The Incredible Hulk is a 2008 film directed by Louis Letterier based on the comic book of the same name as well as the character. The film was the second of the Earth-2021358 Marvel Cinematic Universe that was made by a collaboration joint between Marvel and Universal Studios, who had owned the rights to the character and made the 2003 film Hulk, which was a failure that caused itself to reboot into this movie. It stars Mark Ruffalo, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, William Hurt, Ty Simpkins and Adrian Pasdar. It was made following the success of Iron Man and though it was unable to surpass that film, it was still a Box Office Success and was met positively critically, as it was called "a good reboot of 2003's what they should rename The Terrible Hulk" and "a Super-Powered Adrenaline Blast". The movie was originally going to star Edward Norton in the lead role, though he was hard to work with but agreed to star in the future appearances of the characters, and for this film offered his friend Mark Ruffalo instead.

The character returned in The Avengers, which came out on May 4, 2012, and a sequel came out on 2015. A third film, titled World War Hulk, was released in 2018.


It opens with a flashback where Bruce Banner, as a child, is sitting on the table ready for dinner. His mother, Rebecca, confronts his abusive father David who is in his lab doing an experiment on Gamma Radiation. Rebecca says that it's dinner time and David says that he is almost finished, as doing that is better than going straight to dinner with his little "abomination". Rebecca says that Bruce was born for a reason and even if he didn't want a child life goes unpredictable. However, David thinks that it's Rebecca's fault that Bruce was born, and they end up having an argument that changes into a fight where Bruce comes in watching, with David eventually throwing his wife into a shelf full of glass containers with their son traumatized. David was put into a mental hospital while Bruce was taken care of by his aunt Susan.

Years later, Bruce went to Oxford University where he did more scientific research to become a better scientist than his father. He studied Gamma Radiation which was the last thing that his dad studied before his ultimate fate. Bruce had also got into a rivalry with another brilliant mid; Tony Stark. However, Stark had became his best friend and cheered him up when Bruce had remembered terrible memories of his childhood. Bruce thanks his old friend while also one day meeting with a young woman whom he falls in love with. He walks up to her and is acting nervous, but she eventually introduces herself and then Bruce does the same thing and they shake hands, before it cuts to a opening of the film's logo.

In the present, an older Banner is now boyfriend and girlfriend with the woman (Betty Ross), and eventually they are in New Mexico relaxing with Bruce walking to a tree and simply being bored, saying that Tony Stark became rich and famous but he's nothing. She walks up to him and comforts him saying that she may solve the problem, with Bruce saying that he will believe it when he sees it, and Betty explains that her father is a general in the United States searching for some scientists who can help him make his new military project. He is surprised and he asks if in those days they'll already be back from New Mexico though Betty explains the project takes place here. Soon those days later, General Ross arrives introducing himself as Thaddeus, or rather "Thunderbolt", and says that the project is to recreate the Super Soldier created by Dr. Reinstein in World War II and create the hero Captain America, with Gamma Radiation and his daughter told him that he's been studying Gamma Radiation for a long time and he says "game on!" in excitement.

The three arrive to the military base where Ross shows the room where the Serum is created, with the other scientist aside from Bruce and Betty is Samuel Sterns, Leonard Williams, and Igor. Ross tells them to get to work with Bruce, Betty, and Sterns thinking of how they should make it and add the Gamma Radiation. Bruce suggests possibly synthesizing it as Gamma Radiation would normally kill a person. Sterns asks how is that in any way possible, and Williams suggests that maybe they should find places of where a Gamma Bomb was dropped recently a they will find a small sample that could be quite useful and expanded for the new Serum. They all consider it with Bruce asking where the military could have dropped a Gamma Bomb. Ross says that it was cleaned up since the bomb destroyed any test locations but offers them the remains to make the Serum at least. They do so, and so they begin making step 1 of the new version of the Super Soldier Serum.

Among one of the soldiers keeping an eye on the scientists is Glenn Talbot to see if any issues develop with the project, and nothing happens while Bruce is creating the serum that day. Talbot sees everything is okay before apparently crushing on Betty and flirts with her and though she says that she's already taken, her father arrives so they can talk privately, with Ross telling his daughter that Talbot would be a better boyfriend than that "nerdy" Banner, but Betty refuses, saying that Talbot has done nothing for her and Bruce is a scientific genius that should be a millionaire like Tony Stark though Ross points out that Bruce would've already been by now but he's not because he's simply a sore loser. Betty argues that he is not, just that he has travelled form an abusive childhood with Bruce apparently overhearing him. He then becomes upset as he continues the project for that day, where that night he arrives to his home where he lives with Betty. Banner tells he overheard her conversation with her father, and she says that Ross hasn't seen the last of him and when he finishes the Serum her father will be proud.

Bruce says that he hopes so as he is very excited but says that he is very cautious since it involves Gamma Radiation but Betty says that it will be fine and she tells him that Ross wants her to rather be with the "very boring" guy Glenn Talbot with Bruce saying that though the soldier may like her, he is totally not meant for her as they have a good laugh, with Bruce saying that the Gamma Serum project will be wrapped up in a few days, and they are about to go to sleep.

The next day at the military base, Talbot arrives before walking up to Betty and giving her some flowers, though she rejects them and once again that she's with Bruce, and when Talbot arrives to Ross, the General tells his daughter is allergic to those types of flowers which Glenn thinks is the sole reason Betty rejected him though it obviously isn't.

