The Unstoppable Wasp is an upcoming film in Phase 9 of the marvel universe. It will be released in 2033.


Many years after the events of Avengers Endgame, Hope Van Dyne and Scott Lang protect the city from masked vigilantes. But when the Crimson Dynamo poses to destroy new york and then it into "New Crimson", and when Ant-Man is off doing his own thing, it is up to Wasp to protect the city!


  • Evangeline Lilly as Hope Van Dyne/The Wasp (Protagonist)
  • Paul Rudd as Scott Lang/Ant-Man (Deutorgonist)
  • Michael Douglas as Hank Pym/Ant-Man
  • Michelle Pfeiffer as Janet Van Dyne/Wasp
  • Emma Fuhrmann as Cassie Lang
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