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The Poacher

Real Name
Ryan McCatcher
Current Alias
The Poacher

The World’s Greatest Hunter, The Apex Predator, Jeremy Penswick


Leader of the Trophy Hunters; member of the Negaknights, the Anti-Animal Alliance, the Silver Bullets, and the Hide n’ Seekers

Unnamed father, unnamed mother


Base Of Operations
Atop Ayers Rock, Outback, Australia




Unusual Features
No unusual features


Marital Status

Professional criminal (poacher) and supervillain, mercenary and assassin-for-hire; former sharpshooter

High school dropout


Place of Birth

Bradley A. Dotson

First appearance

The Maximums #3 (in flashback); The Zoologist, King of the Animals, # 5


Ryan McCatcher began his love for hunting and his hatred for animals at a young age. When he was five years old, he was chased by a vicious rottweiler after he shot it with a Beebe gun. Escaping it after jumping over a fence, he began to realize that animals were stupid, but powerful. Reading books about dangerous animals, like crocodiles, bears, and lions, made Ryan realize that he wanted to be the top of the food chain. Dedicating his life to become the greatest hunter in the world, he began practicing with his father’s rifles and learning all he could about hunting.

At the age of twelve, during a hunting expedition in Africa with his father, Ryan was attacked from behind by a wild leopard. Shocked, he attempted to shoot it, but the leopard swiped the rifle out his hands. Ryan was completely stunned before he took up the courage to attempt to wrestle the beast to the ground. Struggling with the beast, he grabbed a long vine and attempted to strangle the leopard, and eventually succeeded. But, with his victory came a powerful lesson: Ryan learned that even the greatest of hunters can become the hunted if they are unaware of what’s around the corner. From that day after, Ryan vowed that he would never become the hunted again.

A few years later, after dropping out of high school, Ryan McCatcher began his search for a way to become the most powerful hunter in the world. Going across the world, he began his quest to hunt and kill the most dangerous creatures on every continent. Befriending several fellow hunters, Ryan began his quest in Africa, where he shot and killed a mother martial eagle while showing off to his companions. However, little did McCatcher realize that he had earned the spurn of a mysterious Animal Man. After finding a campsite, McCatcher rested with his companions until one of his friends went off to get some wood. The two then heard the man scream and Ryan went searching for him. When he returned to the campsite, however, he found both men eaten alive by killer ants. Trying to escape, he was confronted by the Animal Man and subsequently beaten to submission. He was then left alive for the authorities and was remanded to several prison hospitals over the next several decades.

Obsessed with his encounter of the Animal Man, McCatcher laid in hospital beds for decades, slowly succumbing to the injuries he had received that faithful night. He knew that he would never get his chance to get revenge on the creature and slowly began to give up on life. However, that changed when he was approached by a Dr. Alexander von Zolos, who offered him a chance for restored power and revenge on the Animal Man in exchange for his services. Hesitant, he took the serum and his health and youth was restored, as well as so much more. His physiology was enhanced to superhuman levels, but even more so was his senses, which were heightened to incredibly superhuman levels.

Calling himself the Poacher, he began his career as the greatest hunter in the universe. Gathering several hunters and poachers, the Poacher began his quest to hunt and kill the deadliest creatures in the world. Beginning in the heart of Africa, he killed lions, leopards, crocodiles, rhinos, elephants, pythons...… and werecheetahs. During his stay in Africa, the Poacher heard tales of half-human, half-cheetah beings called werecheetahs. Journeying to the Cheetah Valley in Nigeria, he quickly learned the rumors were true.

Sending his gang of poachers to slaughter them all, he watched the “wonderful bloodfest”, before stopping one of the poachers from killing one of the babies. Telling the poachers to bring it back to Australia so they could place it in a freakshow, the Poacher had high hopes for the little kitten. However, before they began their journey back to Australia, they were caught by an American anthropologist couple, who contacted the police. The couple stopped the Poacher from stealing the baby. The Poacher, however, managed to escape.

