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The Marvelous Seven is a 2039 super-hero movie taking place in the MCU in the nineteenth century, it's a western and more precisely a Weird West that combines elements of the Western with (a bit of) science-fiction.

It is part of Phase 8 of the MCU and will be released in 2039.


In 1908, in Tombstone City in Arizona, seven people with completely opposed personalities had to combine to prevent a traveling troupe, the Circus of Crime, from plundering their beautiful city. But something more serious is being prepared and a conspiracy is threatening the city and maybe even the rest of the United States: a secret invasion!


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The Marvelous Seven

The Circus of Crime

Other Characters


  • The title "The Marvelous Seven" refers to "The Hateful Eight", a western movie directed by Quentin Tarantino.
  • Since these characters were never assembled in the same team in the comics, it was necessary to invent a name to their team, here are the different names considered: The Mighty Marvels, Six Guns and Gunhawks (the three are Marvel's western comic book name).
  • It will be the cheapest MCU movie ever produced since there will be little special effects during a big part of the film.
  • The film takes place in Tombstone City in Arizona, not to be confused with the Marvel character Lonnie Lincoln, who shares the name.
  • The film's action takes place in 1908, which is the birth year of Martin Goodman, the founder of Timely Comics, which later became Marvel.
  • The farrier is named Emmett Brown, as a nod to Back to the Future Part III where the character of the same name became a farrier, it is also the same actor portraying both : Christopher Lloyd.
  • The Circus of Crime is an amalgam of four different versions in the comics: two from the Old West, one from World War II, and one from Modern Marvel.
  • Isaac Stark, the blacksmith of Tombstone City, is an ancestor of the late Tony Stark aka Iron Man.
  • In the comics, Carter Slade is the first Ghost Rider, even though he now bears the name of Phantom Rider so as not to be confused with Johnny Blaze and his "successors" (Danny Ketch, Alejandra Jones and Robbie Reyes).
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