As Bruce was about to confront Glenn, the latter had left and he continued his work while finishing up the Serum with Gamma Radiation. He walks up to Thaddeus and asks if Gamma Radiation would be suicidal as synthesizing was impossible according to the scientists studying it. Thaddeus explains that the Serum is simply a test and that if it is was Bruce thinks it would end up like, they would have to shut down the project, with Banner announcing this to the fellow scientists and Talbot. Betty asks how they will test it and Bruce says that if he wants to go up a step and kick it up a notch, he will have to test it on himself with everyone else hearing this and dropping their jaws. Bruce says it's the only way to see if it is safe, before noticing a kid driving in a sports car speeding in the desert outside of their testing base. He says he'll be back before warning Ross and driving out in a vehicle to drive to the kid, whom he stops from driving in the area, which is also where the Gamma Bomb tests are being cleaned up. Bruce tells the boy, named Rick Jones, to stop driving before throwing him out of the car and into a safe area inside of the base where they have a talk over what happened. Rick tells that after his parents' deaths he wants to see how the military plans to save the world from crime and terrorism. Bruce wants this to happen as well, with Jones recognizing him as one of Tony Stark's former University classmates. Bruce then says that indeed he is before telling Rick that he has to get back to work, with the new Super Soldier Serum finally being tested.

Thaddeus walks into the room after his daughter told him how Banner is testing the Serum on himself. Williams and Sterns are approving this test saying that they have done everything closely and safely, looking into any solution that could be possible. Then, Bruce walks into the Serum's machine where General Ross orders Williams to activate the machine and then the Gamma Radiation begins injecting itself into Bruce's body, but he screams in pain with Williams, Sterns, the Rosses, and Talbot watch as they seem to be close to frightened. Talbot attempts to hold Betty's hand; and she does so as she is getting scared, fearing that Bruce will die.

General Ross tells his daughter that maybe Bruce isn't as bad as he thought he was, though still thinking that Betty might now be with Talbot. Betty shouts to stop the experiment though her dad says that it is too late, she attempts to shut it down but is unable to. She tries to get help form Samuel and Williams but they are unable to shut down with Betty, while crying, saying that they should have tested on a lab rat with Glenn bringing her away from the activation buttons, and so they realize it may be the end of Dr. Bruce Banner, but however as the process is ending Banner is shown to apparently be alive as he breaks free from the machine but is now a large green-skinned monster who is shouting and smashing the lab, and during this sudden attack Glenn attempts to shoot the being with his gun but the bullets are bouncing off as the monster screams. Betty pushes Glenn away as Williams and Sterns are apparently killed by the monster, who next walks up to Betty and attacks her with Glenn knocked out sand as he is about to kill Betty, her father steps in the way and himself is nearly killed.

Glenn runs out of the lab to grab another gun; which fires a tranquilizer dart that plummets the monstrous Banner to the ground unconscious. After the incident, Ross cleans up his wounds before sending his near-dead daughter to the hospital, with Bruce also having turned back into his original form. He has no memory of what his new alter-ego has done, and walks into the hospital worrying about Betty. Thaddeus then orders some soldiers to grab him as he had hospitalized Betty, assaulted the General, and killed two scientists. However, Bruce does not know about this and is asking what happened; with one of the soldiers saying he turned into "some sort of Hulk", with Thaddeus saying that Bruce will be taken into prison for what he did.

As only one of the soldiers are escorting Bruce into his prison cell, the soldier is pointing a gun at him if he tries to escape or turn into Hulk again, but he is kicked by a person who then attacks him and shoots him with his own now-stolen gun. The person is Rick, surprising Bruce, as the kid is deciding to free him while sending him into his car as they are about to drive out of the base secretly.

However, the second soldier has only arrived now and is surprised to see the first one's body dead, contacting the General that Banner has escaped. Ross orders the soldiers to find Banner, who is driving with Rick to the end of the desert which as they reach, the car runs out of fuel and Rick says that's it for today.

It is minutes until the two get thirsty and are dying because they don't have any water. However, by that time the military is coming after them in the desert with them eventually dropping an atomic bomb onto Banner, but he ends up transforming into the Hulk and first jumps onto a helicopter and spins it out onto the ground, where it blows up and then destroys the tanks, but one of the escaped pilots plans to use a rocket-propelled grenade, though it instead hits one of the other troopers as the Hulk dodged the shot before grabbing the soldier and smashing him to the ground. As the military is defeated, Rick attempts to calm the Hulk back into Bruce Banner and does so. They then wonder how they will escape the General's base, Bruce decides to turn back into the Hulk as the monster grabs Rick and the car while running off.

The Hulk then ends up in New York where he turns back into Bruce under Rick's command, as Rick realizes in the city there is a gas station to fuel up their car while Bruce says going to a gas station will be better to spend less time in his Hulk form as he should get rid of it, as he and Rick are forced to push the car all the way to a gas station, and as they arrive they are tired that they walk in with Jones about to pay. While doing so, Bruce fuels up the car while accidently cutting his finger which exposes his blood into the gas thing which causes his fuel to be mixed with his fuel. Bruce, while taking care of his cut finger, realizes where the blood ended up and figures out that the car is going to explode.

