of the Zoologist during his army of shadow-warrior's assault on Master Shauo Lei's Shaolin temple. Would later manipulate villains into battling the Zoologist in a plot to coerce him to use his powers for Dark Overlord's benefit. He was subsequently defeated by the Zoologist and his wife Specia. The Botanist was later chosen by the Dark Overlord to join his ranks in the Minions of Malevolence, of whom The Zoologist, Specia, and his Pack later joined the rest of the superhero community in fighting the evil ones. The Zoologist subsequently witnessed his "destruction" by the Almighty One. Archenemy of the Super Squad, the first global defenders of Earth. Enemy of the Maximums.

Powers and Abilities


As The Highest Authority of All Things Animal, the Zoologist possesses a physical, biological, mental, and spiritual connection to every species of animal in the entire animal kingdom, be they living, extinct, real, imaginary (imagined by himself or otherwise), fictional, wild, domesticated, futuristic, extraterrestrial, extradimensional, magical, mystical, mythological, microscopic, simple, supernatural, cryptic, monstrous, demonic, and even humanoid species, granting him complete and total mastery and control over every and all species of animals in the entire animal kingdom, as well as all animal-based powers and abilities on a maximum level, making him one of the most powerful beings in existence.

  • Superhuman, Animal-like Physiology: The Zoologist possesses a superhuman, animal-like physiology, thanks to his physical, biological, mental, and spiritual connection to the animal kingdom. His connections grant him animal-like strength, stamina, durability, endurance, resistance, speed, reflexes, agility, dexterity, flexibility, balance, coordination, equilibrium, razor-sharp claws and teeth, superhumanly acute senses, an accelerated healing factor, instincts, pheromone secretion and emission, amphibious adaptations such as underwater breathing and superhuman swimming ability, and the power of flight. He can increase any or all parts of his physiology far beyond his normal limits by granting himself the combined, even proportional power of any animal he chooses. Also, at times when he lets go of all his rational thoughts, intellect, and mind and reacts to pure instinct and primal fury, he is virtually unstoppable.
  • Superhuman Strength: He possesses incredible superhuman strength (able to lift approximately 100 tons under standard conditions). At times when he lets go of all of his rational thoughts, intellect, and mind and reacts to pure instinct and primal fury, his strength is virtually incalculable. He has demonstrated lifting objects 100,000,000 times his own weight, running and smashing through reinforced titanium-steel walls with the force of an entire animal stampede, leaping great distances with superhuman leg muscles, up to 14 feet in a standing high jump, and 24 feet in a standing broad jump, etc.
  • Superhuman Stamina: The Zoologist’s physiology has been altered to the point that he no longer generates fatigue cells, granting him phenomenal stamina and endurance. He is able to exert himself at his peak capacity for days on end without succumbing to the effects of fatigue whatsoever. His accelerated healing factor helps contribute to destroying fatigue cells and regenerating energy quickly.
  • Superhuman Durability: The compositions of the Zoologist’s skeleton, inter-connected tissues and nervous system have all been greatly enhanced. As such, the Zoologist possesses phenomenal durability and resistance, able to withstand large amounts of pain, injury, firearms, severe lacerations, temperature extremes, penetration wounds, exposure, burning, drowning and suffocation, electrocution, and even large explosions.
  • Superhuman Speed: The Zoologist possesses incredibly enhanced speed, able to move at speeds up to 350 miles per hour while running bipedal and twice as fast when running on all fours, at speeds of up to 700 miles per hour.
  • Superhuman Agility: The Zoologist possesses incredible agility, due to being extraordinarily limber and his tendons and connective tissues are twice as elastic as the average human being's, despite their enhanced strength. He can walk a tightrope or a slack rope as easily as most people can walk on a sidewalk. He can walk on his hands for many hours, or perform any complicated sequence of gymnastic stunts such as flips, rolls, and springs imaginable. He can easily match or top any Olympic record at any gymnastics apparatus (such as flying rings, climbing ropes, horizontal bars, trampolines, etc.)
  • Superhuman Reflexes: The Zoologist possesses incredible, lightning-fast reflexes that are far beyond those of normal humans and most species of animals.
  • Superhuman Dexterity: The Zoologist can perform almost any task with his feet as easily as a human would do with his hands. His manual and pedal dexterity are so great that he can write using both hands at once or tie knots in rope with his toes. He is also ambidextrous and able to use both hands and both feet with equal proficiency.
  • Bipedal/Quadrapedal: The Zoologist’s physiology has been altered so that he is both a biped and a quadruped, able to run and maneuver on all fours as easily as on two legs comfortably and correctly. He is able to run twice as fast on all fours, running at speeds of up to 700 miles per hour under standard conditions. He is also both a digitigrade and a plantigrade, able to move on both the digits of his fingers and toes or the palms and soles of his hands and feet.