Returning to Australia, the Poacher hunted kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, dingoes, ostriches, saltwater crocodiles, great white sharks, and boa constrictors. Then he traveled to Asia, where he hunted game for a few more years, hunting mainly tigers. Every five years he would travel to a different continent, hunting and killing the most dangerous animals in those lands, ending this pattern with landing in North America. A little while before, during his travels, he realized that he hardly aged a day since he was genetically altered. It turned out his experiment almost completely halted his aging process. During his stay in the United States, the Poacher learned of the superheroine known as Cheetari, who had just recently joined the superhuman team, the Maximums. Shocked by this news, the Poacher quickly realized that it was the "kitten" he kept alive all those years before.

Now knowing that a threat to him was alive and well, the Poacher quickly began making plans to hunt Cheetari. Tracking down her foster parents, whose smell still lingered in his mind after their encounter years earlier, the Poacher easily captured them and brought them back to his base on Ayers Rock. Somehow finding a way to contact Cheetari, he challenged her to meet him at Ayers Rock for a “little game” for the lives of her parents. Confused, Cheetari left the Hero Hood and flew to Australia, where she found his hideout.

The Poacher introduced himself as the man who made the entire werecheetah species extinct….. almost. Realizing that this man killed her biological family, Cheetari attempted to attack him, but quickly learned that he was easily matched, dodging her attacks effortlessly. Then, he brought out a shotgun and attempted to shoot her, but quickly realized that she was also easily matched, effortlessly dodging his gunshots at point blank. Ending his fire, he submitted a challenge: a hunt. If Cheetari could find him before he found her, he would let her parents go. But, if vice versa occurred, he would kill both her and her parents.

As the hunt for each other began, Cheetari attempted to find him instantly, but instead the Poacher decided to play along. The search lasted all night long. He then decided to “cheat” a little bit by listening for her and then unleashing illusions on her to confuse her. However, although easily becoming confused, Cheetari resisted the illusions with all of her might and ended up finding the Poacher himself and slashing him into unconsciousness. Cheetari freed her parents, handed him over to the Australian federal authorities, and returned back to America.

This was only the beginning, however, as the Poacher escaped federal custody when he caused the police officers to hallucinate from his illusions. Determined to make Alayna suffer, he journeyed back to America and created the illusionary disguise of Jerome Penswick, a down-on-his-luck butler who wished to serve the Maximums. The Maximums, however, already had a butler, in the form of Lego Lad’s creation, Thomas the Living Locomotive Man. Finding a way to short-circuit Thomas, the Poacher locked him up in a warehouse where no one would be able to find him. Then, under the guise of Jerome Penswick, offered his services to the Maximums. This time, they reluctantly agreed.

“Working” for the Maximums for several days, the Poacher constantly kept his eye on Cheetari, waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Then, during the middle of the night, the Poacher entered Cheetari’s base, and tranquilized her, then took off into the night. The next morning, Alayna woke up to find that she was not in her bed anymore. Finding herself in the middle of a jungle, she then heard the voice of Jerome, who was projecting his voice to her. Learning that Jerome was none other than the Poacher, Alayna quickly sought to hunt him down. However, she quickly learned that she was the hunted. The jungle she was in was on an island the Poacher rigged with hundreds of booby traps.

Powers and Abilities


The Poacher is the single greatest hunter in the universe. Granted virtually every sensory, detection, and perception-based power through enhanced mystical serums and scientific formulas and experiments, the Poacher will always find those he preys on.