As Rick walks out, Bruce shouts his name and warns him, before pushing him out of the way and the car causes another Gamma Explosion which knocks out Bruce and sets the station on fire. Bruce is re-transformed into the Hulk, but this time twice his original size. The Hulk goes on a rampage which is destroying the entire station, before the cashier contacts the Fire Department and they arrive and are putting out the fire and are shocked to see Hulk's rampage, as the monster is feeding the fire which has the firemen calling the police, as they arrive to deal with Hulk but to no avail. Rick then kicks Hulk out of the way and onto the street which causes vehicles to scatter on the road, with crashes on the highway. The Hulk gets up and screams before running off. The police came up and began attempting to attack the Hulk, though the previous time it wasn't successful and are unsure what they should do, and one of them decides to contact the military.

Thaddeus receives the call and discovers that Banner is in New York. As soon, the army is however travelling in days. One of the soldiers sent there is Captain Emil Blonsky, who is the strongest soldier there is currently. In New York, as Hulk runs off, Rick is left alone and ends up surrounded by the police, who claim that he is under arrest due to possible association with the Hulk. As he is taken into the car, Hulk turns around to see his friend about to be put into jail, but realizes there is nothing he will be able to do about it, while running off into a safe place.

Hulk runs into the forest, where he falls from a hill covered by trees and turns back into Bruce, who is injured a little. He then finds out that he is in a hotel which he discovers is his only way to escape. He decides to walk into the hotel to get a room, where he does so and walks in with no things but is supplied with anything a hotel is with, but sadly has no food as he gets hotel-exclusive food at more expensive hotels, being hungry.

Bruce is getting depressed as he is going to bed, realizing that after losing Betty, he left his only friend, Rick. He thinks that now that he doesn't even have any food for him while he is inside of the hotel, he should just die alone, and lies onto the bed, and going to sleep. However, he is experiencing nightmares of how Hulk had harmed Betty (which is the first time he sees this flashback since he didn't remember the event), and then remembers about his abusive father, and abandoning Rick, regretting everything that is happening in this. He is then twisting and turning in his bed. He then screams "No!" in the morning as a Security Guard arrives and asks if everything is alright. Bruce tells he is painfully getting memories of his abusive childhood, and that he forgot his food as it belonged to a friend who gave him his money during the attack of the Hulk, with him falling to the hotel which he found interesting, before the guard gives a newspaper regarding last night's incident, with the Hulk being called. The Guard suggests he explains his situation to the other people in the hotel in the other rooms and he does so and gets a ton of food with a montage of him knocking on the people's doors and asking for some food with a few people, and has plenty of tasty food including hot dogs and chips while also receiving a few drinks. However, he realizes that he is still a military fugitive but soon runs out of his food supply. After asking for food some other people in the same hotel he didn't ask before, the one-room gang say that they don't like "beggars" like him and decide to "teach him a lesson" while walking out of the room and in the hallway secretly beating him up.

Meanwhile at the military base, Betty wakes up from her hospital bed getting up and asking where Bruce is, with her father telling that he is now in New York before handing the same "Green Sasquatch" newspaper to her, and she is shocked. Glenn Talbot then talks to her and calls her "my love", to which Betty says that they are not in love and will never be, though Glenn comments that this will be the end of Banner. Betty apparently falls in love with him and they kiss, with Thaddeus finally happy saying that it's never too early for a wedding, but it will take a few days for it to happen. Meanwhile in New York, the military arrives with Emil Blonsky walking out of one of the vehicles before telling the people there to "step aside". Then, he finds the gasoline on the ground from the destroyed ground and finds out that it has been mixed with Banner's blood after tasting it and finds the trail to find Bruce. Then, the soldiers find the possible associate to Banner from the police and visit the cell, where they find out that it is Rick Jones. Rick has been denying any association with the Hulk, saying that he was only paying for his car's gasoline until the Hulk showed up and attacked the place. However, the soldiers recognize him to as an ally of his and report to the police that the teenager will be sent to military prison. Blonsky is waiting outside of the place and puts Rick into one the lead vehicle before asking for Banner's specific though Rick admits he does not know and though Blonsky is not believing him Rick says that Bruce just ran away from him, before Emil finds from Banner's blood and tracks him down to a hotel somewhere near the forest, and while he and the soldiers walk there, Bruce is shocked and he is unable to escape because he is being beaten up by the bullies, but as Blonsky is hanging from a window and about to shoot him, Bruce is angered by the bullies so much that he transforms into the Hulk and attacks them, with Emil not knowing that Banner is Hulk and being confused where the fugitive went. Meanwhile, the Hulk is attacking the military soldiers as the hotel is getting damaged, though Blonsky knocks Hulk into a pool where he attempts to leave him for dead and walks away, but Hulk walks out of the pool and attacks him with Blonsky and the soldiers defeated and the latter believing that the Hulk was helping Banner.

