The Webslinger is live-action series starring Spider-Man based on the character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, and served as a retelling of the classic Spider-Man stories. It was produced by Sam Raimi, Avi Arad, and Kevin Feige. The show was released in 2001.


  • Tobey Maguire - Spider-Man
  • Bryce Dallas Howard - Gwen Stacy
  • James Franco - Harry Osborn
  • William Dafoe - Norman Osborn
  • Rosemary Harris - May Parker
  • Alicia Wit - Mary Jane Watson
  • Michael Keaton - Roderick Kingsley/Hobgoblin, Daniel Kingsley
  • Josh Brolin - Sergei Kravinoff/Kraven the Hunter
  • Brock Lesnar - Aleksei O'hirn 
  • Ulrich Thomsen - Federick Foswell/The Big Man
  • J.K. Simmons - J. Jonah Jameson
  • Elizabeth Banks - Betty Brant
  • Bill Nunn - Joseph "Robbie" Robertson
  • Joe Manganiello - Eugene "Flash" Thompson
  • Bokeem Woodbine - Herman Schultz/Shocker
  • Kirk Acevado - The Burglar
  • Bruce Campbell - Wrestling announcer- Studio Janitor
  • Robert Englund - Adrian Toomes/Vulture
  • Matthew Fox - Mac Gargan/Scorpion
  • Andrew Scott - Quentin Beck/Mysterio


Season 1

# Title
1 Responsibility Seventeen-year-old nerd Peter Parker is bitten by a genetically altered Spider-Man during a field trip Thoomes incorporated.

Peter then starts developing the respective abilities of a spider and shows hem to his uncle Ben ( who alongside his aunt may raised him). Peter tries to convince his Uncle to let him use his powers to help with their money problems. Ben then reminds him to not do anything illegal or immoral telling him that with his great power there must also come great responsibly.

Peter then enters a wrestling competition with a 100 thousand dollar prize which he plans on using to buy a car to impress his crush, Betty Brant. However, once he wins the manager only gives him 20 thousand dollars telling him that he was cheating. Peter becomes frustrated and he lets a criminal get away with stolen money from the manager telling him that if he stopped him he would be cheating the cops.

Peter then goes home, only to find his beloved uncle shot by a mysterious gunman...

2 Crime Pays Peter is told by police captain George Stacy that his uncle was killed by a crook called Dennis Carradine because he wanted to steal his car. Instead of comforting his aunt he leaves to find the killer.

Spider-Man investigates to see were the gunman that killed his uncle went. He eventually finds the stolen car in a warehouse and inside the killer. Peter brutally beats the killer but when he pulls his mask down he discovers that he is the crook he let go the other day. Wrecked with guilt Peter hands him to the police and decides to use the great powers of Spider-Man responsibly.

Now Peter becomes New York's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man as a mysterious masked man says that he could use him to his advantage.

3 Big man  Peter starts working taking pictures of his colorful to alter ego for the Daily Bugle newspaper, whose Editor and owner Jeremiah Jonah Jameson happens to be running an anti-Spider-Man crusade for the publicity, to help his aunt pay the bills. There Pete finds out that his uncle's killer was part of the skull gang which is led by the enigmatic Big Man who is trying to take over New York's criminal underworld for himself but the editor Frederick Foswell shots down further questions.

Peter as Spider-Man tries taking Big Man down at the docks where he's supervising an arms deal. However, while trying to apprehend him Big Man offers Spidey one million dollars if he turns a blind eye to his operations. Spidey refuses and beats Big Man forcing him to "confess" working for a man named Hammerhead. As Peter leaves Big Man gets up exclaiming that that was far easier than expected.

Spider-Man interrogates a thug that works for Hammerhead and gets his location, however before he can go there he's called by Betty Brant. She calls him to invite him to a study date which he accepts not without being mocked by the thug. Peter leaves not before knocking out the mocking thug.

He meets up with Betty in a library where she tells him that she needs help with biology. Peter gladly begins teaching her and mentions working at the Daily Bugle. This impresses Brant who exclaims that her mom works there. However, before they can bond further Peter feels a weird tingling in his head as a criminal named O'hirn enters the library. The criminal demands the money of all the people inside. Peter and Betty both comply but when the robbery is over, Peter makes an excuse that he needs to inform his aunt and changes into Spider-Man to follow the criminal. He fights O'Hirn and easily defeats him sending him to jail. Betty is shaken by what happens and reprimands Peter for leaving her.

4 Scavenger
5 The shock of your life
6 Enforcement
10 The rise of the Hobgoblin
11 The Demon in the Purple Cloak
15 Turning Point



  • Spider-Man's theme in the series is a reference to both the 60's and 90's animated series versions (in reality it was made by YouTuber La Robot!)
    Spider-Man Alternate Main Titles (60s 90s theme)

    Spider-Man Alternate Main Titles (60s 90s theme)

  • The show features a cameo by Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. This puts it on the same continuity as the X-Men films.
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