The Gorilla gang is a group of artifically created mutants and a superhero group.


The group was created shortly after the Caerrian-Human war. At the time Caerrian technology was being collected by the military, several other groups were also collecting the items. Some of the technology unfortunatley found its way to Dr. Nicodemus's hands. After obtaining the technology he kidnapped a group of ordinary people used the technology to fuse their DNA with that of several different monkies and apes, he then fitted them with Caerrian weaponry and mind controling devices. However shortly after their creation Nicodemus sent them out to steal lab equipment. The attack however was a failure as the Offbeats showed up and easily beat the hell out of the Doctors robots and engaged the Gorilla Gang. However when Sparky zapped Silver he also short circuited the mind controlling technology, freeing him. He told the group of the mind controling devices and convinced them to help him free the others. After the rest of them were freed Silver lead the rest of the team off, he and the rest of the group decided to become a heroic super team.


Behind the scenes

Based of a combination of the Donkey Kong cast and (accidently, though after closer inspection I realised) those monkeys fom the PPG sister made me watch it with her all right?! Sheesh!