With the Security Guard not seeing and unaware of the event, he was shocked to see the military at the now-destroyed hotel shocking him as the soldiers left the place, though Blonsky ended up tasering the Hulk. After this, Bruce wakes up inside the same military vehicle as Rick, asking how he got here and noticing that he is cuffed with Rick, asking what happened with the driver being the last one behind Blonsky, saying that Banner's been finally arrested for what he's done and will finally go to prison. On the road to the base, Bruce asks why Rick wanted to help him all along with Rick explaining that Bruce was innocent and was the lead scientist behind Bio-Force Enhancement project, that putting him into jail doesn't make any sense. After this, Bruce and Rick are walked out of the vehicle and are sent into their prison cells. Bruce apologizes to Rick for everything and tells that when he was walking into his cell in this hallway, he noticed Betty and Talbot together which upsets him, saying that General Ross still resents him now even more and he let down everyone including Rick and Betty and putting him into jail is now the best option for him to live. Rick says that he tried to save him for a reason and that he needs to think of it, saying that Bruce is rather greater and beyond anything he can imagine himself as, with him listening closely and thinking of something, before Talbot arrives and mocks Banner that he's going to marry Betty with Bruce's eyes then glowing green, and he is shocked. Blonsky meanwhile is in the base met by Ross, with Blonsky telling that during the mission they temporarily lost Bruce and the Hulk appeared and attacked them, though Ross explains the Hulk is Banner, and tells about how they were recreating the Super Soldier Serum made by Dr. Reinstein in the 1940s. Blonsky wants more details on this project, but as Ross is about to explain, meanwhile, Talbot begins mocking Bruce that Betty is now is his, and Bruce then finally transforms into Hulk, with Talbot no staring up at him and realizing the Hulk is now twice his original size, and as Hulk screams, he begins smashing everything inside of the place attempting to crush Talbot and calls him "stupid" for messing with him and Banner before accidently destroying Rick's cell, before Rick runs out and so does Talbot next, and Rick hides from the soldier. Hulk wanders around the base and begins destroying everything with Betty seeing and screaming but is luckily pushed out of the way to safety by Talbot, who uses his communicator to talk to General Ross, who pauses from explaining the Super serum to Blonsky and telling him to move out. He however stays there before communicating with Talbot by secret and telling him, "now's our chance".

After this, Betty stays with Talbot for an unknown reason and then as Hulk is attacking vehicles are pushed into the way. Rick meanwhile realizes that he can't be hiding from his former captors however and wait for his friend to be defeated or destroy everything and while the soldiers are distracted on taking down the Hulk, Rick runs to one of the military vehicles before driving in and knocking down a few soldiers and the Hulk, who gets back up and rips a vehicle in half to bang down the other ones but recognizes Rick and doesn't hurt him luckily. During this however Talbot notices Rick but the boy continues to use his new experience and then hits Talbot with the car and grabs his gun since the other one was taken when the police arrested him and he then shoots him though this time, Talbot survives knowing his future in what will happen and tells this to Betty and introduces himself as the kid who's been helping Bruce all this time with Betty thanking him and telling how she knows him from TV on news reports with Rick saying he does his best in this big adventure. Betty then hugs him as a thank for his actions to help Banner, though as Talbot gets up he grabs Betty before putting her into a "safe spot" from Rick and Hulk before walking out. Talbot then contacts with Blonsky, who asks if the lab room containing the Super Soldier Serum room is safely rebuilt and Talbot answers "yes" and says that it has been removed but he stole one of the serum samples, with Betty overhearing him and wondering what is going on.

During the battle, the military is finally defeated by Hulk who decides to take Rick and leaves the base with Talbot having hidden Betty and doesn't know. After this, Hulk turns back into Bruce after travelling to a city where Bruce and Rick are forced to get rides from other people. As they walk on the street, they notice a car parking. Bruce says that today is a good day for taxis to come by, with Rick asking why it's a good day, with Bruce saying that he made his mistake and corrects himself saying that today is the day taxis mostly come by which is good for them. Rick asks him where they should go, and Bruce then gets into the taxi that has finally arrives and they climb into it, and when the driver asks where they should be going, Banner explains his situation that he is on the run from the military thanks to a simple accident and he needs the safest place to go, and the driver says that it's alright before he tells that Canada is perhaps the safest place, with him telling only the Canadian border is the only problem due to the fact that his identity will be questioned. Bruce says that is alright and that he will be able to work great with it before he is driven into the Canadian border where the patrol agents ask the three their identities. The driver tells his real name while Bruce says that his name is "Edward Norton", and they find out that the real Norton is already in Canada for his movie's new premiere, and ask why Bruce is calling himself since he also looks nothing like the actor. Banner is wondering what he is supposed to do, and then he decides to make the name Brian Banner, and they ask if he's not really the American Bruce fugitive from the military, with Bruce answering "no" and then the officers become skeptical even wondering if Rick is the "accomplice" taken in by the military, and Bruce quickly says that he doesn't watch TV much and has no clue of what he's saying, with Rick hiding his gun and the officer thinking it may be that duo who are trying to escape the military under new guises, though the driver denies any of this and says that they are innocent before driving them out to Canada with help from the officers. Bruce and Rick thank the driver before he drives off and the two are walking up a snowy mountain.

Meanwhile in the States, Talbot and Betty are about to get married, with Ross finally proud of his daughter. The military temporarily stops the search for the Hulk and arrives to the wedding where everyone is happy, it then cuts back to Bruce in Canada walking up the hill. Rick asks how the military will not find them this time, and Bruce says that nothing matters anymore. Rick is confused by what the scientist is saying. Bruce then asks Rick to give him his gun, and as he grabs it he climbs up to the very top of the mountain.

He then drops to his knees and loads his gun before having painful memories of Betty nearly dying, realizing that now that she and Talbot are married, the soldier will be better for her than him after his actions and says that the damn movie should have ended with him getting arrested. Rick watches as Bruce finally shoots himself, but he turns into the Hulk and then crushes the gun, spitting the bullet out of his mouth. The Hulk's giant size causes the mountain to break and it move to the ground, with Rick shouting.

