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the Mutant defenders (or better known as the x defenders) are a team of mutants who protect the mutant race.


The Grim reaper

the grim reaper is the result of warren blaze III trading his soul to save his father and heal his wings. he got out of Mephistocalypses command to devour the souls of the evil.

Proffesor Strange

mutant doctor Xavier Strange used to love to fight.he once got beaten in a fight so bad he broke his hands and his legs. Wong mctaggert then wheeled him to the mystic one to give him magic powers and heal him. he now fights mutant crime as proffesor strange.

The Silver Queen

former herald of the Galatix force, Emma Radd is a mutant who could turn into silver.


mutant Bruce Mccoy tried to cure himself of his ape powers. however,all it did was make him bigger,monsterous and furry.

Sub Zero

Mutant bobby mackenzie was one of the first mutants to roam the earth. he is half prince of atlantis,half mutant.


Jean Galan became host to the galatix force. at first she was evil with the Galatix Force,but after being resurrected was good,but little did she know she was actually a spy for the galatix force


The Galactix Five

Jean Galan didn't know she was only resurrected so the galactix force could see through her eyes then copy the mutant defenders into evil counter-parts with a fragment of the galactix force. the team consists of:

evil angel:counter-part of grim reaper

The gold:king-counter part of the silver queen

Yeti:counter part of monster

chill ize: counter part of sub zero

Dark Galactix: counterpart of galactix

The Galactix force

an evil force that is in jean galan's energy


arch enemy of Proffesor strange and grim reaper

Mutant Attackers

evil mutant team to take over earth. some members consist of:

Black Frog


The Gold king


Inferno shark

Alpha tiger

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