  • Superhuman Physiology: The Poacher possesses superhuman strength, able to lift up to ten tons under optimal conditions. He is able to use his knowledge of pressure points and vulnerable spots on any animal combined with his superhuman strength to deliver devastating blows. He is more durable than most humans, although he is by no means invulnerable. He can exert himself at maximum capacity for far longer intervals of time than most ordinary humans. He can run at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour for short periods of time, and his reflexes are extraordinarily fast. He is also highly acrobatic and agile, able to bound off objects and perform highly complicated sequences of acrobatic moves. He heals at a slightly greater rate than most humans as well. Also, he ages at a greatly reduced rate, being at the physical prime of his life at the age of 117.
  • Superhuman Senses: The Poacher's main and most powerful superhuman ability is his incredibly superhuman senses of sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch. Unlike most people with superhuman sensory capabilities, the Poacher possesses complete, total, and precise control over the acuity of all his senses. He is even able to completely shut off one or all of his senses if he wished, as well as turn them back on at will.
  • Superhuman Sight: The Poacher possesses superhuman sight, enabling him to see much further than any normal human can and perfectly under any environmental condition, including in murky waters, pitch-black darkness, gas, etc. His eyes possess a greater range of vision above, below, and on either side of him, enabling him to easily detect the movements of an opponent and the muscles controlling the movement of his eyes are accelerated to the point to where he can see fast moving objects clearly without any motion blur. His eyes are also completely invulnerable, protected by an indestructible, transparent membrane that protects his eyes from germs, dust particles, etc, as well as sudden flashes of brilliant light or prolonged light. His superhuman sight also grants him excellent hand-eye coordination, granting him amazingly precise and pinpoint accuracy.
  • Telescopic Vision: The Poacher possesses the ability to “zoom” in his visual distance to see objects over great distances, without defying the laws of physics. He has stated that he has seen a star explode in another galaxy.
  • Microscopic Vision: The Poacher is able to see at the microscopic level, enabling him to see even individual atoms and molecules.
  • Night Vision: The Poacher possesses the ability to see in total, pitch-black darkness perfectly.
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Vision: The Poacher possesses the ability to see through the entire electromagnetic spectrum, enabling him to see in infrared and ultraviolet spectrums (also allowing him night vision), as well as any other portions of the electro-magnetic spectrum.
  • X-ray Vision: The Poacher possesses the ability to see through virtually any object, material, substance, matter, or being, except lead, at will. He is able to see things behind a wall as if the wall were not there, or he can "peel back" layer after layer of matter in his mind.
  • Heat Vision: The Poacher possesses the ability to project microwave energy in the form of twin beams from his eyes at will. He can use this to attack his prey if he is without his weapons, weld objects, etc.
  • Superhuman Smell: The Poacher’s sense of smell is so acute that he can detect odors of an atmospheric concentration of thirty parts per million. Furthermore, his ability to remember smells enables him to identify any person he has spent at least a minute with by smell alone, no matter how he or she might try to camouflage his or her natural odor. His powers of concentration are so great that he can focus upon a single person's smell and follow it through a crowd of people in a city of millions. His highly developed olfactory sense and memory allow him to detect and track a scent over eight days old, possibly a concentration of 20 parts per million, that he had not been exposed to for up to several months previously. He can selectively sort through various odors so as to follow a quarry's trail. He can detect a subtle alteration in the composition of perspiration that reflect mood or emotions, and is highly sensitive to pheromones.
  • Superhuman Taste: The Poacher's sense of taste enables him to detect the number of grains of salt on a pretzel. His ability to remember tastes enables him to determine every ingredient of a food or drink he tastes, as long as there are at least twenty milligrams of that substance present. His sense of taste can detect 1 part of foreign matter in 10,000.
  • Superhuman Hearing: The Poacher possesses the ability to hear any sound at any pitch or volume. He has shown complete control over his hearing acuity, enabling him to block out any ambient sounds to focus on a specific source/frequency. The Poacher is able to detect disturbances in the frequency the human brain operates, and can even hear a cell divide. The Poacher’s sense of hearing enables him to detect an acoustic pressure change of one decibel at a pressure level of seven decibels (whereas the lowest threshold for average human hearing is twenty decibels.) He is also able to block any sound, even of the loudest kind, to the point of being “deaf”. He can identify people by their individual heartbeat rhythm, or detect whether they are lying or not by the changes in their heartbeat, though a pace maker or self control can confuse his reading. Not only does the Poacher’s hearing allow him to be constantly aware of his own heartbeat, blood circulation, breathing, physical movements, etc, but he is also able to hear and sense the same attributes in other people. One of the primary ways he does this is by hearing the reverberations made by ambient sounds on objects and people, giving him a sonar-like sense of where things are, and how dense they are. And while he is able to block out any amount of background noise, he can also be excessively disoriented by unexpected loud noises and can be confused when suddenly and unexpectedly immersed in the wash of sound from a busy crowd.
  • Superhuman Touch: The Poacher’s sense of touch is so acute that his finger can feel the faint impressions of ink on a printed page, allowing him to read by touch. The rest of his skin is equally sensitive, enabling him by concentration to feel minute temperature and pressure changes in the atmosphere around him. Even with his senses of sight, smell and/or hearing blocked, he can feel the presence of a person standing five feet away from him simply by his or her body heat and/or disturbance of air. His sensitivity to heat allows him to sense the temperature of people and objects in order to determine whether a person is alive, how long they have been dead, and if they are not, and other changes in body temperature such as blushing or the heating up associated with various emotional states, as well as residual body heat on an object, or how recently a machine has been in use.
  • Radar Sense: Along with his incredible superhuman senses, the Poacher possesses many other forms of sensory and detection, including a radar sense. According to one theory, this sense reacts to an emission of electromagnetic energy a mutation in his brain has caused, reading the reverberations of this energy as a 360º, 3-D map of objects. This “sight” is perfect, and can give the Poacher an exact picture of the environment surrounding his person, including objects and beings, even when he is not directly looking at them.
  • Electromagnetic Radiation Detection: He is capable of detecting and identifying any electromagnetic radiation on any part of the electromagnetic scale; from radio waves, (which he can detect and understand messages broadcasted on radio waves) all the way to gamma waves, and everything in between. He is also able to judge the strength of a given radiation and even differentiate between individual colors by the amount of radiation they give off. At a close range, the Poacher is able to detect the micro voltage of a human being’s brain.