The screen goes black and it cuts to four years later, where the military is unable to find Banner. Though newspaper reports did state that the "Green Sasquatch" was spotted in Canada, they will unable to find out where and Ross tells that there are a wave of problems this time they will have to try to solve with their own hands and do any sacrifice because without it, there will be no victory.

Meanwhile, Betty is now living in her husband's new home, where she is sitting on the couch and talking calmly to Talbot, who does to and after their short conversation Talbot leaves for a short while, and Betty picks up her phone and calls someone, revealing that she has never fallen out of love with Bruce.

She is contacting physiatrist Leonard Samson who is asking what the matter is. Betty talks about her former boyfriend Bruce Banner, who had gone on the run from Military General Ross and has married soldier Glenn Talbot, who thinks was a better boyfriend than Bruce and she says that she heard him once contacting Captain Blonsky, as he mentioned that he stole a sample of the Super Soldier Serum recreated with Gamma Radiation. She explains the day Bruce Banner became the Hulk and is suspicious of him now. Leonard says he is not sure on how to help himself but should spy on Talbot better to find out what is truly going on.

After this, Betty looks after Glenn, who meanwhile is calling Blonsky. He tells him that he's not sure if Blonsky needs all of the power of the Gamma Radiation but Blonsky says that the shut down of the program is a disaster and that they could have all of the power and that while Ross plans to use the Hulk as a biological weapon, it won't be enough for their plan, as they need an army, and says "screw the military" and that he needs an army of Gamma monsters.

Betty walks up and confronts Talbot asking him who he was contacting. An anxious Talbot says that Blonsky was simply calling him for some reason and that doesn't matter anymore. Betty asks why Blonsky was calling, and he tells him simply about finding Banner, to which she walks back into the living room and gets her phone calling Samson again, telling that only he can come and help, as Talbot and Blonsky are planning to apparently raise an army of Hulks. Samson asks what he is supposed to do and decides that he will have to report it to General Ross, as in that exact moment he is seen inside of his house sitting, before hanging up on Betty and eventually calling the military. However, Talbot hears Betty's conversation and contacts the military phone number and speaks instead of General Ross, eventually warning Samson not to go anywhere near his wife, with Samson then calling Betty and telling that she is on her own.

Meanwhile in Canada, Bruce and Rick survive the glacier event, and eventually are cold with their bodies covered by melted ice. They decide to go to a place where it is warm from the winter outside with Rick saying that one place could be the bar. Bruce asks if he's sure, with Rick saying that he will be sure if he tells anything pretty much, before meeting a man driving his car with Bruce asking if he could get a ride and being accepted as he needs to go to the bar and the man tells that he himself is going to the bar before driving off there where inside Bruce asks Rick for some money, which Rick says that he is running out of the money which Bruce was last seen using the money in the film previously to get the hotel room, and then decides to take off his coat and decides to trade it in favor of a drink. The man agrees so and gives the drink to Bruce, before he steps onto a table telling Rick that this is a perfect idea as he can drown his sorrows in drinking, but soon he watches the TV with General Ross claiming that the "Green Sasquatch" people have been talking about is really fugitive Bruce Banner. Bruce realizes his identity could be discovered as his photo is also revealed, and he says to Rick that they have to leave, and though Rick says that no one will find them, Ross mentions that Rick Jones is an "accomplice", and whoever finds will be rewarded, with Rick agreeing this time to leave. As the two decide to walk out of the bar, Bruce accidently bumps into a man who then is spilled with his drink, telling him to watch where he's going, and though Bruce is listening he is unable to show his face and the man thinks Bruce is simply ignoring him before making him face him, and discovering Bruce's presence, before claws come out of one of his hands and he stabs him, with Bruce figuring out that the man is actually the famous mutant Wolverine, with Bruce then going angry and transforming into the Hulk and suddenly knocks down the Wolverine and soon everyone runs out except for the warriors and Rick. The Hulk then grabs Wolverine into the air, though the mutant uses his claws to scratch and attempts to tear him but he punches him and runs off with Rick while Wolverine leaves the bar after his defeat. Hulk runs followed by Rick into a cave where he is peaceful. During this time inside of the dark cave Hulk reverts Bruce once more before telling Rick that they will die of starvation inside of the cave saying that no one will be able to help them. Rick says that it's been great knowing Bruce, who thanks him back for letting him escape, but realizes that it lead to their fate inside of this cave. Bruce tells that everyone makes mistakes and tells that people shouldn't make too much mistakes too much because it could lead to their doom.

Rick says that he would have never let anyone down like that, and tells him that he's sorry. As they do so, they hear a strange noise. While Rick is worrying, Bruce tells that it is nothing serious. However, it turns out to be a bear who lives in the cave and shouts at the two humans, and Bruce transforms into the Hulk and fights the bear. The bear keeps scratching Hulk, but he throws the bear out with a kick before clapping his hands causing a big shock. Meanwhile, some people are going out camping in the woods and hear the bear knocked down before they arrive and notice the knocked out bear before they see the Hulk standing in the cave where he realizes that there is no end to this journey and turns back into Bruce, who says that the only thing they can do now to not let the Hulk out is to turn themselves in to the military.