  • Superhuman Flexibility: All of the bones in the Zoologist’s body, including his skull, are malleable and his muscle tissue is exceedingly resilient, making his body extremely flexible and pliant, even with the solidified adamantine implanted on his bones. He is triple-jointed, enabling him to bend his body in anyway imaginable. It is nearly impossible for him to break a bone or tear a muscle. Hence, the Zoologist can stretch and bend his body in ways that would tear ligaments and survive impacts that would kill or inflict major injury upon a normal human being with little or no injury to himself. The Zoologist is extraordinarily limber and his tendons and connective tissues are four times as elastic as the average human being is, despite their enhanced strength. His bone structure is also granted great flexibility, enabling him to stay in a crouched position for an indefinite amount of time and perform virtually any contortionist-type feats without any harm to his spinal column whatsoever. This greatly helps in combination with the rest of his physical prowess, as he is able to move and bend in ways that would normally harm someone without harm befalling him whatsoever. He can compress his body very tightly, so that he can fit through tight spaces, about 4 inches in diameter.
  • Superhuman Equilibrium: The Zoologist possesses the ability to achieve a state of perfect equilibrium in any position imaginable. He seems able to adjust his position by instinct, enabling him to balance himself on virtually any object, no matter how small or narrow.
  • Razor-Sharp Indestructible Claws and Teeth: The Zoologist possesses retractable claws in place of fingernails and elongated, razor-sharp, canine teeth. The claws and teeth are naturally sharp and tougher than that of normal human bone structure, allowing the Zoologist to cut and tear through most types of flesh and natural materials. Like his skeleton, the Zoologist's claws and teeth have been infused with the power of the animal kingdom, making them virtually indestructible. Aside from being virtually unbreakable as well, the Zoologist's claws and teeth are capable of cutting and tearing any known substance. The Zoologist's ability to slice completely through a substance depends on the thickness of the substance and the amount of force he can exert.
  • Superhuman Jaws: His jaws are much stronger than any regular humans, enabling him to bite through much harder materials without harm to himself or his mouth, gums, and teeth.
  • Wall-Climbing: The Zoologist can climb, walk, and run on sheer, 90 degree-inclined surfaces by wedging his fingers and toes within the smallest cracks in the wall and applying a vise-like grip on them. He can also utilize his razor-sharp, virtually indestructible claws on his feet and fingers to place cracks within such surfaces, even the most durable, and get a grip on the surface.
  • Superhuman Senses: The Zoologist’s physiology has been altered to the point that he possesses superhumanly acute senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch that are comparable to those of certain animals, including:
  • Superhuman Sight: He can see at far greater distances, with perfect clarity, than an ordinary human. He retains this same level of clarity even in total darkness; his vision even extends into the ultraviolet and infrared areas of the electromagnetic spectrum, granting him perfect night vision. His vertically-slit pupils allow a greater range of vision above and below him, enabling him to more easily detect the movements of an opponent and the flicker-fusion rate of his retinas is reduced to such an extent that he can easily perceive fast-moving objects that would appear to others as a blur. He can also see clearly through even the densest and murkiest conditions, including fog, murky waters, duststorms, etc.
  • Superhuman Hearing: His hearing is enhanced in a similar manner, allowing him to detect sounds ordinary humans can't and hear at much greater distances. He can hear a person's heartbeat at a distance of over twenty feet, a whispered conversation through a standard soundproof barrier and hear sounds from up to 5 miles in diameter. By listening to a person's heartbeat, he can detect whether or not they are lying. His hearing is sufficiently acute to detect a sound pressure level change from 2 decibels to 8 dB at a range of 60 feet (24m). Through practice, the Zoologist is able to control his hearing acuity, mentally blocking out specific sounds like his own breathing and heartbeat, all ambient sounds to a normal human level of perception, or all sounds but a particular sound he is concentrating upon. If taken by surprise, the Zoologist can suffer more distress from a painfully loud sound than an ordinary human would. Also, beyond a certain size, crowds of people tend to create too many sensory impressions for him to sort through.
  • Superhuman Smell: He possesses a highly developed olfactory sense and memory. He can detect odors of an atmospheric concentration of thirty parts per million. Furthermore, his ability to remember smells enables him to identify any person he has spent at least five minutes with by smell alone, no matter how he or she might try to camouflage his or her natural odor. Zoologist is able to recognize people and objects by scent, even if they are well hidden. His powers of concentration are such that he can focus upon a single person's smell and locate them in a city of millions. He can track a target by scent and selectively sort through various odors, even if the scent has been greatly eroded by time and weather factors, with an impressive degree of success. He can detect a subtle alteration in the composition of perspiration that reflect mood or emotions, and is highly sensitive to pheromones. The Zoologist can also use his keen sense of smell to detect lies due to chemical changes within a person's scent.
