The opening scene.

This is the trilogy of films based off the comic books of the same name.

Marvel Jack-'O-Lanterns: The Movie

The Fantastic Four return from a trip to the Negative Zone, but when they land, and open the ship-doors, a fog comes out. Who ever inhales the fog transforms into a flesh-devouring creature with a strange pumpkin-like head. This film was rated R.


  • Fantastic Four:
  • Derek Mears - The Thing (CGI)
  • Patrick Fugit - Spider-Man (Live-Action, CGI in pumpkin-form)
  • Kristen Bell - Invisible Woman (Live-Action, CGI in pumpkin-form)
  • Christian Bale - Mr. Fantastic (Live-Action, CGI in pu,pkin-form)
  • Survivors:
  • Hugh Jackman - Punisher
  • Nathan Jones - Absorbing Man
  • Sean Bean - Kang The Conquerer
  • Tom Kane - Ultron (Voice)
  • Jake Holloway - Doc Samson
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