It then shows a montage of Bruce attempting to get away from the Canadian border to return to America, where he was offered a ride by a taxi before finally walking back. As he and Rick did, the military arrived and told them to freeze. Bruce then held his arms in the air, ready to be cuffed finally. As he and Rick are walking back to their cells, General Ross pauses them and tells that he also plans to use Hulk as a weapon while he has Blonsky tell them something. Blonsky reveals that he and Talbot have been working together, saying that shutting down the Super Soldier Serum recreation project was the worst thing they could come up with, saying that Talbot has a remaining sample of the Gamma Serum with Blonsky saying he plans to do more than use Banner's body as a weapon. He plans to make an army that would surpass the military which he was secretly against all the time, before shooting Ross while Bruce and Rick find a phone from Ross' pocket, with Betty calling. As the two run off, Bruce picks up the phone and calls Betty, who tells how Talbot is a traitor and so is Blonsky and they plan to rule the world with an army of Hulks. After Betty attempts to leave out of Talbot's house, the former then locks her inside of the house while saying that he has a "meeting", and mockingly says that he "won't be back".

Talbot then leaves and kicks Betty out of the way, and she picks up her dropped phone and continues to tell Bruce that Talbot is coming to the military base and she is trapped. Rick then gets the phone and asks why she's in love with Bruce again, and Betty says that she never fell out of love with him and only married Talbot to find out her father's plans on capturing Bruce. Bruce then says that he and Rick need to get to her house and report Talbot, though the latter had drove off to the base already.

Bruce and Rick are walking onto the street where they are walking on sidewalks and see a man parking his car and as he walks out, Bruce asks if he and Rick can borrow his car for a quick ride to a friend's house as they lost their own car in a "gas station accident" and the man agrees so, and the two walk into the car and Bruce drives. Rick asks why this time they couldn't have had the owner of the car drive for them, and Bruce tells that the driver wouldn't speed because it is illegal because they themselves need to do it because they have to save Betty. Rick asks how they're supposed to do that since the house is locked, and as they are speeding, Bruce says they will need to take "drastic measures" by crashing into the house and popping the door open. And so, as they drive they are noticed by the police. Rick says this isn't a Fast & Furious movie, and Bruce tries to distract them and begins taking turns that cause the police to crash but they survive, relieving the two friends. After this, they notice a car driving the opposite of where they're driving. Rick asks if Bruce wonders who that is, and he answers that it's just a normal person.

However, it then reveals that the driver is actually Talbot, who smiles that he got away. After that, Bruce and Rick finally reach the house and Bruce tells Rick to hold on tight because they're about to crash into the house, and they do so, thus ripping the door off however and causes damages to the house. Betty gets up from the living room's floor with Bruce grabbing and hugging her. Bruce then pauses the hug and smile disappears, asking where's Talbot. Betty says that he got away and is heading to the military base to meet with Blonsky and Bruce says that they still have the car, but promised that he still has the car but he promised the owner he would bring it back, though Betty says that he can return it after getting to the base and having Talbot and Blonsky arrested for their crime. Bruce says that decision is better than having to turn into the Hulk again and tells them to get into the car and says that they need to get there quick before the police could give them a ticket or arrest them. He gets into the car and Rick in the seat next to the driver's seat, and Betty in the backseat. Bruce then quickly pushes the gas pedal to drive off to the military base.

Meanwhile there, General Ross is still unconscious and is tied up. Blonsky and Talbot meet up at the cleaned up lab where Blonsky takes off his shirt and tells Talbot to inject him with the Serum. Talbot asks if he's sure that he himself should be a monster, and Blonsky says that someone like himself needs to be the next Super Soldier already. Bruce, Rick, and Betty arrive to the base to arrest the two former soldiers, but find them nowhere and only Ross lying on the ground tied up and gagged. Bruce says that it is possibly in the lab room, though soon men in black suits cuff them and claim that they're going with them. Bruce asks who are they, and one of them reveals that they are S.H.I.E.L.D. and they are a secret agency who will take care of people like Bruce inside of the Cube, a prison for alien-like superpowered beings. Bruce accepts defeat before saying that Emil Blonsky are traitors and plan to create an army of what he is.

An agent says that they will take care of them after that, with Bruce thanking his two friends. Rick asks where he will be imprisoned, and the agent says that the two allies will be imprisoned in another of their prisons. As they are being taken away, meanwhile the military soldiers are walking into the lab after discovering two of their former members' machinations, but they are too late as Blonsky is being injected with the Serum by Talbot, with Blonsky's skin turning green but though not as big and bulky as the Hulk since Talbot had stopped. Blonsky orders him to inject him with the entire Serum and Talbot does so though he says that he warned him for a reason. Blonsky is screaming in pain as he is growing spikes and losing his spine in his epic transformation, and Talbot shocked. Blonsky, now completely monstrous, destroys the bed before getting up, and first knocks out Talbot dead before doing the same with the soldiers inside of the lab. As he runs out of the room, he runs out of the wall and onto the street though Bruce, Rick, and Betty aren't seeing this as they are outside put into one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s vehicles, with one of the men claiming that Nick Fury will be proud before contacting him, and Fury saying that he is unsure if they should keep Banner in the Cube for too long.

Bruce and his friends then hear screaming outside on the street and notice Blonsky terrorizing it. Bruce sees this and notes this is the true end of his story and that S.H.I.E.L.D. won't allow him to fight though he didn't want to be Hulk, and tells that the monster is some sort of "abomination", which was what his father once called him, and deduces that it is Blonsky. The Abomination, angry, decides to kill Banner by walking up to the S.H.I.E.L.D. car and the people walk out of it except for Bruce, who is grabbed and thrown into the air, and he is falling into a crater shocking Rick and Betty.

