After Ultro/Tyson Martinezl eft Avenger's Academy he realized that the world, even with its different wars going on, had one common thing among it all. Chaos between all Organics. Even with peace keeping groups like The Avengers, X-men, S.H.E.I.L.D, chaos could never be subdued. It was at that moment he began to put together a protocol similar to the Avengers Initative, only he would choose people that could help him make a true impact on the world.

That Protocal would be forever known as The Unifier's; Keepers of Peace

Volume 1: Rise of the Unifier's

List of Unifer Members

Founding Members


  • This series will include Marvel Characters from Earth 616 in the mainstream, however some of their positions will be altered. I do not own any rights to the characters of Marvel.
  • There will be some characters of my design later on as the story progresses.
  • There will only be two big stories for The Unifer's, more will be available if people enjoy it.
  • Others can join in the fun, just know the RP will be an issue that moves away from the main story line. Ex: The Unifer's Issue 161.1
  • If anyone is interested in making their characters part of the Universes, simply send me a message, and we'll see what we can do.
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