  • Superhuman Taste: His sense of taste can detect 1 part of foreign matter in 10,000. His ability to remember tastes enables him to determine every ingredient of a food or drink he tastes, as long as there are at least twenty milligrams of that substance present.
  • Superhuman Touch: The Zoologist possesses a minute coat of fur covering his entire body that act as vibrissae (“whiskers”), like a cat’s, granting him a superhuman sense of touch, which enables him to detect minute changes in the temperature and pressure in his immediate environment, as well as minute vibrations traveling through the ground and the motion and/or disturbance of air currents surrounding him. Even with his senses of sight, smell, and/or hearing blocked, he can sense the presence of another living being standing or approaching five feet away from him simply by his or her body heat and disturbance of air.
  • Accelerated Healing Factor: The Zoologist is able to regenerate damaged or destroyed areas of his anatomy with far greater efficiency than any ordinary human or animal. Originally, the speed of the Zoologist's healing factor was in proportion to the wound's severity; for example, he could fully recover from an ordinary gunshot wound within minutes. However, the Zoologist's healing ability has dramatically increased in recent years due to his evolutionary powers. The Zoologist can fully regenerate loss brain cells and tissue. He can even regenerate his entire body after having all of his bodily tissue incinerated down to his bare skeleton. This power even amends psychological wounds inflicted as a result of traumatic experiences.
  • Immunity: The Zoologist's natural and mystical healing also affords him virtual immunity to poisons and drugs. He possesses a highly efficient immune system, which is part of his accelerated healing factor, rendering him immune against all known Earthly diseases and infections. In addition, the Zoologist’s healing factor provides him with an extended lifespan by virtually halting the effects of the aging process.
  • Flight: Thanks to the insectoid wings on his back that he normally possesses, the Zoologist is capable of flying at speeds at up to 140 miles per hour, without needing to use the power or form of another animal. In addition to flight, he can beat his wings fast enough to cause a sonic boom capable of shattering steel.
  • Amphibious Physiology: Thanks to the sealable gills on each side of his neck, as well as webbed toes and feet, & fins on the backs of each of his ankles, the Zoologist is able to breathe and swim at superhuman speeds underwater, as well as intermediately return to land if he wishes. He possesses great freedom of movement underwater.
  • Pheromone Control and Secretion: The Zoologist possesses the superhuman ability to secrete virtually any type of pheromone at will. Like many animals (including humans to a small extent), the Zoologist continually emits pheromones (natural, airborne hormones secreted primarily through-sweat glands which communicate and stimulate behavior) of great potency and volume at will. Once the Zoologist's pheromone emissions, released into the atmosphere, reach the olfactory centers of any animal, their hormonal balance is altered, causing them to feel one of various reactions, including aggregation/attraction, alarm, aggression, calming, and warning, as well as activate developmental changes, show territories, paths, etc. The Zoologist's pheromones are released at a rate of 2,000 parts per million, several thousand times that of a normal human. Consequently, any animal, including humans, within range (about 250 feet downwind, or in the direct path of the emission) are severely affected. Within seconds of exposure to the Zoologist, animals become submissive and open to manipulation by the Zoologist, as if hypnotized.
  • Zoomorph: The Zoologist's main power is the superhuman ability to alter his body's genetic code, DNA, and atomic structures at the subatomic, cellular, and molecular levels and telepathically/telekinetically reshape and reconfigure them in order to transform into any animal imaginable. He seems able to transform into any animal that he can imagine or visualize within his mind, including animals that are living, extinct, real, imaginary (imagined by himself or otherwise), fictional, wild, domesticated, futuristic, extraterrestrial, extradimensional, magical, mystical, mythological, supernatural, microscopic, simple, complex, cryptic, monstrous, demonic, and humanoid species. He can also become any species of protozoa, bacteria, and/or zooplankton. There appears to be no limit to how long the Zoologist can remain in the form of any animal, as well as no strain on becoming the smallest or largest of animals or instantaneously changing between different forms. He can radically alter his body structure at will without harm to himself whatsoever, enabling him to become animals with completely different body structures from his, to the point that he can transform into animals completely without any organs or tissues, such as the amoeba or Trichoplax adhaerens. He is so skilled, he is able to become any individual specimen of any animal exactly (including homo sapiens). When the Zoologist becomes any animal that he desires to be, he is automatically transformed into the peak and prime specimen of said animal, possessing it’s species' peak size, strength, stamina, etc. (although he can choose to become otherwise as well). When he is in any animal form, he retains his full intelligence, mind, memories, personality, logic, and his ability to speak and reason (regardless of whether the target animal is biologically equipped for speaking or not). Also, while in any animal form, he is fully capable of utilizing any of the animal's powers, abilities, characteristics, adaptations, language, sounds, voices, behavior, physiology, survival and predatory strategies and techniques, and/or defenses/defense mechanisms at will. Thanks to his virtually infinite intellect on all things animal and his virtually unlimited zoomorphing (animal-morphing) abilities, the Zoologist can transform into animals that are beyond physical or mental description or biologically impossible.