McCatcher recently obtained several psionic senses, which, although of a minor level, make him much more powerful. He has developed precognition, clairvoyance, and psychometry.

  • Precognition: The Poacher is able to sense future events before they happen, similar to Cheetari's latent "danger-sense". Although he can only see between a few seconds to a few minutes ahead of time, he is able to utilize this to great effect in battle, evading and dodging the blows of his opponents, or watching out for dangers ahead.
  • Psychometry: The Poacher is able to relate the details about the past or future condition of an object, person or location, usually by being in close contact with it. He utilizes this when he finds pieces of the being he is hunting, such as a strand of hair or a tear of clothing, and can relate what happened and where they are at the moment.
  • Illusion Creation and Control: The Poacher possesses the superhuman ability to psionically cause other living beings to see, hear, touch, smell, and/or taste things which to not actually exist. For example, he can seem to make a solid wall appear in an empty space. He can also cause people to see, hear, touch, smell, and/or taste real things in ways that they would not do naturally. For example, he can make himself look and sound like a different person, or look and feel like a wall, or even seem invisible. He possesses complete control over who can perceive his illusions. He seems to be able to electromagnetically project any illusions in order for electronic surveillance systems to be able to perceive them. His power works so strongly on the mind that even if his victim or victims know they are being subjected to an illusion, they will still react to the illusion as if it were reality unless they can rid themselves of all suspicions that it is indeed reality. Hence, if the Poacher creates the illusion of a wall, most people, even if they know it is an illusion, will still be unable to walk through it. Invariably the Poacher's illusions are so realistic that most people are unable to help having the feeling, at least subconsciously, that they are not illusions but reality.


