The X Men is a standalone tv show starring Hugh Jackman as Logan/ Wolverine, Patrick Stewart as Professor X, Dylan O'Brien as Cyclops.


  • Hugh Jackman as Logan/ Wolverine-22/22
  • Patrick Stewart as Professor X-20/22
  • Lupita Nyongo` As Storm-21/22
  • Dylan O Brien as Cyclops-21/22
  • Karen Gillian as Jean Grey-20/22
  • Liam Aiken as Iceman-22/22
  • Emma Watson as Rouge-16/22
  • Skander Kynes as Nightcrawler-22/22
  • Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Havok-22/22
  • Ross Lynch as The Angel-10/22
  • Skylar Gaetner as Multiple Man-12/22
  • Robert Malliet as Colussus-22/22
  • Saorise Ronan as Scarlet Witch-22/22


  1. Logan is tracked down by Professor X to help him stop the Brotherhood. Storm and Cyclops join.
  2. Logan, Cyclops,Rouge and Nightcrawler go to stop William Stryker who has a history with Wolverine.
  3. Sabertooth attacks Logan at a bar and must team with Deadpool who was hired to assasinate him.
  4. Wolverine and Cyclops are sent to China to uncover the Dragon Blade who was once the Silver Samurai`s sword , but A new Silver Samurai attacks them.
  5. The Angel, Scarlet Witch and Havok team up to go after the President, Meanwhile Logan has memories of 1944.
  6. A member of the Brotherhood named Juggernaut kidnapps Colossus.
  7. Wolverine learns that Storm is hiding sometthing, he learns that Jean Grey Cyclops girlfriend has returned.
  8. The X-Men go up against Quicksilver who tries to get Scarlet Witch to join him.
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