  • Body Size/Mass Alteration: He possesses the superhuman ability to mentally alter his mass and weight to that of any animal he transforms into, gaining or depleting it from an unknown source, although he can also retain his mass and weight in any form or alter it at will while in any form. He can also alter the size/mass of any individual part of his body, making them larger or smaller at will. By doing this, he is able to become smaller than an amoeba or larger than a blue whale.
  • Gender Alteration: He can also specifically become a male or a female gender of any animal imaginable, as most female genders of species are visually and biologically different from male species, and vice-versa. He can even become both genders or neither gender.
  • Self-Duplication: The Zoologist is able to create a virtually infinite number of physical duplicates of himself in order to make large groupings/swarms of himself (like bees or birds). He can asexually reproduce himself at will without losing or having to regain mass or form at all. He can mentally control each and every copy, as well as absorb them back into him at will.
  • Chimera-Changing: The Zoologist is able to transform any part of his body into any animal appendage, while keeping the rest of his body human. He can alter his appendages or other parts of his body into that corresponding of any animal’s he chooses. He can also add on or take away any body parts of any animal (including his own) at will, without harm to himself whatsoever, such as adding on a tail or wings, or taking away an arm or a leg. If he were to gain an appendage that has some sort of ability, like a scorpion's metasoma (the tail that is comprised of 5 segments, including the stinger and it's venom glands), he would gain all the parts necessary to utilize the ability, as well as the proper body structure and knowledge needed to utilize the body part as if by pure animal instinct. If he were to choose to gain the appendage of an animal whose mass was either much greater or lesser than his own, such as a praying mantis’ forearms or a Tyrannosaurus rex’s head, they would automatically become proportionally accurate to the rest of his body, becoming smaller or larger. He gains all the power of any appendage he transforms his body part into, such as the strength of an actual gorilla’s arm, the flight of a bird’s wings, the durability of a turtle’s or a snail’s shell, etc. He is so precise that he is able to morph any body parts of any animal with any other animal’s body parts to him to become an entirely new, extremely powerful species, which he calls a chimera.
  • Therianthropy: He is also able to metamorphesize into transitional stages anywhere between any animal, including his human form. His strength and powers varies in his different forms, as he is able to control the degree of how much animal or human he becomes.
  • Zoomorphism - Others: The Zoologist possesses the ability to transform another animal, including a human, into any other animal he wishes by telekinetically altering their genetic code, DNA, and atomic structure on the subatomic, cellular, and molecular levels, as well as any degree of transitional stages between animals (granting them the powers, abilities, characteristics, language, physiology, defenses, benefits, limitations, and/or weaknesses each species possesses).
  • Zoomimicry: The Zoologist possesses the ability to mimic the powers, abilities, language, sounds, voices, physiology, survival and predatory strategies/techniques, and defenses of any animal imaginable, whilst in human form. He achieves this by either focusing on a specific animal near him or by drawing power from the animal kingdom in general, focusing on either any single ability or all the abilities of a specific animal. He can also mentally choose the powers and abilities of several different animals and combine them to make him incredibly powerful. He has demonstrated the ability to hold onto the powers and abilities of the entire animal population of Earth simultaneously at one time. The levels of the Zoologist’s abilities are proportionate to that of the animal itself. Hence, for example, drawing the jumping ability from a flea would allow him to cover great distances or drawing the combined durability of a water bear, cockroach, weta, and golem would grant him nigh-invulnerability. However, taking the abilities of a larger animal does not result in diminished power for him. He is so masterful that he is able to utilize any animal power in any animal imaginable, enabling him to fly like a peregrine falcon while in the form of a blue whale, while shooting the electricity of an electric eel. He can also utilize this ability to grant himself any superhuman power imaginable by creating an animal completely from his imagination and grant it the power he desires, and then mimic the animal’s power.