  • Master Hunter and Tracker: The Poacher is perhaps the greatest hunter and tracker in the universe, skilled in the use of all predatory and hunting techniques and strategies. He can follow and hunt any prey across any terrain or environment unhindered from the deepest, darkest jungles to an urban environment. The Poacher takes the time to study and understand his prey before hunting them and will sometimes even alert them of his presence beforehand to instill fear in his quarry.
  • Master Marksman: He possesses the innate ability to throw any projectile with great unerring accuracy and deadliness that borders on the superhuman. He knows every pressure point and vulnerable spot on the human body and most large beasts, and is able to turn virtually any object into a deadly weapon capable of incapacitating or killing an enemy. He is ambidextrous, able to use and throw weapons with equal efficiency with either hand. He is able to hit the Zoologist even at far away distances, although he is not as successful at hitting either Cheetari or Specia. He has even proven capable of hitting Bluemoon, a feat once believed impossible. He has demonstrated shooting weapons out of his opponent's hand(s), shooting the saddle off of a beast being ridden without harming the animal or its rider, shooting moving objects in midair (such as firing holes through an entire handful of tossed coins or cutting an arrow into three pieces in mid-flight), disarm explosives by cutting the fuse, or pinpointing his shots to wound his enemies only slightly. He has little-to-no difficulty shooting moving targets, even if moving himself (such as when performing complex acrobatics, moving at superhuman speeds, or riding on the back of an animal).
  • Weapons Specialist: He is a master in the usage of rifles, shotguns, and other firearms, training himself to be able to fully reload a rifle within seconds. He is also skilled in the usage of bladed weapons, usually tipping them with powerful poisons, drugs, and tranquilizers.
  • Master Trapper: The Poacher is a master in the usage of all forms of animal-trapping, and is a master in the usage of nets, bolos, and traps, including bodygrippers, snares, footholds, cages, and gluetrappings.
  • Master Tactician and Strategist: The Poacher is a brilliant tactician and strategist, utilizing his powers, weapons, and skills in extremely cunning ways, including contriving and building incredibly complicated and effectively deadly traps.
  • Master Combatant: He is a master of many forms of armed and unarmed combat, having trained himself against, and killed, the most savage beasts with his bare hands. Thanks to this, he has developed his own fighting style by battling and killing the most dangerous animals in the world with his bare hands. He possesses advanced knowledge in the vulnerable spots and pressure points of humans as well as many different species of animals, and can strike nerve clusters with pinpoint accuracy and enough force to incapacitate more powerful opponents and beasts.
  • Expertise with Medicine: He is very familiar with medicine, exotic poisons, and tranquilizers.
  • Master Animal Tamer: He is also skilled at taming savage and exotic wild beasts.

Strength level

The Poacher is able to lift up to a maximum of ten tons under optimum conditions.


The Poacher, possessing a superhuman sense of touch, has a low threshold for pain. Even a mild smack on the back of the head can cause him severe pain. He can also be overwhelmed by any sudden, loud, or distracting noises, scents, sights, or tastes that overcome him before he can drown them out. His sense of smell can be irritated by any extremely foul odors or stinks, such as the spray of a skunk. He is also extremely cocky and overconfident, which often leads to his downfall. He can also be over-obsessive, going mad when he fails to capture, kill, or defeat his intended quarry.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: The Poacher drives a camouflaged off-road H3 Hummer specially designed and outfitted with specialized weapons, including a bolo-launcher, gatling gun, and a gigantic net attachment.
Weapons: The Poacher possesses a variety of weapons that he constantly carries on his person. Originally, he merely had standard weapons, such as his elephant gun and pistols with standard ammunition, along with knifes, a whip, bolos, and standard boomerangs. After teaming with the Veterinarian, and later the Creature Collector, his weapons were greatly upgraded and equipped with highly advanced technology.

