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"Hail HYDRA!"
The Fearless Spider Woman-Issue2
Writer Sunder4321
Artist Sunder4321
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Published March 30, 2016
"The Fearless Spider-Woman #1"
"The Fearless Spider-Woman #3"


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Shreds First Appearance


Other Characters:

  • Bob, Agent Of Hydra -First Appearance
  • Hydra Goons
  • Peter Parker Mentioned

Solicit Synopsis

While she starves on the streets, Jessica encounters the nefarious Madame Hydra.

Jessica runs as fast as she can.

Jessica: *pant* *pant*

Jessica cries and sits next to a trash can.

Jessica (Narration): Just what I was afraid of...

Jessica sees a cat walking down the street, and then comes back to the trash can.

Jessica (Narration): ...losing everything.

Jessica rests for awhile, and sleeps on a garbage bag.

The Next Day; At Hydra Headquarters

Bob, Agent Of Hydra: Um, ma'am, we have found the target.

Madame Hydra (Ophelia): What's his name?

Bob: We don't know yet, ma'am. But we are tracking him through our database.

Ophelia: Find him, as fast as possible. And stop calling me ma'am. It's Captain, for you.

Bob: Yes, ma'am! I-I mean, Captain!

Back to the streets of England.

Jessica: Zzzz....

Jessica: Aahh... what was that...

Jessica looks at her hand, only to see a-

Jessica: eeewwwww!!!! Spider!! Spider!! Get it off!!!

Jessica tosses the spider away and accidentally hits a sleeping cat.

Jessica: Ow... that spider bit me... right. I'm still here. Guess I'll just die of hunger.

Jessica tries to sleep again but gets disturbed by the cat.

Jessica: Hey! Ugh.. Can't you let go?

Cat: *meow*

Jessica stares at the cat.

Jessica: ....can I eat you?

Cat: *Growl!*

Jessica: Eh, I had the same reaction after I asked you that.

Jessica was still thinking of how gross eating a cat was before she smelled food from far away.

Jessica: What's that smell? It... It smells like.. barbeque! You think we should try to find it, kitty cat?

Cat: *meow*

Jessica and the cat took a stroll around the street to find where the smell is coming from.

Seller: Get your barbeque! Only for Five Dollars!!

The lady fans the smoke out.

Jessica: Mmmm.... I can smell it from here... this way!

Jessica: There it is!

Seller: Why hello there, young lady! Can I help you?

Jessica: Um, can I have one?

Seller: That would be Five Dollars.

Jessica: Dollars? I-I don't have money...

Seller: Well sorry, but I really need the cash-

Jessica steals a barbecue from the grill.

Seller: H-Hey!!! Get back here!!!! Uughhh, kids these days...

Jessica: Come on, cat! Hurry!

A cop notices what's going on and chases Jessica and the cat.

Cop: Hey!! Stop there, kid!

The cat stops and growls at the police officer.

Cop: Whoa... easy, kitty...

The cat furiously pounces on the cop and rapidly scratches him.

Cop: Aaahhhh!!!!

Jessica: We have no time! Let's go, cat!

Jessica and the cat makes a run for it, going far away from the cop.

Jessica: Phew! *pant* That was *pant* close.

Cat: *meow*

Jessica: Well, thank you for helping me. In reward, we split the barbecue.

Cat: *meow!*

Jessica: Say, I haven't really gave you a name, have I? Hmm.... what about "Jar Jar?"

Cat: *growl*

Jessica: You don't like it? Um.. you shredded that cop's clothes... and skin. What about I call you "Shreds?"

Cat: ...

Jessica: I'll take that as a yes.

The Next Day

Bob: Captain, we have info on who killed Captain Eric. Turns out, its a vigilante named Spider-Man.

Ophelia: "Spider-Man?" Does he have eight legs?

Bob: No, Captain. He just has webbing and a spider costume.

Ophelia: Seriously? A spider killed my dad? That's laughable, although I wouldn't laugh because this is serious. Go and find this "Spider".

Bob: Yes, Captain.

Back to the streets of England.

Jessica: Okay, Shreds. What menu do you want to eat? Leftover vegetables or Half-eaten fried chicken?

Cat: *meow*

Jessica: Um, just eat the veggies! Its healthy for you...

Hydra Agents raid the town. The townspeople escape the scene.

Jessica: Whats with the locomotion?

Madame Hydra walks the streets.

Ophelia: Hello! Hello! Everyone in this lovely town! Do you like my grand entrance?

Gunshots and bombs fill the town.

Ophelia: No applause? Oh well, It's just the beggining!!

Jessica: Whoa, that lady... she's psycho! We better get out of he-

Ophelia: And where do you think you're going, missy? Get her!!!

Next Issue

The Fearless Spider-Woman #3: Hydra School

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