In the past, he has gained:

  • The combined strength of a hercules beetle, a tyrannosaurus rex, and a bull elephant
  • The combined durability of a water bear, a cockroach, and a weta
  • The combined flight of a peregrine falcon, a white-throated needle-tailed swift, a red-breasted merganser, a bar-headed goose, a hummingbird, a crowned eagle, an arctic tern, and a great blue windrunner
  • The combined swimming, diving, and underwater-breathing ability of an Indo-Pacific sailfish, a sperm whale, and a mako shark
  • The combined, proportionate speed of a tiger beetle, a peregrine falcon, and a cheetah
  • The leaping ability of a flea
  • The peripheral, 360 degree vision and digestive acids of a fly
  • The web-shooting and wall-crawling abilities of a spider
  • The stealth, agility, fangs, and venom of a snake
  • The poisonous secretion of a golden poison frog
  • The combined venom of a Irukandji jellyfish, a fierce snake, a cone snail, a blue-ringed octopus, a Sydney funnel-webbed spider, a stonefish, and a sea wasp
  • The combined painful sting of a bullet ant and a tarantula hawk
  • The sonic blast of a pistol shrimp
  • The stench of a skunk
  • The corrosive spray of a bombardier beetle and a spitfire bird
  • The extendable tongue of both a frog, a toad, and an anteater.
  • The invisibility and color-changing ability of a chameleon and a rainbow squid
  • The shape changing and flexibility of a mimic octopus
  • The absorbing abilities of a sponge
  • The electricity of an electric eel
  • The fiery breath of a dragon
  • A scallop’s jet propulsion
  • The worm's ability to regenerate lost body parts
  • The asexual reproduction abilities of an amoeba
  • Human Animal Mimicry: As explained before, since humans and other humanoid species are animals as well, the Zoologist is able to mimic the powers, abilities, talents, and skills of any humanoid being, including superhuman ones.
  • Zoopathy: The Zoologist possesses an extraordinary variety of incredibly powerful mental abilities, all, of course, revolving around his mental and spiritual link to every species of animal in existence. Hence, he possesses a highly advanced intellect, as well as complete control over the entire animal kingdom on a mental and spiritual level. He knows everything about animals, possesses a superhuman intellect, and can communicate, control, read the minds and emotions of, detect, summon, attract, repel, and transmit his senses and/or mind into any species of the animal kingdom. He also possesses a mental/spiritual link with the natural world.
  • Animal Omniscience: The Zoologist's mind has been psychologically altered to become a virtual animal kingdom database, enabling him to gather full information about anything about any animal imaginable almost instantaneously. The Zoologist possesses complete knowledge on everything there is to know about any and every animal, including every animal in existence, past, present, and future, real, imaginary, fictional, wild, domesticated, extraterrestrial, extradimensional, magical, mystical, mythological, supernatural, microscopic, simple, complex, cryptic, monstrous, demonic, and humanoid species, their physiology/anatomy, biomechanics, locations, habitats, behavior, defense mechanisms, animal communications and interactions, human-animal interactions, animal taxonomy, etc. His mind has also been altered to react by instinct when he wishes.
  • Superhuman Intellect: As well as possessing virtual omniscience on all things animal, the Zoologist possesses a superhuman intellect derived from his already brilliant human intellect being vastly untapped by his evolution into the Highest Authority of All Things Animal. As such, he possesses incredible logic, reasoning, and computational ability. His mind works sharply and with extreme speed. His intuition is heightened to the degree that his hunches are almost always correct, and goes hand in hand with his instincts.
  • Animal Communication: The Zoologist possesses the ability to communicate with any animal imaginable, usually through telepathy, although he is not limited to actually being able to speak or communicate in any animal language or communicating in the way any animal is capable of communicating.
  • Animal Control/Command: The Zoologist possesses the ability to telepathically control and/or possess any animal he wishes, usually to help him fight opponents, enemies, and adversaries. He can choose to control their motor functions, their minds, or both if he wishes. However, seemingly, every single animal, except for humans, seem to understand his position of power, and seemingly respect and obey his whims.
  • Animal Telepathy, Sympathy, and Empathy: The Zoologist possesses the ability to telepathically, empathically and sympathetically see, feel, control, and manipulate the minds and emotions of any animal imaginable, in order to read their mind and thoughts, communicate or control them, alter their minds and/or emotional states, heal them, or control how they react to stimuli and situations.
  • Animal Detection: The Zoologist possesses the ability to sense the presence of any animal in his immediate vicinity, about a 1 mile radius. The Zoologist possesses the telepathic ability to locate any animal from virtually any location, even across other planets, times, realities, and universes.
  • Animal Summon: The Zoologist possesses the telepathic ability to summon and/or contact any animal from any place imaginable at will. This seems to link with his animal transportation ability to enable him to summon any animal from any place or time nearly instantaneously. It is unknown if their is a limit to the amount of animals he can summon/transport at once, as he has been seen summoning an entire forest of animals at once.
  • Animal Attraction/Repellent: He possesses the power to telepathically attract or repel any individual specimen, individual species, or all species of animal toward or away from his vicinity at will. Almost no animal can resist his attraction or repellent and will almost instantaneously approach or retreat away. He can mentally choose the distance from which he can repel or attract animals at will.
  • Animal Sense Transmission: He possesses the telepathic ability to psychically align his mind and spirit with that of any animal in existence, enabling him to telepathically "see, hear, feel, taste, and touch" through the minds, memories, and senses of any animal anywhere in existence. This enables him to literally be able to learn about any individual animal and spy anywhere on the planet, without being noticed whatsoever. He can reverse this as well, by causing any animal he wishes to see, hear, taste, touch, and feel what he senses. The Zoologist possesses the ability to relate virtually any specific details about the past and/or future condition of any animal usually by being in contact with the animal. He can also read residual thought imprints left on objects touched by any animal.
  • Animal Mind Transferance: A weird ability of his is the ability to transfer his mind, memories, personality, intelligence, spirit, and life essence into any animal, including another homo sapien, almost instantaneously. He has learned to use it as reflex action in times when his body is in serious danger. In the time that he is away from his body, if it were to, for example, be molecular disintegrated, the body that he has inhabited becomes an exact duplicate of his original body, without any semblance, physically or mentally, of the body he inhabited. For this, he normally prefers to use inferior animals, like worms or amoebas.
  • Natural and Environmental Awareness: The Zoologist’s mind has been altered to the point that he possesses complete and total awareness of his surrounding natural environments. Akin to that of certain animals, the Zoologist is able to sense any differences or disturbances in his environment, no matter how subtle they may be, from things as noticeable as weather, climate, and atmospheric conditions to things as subtle as migration differences, increases, decreases, or imbalances in animal populations, minute temperature changes, wind current alterations, shifts in tectonic plates, climate alterations, etc. He can sense differences and abnormalities in the natural world and order.