However, out of the crater comes out a big green hand and the two friends cheer, discovering that it is in fact the Hulk. Hulk climbs out of the hole while Abomination is fighting the soldiers. Abomination stops from fighting them and locks in on Hulk and grabs him and knocks him down. The Hulk tries to get up and is failing to, and so the Abomination continues to beat him down. Betty, shocked, orders Rick to follow her as they need to return to the base to free her father. As they do so, Ross asks where Banner and Blonsky are, Betty tells that they're outside fighting. However, when they are about to get out, a hand smashes the roof with Ross pushing his daughter away from the debris. The Abomination then attempts to destroy until soon Hulk meanwhile is lying on the ground and as S.H.I.E.L.D. is watching with the police as well, Hulk finally gets up and smashes a police car and rips it in half to use it as a weapon, and also as a shield.

He jumps from building to building to get to the military base where the Abomination is on the roof, but as he attempts his best to destroy the three people trapped inside, his head is banged by the two car halves used by Hulk, who decides to jump into the base but is thrown onto the roof by Abomination, who is lying on the floor but the Hulk grabs the car pieces and proceeds to bang the Abomination, who asks if that all he's got. The Abomination then gets up and begins knocking Hulk in attempt to get him off of the roof. However, while Hulk fights back against this, the building begins to crumble with the three people inside screaming, but successfully run out while Hulk and Abomination are knocked to the ground with a lot of wreckage having occurred.

As the two monsters get up, Abomination pushes Hulk against a wall before using one of his spikes to stab Hulk close to his heart. A bleeding Hulk is struggling to escape, and Abomination says that Bruce will not interfere with his plans of world domination but is kicked by Hulk, who claps his hands while Betty, General Ross, and Rick Jones watch. While the Hulk is walking away to his allies, the Abomination gets back on his feet and grabs a chain and uses it to put around a few poles and knock them down onto Hulk, who collapses to the ground with Betty and Rick worrying.

However, Hulk gets back from the ground, shouting "HULK SMASH!" before using his fists to smash the ground, and attempting to make Abomination while also taking away his chain before wrapping it around his neck and though Abomination tries to fight this, but is finally defeated. When Hulk is about to strange him to death, Betty shouts Hulk's name and tells to not kill Abomination and Bruce also sees a vision of his mother asking him what he had become, and the Hulk then finally lets go of the defeated villain, while also surrounded by everyone in the city. After the Hulk shouts in victory, he has a calm and peaceful moment with Betty. But as he does, he sees a helicopter flying above him. Hulk bids farewell to Rick and Betty before escaping.

A few days later, Betty is at the Brooklyn Bridge where she looks at a photo of Bruce, while also remembering him. Meanwhile, it then cuts to Rick at one of friends' parties where while some guests are dancing, his friends ask him about his adventure with Hulk.

Meanwhile, in India, Bruce Banner is running to which he finds a house he decides to live in while being disguised as David Banner (his father's name). Then, while in the house he had sent a note to Betty with a necklace and while sitting inside of his house, Bruce thinks what he can do in the country and figures out that maybe even though he can't use his PhD as his job as it would give away his identity, and thinks what kind of other doctor he could be, and finds his job as a doctor that could allow him to help people without being the Incredible Hulk.


Inside of the lab room, it cuts to a few flashbacks where it reveals that after the Hulk knocked out and apparently killed Samuel Sterns, his head was cracked open, and the Gamma Radiation dripping from the incident was into his head wound.

After the film's ending, a dark figure stands where the battle took place, and the person is Sterns, whose mouth is only seen now with his skin green as he smiles.


  • Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner
  • Lou Ferrigno as voice of The Incredible Hulk, Hotel Security Guard
  • Tim Roth as Emil Blonsky/Abomination
  • Liv Tyler as Betty Ross
  • Ty Simpkins as Rick Jones
  • Adrian Pasdar as Glenn Talbot
  • William Hurt as General "Thunderbolt" Ross
  • Ty Burell as Leonard Samson
  • Tim Blake Nelson as Samuel Sterns
  • Peter Mensah as Leonard Williams
  • Hugh Jackman as Logan Howlett/Wolverine
  • Christoph Waltz as David Banner
  • Samuel L. Jackson as voice of Nick Fury
  • Joe Mangenellio as Tony Stark
  • Christoph Waltz as David Banner
  • JB Blanc as voice of Hulk; uncredited, voice of Abomination; uncredited
  • J.D. Hall as voice of Hulk; uncredited, voice of Abomination; uncredited
  • Dave Kinter as Man; uncredited
  • Jonathon Lipow as voice of Hulk; uncredited, voice of Abomination; uncredited
  • T.J. Smith as Frightened Harlem Pedestrian; uncredited
  • Fred Tatasciore as voice of Hulk; uncredited, voice of Abomination; uncredited


Following the release of the lackluster Hulk film by Ang Lee, Universal Studios, the rights holder for Hulk, planned to make a sequel to the film with the Hulk turning grey and the Abomination as a villain, since he posed as a real threat to the Hulk, unlike General Ross. Lee aimed it for a May 2005 release and was soon rescheduled for a 2007 release. However, Universal did not meet the deadline and the sequel was cancelled in 2006, and The Incredible Hulk was being made.

Louis Leterrier, who was a fan of the TV Series as a child, wanted to direct an Iron Man but Jon Favreau had helmed the project. However, he was offered Hulk by Marvel instead.