  • Requiem Rifle: The Poacher's current mainstay weapon is a specialized extra-terrestrial rifle, the Requiem Rifle, created by the villainous Creature Collector that is able to transform into and project/carry a variety of different weapons and ammunition, including a rifle, a shotgun, a pistol, and a scope. He uses tranquilizer darts tipped with Adamantium needles, armor-piercing bullets capable of blasting through steel, magnesium flares, etc. It carries an Adamantium-laced knife that he can use to slash opponents with, as well as able to project tranquilizer darts, spears, arrows, and nets. It also has a grappling hook attachment. He originally used a regular elephant gun and pistols in his early career.
  • Boomerangs: The Poacher's other mainstay weapons are the various specialized boomerangs he constantly carries on his person. Over the course of the Poacher's career, his boomerangs have been constantly re-supplied and upgraded, and currently he incorporates highly-advanced alien technology with his boomerangs. They are all able to be collapsed into miniature size for easy storage and retrieval on his person.
  • Shatterangs: He possesses "shatterangs", which detonate on impact with the explosive power of ten artillery shells. They have proven able to severely damage even the Zoologist's incredibly durable and dense flesh and just one shatterang is capable of blowing up a wall made of titanium.
  • Flasherrangs: The Poacher's "flasherrangs" are capable of producing high-intensity light able to temporarily incapacitate the Zoologist.
  • Gasarangs: The Poacher possesses "gasarangs", which can release a variety of highly-concentrated gases, including tear gas, paralyzing gas, insecticides, and even corrosive gas capable of melting solid steel.
  • Razorrangs: The Poacher possesses "razorrangs", which are razor-edged and currently made of Adamantium, capable of piercing even the Zoologist's and Specia's flesh. He has proven able to disarm police officers by slicing their gun barrels.
  • Bladerrangs: He also possesses whirling "bladerrangs", which cut through the air and through objects like a buzzsaw blade, also currently made of Adamantium.
  • Lightningrangs: The Poacher possesses electrostatic "lightningrangs" capable of producing output voltage of up to 100,000 volts, able to temporarily stun and even incapacitate the Zoologist.
  • Screamerrangs: The Poacher possesses sonic-powered "screamerrangs" capable of emitting high-frequency sonic vibrations capable of incapacitating the Zoologist and Specia.
  • Laserrangs: His most advanced and most powerful boomerangs, the "laserrangs" are able to produce high-powered laser beams capable of shooting through titanium easily.
  • Adamantium Knife: The Poacher wields a standard knife laced with an Adamantium coating capable of piercing even the Zoologist's and Specia's flesh.
  • Electro-static Elastic Whip: The Poacher originally employed a standard whip able to incapacitate even the most ferocious creatures. Currently, he possesses a pair of cybernetically-controlled whips, composed o woven boron-filament-impregnated sapphire strands plus steel braid. These whips can be snapped by a person with normal human strength with the tips reaching twice the speed of sound, whereas his original whip barely reached the speed of sound. It can be spun so fast that it deflects bullets. The tip is capable of piercing 3-inch steel and has proven capable of piercing the Zoologist's and Specia's durable flesh. The whip is elastic and can be elongated with the press of a button to reach lengths up to 45 feet. They also can produce an electrostatic jolt capable of voltages up to 100,000,000 capable of paralyzing the Zoologist and Specia.
  • Poisons and Medicines: He carries several poisons and medicines to help increase his physical prowess or weaken others. He has toxins capable of paralyzing the nervous system of almost any animal, cause hallucinations, sickness, etc.
  • Traps: The Poacher possesses a variety of highly-advanced technological traps capable of subduing and incapacitating even the Zoologist and Specia. He has collars capable of stabilizing the Zoologist's and Specia's forms, rendering them unable to shapeshift. He also possesses "neural nets" able to completely incapsulate his targets from head to toe in a skin-tight membrane that causes the nervous system to malfunction and halt neural transmissions to the brain. He uses bolas capable of halting and electrocuting powerful prey.


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