It appears that he can communicate with, control, telepathically, empathically and sympathetically see, feel, control, and manipulate the thoughts and emotions of, sense the presence of, locate, sense through the senses of, detect, contact, transport, summon, and transfer his mind into virtually any amount and/or kind of animals, no matter how powerful or how many there may be.

  • Zookinesis: The Zoologist also possesses complete biological control over the entire animal kingdom on a subatomic, genetic, and molecular level. He can create, heal, resurrect, destroy, alter, duplicate/clone, transport/teleport any species of the animal kingdom in virtually any way he chooses.
  • Animal Creation: The Zoologist possesses the superhuman ability to telepathically and telekinetically create virtually any animal imaginable from any individual pieces of organic matter within his vicinity. He is able to create any animal, including humans, and grant them complete and total life, energy, sentience, natural instincts, and all of their biological functions and life processes. However, he can not create an exact copy of an already existing specimen, especially sentient beings like humans.
  • Animal Healing/Repair/Reanimation: The Zoologist possesses the superhuman ability to telekinetically heal, repair, and revitalize the injuries of any animal imaginable, including humans. There is no limit to the types of injuries he can heal and has healed and repaired animals that completely lost major organs and tissues. The Zoologist can even reanimate the dormant tissue and cells of any dead animal, literally bringing any dead animal back to life, no matter how long they have been dead. However, he can only resurrect a dead animal if they died of a natural cause, such as old age, being eaten, disease, starvation/dehydration, or were killed in a natural disaster.
  • Animal Destruction/Extinction: The Zoologist possesses the superhuman ability to psionically destroy the tissue and molecules of any animal imaginable, effectively injuring, killing, or completely obliterating them in any way he wishes. He seldom does this, however, and only uses it in extreme cases. Zoologist can take his destruction ability to the next level and literally obliterate entire species of animals at will if he wished. If he so wished, he could destroy every animal in existence with but a simple thought.
  • Animal Alteration: He can genetically alter, mutate, evolve, or devolve any animal, including humans, in anyway imaginable at the subatomic, cellular, and molecular levels almost instantaneously by thought. This enables him to “improve” animals, making them more effective in combat, or successful in surviving, or he can devolve and mutate them to gain limitations to make them less dangerous for as long as he requires them to be so. He can alter virtually any aspect of any animal, including their size, shape, powers, abilities, characteristics, adaptations, defenses, behavior, etc. He can also return the animals to their complete original states almost instantaneously. An interesting power of the Zoologist is the ability to telekinetically fuse two or more completely different animals from the entire animal kingdom (including homo sapiens) together to create a new superspecies. He calls these fusions “chimeras” after the creature that actually possesses the body parts of multiple animals. He possesses full control of these creations just like any other normal animal.
  • Animal Duplication/Cloning: The Zoologist possesses the ability to physically clone and duplicate any animal perfectly as many times as he wishes, as well as merge any and/or all clones/duplicates into one specimen. He can extend his ability to merge any and/or all clones/duplicates into one specimen to swarms of truly individual specimens of the same species that the Zoologist has not cloned.
  • Animal Transportation/Teleporation: The Zoologist possesses the telepathic and telekinetic ability to transport any animal from any location or time to any location or time period he designates. He can achieve this by displacing the molecules of their bod(y/ies) from the place/time they were located to the place he designates. This ability seems to link with his animal summoning ability, enabling him to summon any individual specimen, species, or even every animal from any location or time at will.
  • Fauna Field Projection: The Zoologist possesses the ability to tap into the fauna field, the field that connects every single species of animal in all of existence into him, physically, mentally, and spiritually, in order to project it in the form of destructive red blasts of energy that are said to possess the full power and ferocity of the entire animal kingdom.