Zak Penn wrote a script for the film in 2006, after he wrote a script for a cancelled Hulk movie in 1996. The original script featured a reboot that also acted as a sequel to the first film, but Marvel told that their plan was not to copy or "sequelize" the movie and instead do a new origin story instead. Edward Norton in April 2006 was planned to be cast as Bruce Banner and he wanted be an actor and help write the script, but Marvel did not like Norton's script changes and decided that he would leave and Norton said that he wanted to work on other projects anyways but agreed he will appear in the next appearances of the character. When thinking who would play Banner, they approached Mark Ruffalo who accepted the role and he did not touch the script, allowing the film to be better and add what Norton removed, such as Rick Jones (played by Ty Simpkins In the film) and S.H.I.E.L.D. (though they appeared only in the movie's ending). Since Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) was going on working on other projects and have a simple cameo in Iron Man, his original appearance was cut from the film though Jackson still makes a vocal cameo in the movie because he only had "at least one line".

Tim Roth had children who were fans of the comics and he signed on to play Abomination, who was originally a Russian spy in the comics. However, it was changed due to Roth's British nationality and accent. The movie was also released on June 13, 2008.

Critical Reception

The Incredible Hulk was met with positive reviews and was given a 87% score on Rotten Tomatoes, which was only a few percent's away from Iron Man and was also reviewed as a better film than the 2003 version but was unable to surpass the previous film of it's universe. The film was also met with a little mixed reviews, while another one claimed that "after the origin story, the film is not so good, but becomes good at the big finale in the ending", while the movie as well praised the high speed chase involving Bruce Banner and Rick Jones, claiming it be one of the best scenes from the film and also the final battle. The portrayal of Betty Ross was also praised.


  • In the comics, Bruce's father is named Brian Banner but just like the 2003 movie, he is renamed David. In that film, he is named David after the character from the TV Series. However, Brian Banner is the alias that Bruce uses when travelling to Canada
  • In the movie's opening flashbacks, it is revealed that Bruce went to college with Tony Stark, who previously appeared as the protagonist of Iron Man. The actor portraying Stark resembles a younger version of Robert Downey Jr.
  • In Iron Man, the previous movie, William Hurt appears as General Ross (an antagonist from this film) and Hulk is referenced by James Rhodes and Ross in that movie, being called a "green monster".
  • In the opening, David calls his son an "abomination". This alludes to Bruce using the nickname for the film's villain, the Abomination.
  • Bruce Banner attempts to recreate the Super Soldier Serum with Gamma Radiation which is the revised origin created in the Ultimate universe (in Earth-616 it was a Gamma Bomb). As well, the original Super Soldier Serum was used to create the hero Captain America.
  • The first Marvel Cinematic Universe film to have Marvel collaborating with another movie company who owns the rights to the hero. In this film, it was Marvel and Universal, who previously made the first Hulk film by themselves as they held the movie rights, and the second one was 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man which was between Marvel and Sony.
  • The scientists are from the comics universes. One of is Samuel Sterns, who was created in the original Earth-616, who in the post-credits scene transformed into the Leader (his comic villain alter-ego), the next is Leonard Williams an Ultimate-created character, and last is Igor, an Earth-616 character who is a minor character, but in the comics was rather the very first Hulk villain, who had been Banner's sole lab partner and in the comics is a Soviet soy, but this isn't shown in the film.
  • Lou Ferrigno played the Incredible Hulk in the TV Series of the same name. He also voices the character in this film and also plays a Security Guard in the film in the hotel scene. He also played another security guard in the 2003 film.
  • In the comics, Leonard Samson originally debuted as a supervillain who liked Betty and later rather worked with Bruce later on. However, in this film Samson has not acquired any superpowers as it would rush his character and due to being in a cameo, it would simply not make any sense.
  • The reason why Talbot was killed at the end of the film was because Marvel felt that the universe shouldn't focus on too much love triangle as there was already one in Iron Man between Pepper Potts, Tony Stark, and Happy Hogan.
  • Error: Only expensive hotels have pools which means that Bruce wouldn't be able to afford that type of hotel as he used Rick's money, and Rick doesn't have that amount of money.
  • Bruce breaks the fourth wall when he is about to shoot himself; as he bitterly says that "the damn movie should've ended with me getting arrested".
  • Even though Fox owns the rights to X-Men and it's characters such as Wolverine, they allowed Wolverine to make a cameo in the movie due to him debuting in the comics as an enemy of the Hulk.
  • Pop-Culture reference: During the scene when Bruce and Rick are speeding to Betty's home, they are chased by the police for speeding and Rick says "this isn't a Fast & Furious movie, which is a movie franchise about high speed chases.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. says that they want to imprison Hulk inside of the Cube; one of their prisons from the comics which imprisons super-powered beings such as Hulk.
  • Though named the Abomination in the comics, Emil Blonsky will not use the alias in the movie because it was considered to be too silly. However, he is credited as "Emil Blonsky/Abomination".
  • The campers who witness the Hulk defeat the bear are unnamed in the film; the dark-skinned one is credited as Jim Wilson, a supporting comic character of Hulk's, and the white one is unknown as he is credited as simply "Camper #2".
  • Though Edward Norton was removed from the film, he will play the Hulk in the character's next appearances.
  • With Emil Blonsky not being a Soviet Spy in this version, who is a person who joined the military to use their resources to create an army with Glenn Talbot for world domination; and the plan was to make an army of Hulks which ultimately backfired.
  • At the end of the film, Banner escapes to India, which is where he first appears next in The Avengers.
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