The Knight is a 2012 tv series about a made up character named Nate Richards.



Main Cast

  • Stephen Amell as Nate Richards/ The Knight-24/24
  • Kristen Kreuk as Katherine Page-24/24
  • LL Cool J as Phil Mason-22/24
  • Danny Divito as James Falcone
  • Harrison Ford as Detective Jack Page.

Recurring Cast

  • Doug Jones as Dr. Donald "Donnie" Gill / Blizzard -3/24
  • Norman Reedus as Herman Shultz -2/24
  • Cillian Murphy as Zolton Drago -10/24
  • Christian Bale as Fred Myers / Boomerang-1/24
  • Thomas Hadden Church as Flint Marco / Sandman
  • Christopher Lee as Albert Armitage
  • Alice Braga as Elektra Natchios
  • Manu Bennett as Deadpool / Wade Wilson
  • Dylan O'Brien as Nolan Richards
  • Paul Giamatti as "Hammerhead"
  • Jon Bernthal as The Punisher / Frank Castle


  1. Nate Richards, a 26 year old, returns to New York City after spending Eight years training, Nate creates a persona called The Knight to defeat mob boss James Falcone.
  2. The Knight tracks down Zolton Drago, an ex teacher who has been killing people with fear gas. Katherine reports about the Knight.
  3. A Detective, Jack Page, gets captured by a group called The Hand, Nate asks his old friend Phil Mason to help him in his crusade.
  4. Nate and Phil learn about murders done by a seriel killer named Jack, Katherine asks The Knight to help her with a case.
  5. James Falcone breaks out of prison with help from Fred Meyers AKA Boomerang and The Knight hunts him down.
  6. Katherine goes deep undercover investigating Wilson Fisk, Nate tells Phil about his past and what led him to becoming The Knight.
  7. The Knight heads to California to investigate a criminal named Herman Schultz. Back in New York, Phil and Katherine work together to put away a new criminal.
  8. Nate tracks down a scientist named Donny Gill who becomes Blizzard to cure his dying wife.
  9. Flint Marco, an actor, learns about a new movie with a new person playing the character, Flint takes on the idenity of Sandman and begins killing innocents.
  10. Anarky arrives in New York to take it over, Meanwhile Nate asks Katherine on a date.
  11. The Knight tracks down an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D who has gone dark, In Flashbacks Nate learns how to kill.
  12. Nate and Katherine investigate Taskmaster an assasin who he knows, The Knight tells Detective Page that he is on their side.
  13. The Knight investigates Justin Hammer, but they learn that the Punisher has arrived to kill him.
  14. Victoria Rochev, Nate`s old girlfriend arrives, but Nate deduces that someone is after her.
  15. The Knight goes up against mercernary Deadpool who has targeted Detective Page.
  16. The Knight learns of Hammerhead`s hideout, Nate questions if he is honnoring his father.
  17. The Owl arrives in New York to take down The Knight, Phil finds out that his brother was killed by A.I.M.
  18. A person sneaks into Nate`s secret hideout and steals his Knight costume, Nate must stop the imposter.
  19. Nate and Phil head to Russia to learn more about A.I.M and to track down the killer of Phil`s brother.
  20. Katherine is captured by Electra an assasin of The Hand, The Knight saves her but wonders why The Hand wanted Katherine.
  21. Nate discovers that he has a half-brother named Nolan, Meanwhile Katherine asks The Knight for help in putting down a criminal.
  22. James Falcone pays Albert Armitage to help him end The Knight, Nate tells Katherine his secret and tells her what he went though the last five years.
  23. The Kingpin AKA Wilson Fisk pays Falcone ten million so he can help them destroy New York.
  24. Everyone in New York is in danger because an Earthquake machine will wipe out millions, The Knight must become more than a vigilantie to stop them. Nate quits being The Knight.his
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