The Zoologist’s body has been physiologically altered to god-like levels, granting him an unstable molecular structure that adapts to any environmental stimuli, granting him the ability to adapt and evolve to any stimuli within his environment, as well as granting him virtual invulnerability to any non-sentient species of the animal kingdom, and virtual immortality.

  • Instantaneous Environmental Adaptation: The Zoologist’s body has been physiologically altered to the point that it automatically recodes his genetic code, DNA, and atomic structure in order to adapt and evolve in response to any stimuli, situation, or environment he is placed in, theoretically allowing him to survive (as far as has been shown) anything. The Zoologist can develop/evolve almost any form of resistance, immunity, or invulnerability to whatever injures or harms him after prolonged exposure. He can also develop weapons/evolutions to counter almost any opponent. If he no longer requires the adaptation, his body simply and automatically recodes his DNA structure once again in order to return him back to his normal form, unless he mentally wishes otherwise. His evolving and adapting powers rival that of the Tyrant King’s/Bio-rex's.
  • Animal Immunity: The Zoologist is immune to the adverse effects of any bite, sting, poison, venom, toxin, etc, from any animal imaginable, no matter how deadly or potent it maybe. He can transmit his immunities to others as well.
  • Animal Invulnerability: The Zoologist is unable to be harmed by any nonsentient animal, beast, or creature, thereby rendering him virtually invulnerable to any animal attack. For some reason, however, this does not apply to humans and other sentient beings or humanoids, who are able to harm him physically. All animals that are not of the human race, sapient/sentient beings, or humanoids, seem to not wish to harm the Zoologist, since they seem to understand his position and treat him with utmost respect, no matter how seemingly simple-minded they may be.
  • Animal Immortality: The Zoologist is unable to age as long as there is at least one other species of animal in existence, making him virtually immortal. However, that does not mean he cannot physically die. The Zoologist can be killed by anything human, plant, mineral, inorganic, of a form of energy that is not generated by a member of the animal kingdom or is not animalistic in nature. However, thanks to his superhuman durability, endurance, resistance, and accelerated healing factor, he can withstand most of these weaknesses for prolonged exposure without succumbing to pain or injury.


