The Spectacular Spider-Man is an animated show within the Marvel Animated Series Universe based on the Marvel character Spider-Man. It shows us the story of Peter Parker that we didn't see in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.





Season One

Number Name Bio
1 Origins Average high school kid Peter Parker, is bitten by a radioactive

spider, and is turned into the Spectacular Spider-Man.

2 Does Whatever A Spider Can Still learning about his powers, Spider-Man finds himself up

against his first ever villain: The Chameleon.

3 Stark Expo Peter sneaks himself into the Stark Expo, only to be caught

in a fight between Iron Man and the Living Laser.

4 The Sin-Eater Peter Parker finds himself in a heated battle with the new

villain, the Sin-Eater.

5 252 Peter Parker joins Horizon High and finds himself

experimenting on a weird substance titled Entity V-252.

6 Spider of Steel After joining Horizon High, a kid jealous of Spider-Man has

a run in with the Steel Spider.

7 Electrifying A work accident turns the innocent Max Dillion into the

electrifying villain Electro.

8 The Spider and the Cat Spider-Man has a run in with a burglar named Black Cat.
9 Spider-Man On Ice Randall Macklin steals an ice gauntlet from Peter and

Harry and becomes the chilling supervillain Blizzard.

10 Screwball Challenge After a weird challenge pops up online to unmask him,

Spidey finds himself in a very strange battle with Screwball.

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