The Zoologist is, of course, the universe's leading authority on all things animal, and is known as the universe's most renowned zoologist. Even before he became the Zoologist, Dr. Alan Douglas was one of the most brilliant scientific experts in the field of zoology. He is now an unparalleled genius in all fields of zoology, veterinary science, and animal biology, including mammalogy, ornithology, herpetology, ichthyology, invertabrate zoology, entomology, arachnology, acarology astacology, malacology, conchology, planktology, paleozoology, cryptozoology, microzoology, magizoology, mythozoology, astrozoology, ethology, animal neuroethology, zoosemiotics, animal cognition, anthrozoology, animal physiology (zootomy, animal anatomy, comparative anatomy, animal morphology, animal biomechanics, animal biochemistry, animal genology, zootoxicology, animal organology, zoomyology, animal osteology, and embryology/oology), animal molecular biology, animal molecular genetics, animal developmental biology, animal ecology, zooparasitology, zooarchaeology, animal evolutionary biology, zoophenology, animal systematics, cladistics, phylogenetics, phylogeography, zoogeography, animal taxonomy, and all forms of veterinary science.

He has learned and mastered all styles of Kung Fu, especially Shaolin, as well as mastered a form of martial arts that he has created from studying, memorizing and copying the movements, attacks, preying techniques and defense mechanisms of every single animal in existence into his human body, as well as learned special fighting techniques for nearly every animal in existence. Combined with his superhuman, animal-like physiology and powers, the Zoologist is nearly unstoppable in hand-to-hand combat.

He is a master of survival, and has more than once exiled himself to the wild with nothing more than the clothes on his back. The Zoologist is also one of the most skilled trackers, hunters, and foragers in existance, thanks in part to his superhuman senses and his telepathic ability to locate any species/specimen of animal, utilizing these skills in the wild easily.

Strength level

The Zoologist possesses superhuman strength, enabling him to lift (press) up to approximately 100 tons under standard conditions. When mimicking the strength of other animals and adding on to his own, his strength can become virtually incalcuable. Also, when he lets loose of all inhibitions and goes completely feral, his strength also skyrockets.


The Zoologist is able to be harmed, injured, and even killed by any living sentient being, member of the plant, fungi, and algae kingdoms, mineral, inorganic matter, or form of energy that wasn’t created or originated from an animal or is not animalistic in nature. The Zoologist can also be killed by completely depriving him of nutrition or sustenance of some sort for prolonged periods of time, causing him to starve or dehydrate to death. If any animal nearby is hurt, injured, or killed, or large groupings of animals are suddenly killed somewhere in the universe, it can cause the Zoologist extreme pain, depending on the amount of life the animal(s) possesses/possessed. He has been known to succumb to mental berserker rages on several occasions, causing him to attack anyone within his vicinity, even allies, friends, or family, on accident without warning, especially during times of stress, anger, or pain. This is due to his physical, mental, and spiritual connection with every animal imaginable, sometimes causing unwanted, animalistic behavior to be unleashed from within. If an animal was killed by any member of the plant, fungi, and/or algae kingdoms, mineral, inorganic matter, or form of energy that was not created or originated from an animal or was animalistic in nature, the Zoologist is unable to heal or bring the specimen back to life. While the Zoologist does possess the power to heal or bring any animal back to life, he can only do so if the animal died of natural causes, such as old age, disease, starvation/dehydration, was eaten, killed by a natural outside force, like a tornado or a hurricane, or if he was granted increased healing powers by Mother Nature, who has done so more than once. This means he can not bring an animal back to life unless it died of a natural cause or outside force.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


  • The Zoologist was created by Bradley Alan Dotson during his years in middle school. Brad Dotson is currently a senior at Caesar Rodney High School. He will graduate in May of 2008 and then attend the Delaware College of Art & Design in Wilmington for two years, and probably pursue other college degrees before attempting to become a comic book artist and/or writer for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, or any other comic book company.


  • The Zoologist was originally named the Animal Man, whom Brad Dotson created in between his 6th grade and 7th grade years of middle school. Later he was called the Animal Master, then just the Animal, and finally today the Zoologist.
  • The Zoologist's real name, Alan, was in homage to his creator, Brad Dotson's middle name.
  • The Zoologist is owned and copyrighted by Bradley Dotson.

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